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June  2011

2011-408 29June11  Political fortunes golf.
Abbott's strong political position as much to do with Gillard's poor performance as his own skills as a politician.
2011-406 28June11  Human activity not impacting on the planet.
Claims that human activity is not impacting on the planet and it's climate are farcical.
2011-405P 27June2011  Cultural difference police line-up.
Went with article about W.A. police pushing for a law change to require people to remove burqas when being questioned by officers.
2011-403 27June11  Sailing close to its debt ceiling.
Debate in the US over the need to raise the US government's debt ceiling.
2011-400P 24June11  Airline industry profits chart.
Went with story on volcanic ash cloud causing numerous cancellations of airline flights.
2011-393 23June11  Images of Australians.
The obesity epidemic in Australian and the fact that Australians are largely in denial about it.
2011-395P 23June11  J. K. Rowling's magic wand.
Went with article about Rowling's Harry Potter books going digital.
2011-397 24June11  Australian troops in Afghanistan.
The presence of Australian troops in Afghanistan untenable without the Americans.
2011-394 23June11  Filling the departing American shoes.
The planned withdrawal of the main American fighting force will leave a big gap in the fighting capabilities of their allies and the Afghan government.
2011-391 22June11  plebiscite that cost Australia more.
The failure to implement Rudd's super tax when even conservative economists said it was a sound and logical tax has cost the Australian people a massive amount of lost taxation revenue.
2011-388 21June11  The one thing that goes up in price.
The price of water rising steeply despite wetter conditions significantly increasing water reserves.
2011-384 20June11  Rudd Lazarus rising.
The rise in Kevin Rudd's standing being boosted by Julia Gillard's poor performance in the polls.
2011-377 16June11  The Arab Spring and Summer.
Protests in support of democracy across the Arab world, dubbed the Arab Spring, followed by military crackdowns by a number of Arab governments.
2011-381 17June11  Simon Overland explaining why he resigned.
Simon Overland effectively forced to resign by a media feeding frenzy.
2011-379P 16June11  Time for Simon to go.
Went with article on the resignation of Victorian Police Commissioner Simon Overland.
2011-376 16June11  Rome, Paris, London, Phillip Island.
Holiday travel plans thrown into turmoil by volcanic ash cloud drifting across Australia.
2011-375 15June11  The ash cloud over parliament.
Using the volcanic ash cloud drifting over Australia as a metaphor for the cloud over Nicola Roxon for her soliciting of the tobacco industry for donations.
2011-371 14June11  The value of agricultural products expressed as a barter.
Comparing the falling price of beef due to the live cattle export ban and the high price of bananas as a result of severe damage to the banana crop inflicted by cyclone Yasi.
2011-314 19May11  The ascent of Abbott and Gillard.
Both Gillard and Abbott performing poorly when it comes to tackling global warming.
2011-365 9June11  Australia's two speed economy.
Parlous state of Australia's manufacturing industry while the mining sector is booming.
2011-369 10June11  The direction the ALP is heading.
The ALP's reliance on focus groups to set policies is drawing the party away from it's traditional values.
2011-366P 9June11  Top cut and under cut.
Went with article on cheap beef from NT. and Queensland flooding into Victoria as a result of the suspension of live beef exports to Indonesia.
2011-364 9June11  Man on the live cattle export industry land.
Sudden suspension of all live cattle sales to Indonesia pending an investigation threatening the livelihood of many cattle farmers.
2011-363 8June11  Western outrage today.
Sometimes the West shows a greater concern for the welfare of animals than of people.
2011-358 7June11  Campaign to end all racism
Racism back in the headlines following racist outburst at an AFL football match.
2011-355 6June11  Police line-up in Europe.
E. Coli outbreak in vegetables in Europe.
2011-349 2June11  Then we don't have to consider hiring him.
Religious groups exempt from anti discrimination legislation.
2011-353 3June11  Asylum seeker child's ball.
Detention of unaccompanied asylum seeker minors by the Federal Government.
2011-351P 2June11  Occasional childcare funding.
Went with article on cuts to funding for occasional childcare centres.
2011-348 2June11  Gillard moving forward on the economy.
Julia Gillard and the current shaky economy.
2011-347 1June11  Our relative problems.
Comparing problems faced in Western countries with those of countries suffering war and/or famine.
2011-344P 31May11  Won't swear on the bible.
Went with article on plans in Victoria to introduce a swearing fine.
2011-343 31May11  Turn off or dead end?
Sideways look at the live cattle trade morality debate.

