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2018   January to June

June  2018
2018-302  Think carefully before giving tax cuts.
The difficulty of reimposing taxes that have been previously cut.

2018-300  Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow today.
The quest for liveable cities being stymied by our dependency on cars.

2018-297P  Using reusable shopping bags is a load of rubbish.
Opposition to the introduction of reusable shopping bags.

2018-296P  The wheels of democracy today.
National Security legislation eroding civil liberties.

2018-293P  The National Energy Guarantee that won't be open to all.
On calls for the national energy guarantee  meeting be open to all.
2018-290P  The ABC is too left wing.
On claims by Malcolm Turnbull that the ABC is biased towards the left of politics.

2018-287  Society's view of men.
Looking at the definition of violence in society.

2018-289  Political debate today.
Lack of serious political debate about the threat of global warming.
2018-283  High density living today.
Rising numbers of homelessness in Australian cities.

2018-285P  Do you know how to save the Barrier reef?
On a parliamentary inquiry to examine how a $444m grant for work on the Great Barrier Reef was awarded to a small not-for-profit charity.

2018-284P  Not using the ABC as a punching bag.
On ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie’s comment that Australians do not like seeing the ABC being used as a “punching bag” by narrow political, commercial or ideological interests.

2018-281P  We won't privatise the ABC.
On assurances by the Federal government that they won’t privatise the ABC.
2018-280P  Confusing food labelling.
On the debate on whether vegetarian products should be in the meat aisle.

2018-278P  Unity over action on global warming.
The lack of unity on tackling global warming.
2018-274  The cost and price of compensation.
Compensation for victims of institutional child sex abuse coming too late for many victims.
2018-272  Coping with Robotisation.
On expected job loses with the coming age of Robotisation.

2018-271P  I believe in the free market.
The dependence on government expenditure of many businesses.

2018-269P  Future graduation gowns.
On University of Sydney academics signing an open letter opposing any push to introduce a western civilisation degree funded by the John Howard-backed Ramsay Centre.

2018-268P  Taking action to reduce rubbish bags.
On Australian supermarkets finally banning single use plastic carry bags.

2018-262P  The fully funded NDIS.
Questioning the level of funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

2018-261P  Political compassion.
The lack of compassion showed by many politicians to people receiving welfare.

2018-259P  Support for refugees.
The Federal government's seemingly less than supportive handling of refugees.

2018-258P  The infrastructure mining boom.
On squandering the tax revenue accrued during the mining boom on tax cuts for the wealthy.

2018-250P  World no tobacco day advertising.
On World No Tobacco Day.

May  2018

2018-242P  Job shedding expressed as hair loss.
On the ABC being forced to shed 1,012 jobs since 2014.

2018-237P  The tip of the iceberg.
On the damage humans inflict on the planet despite making up just .01% of all living things.

2018-233P  Fully automated board of directors.
On social impact of automation in the workforce.
2018-231P Current plan to lower carbon emissions.
On Australia’s feeble attempts to lower carbon emissions.

2018-229P  The ABC that the government would fully fund.
On further ABC funding cuts.

2018-224P  Wages growth expressed as a plant.
On wages growth being stuck at 2.1% despite forecast of higher growth rates.

2018-223P  The impact of NAPLAN testing on life outcomes.
On the relevance of NAPLAN testing.

2018-220P  Cooking with gas.
On Australia’s rising carbon emissions that are being boosted by the expansion of LNG Exports.

2018-216P  Further ABC funding cuts.
On the latest round of ABC funding cuts.

2018-215  Current food labelling laws applied to supermarket aisles.
On Australia’s current confusing food labelling laws.

2018-211P  Common pre-election sweeteners.
Tax cuts to big business.

2018-210P  The dietary guidelines Gordian knot.
On confusion over dietary guidelines.

2018-206P  Wind farm problems.
Lighter look at criticisms of wind farm.

2018-205P  What Newstart allowance recipients really live on.
On claims by MP Julia Banks that she could live on the $40 a day Newstart allowance.

2018-202P  Corporate tax cut may not happen.
On the planned corporate tax cut being in doubt.

2018-200P  Financial Sector Animal Farm.
On the Banking Royal Commission.

April  2018

2018-199P  Made in China Australia recycling.
A look at Australia’s waste problem, exacerbated by china’s import ban on some recycling materials but caused by excessive consumerism largely fuelled by Chinese made goods.

2018-195P  Modern version of the Road to Gundagai.
On the NBN CEO Bill Morrow admitting that the NBN’s speed was slowed by the reliance on the copper network.

2018-194P  Recording precipitation in the future.
On the record breaking April temperatures in South Eastern Australia.

2018-192P  The culture wars eternal flame.
Support of war memorial display honouring boat turnbacks feeding the latest round of the “culture wars”.
2018-188  Different views of the overpopulation verses overconsumption debate.

