Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Thursday 21st September 

2017-516P  Weather forecasting today.
On climate deniers’ attacks on the Australian Weather Bureau.

2017-513P  A sugar tax would be an unnecessary tax impost.
Malcolm Turnbull ruling out a sugar tax to curb the obesity epidemic.

2017-509P  Modern interpretation of the bible.
Attacks by church based groups on marriage equality postal survey yes voters.

2017-506P  Media diversity expressed as global warming.
Changes to media diversity laws in the face of growing dominance of online company giants like Facebook and Google.

2017-504P Creation sermon today.
For article about a church refusing to marry a heterosexual couple because the bride supported gay marriage.

2017-503P  The Government's definition of improving welfare services.
The Federal government's plan to introduce drug testing for welfare recipients.

2017-502  Delivering marriage equality postal survey material.
The rise in hate literature related to the marriage equality postal survey material.

2017-498P  Barnaby Joyce's investment mechanism
Barnaby Joyce demanding

2017-497P  The government's energy policy document.
On the Government pressuring AGL to extend the life of the Liddell power station

2017-487P  Gun control, a global perspective.
A look at the global arms industry in relation to Australia's domestic gun control laws.

2017-483P  The high court hands down its decision.
On the decision by the high court that the same sex postal vote is constitutionally valid.

2017-482  The new travel class.
Ordinary people in tough economic circumstances despite sound economic figures.

2017-481P  Immunisation and welfare noncompliance shots.
For article on comment by government mister that getting a welfare card was like getting an immunisation shop.

2017-474P  Tax deductable funds expressed in mining terms.
On calls by the mining industry to the limit tax deductibility for money donated to environmental groups.

2017-466P  Current plan to save the Great Barrier Reef.
On the negative impact of coal mining on the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

2017-463P  We want religious freedom as well.
Looks at the Australian marriage equality referendum in the light of the religious freedom argument.

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