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2011-806 23Dec11  Manufacturing industry declining profits.
General slowdown in the manufacturing industry, except for arms manufacturers.
2011-798 21Dec11  Occupy wall street movement.
Retrospective look at the birth of the 'occupy' protest movement this year.
2011-795 20Dec11  The Arab Spring, the English Summer.
Retrospective look at two of the key civic unrest events in 2011.
2011-781 15Dec11  Progress today.
Incessant NIMBY protests stymieing attempts to tackle the major challenges facing us today.
2011-756 6Dec11  Raising public transport fees.
The Victorian (Australia) Government's announcement of a steep rise in public transport fees highlights the disconnect with politicians' lives and those of ordinary people.  Based on an action in Australia but would be relevant to a number of countries.
2011-744 2Dec11  Christmas gifts kids don't need.
The sordid underbelly of Christmas mass consumerism.
2011-736 30Nov11  Tabloid press investigative journalist.
Dig at dubious Tabloid press activities being exposed by the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press.
2011-710 18Nov11  The return of hot weather.
Light weight toon celebrating Summer and its devotees, hot blooded young men and cool as cucumbers young women.  The dance of life goes on.
2011-693 11Nov11  Man does not live by bread alone.
Philosophical look at the epidemic of obesity in our modern society.
2011-695 14Nov11  Shaking hands on a free trade agreement.
Free trade agreements mainly benefit the better off in each country.
2011-671 2Nov11  Desert mirage.
Our sterile  society with illusions of perfection,
2011-689 10Nov11  Free offers.
So called "free offers" are usually just a to in the door to get money off people.
2011-682 7Nov11  Where people stand on Afghanistan.
Different views on the war in Afghanistan.
2011-678 3Nov11  The future third umpire?
Comment on the latest cricket match fixing scandal.
2011-677 4Nov11  The Greek democratic process.
The European Union forcing Greece to accept its austerity package.
2011-654 25Oct11  Easy debt.
Musing on how easy it is to get into debt today, and the danger that entails.
2011-573 9Sept11 Memorials to civilians killed.
Looks at how we remember civilians killed by terrorists and ignore civilians accidentally killed in the war on terrorism.
2011-489 2Aug11  What people think about gay marriage.
The introduction of gay marriage will inevitably create more work for divorce lawyers.
2011-474 26July11  Weight gap between rich and poor.
A look at obesity as a marker for the gap between rich and poor.
2011-470 22July11  The ascent of modern man.
A look at mankind's culture of violence.
2011-463 21July11  Gen. Y castaway.
The Gen. Y obsession with IT technology to communicate with one another.
2011-443 13July11  Today's definition of a tyrant.
Many people today only interested how the actions of leaders benefit themselves, often overlooking what's best for the country.
2011-439P 12July11  Harry pot of gold.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the opening of the last Harry Potter movie.
2011-428 7July11  The big picture.
We seem to be no longer interested in the big issues of life.
2011-422 5July11  Protest Catch 22.
Rye look at conflicting protests about mobile phone services.
2011-413 1July11  Our relative economic problems.
Economic problems of the better off often overshadow really serious economic problems in society.
2011-363 8June11  Western outrage today.
Sometimes the West shows a greater concern for the welfare of animals than of people.
2011-347 1June11  Our relative problems.
Comparing problems faced in Western countries with those of countries suffering war and/or famine.
2011-325P 23May11  The dissenting priest's cross.
Went with article about priest calling for reform in the Catholic church.
2011-330 25May11  Narrow and broad views of Afghanistan.
Australians/the developed world have a much narrower view of Afghanistan then they might think.
2011-316P 19May11  Police planking line up.
Went with article about planking being seen as a form of criminal activity.
2011-299 13May11  Religious education class detention.
Furore over the use by Christian  groups of religious education classes in Government schools to proselytise.
2011-270P 21April11 Pray for at Easter.
Went with article on massive chocolate Easter bunny and egg sales at Easter time.
2011-266 20April11  School bullying uniforms.
High number of reported incidents of bullying in schools.
2011-171 10March11  Gender equality today.
Class has as big, if not bigger, an impact on life opportunities as gender.
2011-166P 8March11  International women's Day and Year.
Went with article on International Women's Day.
2011-164 8March11  International Women's Day and Men's Year.
Using International Women's Day as a segway to comment on the amount of male violence in the world.
2011-001 4Jan11 The race to Easter.
Easter eggs and hot cross buns already on sale in the shops.