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December  2019

2019-12-06 Environmental version of Santa.
The best gift we can give our kids is to stem destruction of the environment.
2019-491P  Possible new global warming record.
Extreme heat, widespread drought and savage bushfires challenging the government's mantra that global warming is not happening.
2019-490  Australia's coat of arms today.
Reflecting on the widespread drought, searing heat and bushfires that are ravaging Australia.

2019-488P  Birthing pains today.
Went with article on the high cost of raising a child today due to stangant wages and rising living expenses.
2019-481  Scott Morrison parting the Red Sea.
Prime minister Scott Morrison's response to the devistating NSW bushfires.

2019-478  Chinese tug of war.
On the ongoing protest battles between Hong Kong protesters and the Chinese Communist government.

2019-474  The time to talk about global warming.
The Federal government's tendency to avoid discussion about global warming by saying now is not the time to talk about it.
2019-470  The government interpreting environmental data.
The government's tendancy to put a positive spin on environmental data.

2019-464P  Silent Spring but money talks.
Went with and article about a local council considering alternatives to the herbicide Glyphosate due to environmental concerns.

2019-462P  Mental health services today.
Went with article on mental health funding not matching the demand for mental health services.

2019-461  Rural map of Australia.
Widespread drought impacting on rural Australia.

2019-457  The LNP's environmental policy balloon.
The Liberal National Party's environmental policy is weighed down by its continuing support for the coal industry.

November  2019
2019-456P  Farm gate sales in the future.
Went with article about community wind farm conference.

2019-450P  Another tree down.
Went with article about the local SES (Ballarat region) being overwhelmed by calls for assitance with fallen trees as a result of cyclonic conditions.

2019-449  Scott Morrison comments.
Prime minister Morrision's comments that there is no evidence that increasing carbon emissions will increase the severity of bushfires.

2019-443  A child's eye view of hell.
A look at the severe NSW bushfires and conservative Christian commentary that the fires are god's judgment against homosexuals.

2019-439  Forces for the older generation.
Indirect comment on the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

2019-435  Fire danger rating sign.
The failure to acknowledge and deal with climate change.

2019-432  Fighting global warming enhanced bushfires.
The Federal government’s failure to acknowledge global warming is increasing the severity and frequency of bushfires.

2019-431P  School detention today.
Went with article on schools banning students ordering Uber Eats.

2019-394  Accidental wage theft.
On the high incidence of wage theft, many of the perpetrators when caught have claimed that it was “accidental".

October  2019

2019-423 Single use plastic bags.
Drawn in response to opposition to the introduction of a ban on single use plastic bans on the grounds that we can’t live without them.

2019-420P  Cutting green tape.
On federal environment minister Sussan Ley’s vow to reduce “green tape” in order to fast track development projects.

2019-416P  Demand for water.
Went with article on local water storage dams in regional Victoria having more water in them than this time last year.

2019-411  The latest on political sensorship.
On newspapers across the country today (21st October) covering up their front pages with blacked-out stories to draw attention to laws eroding media freedom in Australia.
2019-410P  Realistic golf simulator.
Went with article on the rise in the number of golf simulation driving ranges

2019-407P Fire season fuel reduction reminder.
Went with article on the need to prepare for the fire season.

2019-406  government anti corruption gorilla.
Originally drawn in response to a failure by the City of Ballarat to recognise the corrupt activities of one of their senior staff I modified this cartoon to reflect broader corruption problems amongst governments.

2019-400P  Watering the stock in the future.
Went with article on mineral water companies buying up groundwater rights at the expense of farmers.

2019-399P  News we do not see.
Drawn in rewsponse to regional statistics showing that crime is falling while the fear of crime is on the rise.

2019-396P  Meant to be Leviticus.
Went with article on a big rise in the number of institutional child sex abuse victims suing the Catholic church.

September  2019

2019-387P  What will you do if you grow up?
On the latest strike by students against global warming.