On the overpopulation versus overconsumption debate.
2018-187P  Remembering the ANZACs.
Questioning the motives of the political class when it comes to commemorating ANZAC day.
2018-185P  Honest financial advice today.
Reflecting on the reputation of financial advisers.

2018-183P  We no longer have a financial problem.
On Ipswich council scrapping its waste recycling program on costs grounds.

2018-180P  Deep hip pocket mining.
On the rise of government approvals for deep sea mining operations.

2018-178P  Culturally significant sites will be protected.
On the Northern Territory government lifting the ban on gas fracking.

2018-175P  Big catches in the future.
On plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and overfishing.

2018-172P  Modern bins.
The large amount of uneaten food that is thrown out.

2018-171P  ABC content that's rising.
On the erosion of the Australian Broadcasting corporation’s independence.
2018-169P  Wages not growing.
Looks at prolonged wages stagnation.

2018-166P  Climate change winners podium.
Pocket version of the 2018-166 cartoon on the ever increasing grip of global warming.

2018-166  Climate change winners podium.
On the ever increasing grip of global warming.

2018-165P  All you can eat cruises.
On the latest live sheep trade mass deaths in transit.

2018-163P  Melbourne is a liveable city.
On Melbourne's liveable city rating.

2018-162P  Naplan testing is important.
On the usefulness of Naplan testing.

2018-159P  Just when South Australians thought it was safe to get back in the water.
Plans to drill an exploratory well in the Great Australian Bight despite document showing oil drilling would pose an extreme environmental risk.

2018-158  People who live in free trade glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Trump considering new $100bn tariff on Chinese goods as trade feud escalates.
2018-156P  The Greens current policy platform.
On claims that the Greens leader Richard Di Natale is seeking to alter the Greens’ policy platform.

2018-152P  Honest Mal's used power generation vehicles.
On the Government pushing Alinta Energy to buy AGL’s ailing Liddell coal-fired power station.

2018-151P  Extra funding for schools.
Widening inequality in educational resources in Australia.

2018-150P  The gospel according to Tony Abbott.
On the Tony Abbott’s fixation on coal at the expense of renewables.

March  2018

2018-148P  Measuring rising carbon emissions in the future.
Australia's emissions rise again in 2017, putting Paris targets in doubt.

2018-147P  Expensive container deposit scheme.
On criticism of the cost of the NSW container deposit scheme.

2018-144P  Lowering the corporate tax rate will create jobs.
On claims that lowering the corporate tax rate will create more jobs.
2018-143P  Government concerns over Regional forestry agreements.
Questioning the Environmental protection capabilities of current Regional Forestry Agreements.

2018-140P  Today's gun control agreement.
On the 1996 National firearms agreement being deliberately eroded by some of the States.

2018-133P  Counting the loopholes in Queensland's land clearing laws.
Drawn in response to an article about loopholes in the Queensland Government’s new land-clearing laws that ‘would allow broad scale razing’.

2018-132P  The fallout from data mining.
Personal data mining highlighted by the antics of Cambridge Analytica undermining us all.

2018-131P  Implementing the SA government's new renewable energy policy.
The new South Australian Liberal Government flagging changes to the current SA renewable energy policy.

2018-128P  Welcome to the club.
On the Greens political infighting in the wake of the Batman by-election.

2018-124P  The Government's preferred ABC news coverage.
On the head of the ABC, Michelle Guthrie, claiming that ABC news should cover more human interest stories.  Guthrie was an appointee of the current LNP government.

2018-122P  Watering down the gun laws.
On Peter Dutton being in talks to create a gun lobby to change the gun laws.
2018-118P  It seems we are no longer down and out.
On homelessness in Australia rising 14% in five years.

2018-117P  Sweeping the overpopulation problem under the carpet.
The impact on the planet from overpopulation largely being ignored.

2018-113P  Well that didn't cost us much.
On Australia being granted an exemption from the US steel tariff.

2018-112P  Trump's foreign policies.
On former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating’s comment that Trump is ‘surprisingly’ good at foreign policy.  Seems to me that he misses the big one, international cooperation to tackle global warming.
2018-110P  Rise in the minimum wage.
Comparing minimum wage rises and tax cuts.

2018-108P Trade war.
Tariff barriers put up in a trade war usually end up damaging every country's economy.
2018-106P  Enforcing land clearing regulations.
On Queensland MPs forcing government to back off on land-clearing enforcement.

2018-104P  Duck hunter education today.
On the high number of protected ducks being shot during duck season.

2018-103P  High calibre candidates.
On the Tasmanian Liberal government’s promise to soften Tasmania’s gun laws.

2018-100P  The wage rises winners podium.
On wage stagnation while executive salaries have soared.

2018-095P  Bill Shorten's chameleon stance.
Opposition leader Bill Shorten's ambiguous stance on the Adani mine.

