global economic

2016-649P  customer information signs.
For article about the cashless society that is approaching.

2016-544 22Sept16  Economic theory applied to the environment.
A somewhat esoteric response to the common perception that unemployed people are lazy despite the fact that there are five unemployed people for every job.

2016-435P 18July16  Shopping strip in the future.
For article on online shopping having a negative impact on traditional shopping strips.

2016-384  29June16 Punch and Judy shows.
The crackdown on welfare sales pitch that seems to become a part and parcel of modern election campaigns.

2016-268P 18May16 Money can't buy happiness.
For article on whether money can buy happiness.

2016-233 9May16 Your tax cuts at work.
What’s missed in the equation when considering tax cuts.

2016-221P 3May16  Career's advice for young people in the future.
For article on automation and computerisation destroying jobs for young people.

2016-157 6April16 The tax avoidance burden.
Tax avoidance means many wealthy people can avoid paying their fair share of tax.

2016-141 21March16  Automated...
Technology destroying jobs.

2016-082P 15Feb16 Fill her up!
Went with article on service stations not passing on the falling oil prices to their customers.

2016-004 11Jan16  The modern revenant, stock market finance.
Using the recent hint movie the Revenant, which centres around the mauling of a hunter by a bear, as a metaphor for the current stock market woes.