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June  2012

2012-403 11July12  Aussies towing boats.
Abbott's expressed intention of having boats coming to Australia with asylum seekers on board towed back to Indonesia.
2012-388 28June12  Asylum seekers lifeguard.
Politics hindering the implementation of an effective asylum seekers policy capable of curbing the number of asylum seekers who drown at sea trying to reach Australia.
2012-386 27June12  Show and Telstra tell.
Telstra caught out passing on information about what websites their customers visit to a third party.
2012-384P 26June12  Land of the very long black cloud.
To go with article on Fairfax planning to contract some sub editing work to New Zealand.
2012-380 26June12  The three little Fairfax pigs.
Gina Rinehart's bid for control of an already severely weakened Fairfax.
2012-377 25June12  Happy with current asylum seeker policy.
Current asylum seeker policy costing lives.
2012-374 22June12  Today's gingerbread man.
Julian Assange like the gingerbread man, everyone seems to be after him.
2012-371 21June12  Census anomaly.
Looks at the results of the recent Australian census.
2012-369 20June12  Rolling back the red carpet.
High Court ruling that funding chaplains in government schools is unconstitutional.
2012-366P  19June12  The apple isle.
Went with article about Tasmanian State government's economic woes.
2012-364 19June  Tough times.
Massive staff cutbacks at Fairfax.  As part of these cutbacks the Age newspaper is to be reduced in size from a broadsheet to a a tabloid.
2012-360 18June12  Significant environmental damage or road kill?
Applying a different set of standards when evaluating bird deaths caused by wind farm turbine blades to bird deaths caused by cars.
2012-359 Alan Jones climate research.
Went with article on the Australian Communications and Media Authority ruling that Alan Jones had broadcast inaccurate information on climate change.
2012-358 15June12  Teaching children today.
Drawn in response to furore over schools banning contact in the playground including holding hands.
2012-352 13June12  Performance pay for politicians.
Calls for performance pays for teachers by some politicians.
2012-345 12June12  Drones.
Obtuse look at the increased use of military drones.
2012-343 your retirement scheme is too generous.
Response to a comment by a politician that the pension age needs to be raised because it is too generous.
2012-342 8June12  Interpreting economic statistics.
The jaundiced way politicians look on economic statistics and the actual impact of those statistics on ordinary people.
2012-339P 7June12  The dirt not on Craig Thomson.
Went with article on the conflicting Craig Thomson prostitute stories that channels Seven and Nine put to air and the fight that has ensued between them.
2012-337 7June12  Reflections on the rat race and racism.
The economic rat race demeans us all, regardless of our colour or nationality.
2012-336 6June12  Crash test dummies today.
A different take of the latest stock market crash.
2012-327 4June12  Cleaning the streets.
Widespread alcohol abuse eclipsing the illegal drug problem.
2012-328 4June12  Large stock market slide.
A child's view of the latest stock market turmoil.
2012-325 1June12  The definition of modest today.
Contrasting the latest minimum wager rise, which has been described as modest, with the burgeoning sizes of CEO salary packages.
2012-324 1June12 Market forces applied to water.
A look at what will happen if water is seen purely as a commodity to be bought and sold.
2012-319 31May12  The dog on the tuckerbox today.
Pressure to meet tighter delivery deadlines being put on transport companies by the major supermarket chains.

