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2014   January to June

June  2014
2014-343  25June14  Abbott's legislation speedboat.
Clive Palmer's electoral success and flexible approach to politics threatening to thwart Abbott's legislative program.

2014-340 25June14  Journalist interviewing a government official.
Sideways look at the imprisonment of Australian journalist Peter Greste by the Egyptian government on flimsy charges.

2014-338P  24June14  Australia Post postponed.
Went with article on plans to cut Australia Post deliveries to three days a week.

2014-338P  24June14  Australia Post postponed.
Went with article on plans to cut Australia Post deliveries to three days a week.

2014-335 22June14 Middle East diplomacy chess game.
The difficulty of negotiating peace terms in the Middle East

2014-333 21June14  NBN timeline rollout.
National Broadband Rollout delays.

2014-329 18June14  The current double dissolution trigger.
Tony Abbott unlikely to carry out his threat to bring on a Double dissolution election due to his current poor showing in the opinion polls.

2014-327 17June14  Getting out of Iraq?
The recent outbreak of fighting in Iraq could draw coalition troops back into the country.

2014-312 13June14  The world game, the world race.
Oblique look at the ubiquitous arms industry.

2014-311 13June14  Young person seeking work today.
High youth unemployment and the scrapping of unemployment benefits for people under 25 making life very difficult for young people.

2014-309 12June14  Supermarket supply chain colonialism.
The tight control Australian supermarkets have on their supply chains making life very difficult of their suppliers.
2014-308 11June14  More gun related deaths in America.
Musing that Obama's whish to introduce tough Australian style gun laws would be very shocking to the National Rifle
2014-303 8June14  Abbott's All Things Bright  and Beautiful.
Massive increases in university fees by the Abbott government making it increasingly difficult for poor people to go to university.    
2014-304 10June14 The ABC funding logo.
Budget cuts to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
2014-302 8June14  Royal Commissions then and now.
Royal Commissions have increasingly become tools for the governments of the day to pursue their political agendas.
2014-291 3June14  No racist sentiments.
Institutionalised racism which keeps aboriginals in poverty more damaging than individual racist attacks.
2014-289 2June14 Feeling a little drained.
$7 Medicare co-payment.
2014-284 30May14  The end of the age of entitlement for homeless people.
 Sections of the community never participated in the so called 'age of entitlement'.

May  2014
2014-281 28May14  The new safety net for young people.
The scrapping of unemployment benefits for under twenty five year olds.
2014-279  27May14  Young people work stepping stones.
The abolition of the unemployment benefits for people under twenty five will make it very hard for young school leavers to transition into the workforce. 
2014-276 26May14  Window shopping this May.
Record warm weather in late Autumn has resulted in slow winter clothing sales.
2014-272 23May14  Revised government renewable energy target.
The federal government is revising its renewable energy target with a view to lowering it.
2014-269 22May14 Dog on the election promises tuckerbox.
The large numbers of broken election promises putting the Abbott government decidedly on the nose. 
2014-267  21May14 Only a seven dollar GP co-payment fee.
Speculating that the introduction of a GP co-payment is the thin end of the wedge in a move to a user pays health system.
2014-259 19May14  Economic wet weather gear.
Esoteric comment on government plans to make young people ineligible for unemployment benefits until they are 25, cuts to the pension and the raising of the pension age to 70.
2014-244 12May14  Keeping election promises.
Tony Abbott denying that he has broken a string of promises.
2014-253 14May14  Tony Abbott's apparel.
Abbott's multiple broken election promises.
2014-250P 13May14  The hurt locker two.
Went with article on the budget night lockup.
2014-249 13May14 Sharing the budget pain.
The federal budget hitting low income earners much harder than the wealthy. 
2014-247P  12May14  Joe Hockey bringing home the bacon.

A play on former treasurer's Paul Keating's quote of "bringing home the Bacon". Treasurer Hockey's budget includes severe cutbacks

2014-240 9May14  The youth paradox.
The raising of the retirement age to seventy while at the same time youth unemployment is rising.
2014-237 8May14  Incendiary devices.
The Federal government plans to raise the excise on fuel.
2014-233  6May14  Industrial relations warming.
Abbott's move to have the minimum wage reduced.
2014-228 2May14 The retirement pension eligibility race.
The government planning to raise the retirement age to seventy while at the same time politicians can access their generous pensions as soon as they leave office.
2014-227 2May14 The debt levy truck.
The Federal Government's plan to impose a debt tax levy while at the same time ditching the mining tax.
2014-225 1May14  Desperate measures.
The Federal government considering changes to the diesel farm rebate scheme.
2014-218 29April14  Retirement pension just around the corner.
Plans to raise the age pension eligibility age in Australia to seventy years.

