Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Thursday 18th October 

2018-447  OK to be white, OK to be black.
On the motion affirming that “It’s OK to be white” put to the Australian Senate by One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

2018-443P  OK to be white.
On the Coalition backing One Nation’s ‘OK to be white’ motion and its support for anti-discrimination law exemptions for religious school.

2018-438P  Mug punter today.
On the Federal government’s continued support for coal in defiance of IPCC climate warning.

2018-437P  Cutting emissions cost.
Went with article on the cost of building more environmentally friendly housing.

2018-432P  Global warming aquaculture opportunities.
The Federal government's attempts to allay farmers’ concerns about global warming.

2018-417P  Definition of poor today.
Went with article on the bad state of poor people's teeth due to not being able to afford to go to the dentist.

2018-429P  Regain the trust of voters.
On the loss of trust in politics by the voting public.

2018-420P  Your government ABC.
On the latest allegation of political interference in the running of the ABC

2018-419P  Assessing economic and social performance.
On the latest economic performance assessment.

2018-416P  The reason for Michelle Guthrie’s sacking?
Speculating on why the head of the ABC was sacked.

2018-413P  The government's support for the nanny state.
On the Dutton Nanny Visa furore.

2018-412  suburban sports facilities.
Drawn for article article about new suburban developments not having enough sporting grounds.

2018-411P  Sustainable housing, affordable housing.
Drawn for article on the overall high cost of housing.

2018-408P  the glass ceiling not the only problem for women in politics.
On Bullying of women in politics.

Scott Morrison version of fishes and loaves parable.

Scott Morrison’s religious views and his support for the coal industry.

Stirred up a hornet's nest.

On the adulterated Capilano honey furore.

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