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December  2013

2013-704 19Dec13  National Disability Insurance Scheme funding model.
Uncertainty about the funding for the new National Disability Insurance Scheme.
2013-703 18Dec13 The reigns of government today.
The tough economic conditions testing Australian politicians on both sides of politics.
2013-701 17Dec13  Delivering Christmas gifts this year.
Announcement of a bigger than expected budget deficit.
2013-698 16Dec13  Santa shopping locally.
Light hearted look at the campaign to get people to shop in their local areas for Christmas.
2013-674 5Dec13  The battlers' debt ceiling.
Debt and the impact it has on people struggling to make ends meet.
2013-694P 12Dec13  Early paper wedding anniversary gift.
Went with article on the High Court of Australia's annulment of the ACT's gay marriage bill.
2013-691 12Dec13  Holden tire logo.
Holden's announcement that they will pull out of Australia.
2013-681 6Dec13  The house of cars.
Speculating that the Australian car industry will collapse like a house of cards if Holden pulls out of Australia.
2013-687 10Dec13  The Ashes series this summer.
Australia's dominance of the ashes test series this summer.
2013-683 9Dec13  The longer walk to economic freedom.
Most black South Africans still not free of poverty.
2013-682P 6Dec13  Australian car industry Holden engine.
Went with article on speculation about the impact Holden pulling out of Australia would have on the Australian car industry.
2013-680 6Dec13  Holden car yard in the future.
Holden's plans to pull out of Australia.
2013-678P 5Dec13  Qantas' newest aircraft terminal.
Went with article on job loses at Qantas.
2013-675 5Dec13  Carry-on and off luggage.
More Qantas job loses.
2013-673 4Dec13  Australia's declining education standards.
Using a report about declining education standards to look at the rising levels of obesity amongst children.
2013-672P 3Dec13  The great escape in the future?
Went with article on the Victorian Government's announcement that it will be using shipping containers to house prisoners.
2013-669 3Dec13  The future police band?
The Victorian Government's plan to shrink the police band to a tiny rump and transfer its members to operational work.
2013-659 29Nov13 The NBN rollout deadline.
prediction that the NBN rollout will fail to meet the rollout deadline.
2013-654 27Nov13  Gonski schools funding program gone.
The Federal government reneging in it's commitment to the Gonski Schools funding program.

November  2013
2013-650 27 26Nov13 Padding up for the second test.
The Ashes test series sledging furore.
2013-646 25nOV13  Grazing in the top bid paddock.
Fierce bidding war for the dairy company Warrnambool Cheese and Butter.
2013-645 25Nov13 Really aggressive sledging.
Using the current test cricket sledging furore to highlight the appalling standard of federal parliamentary debate.
2013-647P 25Nov13  Future police mugshots.
Went with article on increased fines for using a mobile phone while driving.
2013-643 21Nov13 Dalek blowing out the candles.
A lighter look at the 50th anniversary of the Television show Doctor Who.
2013-641 20Nov13  Tony Abbott's soap boxes.
The diplomatic mess that Abbott has got himself in with Indonesia.
2013-642 20Nov13  The ice epidemics.
The rising twin problems of methamphetamine and alcohol abuse.
2013-639 19Nov13 Australian Olympic committee symbol.
Australian Olympic Committee's announcement that Australian Athletes will be banned from drinking alcohol in the Olympic Village.
2013-637P covering up the broader problem.
Went with article on the ice epidemic sweeping Australia.  The cartoon speculates that the epidemic is driven by other social ills.
2013-633 18Nov13  The road that political leaders travel on.
A look at the precarious situation the Victorian premier Denise Napthine finds himself in with maverick independent Jeff Shaw holding the balance of power.
2013-629 15Nov13 The child sexual abuse internet.
The internet being used to traffic child pornography.
2013-624 14Nov13  Carbon emissions target tank.
Pointing out that tackling global warming is far more than simply hitting a static carbon emissions reduction target.
2013-623 13N0v13  The church sexual abuse victims timeline.
the long shadow that church sexual abuse has cast on its victims.
2013-622P 12Nov13  Signs that you've been to Bali.
Went with article on measles outbreak health warming for Australians holidaying in Bali.
2013-620 12Nov13  The gap between the rich and the poor.
An increasing number of people are unable to afford to buy their own home.
2013-617 11Nov13 Sweeping the asylum seeker problem under the carpet.
The feud between Australia and Indonesia over how to deal with asylum seekers.
2013-613 8Nov13  Job opportunities today.
A look at the job opportunities available to the different classes in the current economic climate.
2013-609 6Nov13  The meaning of Remembrance.
A somewhat naive and sanguine view of war and remembrance permeating into the conscience of the younger generation.
2013-611P 7OCT13  Bandaid surgery.
Went with article on high numbers of people being admitted to hospital who could have been treated by a GP.
2013-612 7Nov13  Farmer Abbott's piggybank trough.
Abbotts superannuation changes favours high income earners at the expense of low income earners.
2013-609 6Nov13  The meaning of Remembrance Day.
Musing that the only part of Australia's economy that seems to be expanding is the fast food industry and its spinoff, the expanding waistlines of Australians.
2013-605 5Nov13 Holiday destination T shirt slogans.
Somewhat black comment on the gruesome child sex trade in third world countries that attracts so many Western tourists.
2013-602 4Nov13  Correct weight in the world economy stakes.
Using a horse racing metaphor to highlight debt.
2013-601P 1Nov13  The future of car manufacturing in Australia?
Went with article on the demise of the Australian car industry.
2013-599 1Nov13  The running of the car industry stakes.
Australia's car industry racing towards oblivion.
2013-598P 31OCT13  Revised NBN map rollout.
Went with article on changes to the NBN rollout.
2013-596 31Oct13  The big supermarket chain.
Using Australia's "the big" tourist attractions to highlight the unfair way the large supermarket chains have been treating farmers who supply food to them.

