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December  2016

2016-689P  Today's economic thinking applied to agriculture.
For article on the Australian Government's poor response to the challenges of global warming.

2016-690P  Going straight through the pool room.
For article on the possible destruction of the house used in an iconic Australian movie the Castle.

2016-685P  Putting a positive spin on it.
For article on the scrapping of the Nanny scheme which was a key Liberal party initiaative.

2016-684P  Common political donation declaration.
For article on political donation declarations.

2016-681P  The pension cut expressed as a cake.
For article on the cuts to pensions on the first of January.

2016-677P  Who got the highest approval rating?
For article on poor approval ratings for both Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull.

2016-680P  Surveying voting intentions of middle Australians
For article on increasing voter disgruntlement of the major political parties.

2016-674P  Remembering our fallen original inhabitants.
For article on Hobart mayor Sue Hickey's comment she did not want a proposed memorial to Aboriginal people killed by settlers to be a “guilt-ridden place”.

2016-673P  The failing older white men scales of justice.
For article on the Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs' critical comments on reporting of the commission’s work, including the claim it was “failing older white men”.
2016-671P  9Dec16 Answering robocalls
For article on robocalls.
2016-670P  9Dec16 On corporations that pay no tax

For article on the high number of major corporations that paid no tax in the last financial year.

2016-669P  9Dec16 RIP Green Army.
For article on the disbandment of Abbott's Green Army scheme.

2016-668  8Dec16 At risk of not hitting your carbon emissions target.
For article on the Finkel report warning that the government is at risk of not meeting its carbon emissions reduction target.

2016-665P  6Dec16 One Nation.
For article on dissident One Nation MP Rod Culleton.

2016-658P  Labor wants rich white kids to pay less tax.
For article on Malcolm Turnbull's attack on Labor's attempts to reduce the backpacker tax.

2016-657P  Concerns about Direction Action.
For article on the Government's Direct Action carbon emissions reduction program's funding is about to run out.

2016-656  The tax burden.
Revision of an earlier pocket cartoon but without the specific Backpacker tax rate displayed.

November  2016

2016-652P  Australian tax burdens.
For article on the passing of the 15% Backpacker tax.  Links with the negative gearing tax debate.

2016-650P  Japanese downhill skiing.
For article on furore over Japanese ice skating ring with dead fish frozen it its ice base.

2016-649P  customer information signs.
For article about the cashless society that is approaching.

2016-644P 24Nov16  Banking sector animal farm
For article recommending that Bank executives be fired for regulatory breaches.

2016-643 24Nov16  The impact of sugary drinks.
The high cost of the excessive consumption of sugary drinks.

2016-637P 21Nov16  Common view of the ABC
For article on yet another strident criticism of the ABC by a well known political figure.

2016-636  Reading a patient's vital signs.
Health care driven by funding and profit motives at the expense of actually providing health care.

2016-634P  The Australian Government is ranked pretty low on CO2 emissions.
For article on Australia
being ranked fifth-worst for emissions and policies among developed countries.
2016-633  The fear of crime.
Fear of crime is almost always bigger than the actual threat of crime.

2016-630P  Wage negotiations today.
For article on Australian wages growing at the slowest rate on record.

2016-629P  And she is stable as well.
For article Reporting that in the past three years CO2 emissions have largely been stable.

2016-627P  Donald Trump on immigration
For article on Donald Trump's plan to clamp down on immigration.

2016-624P  How much light does this provide?
For article on the rise in the amount of electricity supplied by renewable energy.

2016-623P  Hillary Clinton's glass ceiling.
The fall of the very privileged Hillary Clinton.

2016-622  We have a global warming problem.
Global warming a symptom, not the cause.

2016-620P  11Nov16 The voting public.
For article talking about the high levels of voter dissatisfaction.

2016-619  Down On Republican Penny's farm
A rural perspective on the likely effectiveness of Donald Trump as president.

2016-618 10Oct16 The statue of liberty in the next four years.
A comment on the coming four years of Donald Trump's presidency.

2016-616P  The triumph of the will?
Donald Trump election victory in the US.
2016-613 8Nov16  Section 18C limits the right of Australians to Free speech
Calls by some MPs to have Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act watered down.

2016-606P  Crocodile tears 3Nov16
For article on the impending closure of the Hazelwood power station in Victoria

2016-603P  Having twins - paid parental leave double dipping.
For article on the pain parental leave double dipping.

2016-602P  The policy to deal with the causes of refugees - paper bag
For article on the latest refugee policy debate.

2016-601P 31Oct16  But politicians do.
For article on cashless welfare card being trailed in some aboriginal communities.

October  2016

2016-592P 25Oct16  Public servant giving Frank and Fearless advice
For article on Solicitor general’s treatment heralding a bleak future of public servants who give frank and fearless advice.

2016-591P 25Oct16  Consulting Smith and Wesson
For article on the Federal Government's one sided consultation process when it reviewed Australia's gun laws.

2016-590P  The Solicitor General resigning.
Solicitor General Justin Gleeson resigns claiming intolerable interference from the Attorney General George Brandis.

