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December  2012

2013-348 4July2013  Multiculturalism in Egypt.
Political and social unrest in Egypt.
2012-759 21Dec12  Next year's calendar.
Putting to bed the Mayan doomsday calendar prediction and renewed hope for a better year in 2013.
2012-757 20Dec12  Just ignorant superstition.
Extreme Christian religious doomsday doctrine just as outlandish as the Mayan doomsday calendar.
2012-756 19Dec12  Why Santa still uses reindeers.
the annual Christmas holiday petrol price hike.
2012-751 18Dec12  Tony Abbott popularity low tide.
Despite support for the Liberal Party in general Tony Abbott's popularity continues to fall.
2012-746 17Dec12  The level playing field today.
The level playing field is not as level as it is made out to be.
2012-747P 17Dec12  VCE results.
Went with article on VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) results.
2012-745 17Dec12 The American flag today.
The almost daily occurrence of shooting massacres in America.
2012-741 Little Red Riding Hood today.
The predatory practices of mobile phone companies as they spruik complex and often misleading mobile phone plans to young people, especially young women.
2012-736 12Dec12  Another Ginger Meggs.
Red headed PM Julia Gillard and the recent poor ranking that the Australian education system received in the global education tests report. Ginger Meggs is an iconic Australian comic book character who was a poor scholar.
2012-735 12Dec12  Very violent TV.
A look at the rise of violence on the streets and the extreme violence many children are subjected to on TV screens.
2012-733 11Dec12  Different views of the economy.
Reinterpreting Robert Kennedy's  dictum that "The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment"
2012-727 10Dec12  Extracting a budget surplus.
Attempts to get a budget surplus at all costs causing a lot of pain with little result.
2012-726 7Dec12  Transport myth and reality.
Esoteric look at the realities of modern city driving.
2012-720 5Dec12  I've been to schoolies week.
Schoolies week dogged by a lot of violent incidences.
2012-719 5Dec12 Christmas rate cuts.
The Reserve Bank rate cut not being passed on in full by the big banks.
2012-718 4Dec12  The new royal carriage.
Prince William and his wife Catherine expecting a baby.
2012-708 30Nov12  The elephant in the ceiling.
The Threat of Global warming potential a much greater threat than the current economic woes.

November  2012
2012-704 28Nov12 City dweller's image of Australia.
City dwellers are largely cocooned from the reality that Australia is a very continent.
2012-698 27Nov12  Politics is just like cricket.
Musing that politics is played with similar tactics to cricket but with much more deadly intent.
2012-699 27Nov12  The Murray Darling basin water allocation cake.
Attempts to undermine the Murray Darling basin plan.
2012-695 23Nov12  Cracking down on betting.
The Racing Integrity commissioner cracking down hard on jockeys placing bets on horse races.
2012-694 23Nov12  Asylum seekers' punch and Judy show.
Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott both getting much tougher on asylum seekers.
2012-690 21Nov12  Asylum seekers musical chairs.
Australian offshore detention facilities completely overloaded.
2012-686 20Nov12  Political leaders popularity race.
Rudd and Turnbull are the voters' preferred leaders over Prime Minister Gillard and opposition leader Abbott.
2012-681 19Nov12  The three wise men today.
The pressure to get into debt at Christmas time at Christmas time.
2012-679 16Nov12  The medical case against euthanasia.
Excessive medical intervention often gets in the way of people dying naturally and with dignity.
2012-678 16Nov12  A workplace romance.
More Job losses at Ford.
2012-673 15Nov12  Judge and jury in the Middle East.
The commonplace use of missiles in the Middle East to assassinate people and as a form of retaliation.
2012-674 15Nov12  Keating's view of Australia's future.
A Speech by Paul Keating advocating that Australia's future lies with Asia.
2012-667 14Nov12  Unearthing sexual abuse in in the church.
The Royal Commission into sexual abuse in the church likely to unearth much evidence of sexual abuse and at a faster rate.
2012-666 13Nov12  Racing today.
Damien Oliver betting scandal highlights the practice of jockeys betting on horses.
2012-665P 12Nov12  Signs that homelessness is on the rise.
Went with article on a rise in the number of homeless people.
2012-663 13Nov12  Crucifixions.
The church's abuse of young people in their charge.
2012-660 9Nov12  The sexual abuse inquiry confessional.
The Catholic church not forthcoming with information on sexual abuse.
2012-655 8Nov12  Using electricity.
The increasing complexity involved in the supply of electricity.
2012-654 7Nov12  The media's map of the world during the American election.
Saturation coverage of the American election.
2012-652 6Nov12  Flying the American flag today.
the impact of hurricane Sandy on America.
2012-647 5Nov12  The economics horse race.
Using the Spring racing carnival as a springboard to highlight Australia's lacklustre economic
2012-645 2Nov12  Short Melbourne Cup odds.
Drawn in response to an article on excessive consumption of alcohol at the Melbourne cup.
2012-638 31Oct12  Finding religious common ground in New York.
A look at how adversity can bring people of different religious faiths together.
2012-639 31Aug12  Mickey mouse Imperial stormtrooper,
Comic look at Disney buying Lucasfilm, the owner of the Star Wars franchise.

