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2015-692 16Dec15 Our modern society.
Drawn in response to increasing number of racist motivated attacks on the streets.

2015-691 15Dec15  The Government department for getting things done.
Drawn in response to inaction by my local council over some major developments but could be relevant to any number of bureaucratic organisations.

2015-674 7Dec15  Giving holy communion to victims of child sexual abuse within the Catholic church.
The Catholic Church's history of trying to stifle claims of child sexual abuse within the Catholic church by victims of that abuse.

2015-666P 3Dec15 I prefer to go organic.
Went with article about the use of synthetic cannabis.

2015-638 20Nov15 Uncivilized Middle East, Civilised West.
Western society portrays itself as being civilized but in fact it has some very uncivilised practices.

2015-625 13Nov15  Learn to drive easily.
Learning to drive and the high number of inexperienced young drivers that are killed in road accidents. 

2015-624 13Nov15  Our multicultural world.
Cynical look at the role of the arms industry in feeding ethnic and religious conflict across the world.

2015-621 11Nov15  International athletics events.
International athletics rocked by bribery allegations.

2015-587 26Oct15  Applying Queensberry rules to cage fighting.
A look at the relatively lawless and brutal sport of cage fighting.

2015-583 22Oct15  What do you think about marriage equality?
Using the Same sex marriage debate to segue into the subject of unequal distribution of domestic chores within heterosexual marriages.

2015-572R 1Oct15 Absolute reality TV.
Esoteric look at reality TV.  This is a redrawn version of a cartoon originally drawn some years ago.

2015-562 29Sept15  Modern surgical instruments.
Rising levels of violence towards hospital staff.

2015-559 28Sept15  The ascent of family violence man.
When it comes to family violence modern man is still as primitive and violent as early man.

2015-553 25Sept15  Refugee status assessment today.
Drawn in response to an appeal by a local Sri Lankan family applying for refugee status and how complex and tough the process is.

2015-526 11Sept15  The seeds we sow.
Questing the efficacy of aerial bombing and arguing it could simply produce another crop of Jihad fanatics.

2015-509 4Sept15 The arms race today.
The conflicts in the Middle East that are creating such a huge exodus of refugees are as much a product of arms availability and supply as they are of religious or social conflict.

2015-504 2Sept15  Stock market trader character types.
Musing on the amoral nature of the stock market industry.

2015-499 31Aug15 Down and out in the future.
Labour saving technology may in the long run be more damaging to society than the benefits it brings.

2015-472 18Aug15  Modern economics applied to World War Two.
Abstract look at how economic goals often override moral, social and environmental considerations.

2015-461P 13Aug15 Tweet sixteen tooth decay.
Went with article about the poor state of children's teeth due to excessive consumption of sugar.

2015-444   5Aug15  Payday loan animal farm.
Payday loan companies exploiting the vulnerable.

2015-423 28July15  Helping the poor today.
This cartoon was drawn in response to an article about homeless people dying on the streets.

2015-421 27July15  The media evolutionarily race.
The decline of traditional newspapers and free to air TV.

2015-302 2June15  The domestic violence title fight.
The seemingly eternal cycle of domestic violence.

2015-297 29May15  FIFA corruption Rolls Royce.
Allegations of gross corruption amongst FIFA officials including money siphoned off from funds allocated to grassroots soccer projects in poor communities.

2015-275 21May15  Decadent Western technology.
The Muslim fundamentalists' Contradiction of using modern Western technology while at the same time expressing hatred for the West.

2015-274 20May15  The gospel according to Saint paedophile.
Child sexual abuse by members of the clergy a grotesque distortion of the teachings of Christ.

2015-270 19May15  Life before annoying and dangerous power.
Whatever the negative environmental consequences of the various available power sources we never the less need power in some form.

2015-255 13May15  They love me, they love me not.
Politicians too often display total insensitivity when it comes to the impact of their policies on ordinary people.
2015-241 7May15  Struggle Street reality TV
Both this toon and the previous struggle street toon were inspired by the controversy over the SBS struggle street reality TV show.

2015-237 5May15  Struggle street highway.
Infrastructure development not keeping up with population growth and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

2015-220 24April15  Why didn't they respawn.
Violent games masking the realities of war to young people who play them.

2015-219 24April15  Lest we forget that few politicians fight in wars.
Cynical look at how politicians create the conditions for war but rarely personally suffer the consequences of actually fighting the war.

2015-197 15April15  Lest we forget.
An unashamedly pro immunisation cartoon.

2015-168 19March15  Schoolgirl dress length regulations.
Was drawn in response to a local Ballarat story but as the schoolgirl dress length issue is a common and reoccurring one I thought I would have relevance to a wider audience.

2015-167 18March15  The assent of ordinary working man.
The demise of skilled labour jobs for ordinary working people.

2015-165 17March15  Applying the Paleolithic lifestyle to modern life.
A somewhat sceptical view of the benefits of the latest health fad, the Paleolithic diet.
2015-157P 12March15  Ride to school day and year.
Went with article about ride to school day, which is a somewhat token attempt to reduce the large numbers of children who are driven to school each day.

2015-144  6March15  The tip of the family violence iceberg.
The big part alcohol abuse plays in domestic violence.

2015-148 9March15  International women's day in rich and poor countries.
the plight of women in poor countries often overlooked when equal rights for women is put on the agenda.

2015-128 27Feb15  Building blocks for kids with parents who abuse alcohol.
The negative of alcohol abuse on children of parents who drink heavily.

2015-074  3Feb15  The paths available to young people today.
The limited opportunities for young people to get ahead in the world leading to major social problems.

2015-067 30Jan15  BYO Paleo cafe.
Went with article about the opening of a Paleo Cafe.  the food these cafes offer is based on an the Palaeolithic hunter gather diet.

2015-048P 20Jan15  The signs we ignore at our peril.
Went with article about a sixfold rise in the number of whooping cough cases which has been attributed to lowering immunisation levels.

2015-027  13Jan15  The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.
The arms industry is the hidden driving force behind religious conflict.

2015-021 12Jan15  Multidenominational today.
Religious conflict on the rise.

2015-014 8Jan14  The price of the free press in France.
Terrorist attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.