May  2011

2011-341 30May11  Dissent in the Federal Liberal Party.
Malcolm Turnbull's mildly dissenting view on the Lib's response to global warming.
2011-336 27May11  Canning industry market forces.
Loss of 1,000 jobs worldwide from Heinz canning factories.
2011-335 27May11  Australia's Godzilla.
Startling statistic that Australia has 21% of the world's poker machines.
2011-334P 26May11  Is this the fraud department?
Went with story on inaccurate Victoria police crime statistics.
2011-332 26May11  Complain about plain packaging.
Strong opposition by tobacco companies to the introduction of plain packaging for cigarette packets.
2011-325P 23May11  The dissenting priest's cross.
Went with article about priest calling for reform in the Catholic church.
2011-330 25May11  Narrow and broad views of Afghanistan.
Australians/the developed world have a much narrower view of Afghanistan then they might think.
2011-328P 24May11  Future goal umpire?
Went with article on the AFL investigating a series of recent betting plunges with fears that clubs may be leaking sensitive information.
2011-327 24May11  No refugees or global warming allowed.
Somewhat naive belief that Australia can isolate itself from the problems of the world.
2011-326P 23May11  People wearing akubras.
Went with article about Bob Katter canvassing the formation of a new political party.
2011-322 23May11  Windows of opportunity.
Comment on the  Climate Commission's report stating there is a limited widow of opportunity to tackle climate change.
2011-318 20May11  Ted Baillieu's smoking ceremony.
Sideways look at Premier Ted Baillieu's dropping of the compulsory acknowledgement of traditional Aboriginal land owners by Ministers and public servants at official events.
2011-317 20May11  Gillard bullfighting.
Gillard's attempts to sell the carbon tax and the risk to her as Prime Minister.
2011-316P 19May11  Police planking line up.
Went with article about planking being seen as a form of criminal activity.
2011-315P 19May11  Acknowledging both black and white.
Went with article on Premier Ted Baillieu's dropping of the compulsory acknowledgement of traditional Aboriginal land owners.
2011-313 19May11  Acknowledge the current owners.
Premier Ted Baillieu's dropping of the compulsory acknowledgement of traditional Aboriginal land owners by Ministers and public servants at official events.
2011-311 18May11  Carbon tax starter's orders.
Abbott determined to scuttle the carbon tax whatever the starting price.
2011-309P 17May11  The Queen's Irish corgis.
Went with article on tight security for the Queen's visit to Ireland.
2011-302 16May11  Julia Gillard reverse planking.
Using the recent activity of planking to highlight Julia Gillard's massive drop in popularity.
2011-304P 16May11  Gillard's light on the hill.
Went with article about Julia Gillard's dismal standing amongst voters.
2011-286 9May11  Sweeping the refugee problem under the carpet.
Piecemeal attempts by the Gillard Government to deal with the refugee problem.
2011-298 13May11  Syrian election ballot box.
The Syrian government's violent crackdown on country's pro democracy movement.
2011-299 13May11  Religious education class detention.
Furore over the use by Christian  groups of religious education classes in Government schools to proselytise.
2011-294 12May11  Response time race odds.
Complaints about ambulance and taxi response times.
2011-293 11May11  Middle ages budget assessment.
Abstract view of how the impact of a government budget is analysed, focusing on petty comparisons but not the big picture.
2011-290P 10May11  The budget red line.
Went with article on the Federal budget.
2011-288 10May11  Playing Victoria Police cops and robbers.
Another look at the serious management problems in the senior ranks of Victoria Police.
2011-287  9May11  Victoria Police senior management service revolver.
Serious management problems in the senior ranks of Victoria Police.
2011-285 6May11  Current pokies limit.
Debate on setting limits on poker machines.
2011-284 6May11  Blood sports in Victoria.
Accident at a jumps meet in Warrnambool where a riderless horse jumped into a spectators area.
2011-281 5May11  Getting cash today.
Spate of bank computer failures making it difficult at times to withdraw money from ATMs.
2011-278 4May11  You definitely have the right to remain silent.
Revelation that Bin Laden wasn't armed when shot has lead to a debate about his rights and due legal process.
2011-275 3May11  Gotcha!
The US finally killed Osama bin Laden after many years of trying, a process that also inflicted a lot of collateral damage.
2011-273P 2May2011  Deaf US Republican's reaction to the news.
Went with article on reaction in the US to the death of Osama Bin Laden.
2011-271 2May11  Any revolutions to declare.
Widespread political unrest in the Middle East.
2011-261 19April11 Little red Hen help.
Pressure being placed on Julia Gillard by industries and interest groups over the introduction of the carbon tax.

