Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Friday 16th August 2019 

2019-339  Pacific island nations voting for Australia to take action on climate change.
On the Australian government’s poor response to calls at the Pacific Islands Forum by Pacific Island Nations for action on global warming.

2019-332P Which battle did you fight in.
Went with article commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan.  The article also looked at PTSD amongst Vietnam vets.

2019-328P  Political response to democratic decay.
Drawn in response to Banking royal commissioner Kenneth Hayne delivering a scathing judgement on the “democratic decay” in Australia.

2019-326  Towards infinity.
The Transport Accident Commission’s (TAC) Towards Zero campaign seemingly an abject failure in the wake of the rapidly rising road toll.

2019-325  Treating mass shooting in the US as exclusively a mental illness problem.
Mass shootings in the US more to do with lax gun laws than the mental state of the shooters.

2019-318  The war on waste.
Australia losing the war on waste.

2019-316  Newstart allowance expressed as flight.
Unemployed people unable to live on the Newstart allowance.

2019-314  Modern day Titanic.
Looming recycling materials glut, largely due to a failure of policy.

2019-313P  Gambling figures.
Went with article on the release of the latest gambling figures which showed a rise in the amount people are spending on the pokies.

2019-310  Boris dancing.
Boris Johnson now leading the Brexit charge.

2019-299  Men talking about suicide.
Men are often reluctant to seek help when they feel suicidal or even to talk about.

2019-296  I'd hate to see how they treat their own planet!
Using the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon as a segue into how humans treat planet earth.

2019-295P  Rural red light district.
Went with article on red warning lights on top of wind turbines to warn low flying aircraft.

2019-294  The trickle down effect.
The impact of pollution falls mainly on those that can least afford it.

2019-290P  Universal language.
Went with article about the social and cultural benefits of young people playing sport.

2019-286P  Skiing uphill.
Went with article about using snowmakers to create snowfields.

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