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December  2015

2015-693  16Dec17 Baby boomers, baby boomeranger.
Drawn in response to statistics showing that a significant number of young adults are returning to live in their family home.

2015-692 16Dec15 Our modern society.
Drawn in response to increasing number of racist motivated attacks on the streets.

2015-691 15Dec15  The Government department for getting things done.
Drawn in response to inaction by my local council over some major developments but could be relevant to any number of bureaucratic organisations.

2015-690 14Dec15  Steps towards meeting the tougher greenhouse gas reduction target.
Turnbull taking a tougher stance on greenhouse gas reduction while at the same time appearing not to do so in order to appease global warming denier elements within the LNP.

2015-684 11Dec15  The disability pension assessment process.
Drawn in response to a article about a severely disables person having difficulty getting the disability pension.

2015-679 9Dec15  The sexual harassment long arm of the law.
Damming report on the high level of sexual harassment within the Victoria police force.

2015-677 8Dec15  Innovation today.
Cynical look at the recent push for increased innovation in Australian industry.

2015-674 7Dec15  Giving holy communion to victims of child sexual abuse within the Catholic church.
The Catholic Church's history of trying to stifle claims of child sexual abuse within the Catholic church by victims of that abuse.

2015-666P 3Dec15 I prefer to go organic.
Went with article about the use of synthetic cannabis.
2015-664 2Dec15 Ministerial appointments today.
Drawn in response to a common complaint that MPs appointed to ministerial positions are often ill suited to the ministerial position they are appointed to.

2015-663 1Dec15 The new Arnott's logo.
Battle over prices between the biscuit manufacturer Arnott's and Coles supermarket.
2015-662 1Dec15  Big news story today.
Extensive drought in Australia has meant that even small rainfall events get reported as big news stories.

November  2015
2015-642 23Nov15  Church's child sex abuse guidelines.
On the new legal guidelines to deal with civil claims of child sex abuse that the Catholic church has put out.

2015-649 25Nov15  The current plans to tackle rising sea levels due to global warming.
No real plan to tackle rising sea levels due to global warming including the large number of refugees that rising sea levels will produce.

2015-647 24Nov15  Bill Shorten's desert mirage.
Bill Shorten making absolutely no inroads into Malcolm Turnbull's lead as preferred Prime Minister.

2015-639 20Nov15  Australia's latest job creation scheme.
Climate Council report predicting that the number of fire fighters required to fight bushfires will double by 2030.

2015-638 20Nov15 Uncivilized Middle East, Civilised West.
Western society portrays itself as being civilized but in fact it has some very uncivilised practices.

2015-633 18Nov15 Young Western Muslim radical's view of IS.
Many young Western Muslim men flocking to Syria to fight for Islamic State have no real idea grim realities they will face.

2015-632 17Nov15  Muslims distancing themselves from Islamic State.
In the wake of the terrorist attack in Paris some commentators have forgotten that most of the killing by IS is Muslim on Muslim.

2015-629 16Nov15  No man's land.
Men are the driving force in the Syrian civil war but it is innocent women and children that mainly pay the price for it.

2015-625 13Nov15  Learn to drive easily.
Learning to drive and the high number of inexperienced young drivers that are killed in road accidents. 

2015-624 13Nov15  Our multicultural world.
Cynical look at the role of the arms industry in feeding ethnic and religious conflict across the world.

2015-623 12Nov15  Today's gingerbread man.
A shortage of baby milk formula in Australia  has caused a rush on stocks.

2015-621 11Nov15  International athletics events.
International athletics rocked by bribery allegations.

2015-619 10Nov15  Nursing mother limited to two.
Using a temporary shortage of baby formula to give a plug for breast feed.

2015-616 9Nov15  Stan didn't believe in climate change.
Drawn in response to a CSIRO survey which showed that only 45.6% of Australians believed in human induced climate change despite overwhelming evidence that it is occurring.

