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2010-834 21Dec10  If Julian Assange was to go to trial.
Unlikely that Julian Assange would ever get a fair trial considering the controversy surrounding him.
2010-823 15Dec10  More shocking revelations from Wikileaks.
Lighter look at the Wikileaks saga.
2010-818 14Dec10  Wikileaks - stickyleaks.
Comparing the reaction to Wikileaks with the comparatively mild reaction to civilian deaths in the war on terror.
2010-807P 9Dec10  Believe free speech.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the Wikileaks website controversy.
2010-792P 3Dec10  World cup bid winners podium.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on World Cup bid.
2010-783 2Dec10  World Cup bid soccer ball.
The vast amount of money required by FIFA for a country to host the World Cup.
2010-781 1Dec10  Big Brother is being watched by you.
The impact of Wikileaks on government control of information.
2010-758 23Nov10  The race politicians run.
Political campaigns seem increasingly like a race to the bottom.
2010-744 18Nov10 Demand for ever larger televisions.
Esoteric look at our insatiable demand for larger widescreen televisions.
2010-678 25Oct10  Spin bowler, spin batsman.
Further allegations of match fixing in international cricket.
2010-666 20Oct10  Political choice expressed as food.
Lack of real choice in politics.
2010-632P 1Oct10  Reactions to daylight savings.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the change to daylight savings.
2010-535 27Aug10  The scales of justice in wartime.
The difficulty of administering justice during a war.
2010-532 26Aug10  Minister for organisation.
Esoteric look at Ministerial incompetence.
2010-492 12Aug10  Accurate weather map.
Wild wet weather cartoon.
2010-480 6Aug10  No repayments until you get to the end of the chain.
The dangers of debt traps.
2010-447 26July10  The assent of political campaigning man.
Quirky look at the ruthlessness of modern political campaigning.
2010-386 1July10  Tackling mental health problems.
Pointing out the shortfalls in tackling mental health problems without dealing with underlying social problems.
2010-375 28June10  Modern nursery rhyme.
The negative social effects of saturation alcohol advertising.
2010-278 17May10 Mobile phones that will definitely kill you.
Research into cancer link with heavy mobile phone use.
2010-210 19April10 Experiencing the great outdoors
Urbanisation and technology alienating children from the natural world.
2010-100P 15Feb10  Credit card shadow.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about excessive credit card debt.
2010-041 20Jan10  Community reaction to racist violence.
Went with article about racist violence and how to deal with it.
2010-035P 18Jan10  P plate driver speeding.
P plate drivers who speed while under the influence of alcohol and with
other people in the car are at high risk of being killed in a car accident.
2010-014 8Jan10  Society's view of young people.
Tendency for society to assume that antisocial behaviour by some young people is typical of the behaviour of all young people.
2010-005 5Jan10  Market forces.
Aggressive marketing of alcohol contributing to the upsurge in alcohol related violence.