April  2014
2014-219  29April14  The paid maternity leave funding platform.
Cuts to the Age pension whilst introducing a paid maternity leave scheme that favours mothers who are already well off.
2014-216 28April14  Saving for your retirement.
Excessive superannuation funds administration fees eating into people's superannuation savings.
2014-213 17April14 Modern version of the crucifixion of Jesus.
Rampant consumerism that has enveloped Easter.
2014-211 17April14  The tip of the NSW corruption iceberg.
Premier Barry O'Farrell's wine bottle gift corruption scandal tiny when compared to the endemic scale of corruption within NSW politics.
2014-210  16April14  I'd remember a $3,000 bottle of wine.
NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell's resignation after not declaring a gift of a $3,000 bottle of wine, a gift he claimed he had not recollection of.
2014-201 14April14  The retirement Stall Gift.
Plans to raise the retirement age again.
2014-198 9April14  Improving society today.
Society's obsession to technical progress while at the same time ignoring much larger social problems.

2014-187 4April14  The AFLs new entrance turnstiles.
The AFL's new variable ticket pricing structure has dramatically pushed up the cost of seeing and Australian Rules football match for most fans.
2014-157 24Mar14  Rainfall in Australia today.
Extensive drought across Eastern Australia.
2014-186 4April14  Defending freedom of speech today.
Attempts in Australia to curb freedom of free speech of protest groups protesting against businesses.
2014-182 2April14  The Australian jobs that are going offshore.
Social comment on Philip Morris' announcement that part of its manufacturing operation will be moved offshore.
2014-173 30Mar14  Slow food movement, slow train movement.
High number of VLine train delays.  VLine runs the Victorian regional rail network in Australia.

March  2014
High number of VLine train delays.  VLine runs the Victorian regional rail network in Australia.
2014-169 28Mar14  Harvesting the election promise carrot.
So many election promises are either unfulfilled or watered down.
2014-164 27Mar14  Tony Abbott's new sunhat.
Abbott's reinstitution of knighthood honours.
2014-162  26Mar14 The latest definition of freedom speech.
Planned changes to Australia's defamation laws set to advantage the already powerful in the media.
2014-16P 25Mar14  Funding Craig Thompson's appeal.
Went with article on Craig Thomson appealing his conviction for fraud.
2014-160 25Mar14  James Hird, Tanya heard, Andrew Demetriou herd.
Following damaging comments by James Herd's wife Tania AFL boss Andrew Demetriou has apparently stepped up his campaign to oust Hird as coach of Essendon.
2014-158P 24Mar14 We have improved our investigative practices.
Went with article on the Royal Commission into child sex abuse.
2014-156 24Mar14  Launch of the Disability Insurance Scheme.
Problems with the new Disability insurance scheme due to poor inadequate preparation.
2014-154 20Mar14  Where Russia stands on the democratic process.
Russia's stymieing of the Ukrainian democratic process.
2014-146 17Mar14  The different types of restrictive red tape.
Pointing out that there can be positive reasons for some restrictive bureaucratic red tape.
2014-142 14Mar14  Full employment opportunities today.
The lack of fulltime work opportunities and rising levels of alcohol abuse.
2014-130 7Mar14  The Apple tax contribution logo.
Apple Computer's tax avoidance scheme has enabled them to shift nine billion in profit offshore.
2014-137 12Mar14  The age of entitlement is over.
Joy Hockey's claim that the age of entitlement is over at odds with Tony Abbott's planned paid maternity leave scheme.
2014-131 7Mar14  Forestry lockout that Abbott would think acceptable.
Looks at Abbott's criticism of forestry lockouts and his tough asylum seeker policy.
2014-124  6Mar14  Putin's view of Ukrainian democracy.
Vladimir Putin's aggressive warlike stance towards Ukraine. Putin is known for his shirtless macho poses.
2014-121 4Mar14  Lesswell Morwell.
Smoke from the coal fire at the Hazelwood open cut mine causing health problems for Morwell residents.
2014-118 28Feb14  Staggering loses.
Big job loses at Ford, Qantas, Alcoa and Holden.
2014-117 28Feb14  Dusting the furniture today.
Extreme hot and dry weather over much of Australia.

February  2014
2014-115P 27Feb14  The guard tower.
Went with article on the Victorian government using shipping containers to relieve prison overcrowding.
2014-114 27 27Feb14 We have a serious drug problem.
Concerns about the drug problem often ignores the the much larger problem of alcohol abuse.
2014-112 26Feb14  Roo shooters.
Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, seemingly intent on the destruction of Qantas.
2014-111P 25Feb14  Qantas flight attendant's safety demonstration.
Went with article about major job losses at Qantas.
2014-105 25Feb14 First steps.
Looks at the increasingly difficult step for young people of getting their first job.
2014-107 24Feb14   The Killing fields lawn.
Australian Government's plan to send some asylum seekers to Cambodia.
2014-100 21Feb14  Wages growth.
Recent calls to curb wages growth seem to ignore that the greatest growth has been amongst executive salaries.
2014-098P  20Feb14  The future Medicare gap?
Went with article about plans to introduce a $6 fee for a GP consultation, which would widen the existing Medicare gap.
2014-095 19Feb14  Food labelling today.
confusing and vague food labelling not helping in the campaign against unhealthy food.
2014-094 19Feb14 Could you hold the exit door.
Alcoa Australia shutting down a number of its factories not that long after receiving a fifty million dollar grant from the government.
2014-092 18Feb14  The "long" in Geelong.
Massive job losses led by the closures of Ford and Alcoa increasing the number of unemployed in the city.
2014-085 14Feb14  Throwing lifelines to Ardmona SPC.
The different responses from the State and Federal governments to Ardmona SPC's economic plight.

