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December  2011

2011-802P 22Dec11  When only the best lawyers will do.
Went with article about the tobacco industry's expensive legal action  over the  introduction of plan cigarette packaging.
2011-806 23Dec11  Manufacturing industry declining profits.
General slowdown in the manufacturing industry, except for arms manufacturers.
2011-799 21Dec11  European union black hole.
Retrospective on the European Union debt crisis.
2011-801P 22Dec11  The Shane Warne statue.
Went with article on the unveiling of a statue to Shane Warne.
2011-800 22Dec11  El Nino long service leave.
2011 saw a number of major floods across the country.
2011-798 21Dec11  Occupy wall street movement.
Retrospective look at the birth of the 'occupy' protest movement this year.
2011-797P 20Dec11  Current offshore processing.
Went with article about the refugee offshore processing debate that is currently raging.
2011-795 20Dec11  The Arab Spring, the English Summer.
Retrospective look at two of the key civic unrest events in 2011.
2011-791 19Dec11  Santa's Timor Sea leg gifts.
Using the Santa myth to highlight the series of drowning deaths of refugees in the Timor Sea.
2011-781 15Dec11  Progress today.
Incessant NIMBY protests stymieing attempts to tackle the major challenges facing us today.
2011-786 16Dec11  Pleasing everyone.
Fierce opposition from all quarters to the Murray-Darling Basin Commission plan to share water resources.
2011-775 13Dec11  Reducing response times.
Lighter look at the obsession with reducing emergency services response times.
2011-780 14dec11  Economic outback sign.
Quirky look at the gloomy economic forecasts.
2011-776 13Dec11  How the economic world is travelling.
The Western economy now reliant on Chinese funds to keep it afloat.
2011-770 12Dec11  European Union Santa.
The European Union bleeding funds.
2011-755 6Dec11  Laid off corporate CEO.
Sideways dig at the massive pay and bonuses corporate CEOs both get and have come to expect.
2011-768P 9Dec11  We can't wake up Jeff.
Went with article on the Wiggles not performing at Carols by candlelight for the first time in 19 years.  Wake up Jeff is one of their songs.
2011-765 9Dec11  The banks' Christmas gift.
the .25% interest rate reduction the big 4 banks gave seem miserly when compared to their massive profits.
2011-761 8Dec11  Leading them by the nose.
Very difficult for the government to control the big 4 banks.
2011-759 7Dec11  Lowering interest rates.
The big 4 Australian banks not following suit and lowering interest rates after the Reserve bank lowers the official interest rate.
2011-756 6Dec11  Raising public transport fees.
The Victorian Government's announcement of a steep rise in public transport fees highlights the disconnect with politicians' lives and those of ordinary people.
2011-750 3Dec11  The gunfight at the ALP corral.
Fierce fight at the ALP conference over whether to support gay marriage rights.
2011-745 2Dec11  The Greek butterfly effect.
The seemingly small Greek sovereign debt crisis triggering a massive chain of events on the world economic stage.
2011-746P 2Dec11  ALP conference cats amongst the pigeons.
Went with article on the contentious gay marriage debate at the ALP conference.
2011-744 2Dec11  Christmas gifts kids don't need.
The sordid underbelly of Christmas mass consumerism.
2011-743 1Dec11 Objecting to gay marriage on religious ground.
A different take on the objection to gay marriage on religious grounds.
2011-736 30Nov11  Tabloid press investigative journalist.
Dig at dubious Tabloid press activities being exposed by the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press.

