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Cartoons on the INKCINCT website can be downloaded and used in print or on other websites free of charge if the user falls under one of the following categories.

Members of the public

Members of the public are welcome to use INKCINCT cartoons for personal use as long as anything the cartoons are used in is not sold for profit.

Community Groups

In Community group newsletters, flyers, posters, and websites.  Note that community groups are those that are run largely by volunteers.  It does not include Non-Government Organisations.


Primary, Secondary, and tertiary students are welcome to use the cartoons free of charge in assignments and projects.

Teachers And Lecturers

Secondary teachers and tertiary lecturers can use INKCINCT cartoons as aids in lectures, tutorials, and class lessons. This includes in print, PowerPoint presentations in class and online classes.
Note that this only covers use by individual teachers and lecturers.  INKCINCT cartoons cannot be used in curriculum material designed for repeated use by multiple teachers or lecturers.

party political organisations

INKCINCT cartoons can be used free of charge in newsletters and online websites and chatrooms at the local political party branch level.  However, in the interest of impartiality, there is a blanket ban on the use of these cartoons in party political advertising, pamphlets, or newsletters of a campaigning nature.  This ban applies to all political parties.

PowerPoint Lectures

Members of the public, academics, business people, and government employees can use INKCINCT cartoons in their PowerPoint presentation without charge providing:-
  • The audience is not larger than 100 people.

  • The lecture notes are not being posted online for use by people not attending the lecture.

  • The lecture notes are not being distributed in print form to people other than those attending the lecture.

  • The lecture is not being presented on more than 3 occasions.

If you are sure you comply with these cartoon free use requirements feel free to download cartoons from the INKCINCT cartoons site at will.  There is no need to check with me prior to use.  If you would like a higher resolution copy of the cartoon without the watermark then send me an email with a description of the requested cartoon (including its reference number) and what it is to be used for and I will send you a higher resolution copy.

Fees apply for all other uses other than those listed above.  Fees vary depending on the type of use.  For more information click this LINK.