2015-612 6Nov15  The shortfalls of groundwater.
Drawn in response to calls for increased use of groundwater as an aide to
tackling the drier conditions in South Eastern Australia due to global warming.
2015-609 5Nov15  An expanded GST would covering everything.
Arguing that increasing and broadening the GST will not do anything to remove the offshore tax haven loopholes.

2015-607 4Nov15  The Direct Action emissions reduction fund auction.
The Direct Action emissions reduction fund seen by many as an ineffective way to reduce carbon emissions.

2015-606 4Nov15  The usual barrier draw for female jockeys.
Drawn in response to female jockey Michelle Payne's comments about how difficult it is for a woman to be successful as a jockey due to male prejudice.

2015-604P 3Nov15  Budget Ballarat Show ride.
Went with article on how to take a family to the Ballarat agriculture show on a budget.

2015-602 2Nov15  On the predicted end of the suburban backyard.
Electronic entertainment will never be able to replace outdoor play.

October  2015
2015-596  29Oct15 You should lock up people you don't want in Europe.
Tony Abbott's advice to Europe about handling refugees.

2015-593 28Oct15  Teaching a migrant kid to sing the national anthem.
Arose out of the furore over some kids at a Muslim school in Australia refusing to sing the national anthem.  Aussie kids are not that keen on singing it either.

2015-591 27Oct15 Health choices for pigs.
Wry look at the bacon smoking cancer risk debate arising from a World Health Organisation report on the cancer risk of eating processed meat.

2015-587 26Oct15  Applying Queensberry rules to cage fighting.
A look at the relatively lawless and brutal sport of cage fighting.

2015-583 22Oct15  What do you think about marriage equality?
Using the Same sex marriage debate to segue into the subject of unequal distribution of domestic chores within heterosexual marriages.

2015-580 21Oct15  Unemployed water tank.
Many Australian farmers are facing financial hardship due to widespread drought.

2015-579 20Oct15  Cracking down on the financial system.
Musing that the reform of the financial sector being carried out by the Federal Government may in fact turn out to be only window dressing.

2015-572R 1Oct15 Absolute reality TV.
Esoteric look at reality TV.  This is a redrawn version of a cartoon originally drawn some years ago.

2015-562 29Sept15  Modern surgical instruments.
Rising levels of violence towards hospital staff.

2015-563 29Sept15  We don't get penalty rates on Sunday.
The Government's drive to remove penalty rates from one of the most poorly paid sectors of the workforce smacks of hypocrisy considering the massive perks politicians get.

September  2015
2015-564 29Sept15  Abbott could have won the next election.
Tony Abbott's delusional claim that he could have won the next election had he remained PM.

2015-559 28Sept15  The ascent of family violence man.
When it comes to family violence modern man is still as primitive and violent as early man.

2015-553 25Sept15  Refugee status assessment today.
Drawn in response to an appeal by a local Sri Lankan family applying for refugee status and how complex and tough the process is.

2015-551 24Sept15  Our funding priorities.
The culture of male violence is more than simply domestic violence.  Our society unintentionally promotes male violence through it's adoration and funding of militarism.

2015-547 23Sept15 Overtaking Volkswagen emissions scam.
Likening the Australian Government's  Direct Action emissions reduction policy claims to the exaggerated emissions reduction claims of Volkswagen.

2015-546 22Sept15  Boot camp just got a lot tougher.
Somewhat esoteric look at how it is much tougher for women holding senior positions in government.

2015-538 17Sept15  Buddy Franklin seeking help.
The hounding of Buddy Franklin by the media after his mental breakdown.

2015-537 Smart meter that can handle overdue bills.
Electricity retailers are the main beneficiaries of the smart meter rollout.
2015-535 16Sept15  Bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age.
The scaling up of the bombing offensive to destroy ISIS.

2015-533 15Sept15  Welcome to the club.
The dumping of Tony Abbott followed a similar path to the removals of Rudd and Gillard.

2015-526 11Sept15  The seeds we sow.
Questing the efficacy of aerial bombing and arguing it could simply produce another crop of Jihad fanatics.

2015-523 10Sept15  The Middle East magic pudding.
The seemingly endless flow of refugees pouring out of the Middle East.  The magic pudding refers to a popular Australian children's book with a pudding that can be eaten without ever being finished.