November  2011

2011-734 29Nov11  Educational opportunities for all.
Lack of educational opportunities for the less abled.
2011-733P 18Nov11  Mobile phone numbers that will never run out.
Went with article on the number of available mobile phone numbers running low.
2011-730 28Nov11  Murray Darling plan release fish.
The newly released draft Murray Darling plan being savaged from all sides.
2011-727 25Nov11  Summer diving tower.
Gloomy outlook for the share market this southern hemisphere Summer.
2011-726 25Nov11  A rat in parliament.
Calling Peter Slipper a rat for taking the Speakers position ignores the Machiavellian culture that pervades parliament.
2011-725 24Nov11  This year's AFL draft.
The newly formed Western Giants football club getting the lion's share of the draft picks.
2011-718 22N0v11  The red barons.
Qantas industrial dispute damaging their customer base.
2011-719 21Nov11  The Arab Spring flowers.
Military backlash to the demonstrations in the Middle East calling for democratic reforms, known as the Arab Spring.
2011-715 21Nov11  Horse racing risk levels.
Using the debate on the risk of jumps racing to take a swipe at politicians.
2011-710 18Nov11  The return of hot weather.
Light weight toon celebrating Summer and its devotees, hot blooded young men and cool as cucumbers young women.  The dance of life goes on.
2011-693 11Nov11  Man does not live by bread alone.
Philosophical look at the epidemic of obesity in our modern society.
2011-706P 17Nov11  Nurses back at work.
Went with article on nurses continuing their industrial action despite Fair Work Australia's suspension of industrial action.
2011-704 17Nov11  The three little Aussie pigs.
The Three little pigs fable used as a bushfire preparation warning.
2011-703P 16Nov11 Julia's new hair colour.
Pocket cartoon to go with article about Gillard's support for the sale of uranium to India.
2011-702 16Nov11  Occupy Melbourne, occupy Canberra.
Using the 'Occupy' movement as a segway to highlight the massive entourage accompanying Barack Obama during his visit to
2011-695 14Nov11  Shaking hands on a free trade agreement.
Free trade agreements mainly benefit the better off in each country.
2011-694 14Nov11  Grim reaper next 100,000 kilometres.
A reflection on the road toll.
2011-671 2Nov11  Desert mirage.
Our sterile  society with illusions of perfection,
2011-689 10Nov11  Free offers.
So called "free offers" are usually just a to in the door to get money off people.
2011-692 10Nov11  How Italy is travelling.
Esoteric look at the failing Italian economy.
2011-688 9Nov11  Aussie soldiers on patrol in Afghanistan.
Spate of shootings of Australian soldiers by rouge elements in the Afghan army.
2011-687P 7Nov11  News Corp. mike.
Went with article on inquiry into Australian media hearing that sections of News Corporation's media will attack Julia Gillard if they can find a way of doing so.
2011-684 8Nov11  Modern Greek statue.
The fall of the Greek government over the Greek sovereign debt crisis.
2011-682 7Nov11  Where people stand on Afghanistan.
Different views on the war in Afghanistan.
2011-678 3Nov11  The future third umpire?
Comment on the latest cricket match fixing scandal.
2011-677 4Nov11  The Greek democratic process.
The European Union forcing Greece to accept its austerity package.
2011-674P 3Nov11  American designed Holden.
Went with article about the possibility of Holden cars being fully designed in America.
2011-672 3Nov11  Aussie car accessory.
The possibility of Holden cars being fully designed in America.
2011-670 2Nov11 Putting out the Greek debt fire.
The European Union's difficulties in managing Greece's sovereign debt crisis.
2011-666 31Oct11  Population surprise.
Population of the planet reaching seven billion.
2011-669 1Nov11  The rate that stops a nation.
Keen interest on the latest official interest rate announcement on the day of the Melbourne Cup race.
2011-667P 31Oct11  Qantas logo match.
Went with article on the Qantas dispute and the damage it is causing to it's reputation.
2011-665 31Oct11  Feature Spring racing race.
Qantas industrial dispute playing havoc with racegoers travelling to Melbourne for the Cup.

October  2011
2011-654 25Oct11  Easy debt.
Musing on how easy it is to get into debt today, and the danger that entails.
2011-661 28Oct11  Bull, bear and goat markets.
Greece's default causing problems in economic markets.
2011-657 27Oct11  The banana republic today.
Viewing the current gambling epidemic through the prism of Keating banana republic quote.
2011-656 26Oct11  Poker machine that always pays out.
Donations to political parties by the pokies lobby group compromising attempts to reform the industry.
2011-655 25Oct11  Muck up day sign.
Went with article on school muck up day.
2011-653 25Oct11  European Economic Union juggling.
European sovereign debt crisis.
2011-648 24Oct11  Picket lines this Spring.
Jockeys threatening industrial action during the Spring racing Carnival.
2011-641 19Oct11  Tough tasks
Tony Abbott's pledge to repeal the carbon tax if he gets into power.
2011-644 20Oct11  Ombudsman candidates.
The forced resignation of Commonwealth Ombudsman Allan Asher puts in doubt the independence of the position.
2011-640 19Oct11  The Australian flag during the Queen's visit.
The Queen's visit brings out the anglophile in many Australians.
2011-630 17Oct11  Rescues from economic fires.
Reflection on the bailout of major financial institutions during the global financial meltdown.
2011-631 17Oct11  Country Weight Watchers.
Esoteric look at a mouse plague threatening crops in Southern Australia.
2011-625 30Sept11  Man on the land today.
Supermarket price war driving wholesale prices down, making life very tenuous for many farmers.