October  2012

2012-633 30Oct12 The mother of all Mary Poppins.
Hurricane Sandy hitting New York.
2012-628 26Oct12  Modern version of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.
Using May Gibb's famous Snugglepot and Cuddlepie children's books as a metaphor for the collapse of the Banksia Financial Group.  In the books the Banksia men were the evil villains.
2012-627 26Oct12  Mining policies back in 2010.
Revelations that Julia Gillard took an active role in the demise of Kevin Rudd back in 2010.
2012-619 25Oct12  Lance Armstrong's career speed hump.
Lance Armstrong's drug taking disgrace.
2012-622 24Oct12  Australian Mr. potato head.
Concerns raised by the Australian potato growing industry over the importation of New Zealand potatoes due to potato diseases in New Zealand that are not present in Australia.
2012-603 9Oct12  Men and women's sport.
Media coverage of elite sport heavily favours men's sport.
2012-616 22Oct12  Marching into Afghanistan.
The cost of the Afghan war on the ordinary soldier.
2012-612 Twitter privacy. 
he dangers of tweeting as if you are having a private conservation.
2012-608 11Oct12  The ascent of man?
Modern man still not able to eradicate the scourge of unemployment.
2012-606 10Oct12  Political cannonballs.
Misogyny and feminism used as weapons in the Peter Slipper debate.
2012-593 3Oct12  Scarecrow, scarefarmer.
Australian farmers' worried over the return of the El Nino dry weather pattern.
2012-601 8Oct12  The family man politician.
A look behind the mask of the 'family man' politician.
2012-595 4Oct12 Little red riding hoods.
The sexualisation of young girls by the fashion industry.
2012-594 4Oct12  The mining booms.
A look at the mining boom in Australia and the large profits Australian banks are making, which are partially fuelled by the charges imposed on customers.
2012-592 3Oct12  The banks passing on.
The banks habit of not passing on the full reserve bank's rate cuts to its customers while at the same time heaping them with large bank fees.
2012-591 2Oct12  Measuring a child's growth.
Rapid increase in childhood obesity.
2012-587 1Oct12  Alan Jones forced to eat his words.
Fiery talk back commentator Alan Jones forced to back peddle after inappropriate comments about Julia Gillard's father.
2012-582 28Sept12 The glass footpath.
Drawn in response to the  abduction and murder of Jill Meagher. This cartoon takes a broader view of the threat to all women walking the footpaths.