2015-519 9Sept15  European reality TV.
The size and extent of the refugee crisis jolting Europe and indeed the world out of its complacency.

2015-517 8Sept15  Refugee queue jumping that the government approves off.
The Federal government's plan to preference Christian refugees seems at odds with their critique of alleged queue jumpers arriving by boat.

2015-513 7Sept15  Heavy school bags.
Using concerns about heavy school bags damaging the backs of students to segue into the subject of the heavy debt burden we place on tertiary students in the form of the HECS bills.

2015-509 4Sept15 The arms race today.
The conflicts in the Middle East that are creating such a huge exodus of refugees are as much a product of arms availability and supply as they are of religious or social conflict.

2015-506 3Sept15  An economic problems comparison.
Australian economic problems pail into insignificance when compared to the plight of Syrian refugees, many of whom have drowned trying to flee cross the Mediterranean.

2015-504 2Sept15  Stock market trader character types.
Musing on the amoral nature of the stock market industry.

2015-502 1Sept15  Dyson Heydon Humpty Dumpty.
The head of the Royal Commission into union corruption refusing to step down after allegations of bias over his acceptance of an invitation to speak at a Liberal Party fundraiser.

2015-499 31Aug15 Down and out in the future.
Labour saving technology may in the long run be more damaging to society than the benefits it brings.

August  2015
2015-496 28Aug15 Easy gun availability.
A look at the easy gun availability in America and the Middle East.

2015-494 27Aug15  Cash to splash!
Predatory nature of credit card debt.

2015-490 26Aug15  Stock market analysis today.
Stock market jitters have an irrational quality to them.

2015-488 25Aug15  Stock exchange bounces back.
The stock exchange is not the only indicator of whether things are going well or not.

2015-480 21Aug15  Relegating religious instruction in state schools to lunchtime.
Victorian State Government's announcement that Christian religious education will no longer be conducted in class time but will have to be run after school or lunchtime.

2015-472 18Aug15  Modern economics applied to World War Two.
Abstract look at how economic goals often override moral, social and environmental considerations.

2015-473 19Aug15  Democracy would be terrific if it wasn't for all the voters.
Some members of government seem to view democracy as merely a hindrance to them exercising power.

2015-471 18Aug15  The Royal Commission into mud on pigs.
Esoteric look at the allegations of bias against the head of the Royal Commission into unions due to his connections with the Liberal Party.
2015-469 17Aug15  Support for the Captain's calls running out of steam.
Abbott's popularity nosediving, partly due to his "captain's calls", a series of executive decisions he has taken without consultation and often at odds with his party.

2015-466 14Aug15  Nick Kyrgios making another foot fault.
Yet another petulant outburst on court by Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios.

2015-461P 13Aug15 Tweet sixteen tooth decay.
Went with article about the poor state of children's teeth due to excessive consumption of sugar.

2015-460 13Aug15 Full employment in the future.
Musing that chasing full employment at the expense of wages and conditions may not produce a pleasant society to live in.

2015-459 12Aug15  Abbott's zero emissions policy.
Prime Minster Abbott shutting down the issue of same sex marriage within his cabinet and and his resistance to any attempt to work towards a zero emissions policy.

2015-458 11Aug15  Shorter expenses claims gravy train.
Plans to tighten up on travel expenses claims by MPs is likely to fall short of any serious reform.

2015-452 7Aug15  Root and branch review of MPs' perks.
Cynical look at the planned review of MPs' perks.

2015-451 7Aug15  Football supporter fears cow.
Somewhat irreverent take on the Adam Goodes booing furore.

2015-428 30July15  What the housing bubble looks like.
Australians seemingly unaware how destructive a burst housing bubble can be.

2015-444   5Aug15  Payday loan animal farm.
Payday loan companies exploiting the vulnerable.

2015-441 4Aug15  A waiter at work.
Proposal by the Productivity Commission to cut penalty rates on Sunday for hospitality staff but not nurses and paramedics.

