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2015   Jan. to June.

June  2015

2015-359 29June15  Greece's debt reduction negotiating team.
Greece's debt crisis.

2015-356 27June15  Australia Post snail mail.
2,000 jobs to go at Australia Post due to fewer letters being posted as more people use the internet to send email.

2015-357 26June15 Heads should absolutely roll at the ABC.
Abbott's Heads should roll at the ABC struck me as being particularly insensitive given the actual beheadings carried out by Muslim extremists.

2015-352 24June15  The government's new Australian citizenship ceremony loyalty oath.
The Federal government's latest attacks on the ABC, questioning their loyalty.

2015-351 23June15  The ability to revoke Australian citizenship coat of arms.
Looks at legislation before parliament to give the government the power to revoke the citizenships of duel nationality naturalised Australians.

2015-347 22June15  The gap between the rich and the poor today.
rapidly widening gap between the rich and the poor.  Drawn as a result of an Australian report but relevant for many countries across the world.

2015-344 19June15  Appointing a wind farm commissioner.
The Federal Environment Minister's open hostility to wind farms.

2015-341 18June15  Strip rights poker.
Plans to introduce legislation giving the government the right to revoke the citizenship of naturalised Australians.

2015-338 17June15  Careers counselling in Indonesia.
The Australian government paying people smugglers to return intercepted asylum seeker boats to Indonesia.

2015-337 16June15  Australian's are feeling more unsafe.
The threat of climate change in Australia is a bigger and more relevant threat to Australians than the threat of terrorism in other parts of the world.

2015-333 15June15  Australian version of Jack and the Beanstalk.
Skyrocketing house prices making it very difficult for people wanting to buy their first home.

2015-319 10June15  The first home buyers housing bubble.
While the threat of a burst housing bubble in Australia is still hypothetical the impact of the current housing bubble on first home buyers is both very real and strong.

2015-318 9June15  Real estate money laundering washing line.
A somewhat whimsical look at foreigners' buying Australian properties for the purpose of laundering dirty money.

2015-313 6June15  Action on climate change tony Abbott.
Abbott's reluctance to tackle climate change despite calls from other countries to lift his game.

2015-306 4June15  Handing out Australian citizenship certificates.
Planned legislation to allow the government to revoke Australian citizenship of naturalised Australians.

2015-304 3June15  The department below cabinet.
Persistent damaging leaks from members of the Federal cabinet damaging Abbott's government.

2015-302 2June15  The domestic violence title fight.
The seemingly eternal cycle of domestic violence.

May  2015
2015-297 29May15  FIFA corruption Rolls Royce.
Allegations of gross corruption amongst FIFA officials including money siphoned off from funds allocated to grassroots soccer projects in poor communities.

2015-293 28May15  The war hawks.
Australia's posturing over the heightened military tensions between America and China.

2015-291 27May15  Church counselling services.
The failure of the church organisations offer support to victims of child sexual abuse by members of the clergy.

2015-287 26May15  Bog Irish, bog Australian.
Ireland passes a law allowing same sex couples to marry while Australia still bogged down in debate over such a law.

2015-285P 25May15  Sorry for a day.
Went with article about Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week.

2015-284 25May15  Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
The Church's failure to deal with child abuse accusations in the past catching up with them today.

2015-276 21May15  Funding to prevent assaults on women.
The government's rhetoric over concerns about the high level of domestic violence not matched with funding of services supporting its victims.

2015-275 21May15  Decadent Western technology.
The Muslim fundamentalists' Contradiction of using modern Western technology while at the same time expressing hatred for the West.

2015-273 20May15  Stations of the cross today.
Victims of child sexual abuse by members of the clergy metaphorically crucified by their experiences.

2015-274 20May15  The gospel according to Saint paedophile.
Child sexual abuse by members of the clergy a grotesque distortion of the teachings of Christ.

2015-272P 19May15  Church thirty years late.
Went with article on the child abuse Royal Commission.

2015-270 19May15  Life before annoying and dangerous power.
Whatever the negative environmental consequences of the various available power sources we never the less need power in some form.

2015-265 18May15 Ice induced violence.
Rising number of violent attacks on police and ambulance officers by people on ice.

2015-260 15May15 Indigenous football in Western Australia.
The WA government's policy of closing remote indigenous communities causing a lot of grief amongst the WA indigenous population.

2015-255 13May15  They love me, they love me not.
Politicians too often display total insensitivity when it comes to the impact of their policies on ordinary people.

2015-254 13May15  Tax and poverty bracket creep.
The slide into poverty much more damaging than tax bracket creep.

2015-248P 11May15  Joe Hockey's budget speech.
Went with article on the treasurer's budget speech.

2015-242 7May15 Joe Hockey's budget speeches.
After largely failing to get his first budget through the Senate Joe Hockey is under a lot more pressure to perform well this budget.

2015-250 12May15  After the mining boom.
The mining boom seriously damaged Australia's manufacturing industry.

2015-245P  8May15  Myer sales.
Went with an article on the possible sale of some Myer stores due to poor performance.

2015-247 11May15  Released from a coal fired power station.
Coal fired power stations are infinitely more of a risk to human health than any perceived health problems associated with wind farms.

