global economic

2011-806 23Dec11  Manufacturing industry declining profits.
General slowdown in the manufacturing industry, except for arms manufacturers.
2011-776 13Dec11  How the economic world is travelling.
The Western economy now reliant on Chinese funds to keep it afloat.
2011-770 12Dec11  European Union Santa.
The European Union bleeding funds.
2011-755 6Dec11  Laid off corporate CEO.
Sideways dig at the massive pay and bonuses corporate CEOs both get and have come to expect.
2011-745 2Dec11  The Greek butterfly effect.
The seemingly small Greek sovereign debt crisis triggering a massive chain of events on the world economic stage.
2011-695 14Nov11  Shaking hands on a free trade agreement.
Free trade agreements mainly benefit the better off in each country.
2011-677 4Nov11  The Greek democratic process.
The European Union forcing Greece to accept its austerity package.
2011-670 2Nov11  Putting out the Greek debt fire.
The European Union's difficulties in managing Greece's sovereign debt crisis.
2011-654 25Oct11  Easy debt.
Musing on how easy it is to get into debt today, and the danger that entails.
2011-661 28Oct11  Bull, bear and goat markets.
Greece's default causing problems in economic markets.
2011-653 25Oct11  European Economic Union juggling.
European sovereign debt crisis.
2011-630 17Oct11  Rescues from economic fires.
Reflection on the bailout of major financial institutions during the global financial meltdown.
2011-608 23Sept11  Spinning tops.
Panic in the finance sector over the possibility of another recession not helping anyone.
2011-567 7Sept11 Mobile phone purchase choices today.
Drawn in response to report on high levels of dissatisfaction amongst people buying mobile phones because of the confusing and misleading contracts being offered.
2011-543 26Aug11  Spending up big today.
Much more austere economic mood as people save more and spend less.
2011-541P 25Aug11  Leaving apple.
Steve Johns stands down as the CEO of Apple.
2011-522 18Aug11  Economic principles and bodyweight.
Esoteric look at the fact that often the people who are the most to blame for economic mishaps are the least effected by the consequences.
2011-521 17Aug11  Clothing sizes today.
Using clothing sizes as a metaphor for the current retail sales figures.
2011-513 13Aug11  The economic rollercoaster.
Economic downturns impact more on the average person rather than the shakers and movers.
2011-504 8Aug11  Worse than falling stocks.
contrasting the stock market crisis with the drought in Sudan.
2011-503 8Aug11  Economic forecasting.
The difficulty in forecasting economic trends today.
2011-500 5Aug11  Tough situation responses.
Abstract look at the tough economic times the world is experiencing.
2011-293 11May11  Middle ages budget assessment.
Abstract view of how the impact of a government budget is analysed, focusing on petty comparisons but not the big picture.