global economic

2009-717 15Dec09  Carbon footprints.
The much larger carbon footprint of industrialised countries negatively impacting on developing countries.
2009-705 9Dec09  The economic food chain.
Massive profits of banks.
2009-480 14Aug09  Our modern society.
Society's preoccupation with interest rates almost like a primitive religion.
2009-447 3Aug09 Economy on the way back up.
Manufacturing hit much harder in the recession than other sectors of the economy.
2009-425 23July09  Under control.
Inflation under control but not unemployment.
2009-421 22July09  Recession soft landing.
The bailed out finance sector fairing better than those people who lost their jobs.
2009-420 21July09  Why are you so gloomy?
The general economic recession and personal debt.
2009-390 8July09  The recession bottoms out.
Debate whether the recession has truly bottomed out.
2009-183 3April09  The grim reaper today.
High number of layoffs due to the recession.
2009-217 23April09  Caused by the world economic downturn.
Musing that not every business failure can be blamed on world recession.
2009-184 6April09  Modern David and Goliath.
High level of debt amongst many people and countries.
2009-170 27Mar09  Uninvited guests.
Esoteric look at the global recession.
2009-161 24Mar09  Willing to lend money.
The financial crisis making it harder to obtain credit, especially for small businesses.
2009-110V2 24Mar09  The recession bites.
Variation of an earlier cartoon about Pacific Brands job
losses, making it applicable to the broader economic situation.
2009-114 2March09  Steep economic descent.
Esoteric look at the economic downturn.
2009-091 20Feb09  Build the economy higher.
Fixation on incessant economic growth while ignoring environmental and social factors.
2009-088 19Feb09 Future car manufacturing plants.
Closure of a number of car plants across the world.
2009-084 17Feb09  Because of the world economic downturn.
Not every economic setback can be attributed to the world economic downturn.
2009-055 5Feb09  Google earth.
Esoteric reference to the world economic downturn.