global environmental

2018-521-V  Why there aren't as many gravity deniers.
Feature cartoon version of an earlier pocket cartoon  I drew.

2018-550 Climate wars collateral damage.
The focus on carbon emission reduction targets while seeming to ignore the actual damage that is being inflicted on the environment.

2018-542  Green Santa.
A Christmas perspective on environmental degradation.

2018-534P Thirteenth day of Christmas...
Went with article on the amount of wrapping paper rubbish that is generated at Christmas time.

2018-529P  We have to do something about global warming.
The fossil fuel industry's stymieing of attempts to cut carbon emmisions.

2018-525P  Career paths for the young.
The future for young people if global warming is not checked.

2018-521P  Why there aren't many gravity deniers.
Not believing in global warming is like not believing in gravity, it ignores the facts.

2018-518  Global warming cruises.
Cruises may not be so pleasurable if global warming continues apace.

2018-513P  The impact of global warming.
The differing impact of global warming on rich and poor.
2018-511P  When I grow up.
The reason why students are striking over climate change.

2018-487P  Environmental election promises.
Election promises aimed at addressing environmental problems totally inadequate when it comes to dealing with the current pace of environmental degradation.

2018-479  The global warming ascent of man.
Originally draw in response to Australian students planning school strikes to protest against climate inaction but relevant worldwide.

2018-476P  Not a good idea to put money in an offshore island tax haven.
On tax evasion robbing the world of billions that could be used to tackle global warming.

2018-378P  Tackling global warming options on offer thus far.
Failure to seriously tackle global warming.

2018-372  Modern and old fashioned food waste disposal.
A look at how we dispose of waste food.

2018-318P  Conservatives for action on global warming.
Conservatives reluctant to abandon coal, even those who recogniser the threat global warming poses.

2018-305P  Cost effective way to cut the use of plastic.
On efforts to cut the use of single sue plastic.

2018-300  Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow today.
The quest for liveable cities being stymied by our dependency on cars.

2018-289  Political debate today.
Lack of serious political debate about the threat of global warming.

2018-278P  Unity over action on global warming.
The lack of unity on tackling global warming.

2018-206P  Wind farm problems.
Lighter look at criticisms of wind farm.

2018-188  Different views of the overpopulation verses overconsumption debate.
On the overpopulation versus overconsumption debate.
2018-180P  Deep hip pocket mining.
On the rise of government approvals for deep sea mining operations.

2018-175P  Big catches in the future.
On plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and overfishing.

2018-172P  Modern bins.
The large amount of uneaten food that is thrown out.
2018-166P  Climate change winners podium.
Pocket version of the 2018-166 cartoon on the ever increasing grip of global warming.
2018-166  Climate change winners podium.
On the ever increasing grip of global warming.
2018-165P  All you can eat cruises.
On the latest live sheep trade mass deaths in transit.

2018-117P  Sweeping the overpopulation problem under the carpet.
The impact on the planet from overpopulation largely being ignored.

2018-060P  Recycling or over packaging problem.
China's ban on importing recycling materials has put a spotlight on the problem of over packaging.

2018-054P  Reading about crashes.
Comparing the latest stock market crash with the likely repercussions of an environmental crash.

2018-044P  Managing the environment today.
Managing the environment often largely a cosmetic adjunct to economic activity.

2018-029P  Global warming express as a boulder.
Government's underestimating the impact of global warming.

2018-008P  All you can eat.
On the massive expansion of ocean dead zones, areas with low oxygen levels in water causing lose of marine life.