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2009-737 23Dec09  Christmas spirits.
Heavy imbibing of alcohol over Christmas.
2009-728 21Dec09  Christmas festivities body perspective.
Over eating at Christmas time.
2009-692P 3Dec09  Modern Little Miss Riding Hood.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the threat posed to young people using the internet by older predatory users.
2009-652 13Nov09 To those who are going to fall.
General view of war and remembrance.
2009-509P 27Aug09  Weight watchers minefield.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Weight Watchers competition.
2009-439 29July09  Less successful space exploration mission.
Quirky look at the thirtieth anniversary of the moon landing.
2009-428 24July09  Mixing alcoholic drinks today.
Rising level of alcohol fuelled violence.
2009-330 12June09  Where do you intend to travel?
The spread of swine flu.
2009-289 25April09  No staggering anytime.
Local council perspective on the problem of binge drinking.
2009-314 5June09  Swine flu shock and horror.
Swine flu not nearly as virulent as first thought.
2009-300 1June09  Effluenza pandemic.
Comparing environmental degradation to the swine flu pandemic.
2009-293 27May09  The committee to prevent the spread of swine flu.
Swine flu defying all efforts to prevent it's spread.
2009-290P 25May09  Common chain smoker.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on levels of smoking in the community.
2009-287 22May09  Common confession today.
Look at the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.
2009-286 22May09  I've been everywhere man.
The spread of swine flu expressed via the Song I've Been Everywhere.
2009-278P 19May09 Treadmill settings.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on injuries caused  by treadmills.
2009-270 15May09  Why would you want this.
Critique of those who oppose wind farms because of aesthetic reasons.
2009-262 12May09  Alcohol advertising.
widespread advertising of alcohol increasing the incidences of binge drinking.
2009-234 29April09  Binge drinker limit.
Negative social effects of binge drinking.
2009-249 6May09  Government announcements.
The different emphasis governments use when announcing good and bad news.
2009-242 4May09  Swine flu pandemic so far.
Swine flu pandemic appearing to be not as virulent as predicted.
2009-224 27April09  Good economic news.
Anti viral drug company stocks have skyrocketed as a result of the swinge flu pandemic.
2009-229 28April09  The latest Osama bin Laden photofit.
Somewhat twisted look at the swine flu threat.
2009-227P 27April09  How did you know I'd lost my job.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on how the recession has inadvertently
lead to improvements in many people's diet, including weight loss.
2009-225P 27April09  Swine flu waiting room.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico.
2009-223 27April09 Pigs can't fly but they can flu.
Quirky look at the recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico.
2009-206 17April09 The tip of the iceberg.
Refugees a symptom of a much deeper malaise.
2009-194 9April09  Historical anger management workshop.
Quirky look at modern day anger management problems.
2009-149 19Mar09  CEO cutting the bonuses cake.
Massive bonuses given to company CEOs. while their staff
are forced to accept  lower wage rises and even pay cuts.
2009-104  26Feb09  Share portfolio balance.
Collapsing values of balanced funds.
2009-113 2March09  If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
CEO version of the "If you pay peanuts you get monkeys" saying.
2009-037 29Jan09  Grim business.
Quirky lighter look at  the economic downturn.
2009-024 22Jan09  Winnie the Pooh superannuation.
The stock market downturn wiping much off  superannuation investments.