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2020   January to June

June  2020

2020-222P  Future seatbelt design.
Went with article on driver safety, including wearing seatbelts and not using a mobile phone while driving.
2020-220  Still have media diversity.
Lack of Media diversity in Australia.

2020-216  The scales of justice for female lawyers.
Widespread sexual harassment within the legal profession.

2020-214P  Dead and buried.
Coronavirus resurgence in Australia.

2020-211P  Universities will still be able to teach philosophy.
On the Federal government’s announcement that fees for university humanities courses will double.

2020-204  Opening for business.
Australia easing lockdown restrictions, in comparison to America still recording significant numbers of deaths due to coornaovirus.

2020-207P  Business version of coronavirus.
Coronavirus a ticking timb bomb for many businesses.

2020-195P  Free childcare ending domino effect.
Ending free childcare when the impact of the coronavirus lockdown is still being felt will cause severe economic stress for the childcare industry.

2020-191P  Musician keeper.
Musicians missing out on the Australian job keeper payments

May  2020

2020-184  The coronavirus aftermath wind blow.
2020-177P  School drop off mums social distancing.
Went with article on children returning to the usual school routine after the easing of the coronavirus social distancing restrictions.
2020-176P  Social housing supply and demand.
Went with article about social housing construction being outstripped by the by the demand for social housing.
2020-174P  Real estate market renewal we don't want.
Went with article speculating about the renewal of the housing market when coronavirus restrictions are relaxed.
2020-171P  Social distancing football.
2020-172P School crossing safety today.
Social distancing coronavirus - SCHOOL EDUCATION AUSTRALIA
2020-170  Taking the foot off the break peddle.
Coronavirus Trump America - HEALTH AUSTRALIA
2020-163  Second wave options.
Coronavirus second wave scenarios.
2020-156P  What did Pell know?
Went with article on the Royal Commission’s finding that Pell knew about paedophile priests in 1970s.
2020-153  Testing the easing the coronavirus lockdown restrictions waters.
Donald Trump's reckless aproach to preventing the spread of Coronavirus.
2020-155P  No new coronavirus case in ages.
Debate on when to lift coronavirus social distancing restrictions.

April  2020
2020-146P  Early back to school crossing.
Debate on when will it be safe for children to return to school in the wake of the coronavirus.
2020-145  Jumping the gun.
Debate over easing coronavirus isolation restrictions.
2020-144P  The family violence black dog.
Went with an article on the psychological impact on victims of family violence.
2020-134  The spirit of ANZAC today.
ANZAC Day and the coronavirus pandemic.
2020-136P  The state of soccer during the coronavirus pandemic.
Went with article on the negative impact the corona virus pandemic is having on soccer clubs.
2020-135  Grim reaper social distancing  protest.
Protests against coronavirus pandemic social distancing restrictions.
2020-132P  Respecting the dead and the living.
Went with article on the difficulties of commemorating ANZAC Day during the coronavirus lock down.
2020-127P  Social distancing alternative.
Went with article on congestion in parks and on walking tracks making it difficult to comply with social distancing regulations.
2020-125P  Social distancing duck hunters.
Went with article on plans to allow the Victorian Duck season to go ahead despite the coronavirus pandemic.
2020-124P  Coronavirus aware last post.
Went with article on how to commemorate ANZAC Day doing the coronavirus lockdown.

2020-122  Temporary lockdown.
Concerns that social lockdown is too harsh due to the damage it is doing to the economy.
2020-115P  Time for another walk.
Went with article on people walking their dogs as a way of getting out and about during the coronavirus lockdown.

2020-113P  Different definitions of camping in the backyard.
Went with article on people camping in their backyards this Easter long weekend.

2020-113P  Different definitions of camping in the backyard.
Went with article on people camping in their backyards this Easter long weekend.

2020-112  I told you I was clean.
Cardinal George Pell's aquital on child sex abuse charges.

2020-111P  Being held down in School today.
Went with an article predicting that poor students will be disadvantaged using the new online education system due to the lack of or old computer equipment.

2020-109P  Caught on a 1.4 metre coronavirus breaking strain.
Went with article on the ban on people fishing in Victoria as part of the restrictions on movement to limit the spread of coronavirus.

2020-108P  Desperate times, dog skid row food coronavirus.
Went with article on shortage of pet food due to hoarding.

2020-107   Funding the economic recovery after coronavirus.
Squandering of the mining boom tax windfall on tax cuts instead of devoting it to a sovereign wealth fund.

2020-101  I only buy one or two extra items each shopping trip.
Hoarding of food during the coronavirus pandemic.