2015-243 8May15  Lower interest rates superannuation piggybank.
Lower interest rates eating into the incomes of retirees' superannuation savings.
2015-241 7May15  Struggle Street reality TV
Both this toon and the previous struggle street toon were inspired by the controversy over the SBS struggle street reality TV show.

2015-237 5May15  Struggle street highway.
Infrastructure development not keeping up with population growth and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

2015-236 4May15  Federal police I'm heading to Indonesia T shirt.
The AFP tipping off the Indonesian police when Chan and Sukumaran were heading to Indonesia assisted in the pair getting the death penalty instead of a jail sentence.

2015-231 1May15 Indonesia's peace offering, dove pie.
Indonesia's peace offering after refusing appeals from Australia to spare the lives of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran seem somewhat lame.

April  2015
2015-226 29 April15  The executions of Chan and Sukumaran.
The executions of Australian's Chan and Sukumaran deeply felt by many Australians.

2015-222 28April15 Under the corrupt judge auctioneers hammer.
Claims that the the judges handling the cases of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran asked for bribes to commute their death sentences point to endemic corruption in the Indonesian legal system.

2015-221 27April15  Lest we forget Mothers Day.
Commercialisation of ANZAC and Mother's Days.

2015-220 24April15  Why didn't they respawn.
Violent games masking the realities of war to young people who play them.

2015-219 24April15  Lest we forget that few politicians fight in wars.
Cynical look at how politicians create the conditions for war but rarely personally suffer the consequences of actually fighting the war.

2015-215 22April15 War Commemoration hype medal. The excessive hype surrounding the commemoration the centenary of the landings at Gallipoli and the subsequent  ANZAC legend that arose from this action.
2015-214 22April15  Australia's weather risk sign.
Extremes of drought and flood that is commonplace in Australia.

2015-207 20April15  The assent of ANZAC commemoration man.
The commercialisation and politicisation of the ANZAC legend.

2015-204 17April15  The most common hospital surgical procedure to day.
Ongoing funding squeeze for the Australian hospital system.

2015-200 15April15  The express lane according to Woolworths.
Woolworths misuse of the ANZAC legend for financial gain.

2015-197 15April15  Lest we forget.
An unashamedly pro immunisation cartoon.

2015-196 14April15  Sailing on Australia's economic sea.
The government targeting pensions as part of their program to balance the books when tax cuts during the boom was one of the main causes of the current budget blowout.

2015-192 9April15  Pirate ships.
A comparison of the economic impacts of DVD pirating and corporate tax avoidance.

2015-190  7April15  Nouvelle cuisine, no penalty rates cuisine.
Removing penalty rates for hospitality workers would have a negative impact on their ability to earn a decent wage.

2015-189 6April15  The different ways to help keep our heads above water.
Claims that penalty rates are unaffordable ignore the many other ways incomes are boosted.

2015-188 5April15  Multicultural Australia rip.
The different extremist views that are tearing the notion of a tolerant multicultural Australia apart.

2015-183 1April15  Serious debate about taxation reform.
Questioning weather serious taxation reform will ever by achieved.

2015-180P 31March15  Drugs and alcohol in sport.
Went with article on the Essendon football club's drugs saga, which has made a lot of money for the lawyers involved.

2015-179 31March15  Workers compensation lifelines.
Lack of adequate workers compensation for self employed people.

March  2015
2015-168 19March15  Schoolgirl dress length regulations.
Was drawn in response to a local Ballarat story but as the schoolgirl dress length issue is a common and reoccurring one I thought I would have relevance to a wider audience.
2015-167 18March15  The assent of ordinary working man.
The demise of skilled labour jobs for ordinary working people.

2015-165 17March15  Applying the Paleolithic lifestyle to modern life.
A somewhat sceptical view of the benefits of the latest health fad, the Paleolithic diet.

2015-159 13March15  The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons' theatre.
Claims that sexual harassment of younger female surgeons is rife amongst the surgeons fraternity and that the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons has done little to reduce it.

2015-157P 12March15  Ride to school day and year.
Went with article about ride to school day, which is a somewhat token attempt to reduce the large numbers of children who are driven to school each day.

2015-154 11March15 Aboriginal lifestyle choices.
Drawn in response to Tony Abbott's comments about Aboriginals in remote communities making lifestyle choices.

2015-144  6March15  The tip of the family violence iceberg.
The big part alcohol abuse plays in domestic violence.

2015-148 9March15  International women's day in rich and poor countries.
the plight of women in poor countries often overlooked when equal rights for women is put on the agenda.

2015-143 6March15  NALPAN testing for seals.
National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) not an accurate test of the educational requirements needed to meet the challenges of the modern world.

2015-138 4March15  Defence force pay and conditions negotiations.
The miserly approach the Australian Government is taking to Australian Defence Force pay negotiations while at the same time ADF troops are being told to put their lives on the line in Iraq.

2015-132 2March15  Abbott comes out of it unscathed.
Tony Abbott's position as Prime Minister serious damaged by the leadership crisis.

