Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Tuesday 11th December 

2018-535P  Investigative journalists job loses.
Loss of investigative journalists jobs.

2018-534P Thirteenth day of Christmas...
Went with article on the amount of wrapping paper rubbish that is generated at Christmas time.

2018-532P  Naked young farmer.
Went with an article on the publication of a Young Farmers’ nude calendar.

2018-529P  We have to do something about global warming.
The fossil fuel industry's stymieing of attempts to cut carbon emissions.

2018-525P  Career paths for the young.
The future for young people if global warming is not checked.

2018-524P  Implementing the latest recycling policy.
Failure of the Liberal Party to come up with a credible policy to reduce carbon emissions.

2018-519P  Youth underemployment.
Went with article on underemployment amongst young people.

2018-521P  Why there aren't many gravity deniers.
Not believing in global warming is like not believing in gravity, it ignores the facts.

2018-518  Global warming cruises.
Cruises may not be so pleasurable if global warming continues apace.

2018-515P  Monitoring farm noise.
Went with article on more stringent monitoring of wind turbine noise.

2018-514P  Liberal Party direction.
On debate within the Liberal party after its crushing defeat in the Victorian State election.

2018-513P  The impact of global warming.
The differing impact of global warming on rich and poor.

2018-511P  When I grow up.
The reason why students are striking over climate change.

2018-509P  Liberal party broad church.
On comments by Josh Frydenberg that the Liberal party being at its best when it is a “Broad church”.

2018-505P  How to vote cards.
A voter’s view of how to vote pamphlets.

2018-503P  What you get when you combine smoke and mirrors.
On the massive dust storm sweeping across NSW.

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