global environmental

2015-649 25Nov15  The current plans to tackle rising sea levels due to global warming.
No real plan to tackle rising sea levels due to global warming including the large number of refugees that rising sea levels will produce.

2015-612 6Nov15  The shortfalls of groundwater.
Drawn in response to calls for increased use of groundwater as an aide to
tackling the drier conditions in South Eastern Australia due to global warming.  An Australian issues cartoon but has relevance for other parts of the world.
2015-270 19May15  Life before annoying and dangerous power.
Whatever the negative environmental consequences of the various available power sources we never the less need power in some form.

2015-247 11May15  Released from a coal fired power station.
Coal fired power stations are infinitely more of a risk to human health than any perceived health problems associated with wind farms.

2015-120 24Feb15  What we need is higher population growth.
The notion put forward by many economists that population increase is good as it stimulates the economy ignores the negative environmental impact.

2014-671 23Feb15   The trouble with living beyond your means.
Over consumption spending a serious risk to our society in the long term.