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2014-684P 22Dec14   Christmas weather forecast.
Went with article on the weather forecast for Christmas Day.

2014-682  22Dec14  Santa hires a cheap Asian buffalo.
Santa as a metaphor for jobs going offshore to countries that have cheaper labour.

2014-677 19Dec14  One hundred percent effective gun control.
Gun laws, no matter how tight, will never be 100% effective at stopping crazy people using guns to kill people.  They will however reduce the number of crazy people getting hold of guns.

2014-672  17Dec14  Why do you continue to wear provocative clothes.
Looking at the Muslim headscarf debate and the subjectiveness of the word provocative.

2014-656 9Dec14  Guess which sign upsets us the most.
Drawn in response to a story about outrage over graffiti vandalism amidst a backdrop of increasing unemployment, especially amongst the young.

2014-634 25Nov14  Political systems expressed as a length of rope.
Comparing the frustrating constraints of democracy and the start brutality that a dictatorship offers.

2014-633 25Nov14  The promise that politians will always keep.
Drawn in response to a series of broken promises made by the current Federal government but is probably relevant to contemporary politics in general.

2014-593P 6Nov14  Voter treatment seats.
Went with article on funding promises made in the Victorian State election but has relevance in any election campaign.

2014-560 22Oct14  The perfect ethical dilemma storm.
A look at two controversial subjects in many Western countries, the wearing of the burqa and same sex marriage.

2014-554 20Oct14  The problem with containing Ebola.
Pointing out the difficulties in trying to contain the spread of Ebola

2014-548 16Oct14  Market forces applied to the Ebola epidemic.
Somewhat cynical look at the implications of the Ebola outbreak.

2014-528 6Oct14  The mental health path.
The link between unemployment and poor mental health.

2014-506  26Sept14 We need more power!
Calls for yet more legal powers to fight terrorism ignores the fact that authorities already have more than enough legal powers to pursue and catch terrorists.
2014-481 15Sept14 Threats to national security.
A somewhat lighter look at threats to national security.

2014-469 9Sept14  Different views of the threat of violence.
Using fear of violent action in the Middle East to look at violence much closer to home, that of domestic violence.

2014-458 3Sept14  Unemployed and employed youth.
Rising unemployment
amongst young people offering few opportunities in some youth socio economic groups to make a living except through illegal means.
2014-444 28Aug14 The search for intelligent life in outer space.
Lamentation on the stupidity of human kind.

2014-419 30July14  Future pre-flight safety demonstration.
The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 will result in big security changes in the airline industry.

2014-369 8July14  Waist paper service.
A look at the obesity epidemic through the subject of municipal waste services.

2014-312 13June14  The world game, the world race.
Oblique look at the ubiquitous arms industry.

2014-213 17April14 Modern version of the crucifixion of Jesus.
Rampant consumerism that has enveloped Easter.
2014-146 17Mar14  The different types of restrictive red tape.
Pointing out that there can be positive reasons for some restrictive bureaucratic red tape.
2014-114 27 27Feb14 We have a serious drug problem.
Concerns about the drug problem often ignores the the much larger problem of alcohol abuse.
2014-075P 11Feb14  Different points of view on immunisation.
Went with article on immunisation rates.
2014-077P 11Feb14  Online doctor's consultation.
Went with article on online doctors' consultation service.
2014-059 4Feb14  Importing the free trade level playing field.
So called "free trade" masks social and economic inequities.
2014-057P 3Feb14  Graffiti literacy.
Went with article on Graffiti vandalism.
2014-053 3Feb14  Animal Farm ethics.
Esoteric look at corruption.