2014-078 12Feb14  Job creation recipe.
Job creation schemes can ignore the pain redundant workers have to go through to retrain, especially when all they wanted was to hang onto their old job.

2014-075P 11Feb14  Different points of view on immunisation.
Went with article on immunisation rates.
2014-074 11Feb14  Buying an Australian made car in the future.
Another look at the end of the Australian car industry.
2014-077P 11Feb14  Online doctor's consultation.
Went with article on online doctors' consultation service.
2014-073 11Feb14  The funeral cortege.
The end of the Australian car industry.
2014-072P 10Feb14  Corby release on payroll.
Went with article on Schapelle Corby being paroled and the battle to sign a media contract with her.
2014-071 10Feb14  Roadside warning signs today.
Widespread bushfires in rural Australia.
2014-063 7Feb14  Government grants to industry.
Cynical look at how the Government allocates grants money.
2014-066P  6Feb14  Laying an egg this Summer.
Went with article on heatwave conditions effecting egg production.
2014-052 31Jan14  SPC Ardmona government stand.
The Federal government's rejection of an assistance package to help SPC Ardmona survive.
2014-058 3Feb14  Greenfields estate.
Deluding ourselves about the threat of global warming.   
2014-059 4Feb14  Importing the free trade level playing field.
So called "free trade" masks social and economic inequities.
2014-057P 3Feb14  Graffiti literacy.
Went with article on Graffiti vandalism.
2014-053 3Feb14  Animal Farm ethics.
Esoteric look at corruption.

January  2014
2014-049P  30Jan14  Long lost cousins at the front floor.
Went with article on prolonged heatwave.
2014-048 30Jan14 Consumer choice today.
Very limited choice for consumes wanting to buy Australian made products.
2014-047 29Jan14  Political control of the ABC.
Attack by the Federal Government on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
2014-044P 28Jan14  Twenty one gun salute.
Went with article on military commander Peter Cosgrove appointed as Australia's next Governor General.

2014-043 28Jan14  Precipitation over the next few days.
Hot dry weather raising the fear of bushfires.
2014-040 24Jan14 Entrance to match the ticketing system.
Multiple problems with the Victorian MYKI public transport ticketing system causing a great deal of confusion for the public.
2014-039P 23Jan1  Dog on the Australia Day tuckerbox.
Went with article on drunken behaviour on Australia Day.

2014-036 22Jan14  Rounds of drinks at the pub.
Rise in alcohol fuelled violence.
2014-034 22Jan14  Future post boxes.
Australia Post considering charging people for daily postal deliveries.
2014-033 21Jan14  Welfare distribution today.
Drawn in response to the Australian government's plans to rein in welfare spending while seeming to ignore targeted middleclass welfare expenditure.
2014-029  17Jan14  Risk assessment today.
Authorities capable of assessing the risk of fire but not the global warming risk.

2014-028 17Jan14  Putting up with brutal heat.
Comparing the remuneration  elite tennis players and volunteer fire fighters got for putting up with the extreme heat conditions during the Australian Open.
2014-026  15Jan14  Australia, a nation of gamblers.
Australians are in the habit of building homes in bushfire prone areas.  
2014-022 14Jan14  Reviewing the education syllabus.
The Government's review of the education curriculum has drawn criticism for being politically driven.
2014-019  13Jan14  Cloudy with meatballs, sunny with hot curry.
Using the animated movie Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs to highlight the currant heatwave conditions in Australia.
2014-017 10Jan14  Prisoner transport to match shipping container cells 
The Victorian Government's plan to use shipping containers as prison cells to alleviate prison overcrowding.   

2014-013 9Jan14 Indonesian and Australian shadow puppets.
The Australian government's secretive approach to asylum seeker policy.

2014-011 8Jan14  Frosty weather.
A look at both the freezing weather in America and the cool relations between Australia and Indonesia over asylum seekers. 

2014-003P  6Jan14  Look what I bought on eBay.
Went with article on eBay being used to sell stolen goods, some of which were discovered on eBay by their owners.
2014-006 7Jan14  Australia Post privatisation dog.
Plans to privatise Australia Post.
2014-005P 6Jan14  How much will I lose?
Went with article on people rashly signing gym contracts that leave them hundreds of dollars out of pocket.
2014-002 7Jan14  Test cricket pitches.
Australia's 5-0 win against England in the Ashes test series.
2013-709 6Jan14  Manufacturing industry policy soap box.
Politicians failing to address the problem of cheap imported goods destroying Australia's manufacturing industry.