May  2012

2012-317 29May12  Old MacDonald had a farm.
Relentless urban sprawl eating up good farmland.
2012-318P 29May12  Men's toilet comparisons today.
Went with article on the different activities people do while tweeting, including the toilet.
2012-316 29May12  Mining sector skills training today.
The mining sector importing workers on temporary visas on the pretext that there is a skills shortage while at the same time doing little in the way of skills training.
2012-311 28May12  Murray Darling Authority water divining.
Murray Darling Authority under siege from all sides over the latest draft plan.
2012-308 25May12  Economic theory and practice.
Economic practices are always more brutal and unjust than the economic theories they spring from.
2012-307 25May12  Crag Thomson stretched to the limit.
Gillard and Rudd both guilty of using Craig Thomson for their political aims.
2012-305 24May12  TAFE Tertiary and fewer educated.
Funding cuts to TAFE by the Victorian State Government.
2012-304 23May12  The Facebook share float bubble.
The Facebook share float fell well short of expectations.
2012-302 22May12  An Aussie in Africa.
Putting a world perspective on opposition to the installation of National Broadband Network towers on health grounds.
2012-299P 21May12  Where Craig Thomson stands.
Went with article about Craig Thomson's speech in parliament refuting misconduct allegations made against him.
2012-297 21May12  Craig Thomson explaining his conduct.
Craig Thomson's somewhat lame defence of his conduct in the face of the misconduct allegations made against him.
2012-291 17May12  The changing map of Australia.
The mining boom is having a big impact on the economic and social fabric of Australia.
2012-295P 17May12  List of courses.
Went with article on TAFE funding cutbacks by the Victorian Government.
2012-294 18May12  Level playing fields.
Questioning the concept of the level playing field often used in reference to free trade and industrial relations reform.
2012-291 17May12  The changing map of Australia
Conventional economic wisdom unable to cope with the current world economic malaise.
2012-286 15May12  The heaviest polluters awards.
Drawn in response to the World Wildlife Fund releasing a list of the heaviest polluting countries in an effort to shame them into action.
2012-285 15May12  Greek politicians arguing about which direction to go.
Greece seems to be sinking regardless of what its politicians do.
2012-283P 14May12  Tasmanian Tiger Qantas logo.
Went with article about another bout of job losses at Qantas.
2012-278 11May12  The big man.
Personal arrogance belittled when compared to the scale of the universe.  Sort of a variation on Shelley's Ozymandias.
2012-274 10May12  Supermarket supply chain.
supermarkets squeezing their suppliers to get cheaper goods and services.
2012-277 11May12  Tony Abbott's policy swimwear.
Abbott steadfastly refusing to reveal any major policies to the voters.
2012-273 10May12  The Budget carrot.
Gillard making good use of the mining resource tax.
2012-272 9May12  Steps towards balancing the budget.
A crack at Craig Thomson and his misuse of his credit card when he was National Secretary of the Health Services Union.
2012-268 8May12  Sandcastle budget.
Wayne Swans plan to put the budget into surplus may be swamped by the global economic conditions.
2012-260 4May12  Traffic gridlock in the future.
Lighter look at the aging population.
2012-254 2May12  What has been dropped.
The dropping of the first home buyers bonus while keeping in place negative gearing for rental  properties.
2012-261P 4May12  Newstart starter's gun.
Went with article on how difficult it is to rent a property in the current tight rental market if you are on the Newstart allowance.
2012-250 30April12  We can't reduce the pokies industry.
A look at the negative aspects of the pokies industry.
2012-258P 3May12  1st Fleet truck stop.
Went with article on 1st Fleet trucking company going into receivership with the loss of many jobs.
2012-255 3May12  Job security today.
Widespread loss of job security.
2012-253 2May12  We'll just remove this column.
The fixation on cutbacks in government spending in order to balance the budget ignores the necessity of maintaining infrastructure.
2012-252P 1May12  Passing on the rates cut.
Went with article on the latest Rates cut by the Reserve Bank and speculation whether the retail banks will pass on the full rates cut to the public.
2012-251 1May12  Billy Bunter and Ginger Meggs today.
High level of child obesity amongst Australian children.
2012-249P 30April12  Full steam ahead.
Went with article about mining magnate Clive Palmer's announcement that he intends to run for parliament.
2012-247 30April12  Distancing herself from Craig Thomson.
Prime Minister Gillard attempting to distance herself from disgraced ALP politician Craig Thomson amidst disastrous opinion polls.

