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December  2017

2017-671P  Apple Pac-Man.
The Apple Corporation's relentless pursuit of profit.

2017-672P  Government definition of lowering carbon emissions, chimney.
Carbon emissions continuing to rise.

2017-670  Federal budget Santa.
Cuts to welfare, education and family payments at the same time cutting the corporate tax rate.

2017-666P  Shedding light on child sexual abuse.
Release of the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse's report.

2017-660P  We have cut greenhouse gas emissions.
On the Federal Government slashing funding for environmental projects.

2017-659P  Combined approval ratings.
Turnbull's approval rating much better than his government's rating.

2017-657P  Corporate tax loopholes balloon.
The number of major corporations who use tax loopholes to pay not tax.

2017-655P  Viewing the fire risk this season.
Good spring rains producing a lot of fuel ahead of the fire season.

2017-654P The cost of water due to global warming.
For article on report on the likely increase in the cost of water.

2017-652P  The door mat at the Jerusalem embassy.
On Trump's decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

2017-651P  Lost charity status.
On the Waubra Foundation losing its charity status due to unfounded health risk claims.

2017-648P  Church Authorities Animal Farm.
Refers to the Royal commission into institutionalised sexual abuse.

2017-647P  We are on the cutting edge.
On the latest ABC program cuts.

2017-643P  The banking Royal commission not focused.
On claims that the banking Royal commission is poorly focused and therefore will be ineffectual.
2017-639P  A farmer's perspective on the weather.
Drawn in response to flooding in Gippsland, South Eastern Australia.

November  2017
2017-635P  Where Malcolm Turnbull stands on most things.
Turnbull's failure to take a strong stance on just about everything.

2017-634  Boom times ahead
Lighter look at the claims that the passing of the gay marriage legislation will herald a small economic boom.

2017-631P  Survey into banking Royal commission.
Federal Government's reluctance to support a Royal commission into the conduct of the banks.

2017-626P  Sweeping the Manus Island detention centre detainees under the carpet.
A look at the harsh treatment by the Australian Government of the Manus Island detention centre detainees.

2017-628P  These voters need their eyes tested.
On claims that the LNP’S Support for the Adani mine may have helped undo the LNP’s campaign to regain power in Queensland.

2017-630P  Walking down the gay marriage aisle.
Yet more delays in the passing of the gay marriage legislation.

2017-614P  Tenancy rules today.
Increasing problems with Australia's current tenancy rules.

2017-620P Everything about Amazon is big.
A look at Amazon's reputation as a tax avoider.

2017-619P  Today's solution to all our problems.
Questioning the view that complex economic problems can be alleviated with tax cuts.

2017-608  Only a few more steps to go.
Feature version of a pocket cartoon on the gay marriage yes vote.
2017-608P  Only a few more steps to go.
The yes vote on gay marriage still facing strong opposition from some quarters in parliament.

2017-607P  Same sex marriage legislation clause.
Conservative MPs seeking to water down proposed Gay marriage legislation.

2017-605P  Gay marriage winners tape.
Conservative MPs and clergy seeking to amend proposed Gay marriage legislation.

2017-604P  The winners podium.
On conservative MPs seeking to delay same-sex marriage with an alternative bill.

2017-601P  Modern executive departure lounge.
Vast amounts of money being siphoned off to offshore tax havens.

2017-598P  The other "paradise papers".
On the paradise papers which reveal widespread tax avoidance and fraud by many international companies and individuals.
2017-595P  Coral whitewashing events.
Denial that climate change is doing serious damage to the Great Barrier Reef.

2017-592P  We recognise we have an image problem.
On the National Australia Bank announcing 6,000 job loses.

2017-591P  Meeting your local bank manager.
On the National Australia Bank announcing 6,000 job loses.

2017-590  Steps for young people today.
Lake of decent employment opportunities for young people.

2017-589P We always use the elevator.
On the ban on climbing Uluru by the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park board.

October  2017
2017-588P  Our complex citizenship laws.
Revisiting the 1967 referendum to to give Australian aborigines full citizenship rights.

2017-587P  Banking sector investigation options expressed as gloves.
Revisiting why there have been calls for a Royal commission into the banking sector.

2017-584P  The straw that breaks the Coalition camel's back?
Barnaby Joyce rocking the coalition boat.

2017-583P  Really shocking Halloween.
On calls for healthy treats to be given out to kids on Halloween night.

2017-582P  The high court handing down its decision.
On the High Court Federal politicians’ eligibility decision.

2017-579P  Dealing with the AWU police raid leak.
Malcolm Turnbull inadequate attempts to deal with the AWU police raid leak.

2017-575P  Wages growth, cost of living growth.
A look at stagnant wages growth despite rising cost of living.

2017-574P Adani species survival environmental award.
On a Tourism award winner in Queensland rejecting an Adani-sponsored price.

2017-573P  This is our NBN model.
Viewing the speed of the NBN as a car.