2019-386 The good and the bad news.
The Federal government's fixation with achieving a budget surplus at the expense of the county's infrastructure.
2019-385  Future council recycling scheme?
On some councils suspending curbside recyling due to being unable to process the collected recycling material.
2019-382  Evidence that a bushfire isn't happening.
Using the unprecidented rise in the number and ferosity of bushfires in Australia to to show how golbal warming denialsits cherrypick scant and dubious evidence that claims global warming isn’t happening while ognoring the overwelming evicence that it is.

2019-381P  Worrying protest signs for the government.
Went with article about upcoming student protest organised by School Strike 4 Climate Australia
2019-379P  Climate  emergency.
Went with article about councils declaring a climate emergency in their municipality.

2019-375  Children exploring nature.
A look at the technology bubble that nature is viewed through today.

2019-374P  Yes but RU OK?
Went with article about the RU OK mental health campaign.
2019-371P  Over the hill.

2019-370P  Dealing with recycling materials today.

2019-367  NDIS entrance.

2019-363  Modern version of the sorcerer's apprentice.

2019-359P  Action on global warming expressed as a parachute.

2019-353P  Of course I work hard for my wealth.

2019-352P  We need more bins.

August  2019

2019-349P  Trying to clean up Australia.
For article on roadside rubbish problem.  Uses littering as a segue to the recycling materials stockpile problem.

2019-344P  New estate football oval.
Went with article on the lack of parkland in new estates.

2019-339  Pacific island nations voting for Australia to take action on climate change.
On the Australian government’s poor response to calls at the Pacific Islands Forum by Pacific Island Nations for action on global warming.

2019-332P Which battle did you fight in.
Went with article commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan.  The article also looked at PTSD amongst Vietnam vets.  Coral was another major Vietnam battle that Australians fought in.
2019-328P  Political response to democratic decay.
Drawn in response to Banking royal commissioner Kenneth Hayne delivering a scathing judgement on the “democratic decay” in Australia.

2019-326  Towards infinity.
The Transport Accident Commission’s (TAC) Towards Zero campaign seemingly an abject failure in the wake of the rapidly rising road toll.

2019-325  Treating mass shooting in the US as exclusively a mental illness problem.
Mass shootings in the US more to do with lax gun laws than the mental state of the shooters.

2019-318  The war on waste.
Australia losing the war on waste.

2019-316  Newstart allowance expressed as flight.
Unemployed people unable to live on the Newstart allowance.

2019-314  Modern day Titanic.
Looming recycling materials glut, largely due to a failure of policy.
2019-313P  Gambling figures.
Went with article on the release of the latest gambling figures which showed a rise in the amount people are spending on the pokies.

2019-310  Boris dancing.
Boris Johnson now leading the Brexit charge.

July  2019

2019-299  Men talking about suicide.
Men are often reluctant to seek help when they feel suicidal or even to talk about.
2019-296  I'd hate to see how they treat their own planet!
Using the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon as a segue into how humans treat planet earth.
2019-295P  Rural red light district.
Went with article on red warning lights on top of wind turbines to warn low flying aircraft.
2019-294  The trickle down effect.
The impact of pollution falls mainly on those that can least afford it.

2019-290P  Universal language.
Went with article about the social and cultural benefits of young people playing sport.

2019-286P  Skiing uphill.
Went with article about using snowmakers to create snowfields.

2019-279P  Road safety conference.
Went with article on the rising number of road accidents attributed to driver distraction, mostly due to people using mobile phones while driving.

2019-278P Vitruvian man, modern Vitruvian child.
Went with article on a survey that showed that Australian children are eating a lot of snack food in between meals which is part of the reason why obesity amongst children is rising.

2019-277  Ascent of Facebook comments man.
Refers to the high level of verbal abuse on Facebook.

2019-275P  Fifty years since little Timmy walked on the television.
Went with article on the fiftieth anniversary of the first man to walk on the moon. Many students watched it on TV at school.  In an era when TV reception was notoriously poor the image of the moon walk was particularly fuzzy and distorted.  Many an aerial was juggled by hand in an effort to get better reception.

2019-276P  There goes plastic free July!
Went with article about the plastic free July campaign that urges people to give up the use of single use plastic during the month of July.