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2013-643 21Nov13 Dalek blowing out the candles.
A lighter look at the 50th anniversary of the Television show Doctor Who.
2013-642 20Nov13  The ice epidemics.
The rising twin problems of methamphetamine and alcohol abuse.
2013-629 15Nov13 The child sexual abuse internet.
The internet being used to traffic child pornography.
2013-623 13N0v13  The church sexual abuse victims timeline.
the long shadow that church sexual abuse has cast on its victims.
2013-613 8Nov13  Job opportunities today.
A look at the job opportunities available to the different classes in the current economic climate.
2013-609 6Nov13  The meaning of Remembrance.
A somewhat naive and sanguine view of war and remembrance permeating into the conscience of the younger generation.
2013-605 5Nov13 Holiday destination T shirt slogans.
Somewhat black comment on the gruesome child sex trade in third world countries that attracts so many Western tourists.
2013-557 14Oct13  Today's grim reaper.
A look at live expectancy for obese people.
2013-465 5Sept13  Animal Farm election.
Metaphorical view of elections.
2013-443 26Aug13  In, outsourced.
Outsourcing jobs often results in poorer service.
2013-425 19Aug13  The political campaign trail.
Fear and greed have become key factors in election campaigns.
2013-399 24July13 Cyclist who admits he has taken drugs.
Widespread use of drugs in professional cycling.
2013-402 26July13 Still whip your arse.
Lighter look the latest call for a ban on parents hitting their children.
2013-396 24July13  The school to work transition crossing.
Rising youth unemployment making it harder for young people to make the transition from school to work.
2013-390 22July13  Today's Jekyll and Hyde.
Widespread abusive behaviour on social media.
2013-344 2July13 Shadows on the wall.
A look at the high prevalence of family violence.
2013-300 14June13  Big brother is watching you, and so is big mother and father.
A lighter look at internet surveillance.
2013-305 17June13  Food labelling today.
The prevalence of inaccurate labelling on food products.
2013-293 12June13 The racism roundabout.
The cycle of poverty and ignorance a significant factor propelling racist attacks.
2013-219 9May13  Supply and demand today.
Drawn in response to two articles. One on the acute shortage of affordable housing for poor people and the other on on rising number of homeless young people.
2013-210 6May13  Animal Farm today.
Orwellian view of voter choice.
2013-206 3May13 Gay marriage but never gay divorce.
Using the gay marriage debate to look at acrimonious divorces amongst heterosexual couples.
2013-201 1May13  Jesus' crown of thorns.
Child sexual cover-ups by sections of the church hierarchy.
2013-184 23April13  Our greatest fear.
Fear of terrorism often overshadows much more pressing  threats.
2013-172 18April13  Why we need wide screen televisions.
A look at the obesity epidemic.
2013-096 14Feb13  The big picture today.
Society's fixation on trivial events while the big picture is so often ignored.
2013-091 12Feb13  Drugs In sport in carrot and stick.
Lax policies to curb the use of  performance enhancing drugs by elite sports people and the big financial incentives to take these drugs.
2013-042 21Jan13  Today's minefield.
Obesity and ill health due to excessive consumption of junk food.
2013-032 16Jan13  The Olympics without cycling.
The International Olympic Committee considering dropping cycling until the sport cleans up its act.