2017-571P  How fast will be the NBN.
The only thing fast about the NBN, the bill.
2017-564P  Failing the Language test, the early days.
On attempts by the Australian Govt. to tighten the English Language test to make it harder for non-English speaking migrants to apply for citizenship.

2017-563P The little red carbon emissions reduction engine.
The Government's National Energy Guarantee unlikely to fulfil its carbon reduction goal if it continues to hitch is wagon to coal.

2017-560P  Unlikely complaint about the NBN.
Mounting complaints about the National Broadband Network centring on its poor speed performance.
2017-559P  Phoenix rising from the ashes?
Will Malcolm Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee salvage his political fortunes?
2017-558P  Replacing the Clean Energy Target with the National Energy Guarantee.
Replacing the relatively simple Clean energy target with the more complex National Energy Guarantee system.

2017-556P  Broader perspective on climate change.
On NZ potato chip shortage caused by massive weather damage to the potato crop that has been blamed on climate change.

2017-555P  Electricity companies have overspent on infrastructure.
On the ACCC's report showing that over spending on infrastructure was the biggest factor behind steep electricity price increases.

2017-553P  Filming stopping sexual assault in Hollywood movie.
On the fallout from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual abuse of women over many years.

2017-549P  We are just protecting religious freedom.
Peter Dutton's comment that he will work towards protecting religious freedom after conceding that the marriage equality yes vote is likely to get up.

2017-546P  The climate science debate thus far.
The belligerent anti science stance taken by climate science sceptics.

2017-545P  Modern fishes and loaves parable.
On the Sydney Anglican diocese donating $1m to the no campaign for same-sex marriage.
2017-542P  The competitive edge
On the Hotham Cup, a horse race for Australia's poorest performing horses.

2017-541P  Reaching the Government's clean energy target.
The Federal Government on the verge of abandoning its already weak clean energy target.
2017-539P  Admitting America has a gun problem?
The National Rifle Association considering supporting a ban on the sale of bump stocks.
2017-536P  Reporting on ABC funding cut backs.
ABC funding cuts leading to cuts in broadcast services.

2017-535P  Dog and cat obedience.
Went with an article on a dog obedience school.

2017-534P  Discussing the shooters political affiliation.
On unfounded claims that the Las Vegas massacre shooter was an anti-Trump liberal.

2017-527P  Sport shouldn't be an excuse for a public holiday.
Criticism of the newly gazetted AFL Grand Final holiday on the grounds that it's only a sporting event.
2017-531P  Wages expressed as ice-creams.
Pay dispute at the Streets ice-cream factory with management trying to force wage cuts on its workers.

September 2017
2017-528P  Modern robocalls.

Spate of push polling robocalls during the marriage equality postal vote campaign.

2017-525P  Australia gas shortage.
On Australia's looming gas shortage driven by massive gas export contracts.

2017-522P  Endless supply of gas.
On Australia's Eastern states and energy shortfall with gas supple predicted to fall well short of what is needed.

2017-516P  Weather forecasting today.
On climate deniers’ attacks on the Australian Weather Bureau.

2017-513P  A sugar tax would be an unnecessary tax impost.
Malcolm Turnbull ruling out a sugar tax to curb the obesity epidemic.

2017-509P  Modern interpretation of the bible.
Attacks by church based groups on marriage equality postal survey yes voters.

2017-506P  Media diversity expressed as global warming.
Changes to media diversity laws in the face of growing dominance of online company giants like Facebook and Google.

2017-504P Creation sermon today.
For article about a church refusing to marry a heterosexual couple because the bride supported gay marriage.

2017-503P  The Government's definition of improving welfare services.
The Federal government's plan to introduce drug testing for welfare recipients.
2017-502  Delivering marriage equality postal survey material.
The rise in hate literature related to the marriage equality postal survey material.

2017-498P  Barnaby Joyce's investment mechanism
Barnaby Joyce demanding 2017-487P  Gun control, a global perspective.
A look at the global arms industry in relation to Australia's domestic gun control laws.
2017-482  The new travel class.
Ordinary people in tough economic circumstances despite sound economic figures.

2017-483P  The high court hands down its decision.
On the decision by the high court that the same sex postal vote is constitutionally valid.

2017-481P  Immunisation and welfare noncompliance shots.
For article on comment by government mister that getting a welfare card was like getting an immunisation shop.
2017-474P  Tax deductable funds expressed in mining terms.
On calls by the mining industry to the limit tax deductibility for money donated to environmental groups.

August  2017
2017-466P  Current plan to save the Great Barrier Reef.

On the negative impact of coal mining on the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

2017-463P  We want religious freedom as well.
Looks at the Australian marriage equality referendum in the light of the religious freedom argument.

2017-461P  Detrimental changes to colonial statues.
For article on calls to remove a colonial era statue of Captain Cook because of its failure to acknowledge the original aboriginal inhabitants.
2017-459P Church religious education pulpit.
Looks at the Government funding of religious schools.
2017-456P  Short sighted terra nullius.
Captain Cook statue plaque that fails to acknowledge the original aboriginal inhabitants reignites the "terra nullius" debate.

