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2021   January to June

April  2021

Went with article on the lack of affordable housing.
Went with article about the sacking of Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate, including claims that she was hounded by her detractors unlawfully stood aside.
2021-130  The ages of man.
Sideways look at plastic polution.
2021-131P  We also need tree rescue.
Went with article about Animal Reasue funding.
2021-128  The rollout thus far.
A series of problems with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine has delayed the rollout

2021-126P  My treatment does not have any risk of blood clotting.
Went with article on concerns about AstraZeneca vaccine blood clotting incidents.

March  2021

2021-119P  In my day son wearing masks was even more challenging!
Went with articicle about ANZAC day preparations post the coronavirus pandemic.
2021-111P  War is hell!
Went with article on a proposal to establish a royal commission into the high level of veteran suicides.
2021-108P  JobKeeper, ProfitKeeper.
Drawn for article about some large companies drawing millions of dollars in JobKeeper payments at the same time posting large profits and giving their executives huge bonuses.
2021-109P  COVID reflections twelve months.
Drawn for an article that recorded reflectrions by various people on the one-year anniverary of the COVID-19 lockdown.
2021-106  What is a consent app?
Drawn in response to the consent app proposed by NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller to address growing rate of sexual assaults.  Seems to me a consent app is a technical solution to a social problem, those men who see women simply as sexual objects.
2021-105P  Implementing the vaccine rollout.
Drawn for an article that recorded reflections by various people on the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 lockdown.
2021-101P RIP live music.

Went with article about live music returning to local venues as coronavirus restrictions have eased.

2021-099  Politicians complying with social distancing rules.
Drawn in response to a series of sexual harassment allegations involving male politicians.

2021-092  Homelessness and the justice system.
For article on the in inadequacies of the justice system when dealing with homeless people brought before the courts.
2021-094 The Royal family is not racist.
On claims of racism leveled against the Royal Family over their treatment of Meghan Markle

2021-091P  Hitting a high note at the Opera today.
Went with article on how the local theatre was faring during the coronavirus pandemic.

2021-090P  Unemployment as a desert island.
Went with article on how people are coping on Jobseeker.

2021-089P  You cannot hear anything with them on.
Went with article on Hearing loss awareness week.

2021-087  If the aged were made of iron.
Damming report into the aged care industry.

2021-085P  The good and the bad news of getting back to the office.
Went with article about more people returning to work in offices.

2021-084P  Reading between the lines.
Went with article on a secondary school offering a media literacy subject.

February  2021

2021-083P  Diet books.
The difficulty of living on the JobSeeker payment.

2021-080  We have lengthened the JobSeeker payment rope.
Rise in the JobSeeker payment totally inadequate, according to the welfare sector.

2021-078P  Seasonal fire risk sign.
Went with article on far fewer bushfires this season due to the milder wetter summer.

2021-077P  It will cure coronavirus.
Antivaxxer opposition to the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine.
2021-076  Imagine a world without Facebook.
Facebook's manipulation Facebook users to maximise its profits.

2021-073  Clearly have a dress code problem.
Brittany Higgins sexual assault incident highlights the Liberal Party’s failure to address more widespread sexual assault allocations.

2021-071P  Lord of the news dissemination rings.
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook power fixation.
2021-068  The information super highway today.
On Facebook flexing its muscles by shutting down newsfeeds in order to avoid having
 pay for news articles created by professional news organisations but used by Facebook.

2021-065  Icarus today.
A look at the notion of perpetual growth in a finite world.

2021-062P Powerful owl.
Went with article about loss of Powerful Owl habitat.

2021-057  Modern Hydra.
COVIC-19 variant strains.

2021-055P  It has been reserved by La Nina.
Went with an article about outdoor dining during the Covid-19 pandemic.

2021-054  But where is the evidence that gravity exists.
A jab at skeptics who ignore overwhelming evidence that contradict their views.

2021-048P  Church for sale, strings attached ribbons.
Went with an article about church property up for sale.

2021-044  Collingwood Football Club values committee.
Drawn in response an independent review commissioned by the Collingwood club that found evidence of systemic racism within the club.

2021-040P  Common Wetlands today.
Went with article on World Wetlands Day and the continuing degradation of wetlands across the world.

2021-036  Evolution thus far.
Sideways look at the performance of Donald Trump.

January  2021

2021-025  Communication today.
Society's fixation with internet platforms such as Facebook.

2021-024P  COVID recovery path.
Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic fraught with potential ups and downs.

2021-023  The different views of celebrating Australia Day on the 26th of January.
Increasing opposition to celebrating Australia Day on the 26th January due to its invasion inference for Aboriginal Australians.

2021-019  Relative long term impacts.
Looks at the long term relative impacts of coronavirus and global warming.

2021-009P  What has not changed over the years.
Went with an article about a supermarket employee retiring after fifty years of service.  The employee commented on how changing technologies had impacted on his work.

2021-007  The unravelling.
Riots in Washington egged on by former president Donald Trump.

2021-003  Graduating VCE students through the year.
Drawn in response to the extra pressures placed on 2020 VCE students due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2021-002P  Coronavirus era desert mirage.
Went with an article on holiday plans of many people thrown into chaos after the closure of the Victorian border due to a spike in coronavirus infections in NSW.

2021-001P  Reduced JobKeeper stepping stones.
Went with article about conerns over the reduction of JobKeeper payments.