last updated August 9, 2022
last updated August 9, 2022


finding INKCINCT Cartoons

When looking for a specific INKCINCT cartoons keep in mind that they are stored in three different ways. 

    Lists the most recent cartoons from the last few years. To find a specific cartoon simply type the caption or cartoon reference number into Search.  Alternatively, if you do not know the caption or reference number, you can use the subject categories and tags to narrow your search down.  To view the old INKCINCT website click HERE.
    Contains older cartoons going back several years. The process of transferring so many cartoons is a slow one.  As such, the old site will remain in place temporarily until the transfer process is complete. Unfortunately, this old site is not searchable.
    Very old cartoons drawn up to twenty years ago, are stored offline.

If you are looking for a specific cartoon that you think might be stored on the older site or offline then email me a description of the cartoon (preferably quoting its caption) and I will see if I can find it.

About the INKCINCT website

Most of the Cartoons on this website were originally published in the Ballarat Courier. While some of the cartoons deal with general and international issues the majority of them relate to Australian national and regional happenings. 


This is not the original website.  That was first set up on the 27th of October 1998 using first Microsoft’s Front page. A more modern version of the website was launched on the 19th of November 2009 using Microsoft’s Expression Web.  Due to the large number of cartoons posted on the old site it will remain in place until all the relevant cartoons have been transferred to this site.  If you are looking for cartoons earlier that 2020 you will have to visit the old site.  To visit the old site click, HERE.

the difference between feature and pocket cartoons

There are two types of cartoons on this website.

An Editorial cartoon is one that sits on the editorial page of a newspaper. They are usually drawn about political and social events of the day. I personally prefer to concentrate on broader social themes rather than day to day party political manoeuvrings. The size of the average editorial cartoon is approximately twelve by eighteen centimetres.

A pocket cartoon is a small vertical cartoon with a print size of approximately four by six centimetres. It is drawn to accompany an article in a newspaper or magazine and is usually embedded within that article. While these cartoons can stand alone, they usually refer to the content of the article. Because of copyright reasons, I am unable to publish the articles that each pocket cartoon posted on this website accompanied.  Lately these pocket cartoons have morphed into a horizontal shape to meet the emerging online news format.

about the cartoonist

Although I filled exercise books with cartoon doodles throughout my school years it was not until studying Art and Design in 1982 that I considered the possibility of becoming a cartoonist. Finally achieving that aim when I began drawing for the Ballarat Courier in 1990. In the intervening years I drifted through a succession of jobs as chemical worker, storeman, screen printer, diver, chainman, barman, bus driver etc… Which I now consider to be an excellent qualification for a cartoonist as these jobs gave me a thorough grounding in the ‘human condition’.

Since 1990 I have been the cartoonist for the Ballarat Courier. My cartoons have also been published in several regional papers and in numerous educational publications in a number of countries.  I have won the Quill Award for Best Cartoon in 2006 and 2013. I have also been shortlisted for a Quill Award six times.


I live in Ballarat with my partner and six chickens. My hobbies are growing vegetables, skindiving, kayaking, and observing chickens and people. As well as this website I also run a website on growing your own food in suburban backyards. To view the site, follow this link: URBAN FOOD GARDEN.