2015-438 3Aug15  Unprejudiced prejudice.
Somewhat quirky look at racism and prejudice in general.

2015-431 31July15  Bronwyn Bishop's favourite band.
Bronwyn Bishop's expenses scandal.

July  2015
2015-427P 30July15  Aboriginal sporting men's health.
Went with article on indigenous men's health.

2015-425 29July15  Bull and Bear markets today.
The tottering Chinese stock market dominating the world stock market.

2015-426 29July15  Guess which traveller won't be prevented from travelling to the Middle East.
Speculating that preventing the flow of arms might be more useful than trying stop volunteers travelling to the Middle East.

2015-424 28July15  Affirmative action applied to politics.
A cynical look at pledges by various political parties to address the gender imbalance in parliament.

2015-423 28July15  Helping the poor today.
This cartoon was drawn in response to an article about homeless people dying on the streets.

2015-421 27July15  The media evolutionarily race.
The decline of traditional newspapers and free to air TV.

2015-417P 24July15  Teachers online pet.
Went with article about an online classroom.

2015-418 24July15  Bill Shorten's policy platforms.
Opposition leader Bill Shorten's new emissions trading and tougher asylum seeker policies.

2015-414P 23July15  Correct weight this winter.
Went with article on wet weather forcing cancellations of some country race meets.

2015-411 22July15  Political Religions -Australia politics heaven hell.
The ALP and the Liberal party respective love or hate of the GST and the carbon tax seemingly boiling down to a simplistic notion of heaven and hell.

2015-410 21July15  Made in Australia, printed in China.
Somewhat cynical view of the
latest made in Australia labelling.
2015-405 20July15 Family violence in  the Middle East.
Family violence pails into insignificance when compared to the violence of war.

2015-401 17July15 Reclaim Australian food.
Quirky look at Australian Nationalism buy pointing out the international component of Australians' taste in food.

2015-395P 16July15  Safe police vehicle pursuit.
Went with article on police policy on pursuing vehicles trying to evade them.
2015-398 16July15  The Greek bailout.
The latest Greek bailout agreement so tough that it offers little hope to Greeks.

2015-397 16July15  The end of the age of entitlement.
Bronwyn Bishops expenses spending spree culminating in hiring a helicopter to go to a Liberal Party fundraiser.

2015-393 15July15  The Chinese stock market dragon.
Looks at the precarious nature of the Chinese stock market.

2015-392 13July15  Greek rescue packages.
The latest EU bailout package even tougher than the previous tough packages.

2015-388 13July15  Man on the coal mining region land.
Drawn in response to protests by farmers in the Liverpool Plains region over the approval of the the giant Shenhua Watermark Project open cut coal mine.

2015-381 9July15  Stock market falls.
Falls in the Chinese stock market having a far greater impact on the world's economy than the wobbles in Greece.

2015-379 9July15  Walking down the Australian Gay marriage isle.
Legislation to legalise gay marriage in Australia still has to walk a perilous path before it is enacted.

2015-380 8July15  Easy bank in Greece.
The Greek debt crisis forcing Greek banks to temporarily close resulting in a lose of confidence amongst Greek citizens in their banking system.

2015-377 7July15  Indigenous recognition summit.
A look at the lack of indigenous representation in the constitution and the over representation of Britain in the Australian flag.

2015-374 6July15  Greek no vote could stamp out the world economy.
Fear of the impact on the world economy of the Greek no vote.

2015-372 5July15  The Economic Union versus Greece.
The German dominated EU determined to force the Greeks to accept the latest austerity package.

2015-367 2July15  Fifty percent of corals that didn't die are safe.
The government successfully pressuring UNESCO to not have the Great Barrier Reef listed as endangered even though 50% of its live coral has died in the last thirty years.

2015-363 1July15 The latest detention centre facilities.
Tough new law brought in by the Australian government to stop staff employed in detention centres speaking to the media about conditions in the centres.

2015-362 30June15  Greek austerity packages.
The crippling impact of earlier austerity packages making the Greeks reluctant to accept another one.