April  2012

2012-243-V2 30April12  Australiastan, Afghanistan
Sharp rise in the number of shootings across the Eastern states due to bikie gang wars.
2012-245P 27April12  The pokies diet.
Went with story on the large amount of money Australians are spending on poker machines.
2012-242 27Aoril12  The phone hacking cover-up.
Rupert Murdoch's power over politicians.
2012-236 26April12  Political standards sign.
The standard of Australian political debate has hit rock bottom and they the politicians have proceeded to dig.
2012-234 24April12  The Reserve Bank gardener.
The Reserve Bank's recent cuts to interest rates have been too little too late.
2012-227 19April12  Putting pressure on the reserve bank.
Prime minister Gillard's statement that she will put pressure on the Reserve Bank to lower the official interest rate.
2012-229 20April12  Playing I spy today.
A more esoteric look at the prevalence of CCTVs in the urban landscape.
2012-226 19April12  Why Joe Hockey wants to cut welfare.
Joe Hockey's calls for cuts to welfare claiming Australia's level of spending on welfare is too high.
2012-222P 17April12  Today's road to Damascus.
Went with article of the impending inquiry into sexual abuse in the Catholic church and other Religious organisations.
2012-221 17April12  The Afghan minister for defence.
Questions about whether the Afghan government will be able withstand the attacks of the Taliban after the Australian and the other foreign forces leave Afghanistan.
2012-224P 17April12  Toyota's transport for the sacked workers.
Went with article on the harsh way the Sacked Toyota workers were dismissed.
2012-220 17April12 One eyed Collingwood supporters.
The heated falling out between Mick Malthouse and Eddie McGuire.
2012-218P 16April12  Car industry employment opportunities.
Went with article about layoffs at Toyota.
2012-216 16April12  Bob Brown, missed by all.
A reflection on Bob Brown's popularity when he was parliamentary leader of the Greens.
2012-208 3April12  The war on drugs thus far.
The failure to control illegal drugs in our society.
2012-215 5April12 The Australian economic train.
The rest of the Australian economy not benefiting from the mining sector boom.
2012-214 5April12  Teletubbies.
High prevalence of child obesity.
2012-213 4April12  The thing that scares Julia Gillard.
The threat that Craig Thomson poses to the Gillard Government.
2012-208 3April12  The war on drugs thus far.
The failure to control illegal drugs in our society.
2012-206P 1April12  Traditional island welcome.
Went with article on the flooding in Fiji.
2012-205 2April12  Choices for voters.
Using the recent limited election in Burma to highlight the low standard of Australian politics.
2012-201 31March12  The impact of global warming.
Negative impacts of uncontrolled global warming far worse than the impact of a carbon tax.

March  2012

2012-202P 30March12  I would never let it all hang out.
Went with article about Tony Abbott's comments on Julia Gillard's attire.
2012-200 30March12  Budget surplus piggybank.
Wayne Swan's predicted budget surplus melting away.
2012-196 29March12  A public servant who won't lose his job.
Musing that those politicians wanting the cut the size of the public service are unlikely to cut the parts that directly benefit them.
2012-195 28March12The house loss industry.
Quirky look at the weight loss industry and the brutality of foreclosing on a house mortgage.
2012-193P 27March12  Hitting the carbon emissions target.
The Baillieu government's scrapping of the carbon emissions reduction target.
2012-190 27March12  Implementing environmental policy today.
Ted Baillieu's scrapping of the 20% carbon reduction target.
2012-184 26March12  The map of Queensland today.
Massive loss in the Queensland election bodes ill for Federal Labor.
2012-180 23March12  Akermanis' verbal skills.
Jason Akermanis' ill considered comments about the recently deceased Jim Stynes.
2012-181 23March12  Pokies trial.
Pokies industry wanting very watered down limits on poker machine use.
2012-175 22March12  Our view of the world.
Seeing the world through the prism of the media can make us overly pessimistic.
2012-134 29Feb12  Dam levels.
Global warming creating more extreme droughts and floods.
2012-172 20March12  Where Gillard and Abbott stand on the mining tax.
Abbott's opposition to the mining tax in sync with the powerful mining industry.
2012-170 19March12  The magic pudding today.
The Australian mining boom negatively impacting on the manufacturing and tourism sectors.
2012-153 8March12  The slow Australian economy.
The Australian economy might be sluggish but but it's doing well compared to Greece's economy.
2012-161 15March12  One speed Australian economy.
Mining boom in stark contrast with the manufacturing doldrums.
2012-163P 14March12  Big rise in emissions.
Planned High Court challenge to the carbon tax.
2012-160 15March12  Global warming ascent of man.
Humankind largely ignoring the global warming threat.
2012-156 13March12  The cashless society.
Economic hardship.
2012-155 13March12  Gina Rinehart's Christmas tree.
 A look at the Rinehart family feud.
2012-154 8March12  The spirit of Australia today.
A look at the  Aussie fighting spirit in times of adversity.
2012-152 7March12  The giraffe in the corner.
The negative impact the high Aussie dollar is having on the Australian economy.
2012-150 6March12  Keeping up with the Joneses today.
A different twist on the flooding.
2012-145 5March12  The top paddock for some farmers.
Continuing widespread flooding in much of Eastern Australia.
2012-142 2March03  Kevin 007.
Julia Gillard's dumping of Kevin Rudd from the front bench.
2012-143P 2March12  Very bad case of Bali belly.
Australian caught with drugs in Bali, some of which were in his stomach.
2012-141 2March12  James Murdoch steps down.
James Murdoch gets off lightly over the News Of The World Phone Hacking scandal when compared to the staff of the News Of The World who lost their jobs.
2012-137 1March12  The quietest job in the country.
Widespread flooding has resulted in a quiet fire season in Eastern Australia.
2012-135 29Feb12  Watered down pokies reform.
The watering down of pokies reform legislation threatening scuttle the whole project.