2016-589P  Red tape is stopping you  entering the housing market.
The Fed. govt. blames planning red tape for the unaffordable housing market while ignoring negative gearing and capital gains tax discounts.

2016-588P  21Oct16  Gun lobby's toe in the door.
Debate about relaxing Australia's tight gun laws to allow the importation of the Adler lever action shotgun.

2016-574  Blackouts in South Australia and Victoria
Massive protest when South Australia (which generates a high percentage of energy from renewable sources) suffered widespread blackouts due to storm damage but when predominately coal fire powered Victoria suffered similar blackouts there was total silence.

2016-584P  The Reserve Bank's inflation target.
For article on the reserve bank of Australia struggling to keep Australia from going into deflation.

2016-583P  17Oct16  A politician's definition of 'Lest we forget'.
For article on how ANZAC Day has been used to create a myth about Australian history.

2016-582  17Oct16  The new children's education blocks.
TV gambling adds being seen by children.

2016-577P  13Oct16  We are the party of freedom.
Far article on the parliamentary Liberal party being prevented from having a free vote on the Marriage equality bill.

2016-576P  12Oct16  Pay and conditions for subcontractors.
For article on  companies hiring subcontractors to avoid the normal pay and conditions that payed employees get.

2016-575P  11Oct16  Left waiting in the Altar.
For article on the latest manoeuvres over marriage equality.

2016-573P 11Oct16  The good and the bad news.
Went with article the cancellation of the greyhound ban in NSW.

2016-572P 10Oct16  Blooding greyhounds today.
For article on possible back down by the NSW government over.

2016-571P 10Oct16  Rome, Paris, London, Victoria.
Went with article speculating on a possible influx of greyhounds from NSW to Victoria in order to avoid the NSW greyhound racing ban.

2016-568P  7Oct16  Have you got certainty?
For article on the need for certainty in the carbon emissions reduction target.

2016-565P  4Oct16  Depression linked to taking the pill.
For article about study reporting that depression can  be a side effect to taking the birth control pill.

2016-564  4Oct16  Global conflict betting odds.
Contemplation of the horrific consequences if the world was to get embroiled in a nuclear war.

2016-543  031016  Charity in America.
A look at America's rampant gun culture and seemingly indifferent attitude to struggling poor people.

2016-561P 031016  The mistake you won't see printed in the age.
For article on the Age newspaper accidentally publishing a full page spread commiserating the Western Bulldogs for losing the Grand Final (they won).

September  2016

2016-558P  290916  Murder investigation in South Australia.
For article on widespread blackouts in South Australia being blamed on renewable energy.

2016-554P 270916  Food fashion in the past and today.
For article on rising levels of food wastage due to our increasingly fussy tastes.

2016-550  260916  Animal farm biting debate.
Esoteric look at attempts to repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act on the grounds that it stifles free speech.  Could apply to any situation where the powerful can use their positions to attack the vulnerable.

2016-549P  Waiting for the second coming.
For article on the Western bulldogs fans hoping for a grand final win for the first time since 1954.

2016-546P  23Sept16  Gen Y wasting apples.
For article claiming Gen Y waste more food than any other generation.

2016-544 22Sept16  Economic theory applied to the environment.
A somewhat esoteric response to the common perception that unemployed people are lazy despite the fact that there are five unemployed people for every job.

2016-542  22Sept16  Australian climate road signs.
A look at Australia's climate extremes.

2016-538  20Sept16  Why do politicians say this when they leave office?
A critique of what I see as the somewhat banal comment many politians make when they leave office, that they "want spend more time with their family".

2016-537P 19Sept16  Self-harm in Nauru and Australia.
For article on high rate of self harm by inmates at the Nauru detention centre.

August  2016

2016-530P  30Aug16  The future dissenting view.
For article on the dissenting view on the Climate Change Authority's report.

2016-529P  30Aug16  Student online access today.
For article on a website hosting explicit images of Australian schoolgirls.

2016-528P  30Aug16  Beware of the poor fencing.
Went with article on the danger to motorcyclists of wandering stock.

2016-527P  30Aug16  Spring Racing Carnivals.
Went with article on the arrival of spring weather.

2016-526P  29Aug16  Climate and Energy Committee freezing.
For article on The climate sceptic Liberal MP Craig Kelly being appointed as chairman of the Climate and Energy Committee.

2016-524P  29Aug16  Voting on marriage equality.
A look at the likely outcome of a plebiscite on marriage equality.

2016-521P 25Aug16  Donald Trump's medical check-up.
For article on the campaign run by Republicans questioning Hillary Clinton's medical fitness.

2016-520P 25Aug16  The numbers stack up!
For article on appeal by scientists for the government to take action over global warming.

2016-511P  23 Aug16  Future fire air services.
Went with article replacement of Erickson Air-Crane with a smaller fire fighting helicopter.

2016-514P  22Aug16  Fireman's pole designed by politicians.
For article on the politicisation of the dispute IR dispute between the CFA and the metropolitan fire brigade.

