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2016-671P  9Dec16 Answering robocalls
For article on robocalls.

2016-636  Reading a patient's vital signs.
Health care driven by funding and profit motives at the expense of actually providing health care.

2016-633  The fear of crime.
Fear of crime is almost always bigger than the actual threat of crime.

2016-620P  The voting public - political anger
For article talking about the high levels of voter dissatisfaction.

2016-602P  The policy to deal with the causes of refugees - paper bag
For article on the latest refugee policy debate.

2016-576P  12Oct16  Pay and conditions for subcontractors.
For article on  companies hiring subcontractors to avoid the normal pay and conditions that payed employees get.

2016-565P  4Oct16  Depression linked to taking the pill.
For article about study reporting that depression can  be a side effect to taking the birth control pill.

2016-564  4Oct16  Global conflict betting odds.
Contemplation of the horrific consequences if the world was to get embroiled in a nuclear war.

2016-544 22Sept16  Economic theory applied to the environment.
A somewhat esoteric response to the common perception that unemployed people are lazy despite the fact that there are five unemployed people for every job.

2016-538  20Sept16  Why do politicians say this when they leave office?
A critique of what I see as the somewhat banal comment many politians make when they leave office, that they "want spend more time with their family".

2016-429P 14July16  The ascent of meat eating man.
One of the main problems with the modern diet is that it is too easy to eat excessive amounts of meat.

2016-425P  12July16  The only winners would be Apple, Google and Facebook.
For article pointing out the shortfalls of electronic voting.

2016-421P  11June16  A zombie apocalypse would go unnoticed.
For article on the Pokémon Go mobile phone game that has taken off.

2016-391 1July16 Animal farm election.
Cynical view of the modern democratic process.

2016-344P   16June16  Free education in the past and today.
User pays education limiting the options for lower socio economic young people leading some of them to seek a life of crime.

2016-337P  15June16  Winston was more afraid of mice now.
Went with article on how what people look at using web browsers is tracked by marketers.

2016-332P  10June16  The side order question that is never asked.
For article on the negative health effects of excessive sugar consumption.

2016-283P 23May16  We want political donations to be more transparent.
For article on political parties hiding political donations.

2016-268P 18May16 Money can't buy happiness.
For article on whether money can buy happiness.

2016-267P 18May16  Eating potatoes is bad for our health.
For article on research claiming eating potatoes is bad for people's health.

2016-257 16May16  Educational requirements today.
Requirements that people seeking work obtain certificates for even the most menial of tasks somewhat excessive.

2016-239P 10May16  Political choice today.
For article on politicians not responding to what voters want, which explains the high turnover of governments.

2016-233 9May16 Your tax cuts at work.
What’s missed in the equation when considering tax cuts.

2016-221P 3May16  Career's advice for young people in the future.
For article on automation and computerisation destroying jobs for young people.

2016-206 28April16  I rent and I vote, I invest I give political donations.
On the influence political donations have on party policy.

2016-200P 27April16  Will work for organic food.
Went with article on environmentalism and inequality.

2016-169 11April16 The wealthy taking action on climate change.
The wealthy looking after their own interests at the expense of the greater good.

2016-141 21March16  Automated...
Technology destroying jobs.

2016-125 9March16 The glass and class ceilings.
Updated drawing of an older cartoon suggesting that class can play a stronger role in determining life opportunities than gender.
2016-092 19Feb16  The weight reducing Paleo diet.
A lighter look at the Paleo diet, specifically the claim that it reduces weight.

2016-059 3Feb16  Little brothers and sisters are recording you.
Mobile phone cameras posing a serious threat to the right to privacy.

2016-043 27Jan16  The match fixing winners podium.
Max fixing in the form of throwing games for money a serious problem in a number of sports.

2016-020 18Jan16  Tennis racquet bags.
allegations of max fixing of elite tennis matches.