Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Thursday 26th August 

2016-521P 25Aug16
Donald Trump's
medical check-up.

For article on the campaign run by Republicans questioning Hillary Clinton's medical fitness.

2016-520P 25Aug16
The numbers stack up!

For article on appeal by scientists for the government to take action over global warming.

2016-511P  23 Aug16
Future fire air services.

Went with article replacement of Erickson Air-Crane with a smaller fire fighting helicopter.

2016-514P  22Aug16
Fireman's pole designed by politicians.

For article on the politicisation of the dispute IR dispute between the CFA and the metropolitan fire brigade.

2016-515P 22Aug16
You won't invest in coal for political reasons.

For article on Scott Morrison claiming super funds are not investing in coal for 'political reasons’

2016-512P 22Aug16
Sports betting today.

Went with article on the Victorian Government banning sports betting near schools.

2016-510P  19Aug16
The defence of free speech today.

For article on the push to amend 18C of the racial Discrimination Act by those claiming it limits free speech.

2016-507P  19Aug16
I've been teaching for thirty years!

Went with article on the high number of teachers on short term contracts.

2016-505 18Aug16
Greyhound racing winners podium.

The practice by some greyhound racing owners of killing dogs that aren't fast enough.

2016-500P 15Aug16
The new great Australian bight?

For article on plans to drill for oil in the pristine Great Australian Bight marine park.

2016-497P  11Aug16
Back to normal.

Links with articles on census website shutdown and incriminating Nauru files leak.

2016-488P  8Aug16
It is the road to political corruption.

For article on Tony Abbott warning that domination by lobbyists within the Liberal party  could lead to corruption.

2016-485P  5Aug16
Hauling the big for banks before the parliamentary economic committee.

For article arguing that bringing the big 4 banks before the economic committee is just for show.

2016-481  4Aug16
The ascent of global warming awareness man.

The refusal of large sections of society to recognise the threat global warming presents to humankind.

2016-475P 2Aug16
Lower interest rates assisting the homeless.

For article on the latest drop in the official interest rate.

2016-470P  1Aug16
It turned out to be lot of coal smoke and mirrors.

For article on failed renewable energy scar campaign by the coal industry.


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