September  2011

2011-623 29Sept11  You people are not black!
Andrew Bolt's articles claiming fair skinned aboriginals are not proper aboriginals.
2011-618 27sept11  Football revenue.
The AFL's sophisticated and multi faceted approach to extracting money from footy fans.
2011-621P 27Sept11  Only stands to lose.
Went with article about how much money the pokies industry stands to lose if the planed poker machine reforms are implemented.
2011-619 27Sept11  Frontline combat roles.
Announcement that Australian women soldiers will be allowed to serve in frontline combat roles.
2011-615P 26Sept11  Today's wedding confetti.
Went with article about Australians spending much more money on their weddings.
2011-613 26Sept11  Pokies up there Cazaly.
The AFL running a campaign opposing planned gambling reform.
2011-609 23Sept11  The elephant herd in the corner.
Cutting the solar feed-in-tariff on the grounds that it mainly benefits the better off smacks of hypocrisy when one looks at all the other tax subsidies that mainly benefit the better off.
2011-608 23Sept11  Spinning tops.
Panic in the finance sector over the possibility of another recession not helping anyone.
2011-606P 22Sept11  Foreign beers section.
Went with article about Australian company Fosters brewing being sold to overseas interests.
2011-604 22Sept11  Aussie flag outrage.
Drawn in response to outrage over the comedy program At Home With Julia depicting Julia Gillard and her partner nude under an Australian flag.
2011-603 21Sept11  Treasurer superman flying.
Wayne Swan winning winning the Euromoney Finance Minister of the Year award.  An award made easier to attain because of the mining boom Australia went through while the rest of the world was in recession.
2011-593 19Sept11  It's an immigration detention centre.
How immigration detention centres might look to children.
2011-595 19Sept11  Prices down campaign.
Supermarkets aggressively driving farm produce prices down.
2011-577 12Sept11  Where Gillard stands.
Julia Gillard's low standing in the polls in stark contrast to the rising fortunes of Kevin Rudd, the former leader she ousted.
2011-586 15Sept11  Getting out of Afghanistan timeframe.
Continuing instability of Afghanistan putting a question mark on when it will be safe for allied forces to pull out of Afghanistan.
2011-587 15Sept11  Bishop in charge of looking.
Yet more claims of the Catholic church dragging it's feet in regards to investigating allegations of sexual abuse by priests.
2011-585 14Sept11  Getting the carbon tax ball rolling.
Difficult task facing Julia Gillard in putting getting the carbon tax up and running.
2011-583 13Sept11  Parliamentary debate.
Incredibly low standard of Australian parliamentary debate.
2011-579P 12Sept11  Sweatband, swearband.
Went with article about Serena Williams' verbal abuse while playing Australian Samantha Stosur in the US Open.
2011-578 12Sept11 Aussie shock and awe.
Defeat of Serena Williams by Australian Samantha Stosur in the US Open.
2011-573 9Sept11 Memorials to civilians killed.
Looks at how we remember civilians killed by terrorists and ignore civilians accidentally killed in the war on terrorism.
2011-572 9Sept11  Abbott's home life.
Lighter look at Abbott's fondness for wearing tight fitting bathing trunks, colloquially known as budgie smugglers.
2011-566 6Sept11  Passing the baton.
Comparison of Gillard's current position with when she was first handed power.
2011-567 7Sept11 Mobile phone purchase choices today.
Drawn in response to report on high levels of dissatisfaction amongst people buying mobile phones because of the confusing and misleading contracts being offered.
2011-565 6Sept11  Realise global warming is happening.
The danger of waiting too long before recognising the threat global warming presents.
2011-562P 5Sept11  Not exactly reassuring.
Went with article about Abbott offering his support to Gillard to pass legislation legalising the offshore processing of asylum seekers.
2011-560 5Sept11 The State Government's logging policy.
The Victorian State Government's 2 Km minimum distance from a dwelling for wind turbines will effectively destroy the wind farm industry in Victoria.
2011-557 2Sept11  Applying poker machine limits to wind turbines.
Highlighting how widespread poker machines are in the community.
2011-552 2Sept11  More down to earth than Malaysia.
Malaysia was never going to be a viable option as a place to detain and process asylum seekers.
2011-554P 1Sept11  Ned Kelly's DNA.
Went with article about Ned Kelly's body being positively identified with a DNA match.
2011-551 1Sept11  Gillard making a wish.
Nothing seeming to go right for Julia Gillard.
2011-543 26Aug11  Spending up big today.
Much more austere economic mood as people save more and spend less.