February  2012

2012-131 28Feb12  why politicians step down.
Politicians that say they are voluntarily stepping down in reality have often been forced to step down via backroom machinations.
2012-130P 27Feb12  Parliamentary recycle bins.
The metaphorical knifing in the back that is endemic to federal politics.
2012-129 27Feb12  Victory!
The destabilisation of the Federal ALP as a result of Rudd's leadership challenge has significantly damaged Labor.
2012-125 24Feb12  Getting a ram raid education.
Inequality in the provision of education services is a factor in why some disadvantaged young turn to crime.
2012-126P 24Feb12  Kevin 05 minutes to midnight.
Kevin Rudd's high stakes leadership challenge.
2012-124 24Feb12  Bringing democracy to Afghanistan.
Using the Afghanistan conflict as a springboard to highlight the disgraceful state of Australian politics.
2012-123P 23Feb12  Rudd humpty dumpty.
Rudd's challenge to Gillard's leadership after his ousting by her when he was PM.
2012-121 23Feb12  Australia's blood sport.
The media frenzy that accompanies all political leadership battles.
2012-119 22Feb12  Quelling rioters.
The violent Bali prison riot and the ALP leadership unrest.
2012-116 21Feb12  Mutiny on the Bligh bounty.
The federal ALP leadership battle having a negative impact on Anna Bligh's election campaign.
2012-114 20Feb12  Media leaks fire hose.
Numerous leaks from within the ALP over Kevin Rudd's possible leadership challenge.
2012-113P 17Feb12  Billabong surfer.
Went with article on job cuts at Australian Surfwear  company Billabong.
2012-104 16Feb12  Qantas autopilot.
Qantas staff numbers taking a big dive with the latest round of staff cuts.
2012-112P 17Feb12  Mining industry safety gear.
Went with article about mining magnate Gina Rinehart's woeful poetry.
2012-110 17Feb12  NAB and ANZ cups.
Job loses at the ANZ bank and the start of the NAB Cup.
2012-103 14Feb16  Low income diet.
The economic impact of being laid off.
2012-100 14Feb12  Shopping around for a better bank.
Drawn in response to calls by the government for people to shop around for a better bank after the major banks raised their interest rates again.
2012-097 13Feb12  Next teller to go sign.
Massive job loses in the banking industry.
2012-098P 13Feb12  Two Bills.
Pocket toon that went with article on two gay marriage bills before parliament at the same time.
2012-099P 13Feb12  Cupid's other arrow.
Went with article on what people spend on Valentine's Day.
2012-096 13Feb12  The Greek austerity measures kick in.
Lighter twist on the social unrest in Greece over the forced austerity measures.
2012-092 10Feb12 Inspecting structural cracks.
Using the discovery of structural cracks in the new A380 Airbuses to highlight the precarious state of the European Union.
2012-091 10Feb12  Farmers to market.
The two big supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths, treating farmers who supply to them like cattle.
2012-090 9Feb12  Valentine's Day cads.
Massive job loses at Alcoa in Geelong.
2012-087 8Feb12  All you can eat profits.
Massive mining sector profits while the manufacturing is struggling.
2012-082 7Feb12 Interest rate cut barbers.
Banks' habit of not passing on the full rates cuts that the reserve bank has announced in recent months.
2012-079 6Feb12  Politicians at the beach.
Labor backbenchers feeding speculation that Julia Gillard will be replaced as PM..
2012-077 3Feb12  The export industry competitive advantage race.
High Aussie dollar crippling Australia's manufacturing export industry.
2012-078P 3Feb12  Mum's tank taxi.
Went with article about multi millionaire mining magnate Gina Rinehart's legal battle with her children.
2012-076 2Feb12  Centrelink jobs for life.
Speculating that the only safe jobs left are those involved with processing the unemployed.
2012-075 3Feb12  National sentiment today.
National sentiment often at odds with our economic choices.
2012-074 1Feb12  Fairfax Journalists' scoop story.
Mining magnate Gina Rinehart's buy up of enough Fairfax shares to get a position on the Fairfax board.
2012-073P 31Jan12  Dog on the tuckerbox today.
Supermarket price war having a negative impact on farmers.
2012-070 31Jan12  Unpatriotic country.
Furore over the burning of an Australian flag.

