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June  2013

2013-333 27June13  Rudd phoenix rising.
Rudd's replacement of Julia Gillard as leader of the ALP.
2013-331 26June13  Moving towards tackling global warming.
Barrack Obama's commitment to tackle global warming at odds with Abbott's position on global warming.
2013-326 25June13  Sweatshops.
Using sweatshop conditions for Bangladeshi workers as a segue to job loses in Australia, which are often a result of jobs going overseas to low wage countries.
2013-322 24June13  The supply chain.
Australian retailers buying clothes from Bangladeshi factories where staff working in appalling conditions.
2013-317 21June13 Sweeping global warming under the carpet.
evidence of man made global warming too big to ignore.
2013-308 18June  The election races.
With Julia Gillard in an unwinnable position and disunity within the ALP's ranks tony Abbott is getting an easy ride to the next election.
2013-311 19June13  Peace talks with the Taliban.
The Taliban still deeply committed to war despite peace talks with the US.
2013-300 14June13  Big brother is watching you, and so is big mother and father.
A lighter look at internet surveillance.
2013-305 17June13  Food labelling today.
The prevalence of inaccurate labelling on food products.
2013-296 13June13  Where's Telstra pit asbestos removal Wally.
Using the popular 'Where's Wally?' Children's book series to highlight the shoddy way asbestos has been removed from Telstra's pits during the NBN rollout.
2013-293 12June13 The racism roundabout.
The cycle of poverty and ignorance a significant factor propelling racist attacks.
2013-294 12June13  Geelong Target.
Target sacks 260 staff at its head office in Geelong.
2013-291 10June13  How Labor is travelling in opinion polls.
Kevin Rudd lifting Labor's chances at the next election while Julia Gillard is pulling those chances down.
2013-287 6June13  Bananas in pyjamas to be cut.
Possible cutting of the ABC children's television program Bananas in Pyjamas.
2013-289P 6June13 Target layoff notice.
Went with article about likely job losses at Target's head office in Geelong.
2013-286 6June13  Labor's one foot in the grave.
The ALP facing a possible electoral wipe out in the upcoming election.

May  2013
2013-248 21May13  Play school betting odds.
Sports betting adds shown during children's television hours.
2013-280P 13May13  Redheads that won't light.
Went with article on former One Nation leader making yet another attempt to get into parliament.
2013-279 3June13  NBN rollout so far.
Another look at the NBN rollout problems caused by the difficulty in removing asbestos from old Telstra pits.
2013-274 31May13  NBN cable rollout.
Removing asbestos from Telstra pits causing major health and safety problems for contractors working on the National Broadband network rollout.
2013-268 30tMay13 Politician with a conscience.
recent attempts by Australian politicians to vote themselves large pay and allowance increases.
2013-261 27May13  Sports coverage today.
Television sports coverage increasingly becoming just a vehicle to spruik online gambling.
2013-260 17May13  Biggest impact on children.
The adverse impact of junk food ads bigger than that of sports betting adds.
2013-257 24May13  What does Ford cost to run?
Massive subsidies that have been given to Ford in recent years.
2013-252 23May13  Geelong football club sponsor.
Looking at the closure of Ford's Geelong plant through the lens of Ford's sponsorship of the Geelong Football club.
2013-245 TV 20May13  Sports coverage today.
Tom Waterhouse's saturation gambling adds and the coverage of his and his family's alleged betting indiscretions.
2013-237 20May13  Government debt as a percentage of GDP.
Pointing out the the Australian government debt level is not as bad as some pundits make it out to be.
2013-241 17May13  You will get our vote Craig.
Craig Thomson's announcement that he will run as an independent in the next election.  He is under a cloud over alleged misuse of a credit card to pay for sex with prostitutes.
2013-233 14May13  Australian version of Old Mother Hubbard.
Different take on Gillard's budget black hole.
2013-235P 13May13  What won't be in the budget.
Went with article on responses to the budget by ordinary voters.
2013-232 14May13  Memorials that we should have.
As well as being vigilant about the horrors of war we should also be vigilant about the horrors of major economic depressions.
2013-231P 13May13  2013 federal budget carrot.
Went with article on there being less money to spend in the 2013 federal budget due to the budget deficit.
2013-228 13May13  Reactions to the falling Aussie dollar.
The falling Australian dollar giving some relief to the Australian manufacturing industry crippled by the high dollar.
2013-224 10May13  Passing on more than the RBA rate cut.
The ANZ have been lauded for passing on to their customers more than the Reserve Bank’s latest official interest rate cut, but when compared to the massive profits the ANZ and other major Australian banks have made in recent years it seems somewhat miserly.
2013-219 9May13  Supply and demand today.
Drawn in response to two articles. One on the acute shortage of affordable housing for poor people and the other on on rising number of homeless young people.
2013-218 8May13  Budget promises applied to family finances.
String of broken budget promises by the government.
2013-130 29Mar13  Eggs.
Excessive fees that super funds charge their customers.
2013-210 6May13  Animal Farm today.
Orwellian view of voter choice.
2013-206 3May13 Gay marriage but never gay divorce.
Using the gay marriage debate to look at acrimonious divorces amongst heterosexual couples.
2013-201 1May13  Jesus' crown of thorns.
Child sexual cover-ups by sections of the church hierarchy.
2013-199 30April13  The state of the Australian economy today.
Record profits by the major banks in stark contrast to how many poorer Australians are fairing.
2013-198 30April13  Black holes.
Julia Gillard's government deficit and Tony Abbott's failure to recognise global warming as a threat.

