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2021-126P  My treatment does not have any risk of blood clotting.
Went with article on concerns about AstraZeneca vaccine blood clotting incidents.
2021-077P  It will cure coronavirus.
Antivaxxer opposition to the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine.

2021-076  Imagine a world without Facebook.
Facebook's manipulation Facebook users to maximise its profits.

2021-071P  Lord of the news dissemination rings.
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook power fixation.

2021-057  Modern Hydra.
COVIC-19 variant strains.

2021-054  But where is the evidence that gravity exists.
A jab at sceptics who ignore overwhelming evidence that contradict their views.

2021-025  Communication today.
Society's fixation with internet platforms such as Facebook.

2021-024P  COVID recovery path.
Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic fraught with potential ups and downs.