September  2012

2012-577 27Sept12  The new Aussie banknotes.
Using the planned introduction of new Australian banknotes to highlight the difficult job market.
2012-576 26Sept12  Football coin tosses.
Football manufacturer Sherrin's controversial use of child labour to make their footballs.
2012-571 25Sept12  Missing notices.
Drawn in response to the abduction of Jill Meagher off a Melbourne Street.  This cartoon takes a broader look at safety in the community.
2012-569P 24Sept12  Brownlow fashion positions.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on fashion at the AFL Brownlow medal night.
2012-568 24Sept12  Falling commodity prices.
Loss of government revenue due to falling commodity prices threatening Wayne Swan's budget surplus plans.
2012-558 19Sept12  El Nino has visited Australia before.
Drier conditions in South Eastern Australia heralding another El Nino dry weather cycle.
2012-559 20Sept12  Lighting the religious violence fuse.
Violence upon others often leads to violence being perpetrated on you.
2012-560 20Sept12  Bridging the cultural divide in Australia.
Esoteric view of the Muslim cultural divide.
2012-545 13Sept12  Only a small cut to to the CFA budget.
Funding cuts damaging the Country Fire Authority's ability to fight fires.
2012-556P 18Sept12  Fireman's old flame.
Went with article on the coming fire season in Australia.
2012-549 14Sept12  Australia's endless campaigns.
A look at the endless rejigging of Australia's refugee policy.
2012-552 17Sept The Values being taught to the young.
Indoctrination of young people in the use of violence to solve disputes.
2012-548 14Sept12 The American Flag.
Anti American protests in the middle east and America's efforts in saving the world from totalitarianism in the 1940's.
2012-480 15Aug12  Aussie manufacturing bushfire.
Large numbers of job losses in the manufacturing sector consistent with damage caused by a bushfire.
2012-543 12Sept12  It's what's inside that counts.
Parody of the slogan on Peter Stuyvesant cigarette packets.  The slogan has been placed to counter the effect of cigarette plain packaging legislation.
2012-540P 11Sept12  Generation XL.
Went with article on Generation Y being heavier drinkers and smokers than Generation Y but that Generation Y were fatter.
2012-534 10Sept12  Services easily accessible to teenagers.
Lack of services for teenagers but easy access to things like alcohol and gambling.
2012-535 10Sept12  Social intersection.
Sharp increase in crime linked to increase in economic hardship.
2012-526 5Sept12 Gina Rinehart comments on stair users.
Gina Rinehart's comment that Australians need to work harder ignores the fact that her privileged background has made life much easier for her than the average worker.
2012-528 6Sept12  How to trap a monkey.
Using the monkey trap as e metaphor for the dept trap.
2012-524 4Sept12  Education revolutions.
Julia Gillard's education revolution and the revolt by Victorian teachers over wages and conditions.  Ted Baillieu is the Premier of Victoria.
2012-515 29Aug12  Lowering the carbon floor price.
Gillard's announcement of a flexible carbon floor price.
2012-522P 3Sept12  Window shopping today.
Went with article about a downturn in retail sales.
2012-521 3Sept12  Better education.
Rising crime rate linked to education inequality.
2012-518 31Aug12 Green and blue on grey.
A look at the fear and suspicion caused by the green on blue killings in Afghanistan.

