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2012-759 21Dec12  Next year's calendar.
Putting to bed the Mayan doomsday calendar prediction and renewed hope for a better year in 2013.
2012-757 20Dec12  Just ignorant superstition.
Extreme Christian religious doomsday doctrine just as outlandish as the Mayan doomsday calendar.
2012-735 12Dec12  Very violent TV.
A look at the rise of violence on the streets and the extreme violence many children are subjected to on TV screens.
2012-727 10Dec12  Extracting a budget surplus.
Attempts to get a budget surplus at all costs causing a lot of pain with little result.
2012-726 7Dec12  Transport myth and reality.
Esoteric look at the realities of modern city driving.
2012-681 19Nov12  The three wise men today.
The pressure to get into debt at Christmas time at Christmas time.
2012-679 16Nov12  The medical case against euthanasia.
Excessive medical intervention often gets in the way of people dying naturally and with dignity.
2012-663 13Nov12  Crucifixions.
The church's abuse of young people in their charge.
2012-654 7nOV12  The media's map of the world during the American election.
Saturation coverage of the American election.
2012-612 Twitter privacy. 
he dangers of tweeting as if you are having a private conservation.
2012-601 8Oct12  The family man politician.
A look behind the mask of the 'family man' politician.
2012-595 4Oct12 Little red riding hoods.
The sexualisation of young girls by the fashion industry.
2012-591 2Oct12  Measuring a child's growth.
Rapid increase in childhood obesity.
2012-559 20Sept12  Lighting the religious violence fuse.
Violence upon others often leads to violence being perpetrated on you.
2012-552 17Sept The Values being taught to the young.
Indoctrination of young people in the use of violence to solve disputes.
2012-528 6Sept12  How to trap a monkey.
Using the monkey trap as e metaphor for the dept trap.
2012-517 30Aug12  Super trawler bycatch.
Super trawlers threatening the livelihoods of smaller trawlers.
2012-490 20Aug12  Education funding.
Education reduced to somewhat ruthless manipulations of funding.
2012-474 13Aug12  The Syrian games.
Using the Olympic symbol to highlight the games the Syrian government is playing as it tries to retain power.
2012-441 30July12  The view of our world in the next few days.
The fixation on the London Olympics at the expense of most other news.
2012-444 31July12  Going for gold in Bangladesh.
30% rise in the world wheat price threatening the poor.
2012-431 25July12  Climb a tree app.
Today's children not as active as previous generations due to technology.
2012-374 22June12  Today's gingerbread man.
Julian Assange like the gingerbread man, everyone seems to be after him.
2012-345 12June12  Drones.
Obtuse look at the increased use of military drones.
2012-337 7June12  Reflections on the rat race and racism.
The economic rat race demeans us all, regardless of our colour or nationality.
2012-327 4June12  Cleaning the streets.
Widespread alcohol abuse eclipsing the illegal drug problem.
2012-324 1June12 Market forces applied to water.
A look at what will happen if water is seen purely as a commodity to be bought and sold.
2012-308 25May12  Economic theory and practice.
Economic practices are always more brutal and unjust than the economic theories they spring from.
2012-294 18May12  Level playing fields.
Questioning the concept of the level playing field often used in reference to free trade and industrial relations reform.
2012-291 17May12  The changing map of Australia
Conventional economic wisdom unable to cope with the current world economic malaise.
2012-260 4May12  Traffic gridlock in the future.
Lighter look at the aging population.
2012-255 3May12  Job security today.
Widespread loss of job security.
2012-229 20April12  Playing I spy today.
A more esoteric look at the prevalence of CCTVs in the urban landscape.
2012-214 5April12  Teletubbies.
High prevalence of child obesity.
2012-208 3April12  The war on drugs thus far.
The failure to control illegal drugs in our society.
2012-195 28March12The house loss industry.
Quirky look at the weight loss industry and the brutality of foreclosing on a house mortgage.
2012-175 22March12  Our view of the world.
Seeing the world through the prism of the media can make us overly pessimistic.
2012-156 13March12  The cashless society.
Economic hardship.
2012-131 28Feb12  why politicians step down.
Politicians that say they are voluntarily stepping down in reality have often been forced to step down via backroom machinations.
2012-099P 13Feb12  Cupid's other arrow.
Went with article on what people spend on Valentine's Day.
2012-030 16Jan12  Technology that confounds young people.
A look at the preference for bottled water by many young people.
2012-011 6Jan12 Supermarkets' view of Good Friday.
The increasing commercialisation of Easter with hot cross buns and Easter eggs on sale right after Christmas.
2012-008 5Jan11  Dollar sign crucifixion.
The increasing commercialisation of Easter with hot cross buns and Easter eggs on sale right after Christmas.