2018-096P  Selling Australian made vehicles in the future.
Went with article about the Australian government being willing to support the manufacturing of military vehicles but not the now defunct Australian car industry.

February  2018

2018-094P  Getting tough on gun use in America.
America’s failure to get tough on gun use.
2018-091P  Do not know Michael McCormack.
On the appointment of Michael McCormack as the new leader of the National Party.

2018-090P  More interested in closing the gap.
Malcolm Turnbull no longer caring about reconciliation with Indigenous Australians.

2018-087P  Trump's idea of education.
Donald Trump's steadfast support for America's lax gun regulations.

2018-086P  Government recycling fund dump truck.
On local councils getting $13 million from the State government to help them deal will China’s waste ban.  The amount underestimates the scale of the recycling problem Australia faces.

2018-085P  Teacher's pet in America.
On Trump’s solution to school shootings of arming teachers with guns.

2018-080P  Where Labor stands on the Adani mine.
On the ALP’s failure to take a definite position on the Adani mine.
2018-079P  Right To The Night pokies fear.
Using the Right To The Night campaign to point out the danger gambling poses.

2018-076P  Christensen only joking.
On George Christensen’s “do you feel lucky, greenie punks?” faux pas.

2018-074P Morality in politics.
On Turnbull’s ban on Ministers having sex with ministerial staffers.

2018-070P  The Murray Darling Basin Plan Gordian Knot.
On the difficulty of getting the States to agree on the Murray Darling Basin plan.

2018-069P Someone who thinks the Murray Darling environmental flow should be lowered.
On attempts to reduce the amount of water reserved for environmental flows in the Murray Darling basin.
2018-067P  Plenty of money for lawyers.
On the question whether churches have enough finances to cover payouts to church child sex abuse victims.

2018-052P  Wonderful view of export gas tankers.
feature version of an earlier pocket toon on rising domestic gas prices.

2018-065P  Proof that homeopathy works.
Concern over untested claims about the efficacy of some homeopathic products.

2018-061  Stock market crash airbag.
Ordinary people are the biggest losers when the stock market crashes.

2018-060P  Recycling or over packaging problem.
China's ban on importing recycling materials has put a spotlight on the problem of overpackaging.

2018-055P  Chicken stocking density standards.
The new national free range standard’s stocking level that is over six times the CSIRO’s recommended free range hen stocking level.

2018-054P  Reading about crashes.
Comparing the latest stock market crash with the likely repercussions of an environmental crash.
2018-052P  Wonderful view of export gas tankers.
Rising domestic gas prices linked with the export gas market.

2018-048P Only a small amount red tape.
Aust. Federal government's attempts to limit political lobbying by charities.

2018-045P-V  Filing cabinet security.
Top secret documents left in old government filing cabinet.
2018-044P  Managing the environment today.
Managing the environment often largely a cosmetic adjunct to economic activity.

January  2018

2018-043P  Market forces today.
The power of the arms industry as an economic force.

2018-037P  Charitable groups rights.
The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission pushing for new powers to regulate charities.

2018-034P  The Government's  Great Barrier reef rescue package.
Great Barrier Reef to get $60m rescue package from government.

2018-033P  Not hurt his feelings.
Went with article on changes to farming practices to better reflect that animals are sentient beings.

2018-036P  ALP hierarchy door.
Why the ALP grass roots membership is so much smaller today.

2018-032P  Drawing Australians together on Australia Day today.
Controversy over the date Australians celebrate Australia Day.
2018-030P  Wouldn't catch me using mind altering substances.
Criticism of drug use by alternative festival goers by the wider community.

2018-029P  Global warming express as a boulder.
Government's underestimating the impact of global warming.
2018-026P Dental service waiting room.
Federal funding cuts for dental health services increasing waiting times for treatment.

2018-025  Celebrating 26th January.
Using Australia day to remind people that a quarter of the Australian flag is made up of another country’s flag.
2018-024P  Trial by media.
Increasing tendency of the media to act as judge and executioner when people have been accused of crimes.

2018-022P  If only the judiciary was like him.
On Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton’s criticism of the judiciary.
2018-019P  Fast fat food.
On the fast food industry concentrating its outlets in low socio economic areas and the subsequent health issues for residents.

2018-012P  The cost of not introducing a container deposit scheme.
On Coca-Cola Amatil and brewers passing on the cost of the NSW container deposit scheme.
2018-011P  Politician seeking policy advice.
Politicians increasingly disregarding expert policy advice that does not fit with their ideological views.

2018-008P  All you can eat.
On the massive expansion of ocean dead zones, areas with low oxygen levels in water causing lose of marine life.

2018-003P  African or Australian gangs.
Furore over so called African gangs in Melbourne.
2018-001P  Stopping poor people falling through the cracks.
Announcement of yet more draconian rules for people on welfare.