global environmental

2012-733 11Dec12  Different views of the economy.
Reinterpreting Robert Kennedy's  dictum that "The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment"
2012-708 30Nov12  The elephant in the ceiling.
The Threat of Global warming potential a much greater threat than the current economic woes.
2012-508 27Aug12  A giant leap for mankind.
Using the moon landing to remind people of the giant leap that will be needed to avert the more destructive elements of global warming.
2012-360 18June12  Significant environmental damage or road kill?
Applying a different set of standards when evaluating bird deaths caused by wind farm turbine blades to bird deaths caused by cars.
2012-286 15May12  The heaviest polluters awards.
Drawn in response to the World Wildlife Fund releasing a list of the heaviest polluting countries in an effort to shame them into action.
2012-160 15March12  Global warming ascent of man.
Humankind largely ignoring the global warming threat.