2016-515P 22Aug16  You won't invest in coal for political reasons.
For article on Scott Morrison claiming super funds are not investing in coal for 'political reasons’

2016-512P 22Aug16  Sports betting today.
Went with article on the Victorian Government banning sports betting near schools.

2016-510P  19Aug16  The defence of free speech today.
For article on the push to amend 18C of the racial Discrimination Act by those claiming it limits free speech.

2016-507P  19Aug16  I've been teaching for thirty years!
Went with article on the high number of teachers on short term contracts.

2016-505 18Aug16  Greyhound racing winners podium.
The practice by some greyhound racing owners of killing dogs that aren't fast enough.

2016-500P 15Aug16  The new great Australian bight? 
For article on plans to drill for oil in the pristine Great Australian Bight marine park.

2016-497P  11Aug16  Back to normal.
Links with articles on census website shutdown and incriminating Nauru files leak.

2016-488P  8Aug16  It is the road to political corruption.
For article on Tony Abbott warning that domination by lobbyists within the Liberal party  could lead to corruption.

2016-485P  5Aug16  Hauling the big for banks before the parliamentary economic committee.
For article arguing that bringing the big 4 banks before the economic committee is just for show.

2016-481  4Aug16  The ascent of global warming awareness man.
The refusal of large sections of society to recognise the threat global warming presents to humankind.

2016-475P 2Aug16  Lower interest rates assisting the homeless.
For article on the latest drop in the official interest rate.

2016-470P  1Aug16 It turned out to be lot of coal smoke and mirrors.
For article on failed renewable energy scar campaign by the coal industry.

July  2016
2016-468P  29July16  Good cop, bad cop in the Northern Territory.
For article on the NT government taking legal action against boys allegedly abused in juvenile detention.

2016-462P 27July16  Juvenile detention Royal Commission parameters.
For article on the government's announcement of a Royal Commission into juvenile detention in the NT.

2016-460P  26July16  The shadow of Abu Ghraib.
For article on the abuse of inmates at the Don Dale juvenile detention centre in the Northern Territory.

2016-456P  25July16  Vulnerable young people not dependent on welfare.
For article Coalition plans to use data analysis to prevent and stop welfare dependency.

2016-454P 25July16  This year's Spring racing carnival?
Went with article on very wet conditions threatening a regional jumps racing carnival.

2016-451P  22July16  Not so crazy.
For article on plans to allow counter terrorism agencies greater access to mental health records of Australian citizens. 

2016-447 21July16  Man on the land today.
Large tracts of prime agricultural land in Australia being lost to mining and urban sprawl.

2016-439 19July16  The arms race in the US.
Massive gun sales in the US fuelling the out of control gun violence.

2016-436P  18July16  We are holding fast to our non-core promise to reform superannuation.
For article on the government backsliding on its election promise to reform superannuation.

2016-435P 18July16  Shopping strip in the future.
For article on online shopping having a negative impact on traditional shopping strips.

2016-429P 14July16  The ascent of meat eating man.
One of the main problems with the modern diet is that it is too easy to eat excessive amounts of meat.

2016-426P  13July16  The lessons learnt from history.
For article on China flexing its muscles in the South China Sea.

2016-425P  12July16  The only winners would be Apple, Google and Facebook.
For article pointing out the shortfalls of electronic voting.

2016-415  11July16  Police line-ups in the US.
A look at the disproportionately high numbers of blacks shot by police in the US.

2016-421P  11June16  A zombie apocalypse would go unnoticed.
For article on the Pokémon Go mobile phone game that has taken off.

2016-416  8July16  Blood sports in Australia.
My take on the 48,000 greyhounds that have been killed in NSW in the last 12 years for not being fast enough.

2016-406P  7July16  Someone who would do it all again.
For article on Tony Blair's justification of the Iraq war.    

2016-404P 7July16  There were no lies, just non-core promise.
For article on Howard defending his decision to go to war in Iraq.

2016-402P 5July16  Warning conservatives not to undermine Malcolm Turnbull.
For article on Liberal moderates hitting back at a coordinated push by the conservative wing  of the Liberals to undermine the authority of Malcolm Turnbull.

2016-401P 5July16  The cutting edge of ABC journalism today.
For article on the axing of the ABC's opinion website, the Drum.

2016-398P 4July16  Passing on the baton.
For article about the baton of failure that has been passed onto Turnbull.

2016-397  4July16  Election winners and losers.
Whatever party they represent all Politians are winners compared to the average worker.

2016-394P  1July16  Finding Nemo and Dory in the future?
For article about how much money will be needed to save the Great Barrier Reef.

2016-393P  1July16  Good environmental news in the future?
For article about the ozone hole shrinking.

2016-391 1July16 Animal farm election.
Cynical view of the modern democratic process.

2016-387P  30June16 The ALP electoral chances map of Australia?
For article on the dispute between the CFA and the Victorian state Labor government jeopardising Labor's chances in the upcoming Federal election.

2016-386P  30June16 A big slice of the company tax cut cake.
For article on research that 40% of the LNP's proposed company tax cut money would end up offshore.