Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Friday 18th January, 2019 

2019-029P  Pill testing today.
On calls to allow pill testing at concerts and festivals to reduce the risk of death from drug overdoses.

2019-028P  The Government rethinking Murray Darling environmental flows.
Environmental flows to the Murray Darling basin grossly insufficient.

2019-024P  Australia Day is a celebration of our freedom.
The Federal Government seeking to stop councils conducting citizen ceremonies on alternative dates.

2019-023P  Reading the Guinness book of records today.
Temperature records being regularly broken.

2019-019P  Consulting widely over environmental flow policy.
Environmental flow policy favouring narrow interests.

2019-015  Why do politicians use buses to campaign.
Environmental policy failures contributing to the drying of the Darling river.

2019-012  Fly fishing on the Darling.
On mass fish deaths on the Darling river due algae bloom and lack of water.

2019-010P Weather statistics.
The Australian government ignoring weather statistics that show evidence of global warming.

2019-008  Action on global warming applied to the Titanic.
Inaction on global warming

2019-007P  Secure Jobactive jobs.
Jobactive program not providing secure jobs for the unemployed.

2019-004P   Fraser Anning's immigration view.
Senator Fraser Anning associating himself with far right anti immigration groups.

2018-521-V  Why there aren't as many gravity deniers.
Feature cartoon version of an earlier pocket cartoon  I drew.

2018-550 Climate wars collateral damage.
The focus on carbon emission reduction targets while seeming to ignore the actual damage that is being inflicted on the environment.

2018-544P  Artificial intelligence debate.
On the 'is artificial intelligence a threat to humankind' debate.

2018-542  Green Santa.
A Christmas perspective on environmental degradation.

2018-541P  VCE perception and reality.
The pressure placed on VCE students to get a good ATAR score.

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