April  2013
2013-193 29April13  Economic black holes.
A sideways look at the Government's announcement of a budget black hole due to the downturn in the world economy.
2013-184 23April13  Our greatest fear.
Fear of terrorism often overshadows much more pressing  threats.
2013-188 25April13  Inflation forecast.
Esoteric view of the negative impact deflation has on the economy.
2013-187 24April13  The fallen, past and present.
Using the commemoration of those who have fallen in war to look at the current epidemic of alcohol abuse.
2013-183 23April13  Overpopulation milestone.
overpopulation threatening us all.
2013-181P 22April13  Broadcasting realistic gambling odds.
Went with article on a new code banning bookmakers from promoting live odds during sporting events.
2013-180  22April13  Very strict detention policy
Went with article on plans to house children of asylum seekers in the Curtin detention centre.
2013-179 22April13  Hollow promise.
Plans to house children of asylum seekers in the Curtin detention centre.
2013-174 19April13  Democracy in America.
Commenting on how the National Rifle Association was able to shaft tighter gun legislation even though the vast majority of the American public were in favour of it.
2013-172 18April13  Why we need wide screen televisions.
A look at the obesity epidemic.
2013-167 16April13  The ultra marathon.
The battle to win the war on terrorism going to be a very long one.
2013-166 16April13  Treating the Boston marathon wounded.
Using the Boston marathon bombing as a segue to highlight the savage injuries inflicted on many of the US soldiers who fought in the Iraq war.
2013-161 15April13  Political choice today.
The poor state of Australian politics today offering voters very poor choices.
2013-158 12April13  Today's most exclusive club.
The difficulty of finding permanent full time work in the current economic climate.
2013-153 11April13 Fast train development.
political maneuverings  will be the main impediment to the development of an Australian high speed rail network.
2013-152 10April13  Country internet speed roads.
Using country roads as a metaphor for the different internet speeds proposed for the national broadband network.
2013-148P 9April13  Floral tributes to Margaret Thatcher.
Went with article on the death of Margaret Thatcher.
2013-149P 9April13  Abbott's proposed NBN coverage.
Went with article on Abbott's broadband plan to counter Gillard's national broadband network rollout.
2013-146 9April13  New look Holden car.
Heavy government subsidies lavished on Holden has failed to stem further job losses.
2013-142 8April13  Significant threats to human health.
The latest bird flu epidemic threat and Kim Jong-un's war threats.
2013-139 4April13
Kim Jong-un's peace symbol.

Kim Jong-un's war threats.
2013-138 3April13  Shedding light on child sexual abuse.
The Royal Commission into child sexual abuse will shed more light on these offences than the Church ever did.
2013-133 2April13  Playing soccer on the Korean peninsular.
Rinsing tension between North and South Korea.

March  2013
2013-129 29Mar13  Buying milk directly from the farmer.
Plans by supermarkets to buy milk directly from dairy farmers threatens to further erode the already tenuous bargaining power of these farmers.
2013-125 28Mar13  Superannuation for the marginalised.
Inequity in the Australian superannuation.
2013-119 15Mar13  Population and infrastructure growth.
Infrastructure growth not keeping up with population growth.
2013-120 24Mar13  Enough rope.
The fending off of the latest challenge from Rudd has only given Gillard yet more rope to hang herself with.
2013-117 13Mar13  AFL vice captains.
Drug and alcohol problems plaguing the Australian Football League.
2013-114 12Mar13  Coping with the latest record heatwave.
Series of record temperatures across the world undermining the argument against global warming.
2013-113 10Mar13  WA landslide.
Labor defeated in a Landslide in the Western Australian elections bodes ill for Julia Gillard in the upcoming Federal election.
2013-111 7Mar13  Global warming level playing field.
Global warming adversely effecting everyone.
2013-107 6Mar13  Guess which boat is considered the greater threat?
The massive numbers of jobs moving offshore more damaging to Australia than refugee arrivals.
2013-104 5Mar13  El Nino today.
Record breaking hot weather and the return of the dryer El Nino weather pattern making it very tough on farmers.