2015-133 3March15  This young koala has a mental health problem.
Using the impact of environmental degradation on koalas as a metaphor for underlying causes of rising mental illness amongst young Australians.

2015-128 27Feb15  Building blocks for kids with parents who abuse alcohol.
The negative of alcohol abuse on children of parents who drink heavily.

2015-129 2March15  The climate change that's affecting Abbott.
Tony Abbott's fading political fortunes.

February  2015
2015-127P 26Feb15  Green army - climate change tank.
Went with article about green army environmental projects.
  Commendable as they are they do little to seriously tackle climate change.
2015-125  26Feb15  Australian troop deployment to Iraq rollercoaster.
The rollercoaster ride of escalating and de-escalating Australian troop deployments to Iraq.

2015-120 24Feb15  What we need is higher population growth.
The notion put forward by many economists that population increase is good as it stimulates the economy ignores the negative environmental impact.

2014-671 23Feb15   The trouble with living beyond your means.
Over consumption spending a serious risk to our society in the long term.
2015-110  18Feb15  Protecting children in Australia and on Christmas Island.
The concern for Australian children show when spruiking the proposed metadata laws contrasts sharply with the  indifference to the welfare of children living in detention centres.

2015-109 18Feb15  Redefining the definition of healthy food.
Imported frozen berries contaminated with hepatitis A resulting in a fairly major health scare in Australia.

2015-107P 17Feb15  Dodgy greyhound trainer’s view.
Went with article on the live baiting scandal in the Australian greyhound racing industry.

2015-106  17Feb15  Live baiting that would be acceptable.
Lighter look at the live baiting scandal involving the Australian greyhound racing industry.

2015-095 16Feb15  Making a robot workforce to improve productivity.
The endless quest for increased productivity having negative social consequences.

2015-101P  14Feb15  ATAR minimum requirement.
Went with article on proposal that to get into a teaching course students must have a minimum ATAR score of 70.

2015-100  14Feb15  The jump in unemployment.
Drawn in response to a sharp jump in the unemployment figure.

2015-094 11Feb1  The Civic Hall consultation process scales of justice.
Efforts to close the health, education and life expectancy gap between aboriginals and the rest of Australia have had only limited success.

2015-087  9Feb15  The Abbott leadership verdict.
tony Abbott surviving a potential leadership spill while at the same time public support for the Abbott government is at an all time low.

2015-080 5Feb15  Interest rates cut tree.
Interest rate cuts eating into superannuation retirees' savings.

2015-074  3Feb15  The paths available to young people today.
The limited opportunities for young people to get ahead in the world leading to major social problems.

2015-073 3Feb15  The modern Prime Ministers' tightrope.
The precarious tenure of recent Australian Prime Ministers.

2015-071P 2Feb15  We all stand behind Tony.
Went with article on a Liberal party politician's comments about a possible leadership challenge to Tony Abbott.

2015-068 2Feb15  Aussie version of The Walking Dead.
The leadership crisis enveloping tony Abbott.

January  2015
2015-067 30Jan15  BYO Paleo cafe.
Went with article about the opening of a Paleo Cafe.  the food these cafes offer is based on an the Palaeolithic hunter gather diet. 

2015-063  29Jan15  Back to school, back to university.
The heavy burden of HECS fees on university students.

2015-062 29Jan15  Abbott carries out his vow to consult.
Tony Abbott's vow to consult before making decisions may be too late to save him from being dumped by his party or electoral defeat at the next election.

2015-059 27Jan15  Abbott's Australia Day Australian flag.
Furore over the PM giving Prince Philip an Australian knighthood.

2015-055P  23Jan15  The back to school crossing.
Went with article on the high cost of fitting out children for school.

2015-031 14Jan15  Team Australia, team ISIS.
At least the somewhat tacky slogan "Team Australia"  does not involve the use of violence and fear to gain support.

2015-048P 20Jan15  The signs we ignore at our peril.
Went with article about a sixfold rise in the number of whooping cough cases which has been attributed to lowering immunisation levels.

2015-042 19Jan15  Manus island detention centre fuse.
Rioting and unrest inevitable considering the conditions refugees are detained under.

2015-032 15Jan15  Spurring racehorses on today.
Another Australian horse racing industry horse doping scandal.

2015-030 14Jan15  The Medicare co-payment explained.
Cuts in Medicare payments to GPs for short visit consultations forcing them to act as de facto revenue collectors for the government.
2015-027  13Jan15  The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.
The arms industry is the hidden driving force behind religious conflict.

2015-021 12Jan15  Multidenominational today.
Religious conflict on the rise.

2015-015 11Jan15  The firebreak fire fighters prefer.
Patch of wet weather giving fire fighters a much needed break this Summer.

2015-014 8Jan15  The price of the free press in France.
Terrorist attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

2015-009 7Jan15 The vagaries of Australia's climate.
A look at Australia's bushfire and flood cycle.
2015-005 6Jan15  Future country road hazard signs.
Global warming increasing the severity and prevalence of bushfires in Australia.

2015-002P  5Jan15  Broadening the GST
Went with article on proposal to broaden the Australian Goods and Services Tax.