global environmental

2011-666 31Oct11  Population surprise.
Population of the planet reaching seven billion.
2011-631 17Oct11  Country Weight Watchers.
Esoteric look at a mouse plague threatening crops.
2011-565 6Sept11  Realise global warming is happening.
The danger of waiting too long before recognising the threat global warming presents.
2011-511 11Aug11  Coal seam gas fracturing.
Rapid rollout of hydraulic fracturing of coal seams to extract gas despite concerns about the impact this process has on the water table.
2011-458 19July11  Just a matter of how you view the figures.
Distortion of climate figures by climate change sceptics in order to present their argument in a more favourable light.
2011-438 12July11 Different global warming views.
Positive and negative spin doesn't change the basic data indicating that man made climate change is occurring.
2011-414 1July11  When scientific evidence is ignored.
A historical perspective on the perils of ignoring scientific evidence.
2011-406 28June11  Human activity not impacting on the planet.
Claims that human activity is not impacting on the planet and it's climate are farcical.
2011-217 30March11  Global warming mushrooms.
Likening the threat of global warming to the symbol of nuclear destruction, the mushroom cloud of the atomic bomb.
2011-184 16March11  Why would you want all of these?
A dig at people who protest against wind farms.
2011-152 3March11  Action on global warning that won't cost anything.
Thinking that it is possible to tackle global warming without incurring some cost to society is delusional.
2011-096 2Feb11  Plans to lower carbon emissions.
No serious plans to lower carbon emissions.