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June  2017

2017-341P  But you're not green
For article about farmers joining the fight against climate change.

2017-339P  I plan to return to Australia to defend myself
For article on Cardinal George Pell's plans to return to Australia to defend himself against sexual abuse allegations.

2017-336P  Canberra politics summary
For article on disunity amongst the Greens and the Liberal Party.

2017-335P  Australia's religious fervour for football
For article on the census statistics on religious preferences.
2017-333P  Crashed computers census statistics
For article on the release of the Australian census statistics.

2017-331P  The Greens are in disunity
For article on disunity amongst the Greens.

2017-325P  Not the light on the hill
On the Labor Party's support for Adani’s Carmichael coal mine.

2017-323P  The National Party's preferred energy mix
The National Party's pro coal anti renewables stance.

2017-321P  The role of the scales of justice according to the Government
On the Federal Government interfering with the judiciary
2017-314P  Marine fish forced South due to global warming
For article on report that marine tropical fish are moving south as a result of global warming.

2017-311P  Taxpayers shouldn't have to subsidise this lot
For article on the government releasing a list of so called welfare “bludger hotspots”.

2017-308P  The energy supply debate
For article on energy supply policy.

2017-307P  Today's definition of a classless society
For article on the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

2017-306P  Theresa May's stable government
For article on Theresa May losing much of her majority in the British election.

2017-304P  Reading the FinkeL energy market report
For article on the release of the Finkel report into the Australian energy market.

2017-303P  The Low Emissions Certificate scheme explained
For article on the Federal Government’s proposed emissions certificate scheme.
2017-300P  Why Jeremy Corbyn might make a good Prime minister
For article on why Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is so heavily derided by the establishment in Great Britain.

2017-299P  We are recession free
For article on Australia not being in recession for 103 consecutive quarters.

2017-298P  Getting the green light on the Carmichael coalmine
For article on Adani's Carmichael coal mine getting the go ahead despite huge opposition to it on environmental grounds.
2017-294P  Apple customer service
For article on misleading customers service, makes reference to Apple's error 53.

2017-292P  Trump’s definition of globalisation
For article on Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement.

2017-290P  We have a law and order problem
For article on rising crime rate in regional Australia.

2017-288P  Margaret Court defends herself
A wider look at what constitutes tolerance via the Margaret Court anti-gay comments furore.

2017-285P  Looking at the Abbott Era through the rear vision mirror
For article on an assessment of the Abbott era's inaction on global warming.

May  2017
2017-284P  Coal will be clean
For article on the Australian Federal Government forcing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to finance carbon capture and storage projects.

2017-281P  We already have a more efficient trading scheme in place
For article on the Australian government's steadfast refusal to introduce an emissions trading scheme.

2017-280P  The bank levy will be very costly
For article on the big banks' claim that the bank levy will be costly.

2017-271P  The world is a dangerous place
For article on the Manchester terrorist attack.

2017-270P  Chifley's light on the hill
For article on dissent by some Labor MPs over Labor's tacit support for the Adani coal mine.
2017-269P  I shot a pink elephant
Went with article on calls for shooters to be breath tested.

2017-268P  Climate change analysis applied to weather forecasting
For article on the ongoing climate change debate.

2017-265P  The smoking the Philippines president hasn’t banned
For article on the Philippines president banning smoking in public places while at the same time encouraging vigilante death squads.

2017-266P  Victoria's Gordian knot
Went with article on the turf war between the Victorian CFA and MFB, now reformed as Fire Rescue Victoria.

2017-264P  When a brick house won't protect the three little pigs.
Went with article on the Rental affordability index being at an all time low.

2017-262P  And we've thrown in a free set of steak knife
For article on the Adani Carmichael coal mine deal.

2017-256P  It could be worse
For article on Sydney's rental affordability being at a record low.

2017-257P  Make conditions harsher for Manus refugees
For article
on the deliberate year-long campaign by the Federal Government to make conditions harsher for Manus island detention centre refugees.
2017-261  The big banks' skid row
Feature cartoon version of a pocket cartoon I drew on the claim by the big banks that they cannot afford the $6.2bn budget levy.

2017-255P  The trouble with you Millennials
For article on claims that Millennials are bad at saving for a house.

2017-254P  War on waste
For article on Craig Reucassel’s ABC program - War On Waste.

