Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Saturday 22nd October 

2016-588P  21Oct16  Gun lobby's toe in the door.
Debate about relaxing Australia's tight gun laws to allow the importation of the Adler lever action shotgun.

2016-574  Blackouts in South Australia and Victoria
Massive protest when South Australia (which generates a high percentage of energy from renewable sources) suffered widespread blackouts due to storm damage but when predominately coal fire powered Victoria suffered similar blackouts there was total silence.

2016-584P  The Reserve Bank's inflation target.
For article on the reserve bank of Australia struggling to keep Australia from going into deflation.

2016-583P  17Oct16
A politician's definition of 'Lest we forget'.

For article on how ANZAC Day has been used to create a myth about Australian history.

2016-582  17Oct16
The new children's education blocks.
TV gambling adds being seen by children.

2016-579P 13Oct16
Ready for pro tennis.

For article on the way pro tennis players are aggressively judged by the media.

2016-577P  13Oct16
We are the party of freedom.

Far article on the parliamentary Liberal party being prevented from having a free vote on the Marriage equality bill.

2016-576P  12Oct16
Pay and conditions for subcontractors.

For article on  companies hiring subcontractors to avoid the normal pay and conditions that payed employees get.

2016-575P  11Oct16
Left waiting in the Altar
For article on the latest manoeuvres over marriage equality.

2016-573P 11Oct16
The good and the bad news
Went with article the cancellation of the greyhound ban in NSW.

2016-572P 10Oct16
Blooding greyhounds today.

For article on possible back down by the NSW government over.

2016-571P 10Oct16
Rome, Paris, London, Victoria.

Went with article speculating on a possible influx of greyhounds from NSW to Victoria in order to avoid the NSW greyhound racing ban.

2016-568P  7Oct16
Have you got certainty
For article on the need for certainty in the carbon emissions reduction target.

2016-565P  4Oct16
Depression linked to taking the pill.

For article about study reporting that depression can  be a side effect to taking the birth control pill.

2016-564  4Oct16
Global conflict betting odds.

Contemplation of the horrific consequences if the world was to get embroiled in a nuclear war.

2016-543  031016
Charity in America.

 A look at America's rampant gun culture and seemingly indifferent attitude to struggling poor people.


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