global environmental

2016-629P  And she is stable as well.
For article Reporting that in the past three years CO2 emissions have largely been stable.

2016-622  We have a global warming problem.
Global warming a symptom, not the cause.

2016-544 22Sept16  Economic theory applied to the environment.
A somewhat esoteric response to the common perception that unemployed people are lazy despite the fact that there are five unemployed people for every job.

2016-481  4Aug16  The ascent of global warming awareness man.
The refusal of large sections of society to recognise the threat global warming presents to humankind.

2016-429P 14July16  The ascent of meat eating man.
One of the main problems with the modern diet is that it is too easy to eat excessive amounts of meat.

2016-393P  1July16  Good environmental news in the future?
For article about the ozone hole shrinking.

2016-299 27May16 The global warming three wise monkeys.
Global warming denialism persists despite overwhelming evidence.

2016-278P 20May16  Reaching the 400 parts per million milestone.
For article on the carbon dioxide level reaching the 400 PPM milestone.

2016-259P 16May16  Global warming sceptics view.
For article about the latest record breaking above average global temperatures.

2016-210P 29April16  The Guinness book of record global temperatures records.
Global temperature records being repeatedly broken.

2016-201 27April16  Climate sceptics science.
Dubious science used by global warming sceptics.

2016-200P 27April16  Will work for organic food.
Went with article on environmentalism and inequality.

2016-169 11April16 The wealthy taking action on climate change.
The wealthy looking after their own interests at the expense of the greater good.

2016-135 15March16 The threats to world security.
Rising see levels may pose a greater risk to global security than any conventional military instability.

2016-130P 11March16  Bore water windmill drought.
Went with article on drought conditions causing artesian water levels to drop.

2016-118 3March16  The global warming evidence debate in the past and today.
Overwhelming evidence that the planet is indeed warming up muting the once ferocious global warming debate.

2016-036 22Jan16  The global warming level playing field.
Global warming will impact on the wealthy as well as the not so well off, the rich and poor countries.