January  2012

2012-067 30Jan12  Australian car industry crash test dummy.
Perilous state of the Australian car industry as it struggles to compete with cheaper imported cars.
2012-059 25Jan12  Queensland, the Sunshine State.
Another bout of heavy rain and flooding in Queensland.
2012-063P 27Jan12  Issuing Tomic a ticket.
Young tennis player Bernard Tomic's multiple traffic infringements.
2012-062 27Jan12  Tent embassy that aboriginals didn't want.
A different look at the aboriginal tent embassy furore.
2012-060 26Jan12  Modern day New Guinea
Mutiny in the Papuan New Guinean army worsening the turmoil PNG is already experiencing.
2012-053 14Jan12  Bigger than ever Australia Day.
Using Australia Day to highlight the obesity epidemic in Australia.
2012-050P 23Jan12  Oh what a Toyota Layoff feeling.
Loss of 350 jobs at Toyota's Melbourne factory.
2012-052 24Jan12  Three Speed economy.
The big losers in the current economic situation is not the manufacturing industry but the Aussie battlers.
2012-049P 23Jan12  Julia's pokies policy.
Julia Gillard's watering down of Nick Xenophon's pokies reform proposal effectively is a poke in the eye for him.
2012-047 23Jan12  Doing the hokey pokie.
The complex manoeuvrings surrounding the introduction of poker machine industry reforms have greatly watered down the effectiveness of these reforms.
2012-040 19Jan12  Soft economy.
The economy might be described as soft but for individuals who have lost their jobs it's a very hard one.
2012-034 17Jan12 Where police chases often end up.
Drawn in response to a number of deaths after police pursuits.
2012-039 19Jan12  Dorothy the contract dinosaur.
Dumping of the replacement band member in the popular children's band, The Wiggles.
2012-038 18Jan12  Western Sydney drive through service.
High number of drive by shootings in Western Sydney.
2012-035 17Jan12  Costa Concordia's soup of the day.
The sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia allegedly due to human error.
2012-030 16Jan12  Technology that confounds young people.
A look at the preference for bottled water by many young people.
2012-028P 13Jan12  New ANZ staffroom.
Went with article about ANZ bank job cuts.
2012-029 14Jan12  Road kills.
A jibe at the new Winfield Cigarette packet featuring the image of a kangaroo.
2012-026 13Jan12  Today's natural disasters.
Rapidly rising cost of insurance due to the rise in natural disasters.
2012-023 12Jan12  Sending shivers down swimmers' spines.
Record breaking Summer cold snap in South Eastern Australia.
2012-022 11Jan12  Smelly foreigners
Drawn in response to Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro's statement that foreign workers smell and need to us deodorant.
2012-020P 10Jan12  Australian car industry crash test dummy.
Cheaper imported cars destroying the Australian car industry.
2012-019 10Jan12  Car industry teetering on the edge.
Precarious state of the Australian car industry as it struggles to compete with cheaper imported cars.
2012-014 9Jan12  Tougher sentencing unity.
A different take on the tougher sentencing debate.
2012-011 6Jan12 Supermarkets' view of Good Friday.
The increasing commercialisation of Easter with hot cross buns and Easter eggs on sale right after Christmas.
2012-012P 6Jan12  Meat pie and tomato ketchup.
Went with article on the Heinz tomato sauce factory moving offshore.
2012-007 6Jan12  La Nina weather pattern.
Last year's La Nina weather pattern included a large number of storms and cyclones.
2012-009P endangered Australian birds.
Went with article on plummeting Ford Falcon car sales leading to speculation that production of the Falcon may be discontinued.
2012-008 5Jan12  Dollar sign crucifixion.
The increasing commercialisation of Easter with hot cross buns and Easter eggs on sale right after Christmas.
2011-738 30Nov11  The economic outlook.
Australia in a relatively good economic position compared to the rest of the world despite tougher conditions.
2012-001 3Jan12  The other fire danger rating sign.
Ignorance and lack of preparation a big factor in bushfire risk levels.