March  2020

2020-104P  When no news is not good news.
Went with article about closures of country newspapers.
2020-103P  Coronavirus testing in the country.
Went with article about delays in the country in processing coronavirus test results.

2020-100P  Cyclists' social distancing.
Went with article on the need for cyclists to observe social distancing.
2020-099P  CFA social distancing.
Went with article on the problems CFA volunteers face trying to work in the face of the coronavirus threat.

2020-097  Stranded on a desert island today.
The pariah status of cruise ships during the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-096P  Contact sport today.
Went with article on what sports people can still undertake during the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-094  Social distancing.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-095  Modern day Titanic.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  Cruise ships

2020-092  Ignoring social distancing.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-093  Intimate candle lit dinner today.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-090  Pretty safe dear.
Misunderstanding and ignorance about how coronavirus spreads.

2020-089P  But it is and emergency!
Panic over coronavirus causing unnecessary strain on hospital emergancy deparments.

2020-081  The ascent of virus infected man.
Each subsequent virus outbreak seemingly to be getting progressively worse.

2020-079P  Current koala corridor.
Went with article on land clearing eroding Koala wildlife corridors.

2020-078P  Current emissions reduction target.
Coal lobby's resistance to significant carbon emission

2020-077  What wrong with the old treaty.
Plans for a modern indigenous treaty.

February  2020

2020-074P  If exercise was the cure.
Coronavirus panic.
2020-075P Carbon emissions reduction targets.
The consequensces of not significantly reducing carbon emissions.
2020-072  Coronavirus in the Middle East.
Corona virus and past military responses to polical unreast in the Middle East.
2020-070P  Cleaning up Australia today.
Went with article on Clean up Australia Day.
2020-069P  The women in politics glass ceiling.
Went with article on women in politics and the difficulties they face in the largely male world of politics.
2020-059 Death of Holden.
The death of Holden and what it might mean for Ford Australia.
2020-053  The coronavirus domino effect.
The economic impact of the coronavirus.
2020-056P  National Party climate emergency declaration.
The National party's inability to acknowledge the evidence of global warming.
2020-055P  Another view of the glass  bottle stockpile.
Went with article about council’s stockpiling bottles they can’t recycle.
2020-054P  The good and the bad news for Sydney residents.
After weeks of enduring bushfire smoke haze Sydney residents were hit by extreme flooding.
2020-049P  Signs that the fruit is ripe.
Went with article on picking fruit.
2020-044  Steps to apply for government funding.
On the slew of sports and general funding grants favouring coalition seats in the run up to last year’s federal election.
2020-042P  New suburb green spaces.
Went with article about the lack of green space in new suburban developments.
2020-040P  Beach lifeguards this summer.
Went with artcile about this summer being lost (in terms of recreational opportunities).

January  2020
2020-036  Why koalas commit suicide.
Using Koala habitat lose as a metaphor for society's failure to tackle the causes of suicide.
2020-029 Curbing the spread of disease.

Pointing out the vastly different responses to coronavirus and malaria.

2020-021 I know how you feel.
Highlighting both the Australia Day protests and the recent damaging bushfires.
2020-024P  Attracting tourists to country Victoria.
Went with article urging tourists to visit the parts of Victoria that haven't been burnt.

2020-025P  Honey flow in bushfire affected areas.
Went with article on beehives being moved from fire affected areas due to lack of honey flow.

2020-022  The Federal Government's Sports funding grants.
The Minister for Sport Bridget McKenzie giving out sports funding grants that favoured LNP marginal seats.

2020-017  Modern version of the Magic pudding.
Using the classic Australian children's book, The Magic Pudding, to highlight the increased threat of bushfire due to global warming.

2020-018P  What is your bushfire plan.
Went with article on the importance of having a well-prepared bushfire plan.

2020-015P  Sports funding grants race.
Went with article on the Minister for sport, Bridget Mckenzie giving out $100m in pre-election grants during the May 2019 election that favoured targeted Coalition seats.

2020-014P  Fielding in the outer.
Went with article on the bushfire smoke haze causing visibility problems at cricket matches.

2020-013P  Summer tourism today.
Went with article on the damage the bushfires had down to regional tourism.

2020-011  We have always had droughts and fires.
The impact vested interests have on government policy.
2020-009P  Smoking outdoors this summer.
Went with article on health risks form the smoke haze currently enveloping the South east coast of Australia.

2020-008  Back burning.
The Australian government continuing to disregard evidence of global warming.

2020-003P  Very hard sell.
Went with article on fewer young people joining the CFA.

2020-002  Still smouldering after the fires.
Anger over lack of action on tackling global warming after massive bushfires sweep South Eastern Australia.

2020-001P  Migrating birds this summer.
Went with article on birds fleeing bushfire areas.