2017-251P  The big banks' skid row
For article on the claim by the big banks that they cannot afford the $6.2bn budget levy.

2017-250P  The Federal government's carrot and stick approach to welfare
For article on the Federal Government's latest welfare measures.

2017-247P  A safer jumps race
Went with article on another jumps race accident causing injury to horses.

2017-245P  Welfare recipients are likely to test positive for drugs
For article on the Federal Government's plans to drug test welfare recipients.

2017-241P  An Oliver Twist perspective.
For article on the 2017 Australian Federal budget.

2017-240P  The free education you get when you don't have free education.
For article on big fee increase in university fees.

2017-237P  What did you learn today
For article high stress levels amongst primary school students sitting the NAPLAN test.

2017-236P  Burying investigative journalism
For Article about the rapidly declining number of investigative journalists employed by newspapers.

2017-235P  Australia's part in the Paris climate pact may change
For article on the claim that the Australian government's part in the Paris climate pact may change if America pulls out.

2017-234P  Employ Australians first
For article about the ALP's employ Australians first advert that only had white people in it.

2017-232  Recent geological epochs.
Inspired by Professor Clive Hamilton's dire warning that we are on the edge of the climate abyss but are ignoring it.

2017-231P  Business plans today.
For article on oil company Santos admitting that their business plan is based on 4C global temperature rise.

2017-229P  Public service jobs move to the country.
For article on Government plans to move some government departments to regional centres in an attempt to boost regional employment.

2017-228P  Fairfax Media goes digital.
For article on Fairfax Media cutting one quarter of its staff at their metropolitan newspapers.

2017-224P  Extra space for pap lifestyle lift outs.
For article on Fairfax Media cutting one quarter of its staff at their metropolitan newspapers.

2017-223P  And we think our world is melting away.
For article on Fairfax cutting 25% of its staff at their metropolitan papers.

2017-222P  The wealthy feeling the pinch of housing costs.
For article on mortgage stress hitting wealthy suburbs as well.

2017-220P  Hooking a student up to the university fees calculator.
For article on calculating how much HECS fees will go up due to the Federal government's latest funding cutback to tertiary education.

2017-218P  The government driving innovation.
For article on the Federal Government's planned funding cutbacks to tertiary education.

April  2017
2017-212P  The war on Christians.
For article on fears over attack's on Egypt's Christian minority.

2017-211P  Australia will still have a shortage.
For article on attempts to stave off a predicted gas shortage.

2017-210  The benefit of rising house prices for homeless people.
The impact rising house prices on the homeless.

2017-208P  The problem with blindly following Trump's foreign policy.
For article on Australia not having an independent foreign policy when responding to American foreign policy initiatives.

2017-207P  A pessimist's view of war.
Remembrance of past war does little to prevent future wars.

2017-206P  I think therefore I am underfunded.
For article on protests by academics over university funding cuts.

2017-202 The minister for decentralisation.
An esoteric look at the Federal Government's plan to move many government departments to regional centres.
2017-199P  Teaching Australian work values.
For article on Turnbull's plan to teach 'Australian values' to new migrants.

2017-198P  Abbott defends his own leaking record.
For article on Tony Abbott’s call to stop political leaking.

2017-197P  Same sex selection gender.
For article on non-medical gender selection.

2017-191P  Homosexuality goes against all the laws of nature.
For article on criticism of the Australian Safe Schools Program on religious grounds.

2017-190P  The 457 VISAs didn’t address our most serious shortage.
For article on the Federal government's plan to abolish the 457 temporary work visas.

2017-187P  Type 200 diabetes.
For article of the rising numbers of people developing type 2 diabetes due to the excessive consumption of sugary drinks.

2017-184P  Rolling out the red carpet for the Adini coalmine.
For article on the special treatment the government is giving to the Adini coalmine development.

2017-183P  The other typical Australian.
For article on the ABS profile of what is a typical Australian drawn from the recent census data.

2017-178P  The elephant in the street corner.
For article on the adverse consequences of negative gearing.

2017-177P  The dishonour roll.
For article on the failure of the federal government to tackle coral bleaching due to global warming.

2017-175P  Why there are so few tsunami deniers.
For article on global warming deniers.

2017-170P  The Fairfax tree's lurch to the right.
For article about Fairfax media signalling that it's metropolitan papers will follow a more pro business agenda.