October  2013

2013-595P 30Oct13  Warrnambool Cheese and Butter tug of war.
Went with article on takeover battle between rival companies for Warrnambool Cheese and Butter.
2013-593 29Oct13  Burying the carbon tax.
Speculating that abandoning the carbon tax may lead to runaway global warming and environmental disaster.
2013-592 29Oct13  Declaring victory in Afghanistan.
Announcement that Western forces will be pulling out of Afghanistan amidst claims victory.  Given the state of Afghanistan today this claim seems somewhat hollow.
2013-591P 28Oct13  Church clearance sale.
Went with article on the Uniting Church's plans to sell off some of it's property in order to pay a debt.
2013-589 Centrelink post office plans.
Proposal that suburban post offices provide Centrelink services.
2013-587P 25oCT13  Supermarkets price war tank.
Went with article on how the supermarkets' price war is driving down the prices that farmers get for their crops.
2013-584 25Oct13  Canning industry map of Australia.
Cheap canned food imports ruining the Australian canned food industry.
2013-565 17Oct13  Processed potatoes.
Cheap imported processed potatoes damaging the Australian potato industry.
2013-579 23Oct13  Action on climate change tortoise.
Speculating that the slow response on tackling climate change may be too slow to escape the worst effects.
2013-575 22Oct13 The dog on the tuckerbox today.
Severe bushfires in New South Wales.
2013-572 21Oct13 The blackened blue mountains.
Massive bushfires in the blue mountains.
2013-568 18Oct13  The cost of not tackling global warming.
Global warming increasing the number and severity of bushfires in Australia.
2013-564 17Oct13  politician claiming travel expenses.
Widespread rorting of expenses claims by politicians.
2013-563 16Oct13  The scales of justice today.
A look at the recent legal aid funding cuts.
2013-552 15Oct13  Hospitality industry penalty rates special.
Calls by business interests in the hospitality industry to cut weekend penalty rates.
2013-557 14Oct13  Today's grim reaper.
A look at live expectancy for obese people.
2013-550 10Oct13  Chopper Read's final ram raid.
The death of notorious Australian criminal Chopper Read.
2013-551P 10Oct13 A higher calling.
Went with article about the Uniting Church having to sell some of its churches in order to pay a debt.
2013-548 10Oct13  US debt default ceiling.
Pointing out the dire consequences if the American government were to default on their debt. payments.
2013-549 9Oct13 The global warming ascent of man.
Outlining the threat global warming presents to mankind.
2013-543 7Oct13  Painting themselves into a corner.
The supply bill impasse threatening to cause the US to default on their debt.
2013-542 7Oct13  Spot the politician.
Widespread rorting of travel expenses by politicians.
2013-539 4Oct13  Barrack for the highest bidder.
The way players are traded from club to club is eroding individual club loyalty.
2013-537 2Oct13  Buddy Franklin's pole vaulting career.
Buddy Franklin's 10 Million dollar deal to move to the Sydney Swans.
2013-533P 1Oct13  Buddy's version of there Cazaly.
Went with article about Buddy Franklin's 10 million deal to move to the Sydney Swans.
2013-532P 1Oct13  Bridge between Australia and Indonesia.
Went with article about Abbott calling for bridges to be built between Australia and Indonesia.
2013-531 1Oct13  Coles prices are down campaign.
Coles' aggressively driving the price they pay for farmers' produce.
2013-530 1Oct13  Julia Gillard's view of the world.
Gillard's view of her time in politics and her demise seen very much in gender terms.

