Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Wednesday 24th May 

2017-271P  The world is a dangerous place
For article on the Manchester terrorist attack.

2017-270P  Chifley's light on the hill
For article on dissent by some Labor MPs over Labor's tacit support for the Adani coal mine.

2017-269P  I shot a pink elephant
Went with article on calls for shooters to be breath tested.

2017-268P  Climate change analysis applied to weather forecasting
For article on the ongoing climate change debate.

2017-266P  Victoria's Gordian knot
Went with article on the turf war between the Victorian CFA and MFB, now reformed as Fire Rescue Victoria.

2017-265P  The smoking the Philippines president hasn’t banned
For article on the Philippines president banning smoking in public places while at the same time encouraging vigilante death squads.

2017-264P  When a brick house won't protect the three little pigs.
Went with article on the Rental affordability index being at an all time low.

2017-262P  And we've thrown in a free set of steak knife
For article on the Adani Carmichael coal mine deal.

2017-257P  Make conditions harsher for Manus refugees
For article
on the deliberate year-long campaign by the Federal Government to make conditions harsher for Manus island detention centre refugees.

2017-256P  It could be worse
For article on Sydney's rental affordability being at a record low.

2017-261  The big banks' skid row
Feature cartoon version of a pocket cartoon I drew on the claim by the big banks that they cannot afford the $6.2bn budget levy.

2017-255P  The trouble with you Millennials
For article on claims that Millennials are bad at saving for a house.

2017-254P  War on waste
For article on Craig Reucassel’s ABC program - War On Waste.

2017-251P  The big banks' skid row
For article on the claim by the big banks that they cannot afford the $6.2bn budget levy.

2017-250P  The Federal government's carrot and stick approach to welfare
For article on the Federal Government's latest welfare measures.

2017-247P  A safer jumps race
Went with article on another jumps race accident causing injury to horses.

2017-245P  Welfare recipients are likely to test positive for drugs
For article on the Federal Government's plans to drug test welfare recipients.


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