2017-169P  Housing bubble shadow.
For article on the housing bubble and the high level of household debt.
2017-168P  Energy policy today.
For article about political in fighting over energy policy.

2017-167P  The government's policy direction.
For article on business and science calling for the government to revise their current energy and environmental polices.

2017-166P  The decent into environmental Armageddon.
The fixation on economics while ignoring the threat of environmental Catastrophe.

2017-162P  The housing policy that's set in stone.
For article on Australia's unaffordable house prices.

2017-161P  PaTH internship long service leave.
For article about the PaTH internship scheme.

2017-159P  The future robotised world.
For article on the trend towards a robotised world.

March  2017
2017-157P  Our casualty rate is low.
Went with article on high suicide rate amongst Australian Ex-soldiers.

2017-156P  Low paid workers are in often in high-income households.
For article on Liberal party senator Michaelia Cash's claim that low-paid workers often in high-income households.

2017-153P  Trickle down economics.
The failure of trickle down economics to provide benefits to low income workers.

2017-149  Helping young people to cross the unemployment desert.
The high youth unemployment rate and the poor support offered to them.

2017-145P  Tree hugger, coal hugger.
For article on Tony Abbott arguing that the decommissioning of the Hazelwood coal fired power station
should not go ahead.
2017-146P  Pointing to evidence that coral bleaching hasn't occurred.
For article on leading global warming denialist claiming coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef hasn't occurred.

2017-143P  Quick way to resolve the marriage equality impasse.
The other reservation about a postal plebiscite on gay marriage…

2017-142P  How will you pay for the childcare changes?
Childcare changes funding bill tied to welfare cuts.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul?
2017-140P  The AFL today.
On the corporatisation of Australian Rules Football.

2017-139P  Rising average global temperatures winners podium.
A look at the threat of global warming.

2017-136P  Question - Why do we need 18C?
A look at the 18C racial discrimination act debate.

2017-134P  Energy policy Humpty Dumpty.
A look at the current state of energy policy in Australia.
2017-130P  Worker’s rights today.
My view of the concept of a legal and illegal strike.

2017-125P  Energy policies.
For article on South Australia's energy policy announcement and the Federal government's condemnation of it.

2017-124P  I don't pay rates because of my religion.
For article on Tasmanian farming family refusing to pay rates because it is 'God's land'.

2017-123P  The current carrot and stick approach to Pauline Hanson.
For article on how the major parties are dealing with the Rise of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party.

2017-122P  Not a shred of evidence that coral bleaching is damaging the great barrier reef.
For article on the Federal Government ignoring mounting evidence that the Great Barrier Reef is being damaged by coral bleaching.

2017-121P  Cooking with gas in the future.
For article on predicted gas shortages by 2020 due to poor energy and environmental policies.

2017-120P  Reviewing Australia's energy policy.
For article on Australia's energy policy in disarray due to years of partisan politics.

2017-117P  Political snake charming.
For article on fears that the LNP will be seriously damaged if it 'legitimises voting for One Nation.'

2017-116P  boardroom power for most women.
For article on International women's day.

2017-115P  A more flexible ABC?
For article of further job loses at the ABC which quotes the head of the ABC claiming that the ABC is not flexible enough.

2017-112P  One spotty Nation.
For article on Pauline Hanson's anti vaccination views.

2017-110P  cutting penalty rates will mean more job.
Went with article on the claim that cutting penalty rates will result in more jobs.

2017-105P  The Murray Darling version of putting your the head in the sand.
For article on the failure to improve the condition of the Murray Darling basin despite spending billions on it.
2017-104  Responding to homelessness today.
Drawn in response to the rising numbers of homeless people.
2017-101P   The rebounding Australian Economy.
For article on an upturn in the Australian economy which described it as a rebound.

February  2017
2017-100P  Viewing coral on the Great Barrier Reef.
For article on large tourist operators in Queensland including the Mantra Group strangely silent about coral bleaching caused by global warming when they are so dependent on the reef as a tourist attraction.

2017-096P  We've only made a small cut.
For article on the long term ramifications of the cuts to Sunday penalty rates.

2017-095P  Future Sunday double time.
For article on the cuts to Sunday penalty rates.

2017-091P  The politicised NDIS wheelchair.
For article on the politicisation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

2017-090P  The views of the Australian flag on Australia Day.
Drawn for article on a local council’s plans not to conduct citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day in support of opposition to 26th January being a day of national celebration due to its invasion connotations.
2017-089P  The energy policy parliamentary title fight ring girl.
For article about the prolonged political battle over energy policy.

