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2020-410P  Old fashioned Facebook.
Went with article about knowing your neighbours helps reduce loneliness.

2020-409P  No-one is listening to me!
Went with article about mental health issues.
2020-362P  Lockdown reality TV.
Went with article about the stresses of living during the coronavirus lockdown.
2020-337 Steps towards a coronavirus free world.
Steps towards ending the coronavirus pandemic not straight forward.
2020-331P  What do you want to do when you grow up?
Went with article about children’s life prospects being curtailed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
2020-327P  Coronavirus pandemic era wedding.
Went with article on the difficulty of getting married during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.
2020-326  The feeling that our opinions are being manipulated.
Facebook and Google controlling what users see.
2020-315  Coronavirus waves.
The end of our pre coronavirus way of life.

2020-296  This is not the end.
Using a quote by Winston Churchill to reflect on the coronavirus pandemic situation.

2020-265  Modern day Sisyphus.
Seemingly endless battle against coronavirus.

2020-264P  The end of coronavirus pandemic.
Went with article on mental health problems during the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-260P  Coronavirus title fight.
People experiencing fatigue in the fight against coronavirus.

2020-223P  He reckons I don't need a test.
Coronavirus test refusals.

2020-170  Taking the foot off the break peddle.
Coronavirus Trump America - HEALTH AUSTRALIA
2020-163  Second wave options.
Coronavirus second wave scenarios.
2020-153  Testing the easing the coronavirus lockdown restrictions waters.
Donald Trump's reckless approach to preventing the spread of Coronavirus.
2020-144P  The family violence black dog.
Went with an article on the psychological impact on victims of family violence.
2020-135  Grim reaper social distancing  protest.
Protests against coronavirus pandemic social distancing restrictions.
2020-127P  Social distancing alternative.
Went with article on congestion in parks and on walking tracks making it difficult to comply with social distancing regulations.
2020-122  Temporary lockdown.
Concerns that social lockdown is too harsh due to the damage it is doing to the economy.

2020-101  I only buy one or two extra items each shopping trip.
Hoarding of food during the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-097  Stranded on a desert island today.
The pariah status of cruise ships during the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-094  Social distancing.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-095  Modern day Titanic.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  Cruise ships

2020-092  Ignoring social distancing.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-093  Intimate candle lit dinner today.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-090  Pretty safe dear.
Misunderstanding and ignorance about how coronavirus spreads.

2020-089P  But it is and emergency!
Panic over coronavirus causing unnecessary strain on hospital emergency departments.

2020-081  The ascent of virus infected man.
Each subsequent virus outbreak seemingly to be getting progressively worse.

2020-045P  News censorship.
Went with article about press freedom under threat.

2020-029 Curbing the spread of disease.
Pointing out the vastly different responses to coronavirus and malaria.