September  2013
2013-524P 27Sept13  Cowering inside the principal's office.
Went with article on performance reviews for principals.
2013-522 27Sept13  Assessing the evidence.
Questing why significant elements of the media heavily report the scant evidence refuting global warming while ignoring the vast bulk of evidence proving global warming.
2013-520P 26Sept13  Telstra rollout.
Went with article on another round of job loses at Telstra.
2013-499 19Sept13  The high manufacturing industry Aussie dollar.
The high Australian dollar damaging Australia's manufacturing industry.
2013-512 24Sept13  Farm income erosion.
The major supermarkets' food distribution monopoly is driving farm produce prices to unsustainable levels for farmers.
2013-513 24Sept13 The second highest point in Australia.
Esoteric  look at the high Aussie Dollar.
2013-496 18Sept13  Direct action maze.
Musing that Abbott's direct action environmental plan may not in fact be so direct.
2013-501P 19Sept13  Ditching health and safety red tape.
Went with article on campaign to reduce the amount of red tape for businesses.
2013-498 19Sept13 Past Department heads.
Tony Abbott's sacking of three department heads on the day he came to office.
2013-495 18Sept13 The American flag today.
The culture of gun violence in America.
2013-492 16Sept13  Abbott's back bench.
Tony Abbott only appointed one women to the frontbench.
2013-490P 16sept13  Future offside decisions?
Went with article on the Australian soccer match fixing scandal.
2013-489 16Sept13  Games controllers.
Refers to the Australian soccer match fixing scandal.
2013-483P 12Sept13  Bushfire seasoning.
Went with article on the coming bushfire season.
2013-480 12Sept13  Deciding who gets to lead the Labor party.
Jaundiced view of the Labor Party's process for picking a new leader and attempts to make it more representative.
2013-477P 10Sept13  Bracks' diplomatic post.
Went with article on Steve Bracks being dumped from his diplomatic post by the incoming Liberal government.
2013-475 10Sept13  Voting for the senate.
The Senate voting options preference flow jumble seems to resemble a washing machine action rather than offering voters clear choices.
2013-473P 10Sept13  ALP leadership short list.
Went with article speculating that Bill Shorten is likely to be the only candidate to replace Kevin Rudd as leader of the opposition.
2013-472 9Sept13  Tony Abbott with the reins of government.
Tony Abbott having to face an unruly Senate controlled by independents.
2013-470 6Sept13  Map of Australia the right way up.
Australia's lurch to the right of politics with the election of Tony Abbott.
2013-465 5Sept13  Animal Farm election.
Metaphorical view of elections.
2013-464 4Sept13 Tony Abbott in control of the Senate.
Speculating that Tony Abbott will be very dictatorial if he gets control of the Senate.
2013-458 2Sept13  Political Master Chef.
What both Rudd and Abbott is offering voters is pretty unpalatable.
2013-455 30Aug13  Costings.
The political costings debate prior to the federal election ignores the much greater cost of not tackling global warming.