2017-086P  The latest global warming climate model.
For article about dire global warming climate modelling.

2017-084  Wind farms in Australia and Canberra.
Looks at the ever changing energy policy emanating from Canberra.

2017-081P  Energy security.
For article on the Australian Government's 'energy security' campaign.

2017-080P  Applying the bike strategy.
Went with article on the release of a bike strategy.

2017-079P  Environmental fears today.
For article on the often shallow responses to the threat of global warming.

2017-078P  Coal mining today.
For article on the Federal Government undermining the renewable energy industry by strongly favouring the coal industry.

2017-075P  A gambling  perspective.
For article on the viability of clean coal as a tool for reducing carbon emissions.

2017-072P  Cory Bernardi's principled alternative policy.
For article on Cory Bernardi forming a new conservative political party.

2017-071P  The Aged pension eligibility application form in the future.
For article on LNP'S policy to raise the pension age to 70.

2017-067P  The reason why Cory Bernardi is leaving the Liberal party.
For article about conservative Cory Bernardi leaving the Liberal party.

2017-065P  We've hired a new public relations firm.
For article on the Catholic Church's response to sexual abuse by priests.

2017-062P  I will favour both brown and black coal.
For article on the announcement of coal lobbyist Sid Marris as Malcolm Turnbull's new climate and energy adviser.

2017-059P  Common live music today.
Went with article on the decreasing number of live music venues.

2017-060P  Unsafe disposal of drugs.
Went with article on the safe disposal of unused prescription drugs.
2017-057P  Proving that it's easy to produce clean coal.
For article on the Federal government's renewed commitment to clean coal.

2017-056P  The robo-debt system didn't let down Australians.
For article critical of the Federal government's robo-debt recovery system.

January  2017
2017-052P  The benefits and drawbacks of signing a free trade deal.
For article about free trade deals.
2017-051  Rising employment rates.
Higher employment statistics offset by the rising number of underemployed.

2017-049P  Trump protecting Americans.
For article on Trump's ban on Muslim immigration from predominantly Muslim countries.  Links in with the large numbers of Americans killed each year due to lax American gun laws.
2017-047P  The problem is that housing demand has exceeded supply.
For article on Malcolm Turnbull claiming the housing crisis was due to lack of supply and not negative gearing.

2017-042  No bail for repeat offenders.
Using calls to tighten bail laws to look at the antics of temperamental Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios.

2017-041P  More trusted then snakes and crocodiles.
For article on voter survey including a question on how trusted are politicians.

2017-038P  Male and female symbols applied to politics.
For article on Gladys Berejiklian becoming the next premier of NSW and the difficulties female politicians face in the male dominated world of politics.

2017-034P  Pensioner's walking stick.
For article on the
on the use of the robo-debt recovery system on aged pensioners.
2017-026P 16Jan17  The government's overriding environmental priority.
Far article about the federal Government's spirited utterances about saving the whales which is in stark contrast to their lacklustre attempts to save the Great Barrier Reef.

2017-022P  Assess whether the debt recovery system has flaws.
For article on attempts by the government to downplay flaws in the welfare debt recovery system.

2017-020P  12Jan17 Basic universal income verses privileged tax deductibility.
For article discussing the possibility of a basic universal income to tackle poverty and unemployment.

2017-015P  How long do I need to keep my payslips?
For article on Centrelink misinformation on how long people on welfare need to keep their payslips for casual work they have done.

2017-011P  Adjusting the automated debt recovery program.
For article on the strong reaction to the government's automated debt recovery program.

2017-012P  Reviewing Sussan Ley's expenses claims.
For article on government minister Sussan Ley claiming travel expenses for an alleged trip to the Gold Coast to buy an apartment in a multistorey apartment block.

2017-010  Welfare debt clawback.
Drawn in response to the Australian Government's welfare debt clawback program.

2017-008P  Modern forceps delivery.
For article on the AMA claiming women are being discharged from hospital too soon after giving birth.

2017-006P  Centrelink debt - ball and chain.
Went with article on the debt many welfare recipients have been saddled with due to changes in Centrelink management policy.

2017-007  Extreme sports today
A look at the extreme weather events of 2016.

2017-003P  Putting a positive spin on it.
For article on recent cuts to pensions.