August  2012

2012-517 30Aug12  Super trawler bycatch.
Super trawlers threatening the livelihoods of smaller trawlers.
2012-512 28Aug12  Views of a glass. 
Using the glass half full half empty metaphor to highlight the habit of many Australians to be extremely pessimistic even when times are relatively good.
2012-513 28Aug12 Andrew Demetriou holding the man.
A look at the AFL's new campaign declaring war on homophobia.  'Holding the man' is AFL game rule.
2012-510P 27Aug12  Education doors today.
Funding cuts reducing opportunities for people to enrol in TAFE courses.
2012-508 27Aug12  A giant leap for mankind.
Using the moon landing to remind people of the giant leap that will be needed to avert the more destructive elements of global warming.
2012-502 24Aug12  National park signs.
Victorian State Government allowing mining and commercial tourist development in national parks.
2012-498 23Aug12  Qantas economic logo.
Qantas' posting of a 244 Million dollar loss.
2012-496 22Aug12  ADF training according to the Sex Discrimination Commissioner.
Claims by the Sex Discrimination Commissioner of discriminatory practices in the ADF.
2012-489 19Aug12  Julian Assange gunboat diplomacy.
England's efforts to extract Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.
2012-490 20Aug12  Education funding.
Education reduced to somewhat ruthless manipulations of funding.
2012-486 17Aug12  Racing support vehicles.
Corruption in the Australian racing industry.
2012-483 16July12  Army cigarette plain packaging.
Quirky take on the Australian government introducing cigarette plain packaging.  The colour being an olive green.
2012-481 15July12  Asylum seekers monopoly board.
The reintroduction of offshore processing for asylum seekers
2012-477 14July12  Gillard's asylum seekers policy shadow.
Julia Gillard adopting much of John Howard's original policy of processing asylum seekers offshore.
2012-474 13Aug12  The Syrian games.
Using the Olympic symbol to highlight the games the Syrian government is playing as it tries to retain power.
2012-472 10Aug12  The light on the hill electricity bill.
Rapidly rising cost of electricity damaging Labor's core constituency.
2012-468 9Aug12  Saint George and the dragons.
The carbon tax seen by many as a threat while the much bigger threat of global warming is often ignored.
2012-466 8Aug12  Extension cord problem.
Excessive electricity use a bigger cause of high energy bills than the carbon tax.
2012-463 7Aug12  Four eyes, five eyes.
Obsessive viewing of the London Olympics by some.
2012-460 6Aug12  The political impact of the carbon tax.
The political impact of the carbon tax stronger than its actual impact.
2012-453 3Aug12 Participating in Sport.
Look at passively watching elite sport as opposed to actively playing sport.
2012-441 30July12  The view of our world in the next few days.
The fixation on the London Olympics at the expense of most other news.
2012-449 1Aug12  Songs that inspire Australians.
Wayne Swan's declaration that he is inspired by the singer Bruce Springsteen sparking a succession of comments about inspirational music.
2012-444 31July12  Going for gold in Bangladesh.
30% rise in the world wheat price threatening the poor.

July  2012

2012-442 30Juky12  Incentive for Australian swimmers to swim faster.
Harsh criticism  of the Australian swimming team by the media for not performing as well as expected.
2012-433 25July12  Economic Olympic games.
The European Union and America still performing poorly.
2012-434 26July12  Disability insurance scheme just around the corner.
Dispute over funding for the disability insurance scheme holding up the implementation of the scheme.
2012-432P 25Juky12  Leisel Jones' body.
Went with article on media criticism of Olympic swimmer Leisel Jones' body shape.
2012-431 25July12  Climb a tree app.
Today's children not as active as previous generations due to technology.
2012-425 23July12  We seem to be losing height.
Signs that the Australian mining boom is drawing to an end.
2012-426 23July12  Gun control in America.
Spate of shooting massacres in America augmented by its liberal gun laws.
2012-420P  Jack Cowin's Shadow.
Went with story about Jack Cowan, a supporter of Gina Rinehart, being appointed to the Fairfax board.
2012-421 20July12  The domino effect in Syria.
The brutal Assad regime in Syria reaping what it sows.
2012-410 13July12  The Chinese economy slowing down.
The Chinese economy still doing miles better than the American economy.
2012-408P 12July12  Why women like reading about sex.
Went with article on why women like reading novels about sex.
2012-404 11July12  Afghan male and female symbols.
The regular execution of women in Afghanistan by Afghani males.
2012-403 11July12  Aussies towing boats.
Abbott's expressed intention of having boats coming to Australia with asylum seekers on board towed back to Indonesia.
2012-400 10July12  When prices drop like a stone.
Companies driving their staff wages and conditions down in order to beat their competitors' prices.
2012-396 9July12  The impact of the carbon tax.
Exaggerations from both sides of politics about the impact of the carbon tax.