August  2s011

2011-549 30Aug11  Casualty waiting list.
Desperate state of the  Australian manufacturing industry due to cheap imports and the high Aussie dollar.
2011-547P 29Aug11  Wind turbine to match the legislation.
New Vic. Govt. legislation will severely limit wind farm development in Victoria.
2011-546 29Aug11  Voting intentions map of Australia.
Big drop in support for Labor in Queensland.
2011-545 29Aug11  The very big apple.
The hurricane that swept across the New York area.
2011-542 26Aug11  The three wise Craig Thomson monkeys.
The Craig Thomson affair and attempts by the ALP to prevent Thomson from facing questions in parliament.
2011-544P 26Aug11  Aust. defence Academy cadets on parade.
Yet another sex scandal at the Australian Defence Academy.
2011-543 26Aug11  Spending up big today.
Much more austere economic mood as people save more and spend less.
2011-541P 25Aug11  Leaving apple.
Steve Johns stands down as the CEO of Apple.
2011-538 25Aug11  Coles down and up.
Coles launch of their own generic clothing brand to be sold in their supermarkets.  Down, down it Coles' latest advertising campaign.
2011-537 24Aug11  Investigating misconduct.
A sideways look at the Craig Thomson misconduct investigation.
2011-533P 23Aug11  BHP staff paperweight.
Went with article on draconian rules imposed on staff by BHP management.
2011-527 22Aug11  Foolish lucky country.
Australia's over reliance on the mining industry to shield itself from world economic problems.
2011-528 22Aug11  Gaddafi clinging to power.
Impending downfall of the Libyan dictator Gaddafi.
2011-517 16Aug11  man on the mining access land.
Australian farmers have little rights when it comes to mining companies wanting to mine on their land.
2011-526P 19Aug11  Every visa is temporary.
Went with article on 96 year old women here in Australia on a tourist visa being granted a permanent visa.
2011-524 19Aug11  Pit bull terrier mother Hubbard.
Drawn in response to a spate of savage pit bull dog attacks in Australia, one of which caused the death of a four year old girl.
2011-522 18Aug11  Economic principles and bodyweight.
Esoteric look at the fact that often the people who are the most to blame for economic mishaps are the least effected by the consequences.
2011-521 17Aug11  Clothing sizes today.
Using clothing sizes as a metaphor for the current retail sales figures.
2011-519 16Aug11  Centrelink flight path.
Went with article about Qantas layoffs in Australia while expending operations overseas.
2011-520 16Aug11  Accurate program name.
Went with story about research showing that TV addicts reduce their lifespan by 22 minutes for every 60 minutes of TV they watch.
2011-518 16Aug11  Off shore Qantas.
Announcement by Qantas that much of it's international operation will be moved off shore including the formation of a new airline without the Qantas logo.
2011-515 15Aug11  Rich clubs up there Cazaly.
Growing wealth gap between the well off and not so well off AFL clubs.
2011-511 11Aug11  Coal seam gas fracturing.
Rapid rollout of hydraulic fracturing of coal seams to extract gas despite concerns about the impact this process has on the water table.
2011-513 13Aug11  The economic rollercoaster.
Economic downturns impact more on the average person rather than the shakers and movers.
2011-510 10Aug11 Olympic Games baton change.
Current rioting across England may have a negative impact on the upcoming London Olympic Games if the troubles continue.
2011-509 10Aug11  Britannia riots in waves.
Play on the the imperialist slogan - Britannia rules the waves in reference to the recent riots in Britain.
2011-504 8Aug11  Worse than falling stocks.
contrasting the stock market crisis with the drought in Sudan.
2011-503 8Aug11  Economic forecasting.
The difficulty in forecasting economic trends today.
2011-500 5Aug11  Tough situation responses.
Abstract look at the tough economic times the world is experiencing.
2011-499 5Aug11  Captain America today.
Downturn in American economy.
2011-497P 4Aug11  Dinner for two.
Went with article about the discovery of a rodent in a plastic sealed loaf of bread.
2011-495 4Aug11  Economic debt levels bungy jumping.
Australia fairing better than America and Greece when it comes to it's debt level.
2011-494 3Aug11  Washington ten gallon hat.
The US debt remains a major problem.
2011-489 2Aug11  What people think about gay marriage.
The introduction of gay marriage will inevitably create more work for divorce lawyers.
2011-486 1Aug11  Not exposed to the US debt crisis.
Australian treasury holding billions of US bonds that could devalue if The US loses its AAA credit status.
2011-462 21July11  Carbon emission reduction targets.
Abbott's main greenhouse gas reduction target is Julia Gillard.