February  2013
2013-100 15Feb13  The Australian pied piper.
Massive media speculation on whether Kevin Rudd will challenge Julia Gillard.
2013-096 14Feb13  The big picture today.
Society's fixation on trivial events while the big picture is so often ignored.
2013-091 12Feb13  Drugs In sport in carrot and stick.
Lax policies to curb the use of  performance enhancing drugs by elite sports people and the big financial incentives to take these drugs.
2013-094 13Feb13  Pope mobiles.
The resignation of Pope Benedict.
2013-087 11Feb13  Market forces today.
Plans to fine parents if their child is absent from school with out a good reason.
2013-080 6Feb13  The magic corruption pudding.
Drawn in response to a number of high profile corruption cases in Australia.  The Magic pudding is a traditional Australian tale about a pudding that can be endlessly eaten.
2013-043 21Jan13  Maps of Australia.
Australian weather extremes.
2013-071 4Feb13  Gillard election campaign launch.
Gillard's election campaign off to a shaky start.
2013-066 1Feb13  Migrating birds.
A number of violent storms across the country.

January  2013
2013-063 31Jan13  Aussie farm birds.
Flooding in Queensland.
2013-061 28Jan13 Australia Day after.
A look at the consumerism  that pervades Australia Day.
2013-060  28Jan13  The map of Australia this week.
Extensive flooding in much of Queensland.
2013-056 25Jan13  Today's definition of being unpatriotic.
Increasingly shallow definition of what it means to be a patriotic Australian.
2013-052 25Jan13  Hospital funding cutback knife.
Big cutbacks in hospital funding for Australian hospitals.
2013-050 23Jan13  Nova Peris' sporting career.
Celebrity sports star Nova Peris being offered a federal ALP seat.
2013-047 22Jan13  Fire containment lines this Summer.
Numerous large out of control bushfires this Summer that have repeatedly jumped fire containment lines.
2013-042 21Jan13  Today's minefield.
Obesity and ill health due to excessive consumption of junk food.
2013-041P 18Jan13  Five minute parking batting.
Went with article on Australia's poor batting performance.
2013-038 18Jan13  Media coverage of Obama's gun control initiative.

Aggressive campaigning against Obama's gun control initiative by the National Rifle Association
2013-033 17Jan13  WARNING smoking is a fire hazard.
The high fire risk discarded cigarette buts pose.
2013-032 16Jan13  The Olympics without cycling.
The International Olympic Committee considering dropping cycling until the sport cleans up its act.
2013-026 14Jan13  Australian bushfire coat of arms.
Widespread bushfires in Australia.
2013-025P 11Jan13 church pulpit in the coming months.
Went with article on the coming royal commission into church child sexual abuse.
2013-024 11Jan13  Victims of church sexual abuse scales of justice.
After decades of agitation victims of church sexual abuse finally getting justice in form of a royal commission
2013-017 8Jan13  Neighbourhood safer place distances in Australia.
The rising importance of neighbourhood safer places in the minds of rural Australians.
2013-016 Beach lifeguards this week.
Widespread bushfires in Australia, some of which have come right down to coastal beaches.
2013-014P 7Jan12  Map of Tasmania fires Australia.
Went with article on the recent extensive bushfires in the Tasmania.
2013-002 2Jan13  His country town was slowly dying.
Small Austrian country towns slowly dying due to migration to cities and larger regional centres.
2013-008 4Jan13   Map of Australia this Summer.
Very hot weather across the country in line with the Weather Bureau's forecast of a hot Summer.
2013-004 3Jan13 How you can live on on the 35 dollars a day Newstart allowance.
Drawn in response Labor Families minister Jenny Macklin claim that a person could live on the $35 a day Newstart allowance.
2013-001 1Jan13 Hard to keep New Year resolutions.
The high level of mud raking that both Prime Minister Gillard and Opposition leader Abbott undertook in 2012.