2017-455P  The marriage equality debate platform.
For article on the lead up to the marriage equality postal vote (Australia).

2017-454P  Burqa photography.
Drawn for article on burqa photography exhibition at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

2017-452P  Religious freedom explained.
On the argument that same sex marriage will impinge on "religious freedom".

2017-449P  Pigs love federal politics.
On dirty politics in Federal parliament over the duel citizenship status of some politicians.

2017-445P  Different perspectives on Melbourne's liveability.
On report claiming Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world.

2017-444P  New Zealand the land of the long black cloud.
On Barnaby Joyce’s dual New Zealand citizenship furore.

2017-441P  The Commonwealth Bank climate policy.
On the Commonwealth Bank’s failure to come up with an effective climate policy.

2017-438P  Turnbull backs Trump.
On Malcolm Turnbull backing Trump’s threat of war on North Korea.

2017-436P  Cry Havoc let slip the dogs of postal vote war.
For article on the expected divisive and dirty campaigns in the lead up to the postal vote on marriage equality.

2017-435  Energy policy uncertainty.
Feature version of an earlier pocket cartoon on excessive profits in the energy industry.

2017-430P  Why do this?
Looks at plans for a contentious postal vote on marriage equality rather than a simply parliamentary vote.

2017-428P  Not like 1984.
On public servants being warned against liking anti-government social media posts.

2017-425P  Trump-Turnbull refugee swap conversation.
Surmising  on Trump’s conversation with Malcolm Turnbull over the planned refugee swap deal.
2017-421P  The Coalitions bipartisan energy policy explained.
On the Coalition's call for a bipartisan energy policy.

2017-417P  Very uncomfortable.
On Premier Gladys Berejiklian comment on being uncomfortable with homeless people living in the centre of Sydney

July  2017

2017-413P  Policy uncertainty in the energy industry.
For article on policy uncertainty in the energy industry leading to higher energy prices.

2017-411P  We prefer the bluff it rule.
Attempts the halfhearted attempts by the major political parties to stem rising inequality.

2017-407P  The greenies are not running the show.
On Barnaby Joyce’s comment about water use; “greenies were not running the show”

2017-406  Euthanasia today.
On the ruinous fees many nursing and retirement homes are charging.

2017-404P  The current definition of a healthy environmental flow.
For article on environmental flow allocation for the Murray Darling basin.
2017-402P  Environmental flow bucket.
For article about the diversion of environmental flow allocated water for irrigation.

2017-399P  The Coalition's understanding of 'rich and poor'.
For article about comments that the gap between the rich and the poor had reduced.

2017-398P  The Government's  preferred marine park size
For article on the Federal Government’s plans to cut the size of Australia’s marine parks.

2017-394P  Living within their means
For article on a pending rates rise and the stress it will place on home buyers.

2017-393P  If pavements were carpets
For article on the rising numbers of homeless people.

2017-378  Letting go of coal
Feature version of an earlier pocket cartoon on the consequences of continuing to rely on coal as a source of energy.

2017-390P  The Dalek threat for the new female Doctor Who
On the the new female Doctor Who being a female and the the way she is being treated by some quarters of the media.

2017-389P  And then there's the paper bag problem
On the ongoing battle to reduce the use of disposable plastic shopping bags.

2017-386P  We wouldn't sell our weapons willy-nilly
For article about Christopher Pyne announcing plans to export military weapons to other countries.

2017-385P  I am here to teach you about god
For article on calls to stop the teaching of religious instruction in public schools.

2017-378P  Letting go of coal
On claims that protecting coal jobs today is more important than saving the planet in the future.

2017-373P  Car safety features in the future
On the Auto industry opposing the plan to cut cars' greenhouse gas emissions.

2017-372P  We understand the electricity grid
For article on Elon Musk’s comment about commentators who don’t understand the electricity grid.

2017-370P  The Liberal Party is not a conservative party
For article on Malcolm Turnbull's claim that the Liberal Party is not a conservative party.
2017-366P  This is a huge financial impost
On the multi-million dollar legal costs awarded against Philip Morris.

2017-364P  The Government's interpretation of the latest greenhouse gas emission data
For article on the release of the latest greenhouse gas emission data.
2017-363P  Us politicians don't live in an ivory tower
For article on elite politicians being out of touch with ordinary voters.

2017-362P  Mars covered in toxic material capable of wiping out life
For article on the planet Mars being covered in a toxic material capable of wiping out life.

2017-351P  Have you been stung?
On parliament house getting beehives to supply honey for dignitaries.
2017-349P  The Tax burden
For article on how wealthy people are avoiding tax.
2017-348P  Stimulating the economy today
For article on stagnant wages and the sluggish economy.

2017-347P  Energy security
For article on the energy security debate.

2017-344P  I don't have to pay you penalty rates anymore
For article on retailers being paid to take on interns under a new welfare program.

2017-342P  Abbott's view of his time as Prime Minister
For article on Tony Abbott's attempts to rewrite the history of his time as prime minister.