July  2011

2011-483 29July11  Fire Blight map of Australia.
alluding to what would happen to the Australian apple industry if Fire Blight was to enter Australia.
2011-478 28July11  Magic carpet rides.
Soaring value of Aussie dollar jeopardising the Australian manufacturing and tourism industries.
2011-475 26July11  The leaky boat.
The US debt ceiling crisis threatening to sink America's AAA credit rating.
2011-474 26July11  Weight gap between rich and poor.
A look at obesity as a marker for the gap between rich and poor.
2011-473P 25July11  Single mother's cross.
Went with article about Catholic Church's apology for their past practice of forcing single mothers to give up their babies.
2011-470 22July11  The ascent of modern man.
A look at mankind's culture of violence.
2011-464 22July11  Scientists don't know anything.
Severe criticism of climate scientists over their conclusions that man made global warming in happening.
2011-465 22July11  Turnbull's relationship with Abbott formula.
Turnbull's strained relationship with Abbott over how to tackle global warming.
2011-463 21July11  Gen. Y castaway.
The Gen. Y obsession with IT technology to communicate with one another.
2011-461 20July11  Phone hacking scandal dike.
 Rupert Murdoch under increasing assault over the growing phone hacking scandal that's enveloping News Corp.
2011-458 19July11  Just a matter of how you view the figures.
Distortion of climate figures by climate change sceptics in order to present their argument in a more favourable light.
2011-455P 18July11  Very shocked.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about a baby mix up at a Geelong hospital.
2011-454 18July11  Murdoch falls on his sword.
Lot's of heads rolling over the News Corp phone hacking scandal but not Rupert Murdoch's.
2011-445 14July11  Hack journalist.
Growing evidence that the practice of hacking private voicemail was more widespread in than just the News of the World.
2011-452P 15July11  Collingwood's colours.
Went with article on the Collingwood betting scandal.
2011-449 15July11  Warning labels.
Esoteric look at the trend towards putting warning labels on products deemed to be health hazards.
2011-448 14July11 Shocking news.
Reflected a survey of economists showing that 59% believed the carbon tax is good economic policy.
2011-443 13July11  Today's definition of a tyrant.
Many people today only interested how the actions of leaders benefit themselves, often overlooking what's best for the country.
2011-438 12July11 Different global warming views.
Positive and negative spin doesn't change the basic data indicating that man made climate change is occurring.
2011-439P 12July11  Harry pot of gold.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the opening of the last Harry Potter movie.
2011-437P 11July11  Tackle global warming cost.
Went with article on Gillard saying the cheapest way to tackle global warming was to bring in a carbon tax.
2011-434 11July11  Carbon reduction effectiveness.
Exemptions to the carbon tax that is to be introduced in Australia limiting the tax's  effectiveness in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
2011-431 8July11  Yesterday's news.
The closure of the News of the World over the the UK voicemail hacking scandal.
2011-430 8July11  The little red hens.
Exaggerated  gloom and doom emanating from both Gillard and Abbott over the introduction of a carbon tax.
2011-428 7July11  The big picture.
We seem to be no longer interested in the big issues of life.
2011-426 6July11 The running of the Hendra virus stakes.
Another outbreak of the deadly Hendra virus in racing stables in Southern Queensland.
2011-422 5July11  Protest Catch 22.
Rye look at conflicting protests about mobile phone services.
2011-419 5July11  Conducting the Senate orchestra.
The difficulty that Bob Brown and the other Green senators face as they try and make use of their control of the senate.
2011-414 1July11  When scientific evidence is ignored.
A historical perspective on the perils of ignoring scientific evidence.
2011-417P 1July11  Bob Irwin in training.
Went with article about Bob Irwin, Steve Irwin's dad, considering standing in a seat in the next election.
2011-413 1July11  Our relative economic problems.
Economic problems of the better off often overshadow really serious economic problems in society.
2011-410 30June11  Live cattle trade compensation.
Quirky look at the Federal Government's compensation package to farmers who have been affected by the suspension of the live cattle trade to Indonesia.