August  2013
2013-450 28Aug13  Ploughing the paddock in the Middle East.
An Aussie rural perspective on the military upheavals in the Middle East.
2013-448 28Aug13  The new AFL football.
The harsh punishment handed out to Essendon by Andrew Demetriou over Essendon's sports supplement scandal  demonstrates the power he wields as head of the AFL.
2013-426 19Aug13  Choice in Australia today.
Highlighting the lack of real choice that voters and farmers experience today.
2013-443 26Aug13  In, outsourced.
Outsourcing jobs often results in poorer service.
2013-439 23Aug13  You have crossed the line.
Pointing out that conventional warfare is just as brutal as chemical warfare in terms of lives lost.
2013-429 20Aug13  Not paying tax.
Austrian shoppers buying online from overseas sites do not have to pay GST on goods under the value of $1,000.  A practice that has been heavily criticised by the business community.
2013-433 21Aug13  Maternity leave funding vehicle.
Funding for Abbott's paid maternity leave scheme to be partially funded by lower returns to retirees' share investments.
2013-430 20Aug13  Expert economic commentary.
So called expert economic commentary often comes laced with the commentator's economic biases or vested interests.
2013-425 19Aug13  The political campaign trail.
Fear and greed have become key factors in election campaigns.
2013-417P 1Aug13  Weighing up the cost.
Increase in the tax on cigarettes and the health risks of smoking.
2013-415 1Aug13 The Bombers logo.
The Essendon football club mired in a performance enhancing drugs scandal.
2013-414 31July13Following boats boats.
The perils of asylum seekers coming to Australia on boats.

July  2013
2013-399 24July13 Cyclist who admits he has taken drugs.
Widespread use of drugs in professional cycling.
2013-397 24July13  Shocking!
Rudd's attempts to stop Asylum seeker boats coming by introducing tough new measures.
2013-402 26July13 Still whip your arse.
Lighter look the latest call for a ban on parents hitting their children.
2013-398 25July13  Salary sacrificing.
A look at the inequities of salary sacrificing for high income earners.
2013-396 24July13  The school to work transition crossing.
Rising youth unemployment making it harder for young people to make the transition from school to work.
2013-393 23July13  The media's current view of the world.
Media obsession with the new royal baby.
2013-390 22July13  Today's Jekyll and Hyde.
Widespread abusive behaviour on social media.
2013-385 19July13  Filling her up.
Attempts by the government to curtail excesses in the salary sacrifice scheme and the fierce opposition to this move by vested interests who benefit from this scheme at the expense of the general taxpayers.
2013-384P 18June13  Heading for the touchline.
Went with article on a streaker at the state of Origin Rugby match.  Queensland won the match for the tenth consecutive time.
2013-381 17July13  Terminator five.
Rudd's plan to ditch the carbon tax in favour of an emissions trading scheme.
2013-380 17July13 Preparing for the off field cricket battle.
Infighting in the Australian test cricket team.
2013-377 16July13  Political version of battleships.
Refugees arriving by boat being used as pawns in game of politics.
2013-347 3July13  Life after politics for Julia.
Musing on the way Julia Gillard was treated during her time as Prime Minister
2013-369 12July13  NBN head Mike Quigley quitting.
The head of the National Broadband Network quitting halfway through the job.
2013-368 12July13 Phoenix rising for the ashes.
Rookie test cricketer Ashton Agar's 98 run stand keeps Australia's hopes of winning the Ashes alive.
2013-362 10July13  Budgie smugglers.
Rudd's surge in the polls since becoming Prime Minister.
2013-359 9July13  Rudd leadership rules.
Kevin Rudd to attempting to make Labor's internal organisation more democratic and accountable.
2013-353 5July13  Send a taxation accountant.
The large number of multinational companies using offshore tax havens to avoid paying tax.
2013-346 3July13  Current attempts to reduce homelessness.
Piecemeal and ineffective attempts to curb rising homelessness in Australia.
2013-344 2July13 Shadows on the wall.
A look at the high prevalence of family violence.
2013-340 1July13  Change in the political weather.
The ascendency of Rudd clouding Abbott's sunny political skies.
2013-336 28June13  Rudd, Gillard male and female symbols.
Gender view of the Rudd coup.