global environmental

2017-546P  The climate science debate thus far.
The belligerent anti science stance taken by climate science sceptics.

2017-378  Letting go of coal
Feature version of an earlier pocket cartoon on the consequences of continuing to rely on coal as a source of energy.

2017-389P  And then there's the paper bag problem
On the ongoing battle to reduce the use of disposable plastic shopping bags.

2017-378P  Letting go of coal
On claims that protecting coal jobs today is more important than saving the planet in the future.

2017-362P  Mars covered in toxic material capable of wiping out life
For article on the planet Mars being covered in a toxic material capable of wiping out life.

2017-292P  Trump’s definition of globalisation
For article on Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement.

2017-268P  Climate change analysis applied to weather forecasting
For article on the ongoing climate change debate.

2017-232  Recent geological epochs.
Inspired by Professor Clive Hamilton's dire warning that we are on the edge of the climate abyss but are ignoring it.

2017-231P  Business plans today.
For article on oil company Santos admitting that their business plan is based on 4C global temperature rise.

2017-175P  Why there are so few tsunami deniers.
For article on global warming deniers.

2017-139P  Rising average global temperatures winners podium.
A look at the threat of global warming.

2017-086P  The latest global warming climate model.
For article about dire global warming climate modelling.

2017-079P  Environmental fears today.
For article on the often shallow responses to the threat of global warming.