global economic

2015-504 2Sept15  Stock market trader character types.
Musing on the amoral nature of the stock market industry.

2015-494 27Aug15  Cash to splash!
Predatory nature of credit card debt.

2015-490 26Aug15  Stock market analysis today.
Stock market jitters have an irrational quality to them.

2015-488 25Aug15  Stock exchange bounces back.
The stock exchange is not the only indicator of whether things are going well or not.

2015-444   5Aug15  Payday loan animal farm.
Payday loan companies exploiting the vulnerable.

2015-425 29July15  Bull and Bear markets today.
The tottering Chinese stock market dominating the world stock market.

2015-393 15July15  The Chinese stock market dragon.
Looks at the precarious nature of the Chinese stock market.

2015-381 9July15  Stock market falls.
Falls in the Chinese stock market having a far greater impact on the world's economy than the wobbles in Greece.

2015-374 6July15  Greek no vote could stamp out the world economy.
Fear of the impact on the world economy of the Greek no vote.

2015-347 22June15  The gap between the rich and the poor today.
rapidly widening gap between the rich and the poor.  Drawn as a result of an Australian report but relevant for many countries across the world.

2015-192 9April15  Pirate ships.
A comparison of the economic impacts of DVD pirating and corporate tax avoidance.

2014-671 23Feb15   The trouble with living beyond your means.
Over consumption spending a serious risk to our society in the long term.