April  2011
2011-270P 21April11 Pray for at Easter.
Went with article on massive chocolate Easter bunny and egg sales at Easter time.
2011-266 20April11  School bullying uniforms.
High number of reported incidents of bullying in schools.
2011-265 20April11  Extended AFL ladder.
The Australian Football League's newest team, the Gold Coast Suns, doing very poorly.
2011-263P 19April11  Ordnance stock discrepancies.
Went with article on Defence Department audit showing discrepancies in control of ordnances.
2011-262 19April11 The soaring American Eagle?
Rising national debt threatening to cripple America.
2011-260P 18April11  See the mass destruction first hand.
Went with article on Julia Gillard announcing that she intended to tour the tsunami ravaged area when she visits Japan.
2011-258 18April11 Selling the carbon tax door to door.
Julia Gillard finding it very difficult to sell the carbon tax to Australian voters.
2011-255 15April11  Revolts caused by global warming.
Highlighting the pettiness of the so called carbon tax revolt in Australia when compared with the impact of rising world food prices on poor people, mainly caused by global warming.
2011-254 15April11  Assisting disability pensioners.
Calls by politicians for the tightening of disability pension eligibility to force more disability pensioners back to work.  This flies in the face of the difficulties faced by disability pensioners in getting work.
2011-251 14April11  Should we encourage more women in war?
Calls for Australian women soldiers to take on combat roles and the destructive nature of war on male soldiers.
2011-249 13April11  Australian Defence Force Academy discipline.
System discipline problems and poor culture a contributing factor in the recent sex scandal that's rocking the ADF Academy.
2011-245P 12April11  Julia Gillard's female symbol.
Went with article on Julia Gillard voicing strong support for female soldiers taking frontline combat roles.
2011-242 12April11  Playing the pokies reform.
Fierce opposition from the pokies industry of planned legislative reform of the use of poker machines.
2011-243P 11April11  Political asylum from France.
Went with article about France banning the wearing of the burqa.
2011-241 11April11  Supermarket price war no man's land.
Supermarket price war damaging the livelihood of farmers.
2011-238 8April1011  Preferred brown packaging.
Using the government's plain brown packaging legislation for cigarette packets as a segway to look at Julia Gillard's apparent visceral hatred of the Green's leader Bob Brown.
2011-237 8April11 Kevin 007
Kevin Rudd appearing to be destabilising  Julia Gillard.
2011-236P 7April11  Space suits.
Went with article on Qld. Uni doing research on making beer that can be drunk in space.
2011-234 7April11  The Australian army on parade.
Australian Defence academy sex scandal.
2011-232 6April11  On doctoring student school photos.
Comment on the case of an elite Melbourne private school allegedly doctoring student school photos to make the students look better presented.
2011-228 5April11  What the Labor Party stands for.
Contemporary Labor having difficulty working our what it stands for.
2011-227 4April11 The food price war.
Rising world food prices threaten to crush the petty food price cut/market share manipulations of Australia's two major food companies.
2011-217 30March11  Global warming mushrooms.
Likening the threat of global warming to the symbol of nuclear destruction, the mushroom cloud of the atomic bomb.
2011-224P 1April11  Expanding Melbourne.
Went with article about the Vic. Government urging population growth in regional cities to alleviate Melbourne's overpopulation.
2011-223 1April11 Disability pensioners trickle down effect?
Tony Abbott's call to tighten up on pensions to people with disabilities.
2011-219 31March11  The Family Court scales of justice.
Acrimonious nature of the Family Court.

March  2011
2011-218 30March11  Qantas departure line.
Announcement by Qantas of significant cutbacks.
2011-216P 29March11  Ponting decides to walk.
Went with article about Ricky Ponting announcing that he is stepping down as Captain of the Australian Cricket team.
2011-212 28March11  When a glowing report is not good.
Ongoing radiation leaks at the crippled Fukushima power plant.
2011-211 28March11  Kristina Keneally's 'light on the hill'
The ALP's massive loss in the 2011 NSW state election.
2011-204 24March11  Calls for democracy in the Middle East.
Rulers across the Middle East giving guarded support for calls for democracy, except in their own country.
2011-208 25March11  Processing asylum seekers offshore today.
Australia now processing asylum seekers on the Australian mainland while claiming they are being processed as offshore applicants.
2011-202 23March11  Being led by the nose.
Fosters strident opposition to attempts by supermarkets to manipulate the price of beer.
2011-201 23March11  International intervention?
Lighter look at the beer price war in Australia between Fosters and Woolworths.
2011-199 22March11  Very tough on boat people.
Using the plight of asylum seekers arriving by boat to highlight the very poor living standards in many remote aboriginal communities.
2011-196P 21March11  Britannia rules the wave again.
Went with article about Prince William's visit to the flood affected areas of Northern Victoria.
2011-195 21March11  Democracy in the Middle East.
The power of the gun in repressing democratic movements in the Middle East.
2011-184 16March11  Why would you want all of these?
A dig at people who protest against wind farms.
2011-193P 18March11  Christmas decorations.
Went with article on the Christmas Island detention Centre rioting.
2011-192  18March11  The peace dove's big brother.
The UN's decision to impose a no fly zone over Libya.
2011-186 17March11  Obesity in Australia.
The obscenely large profits poker machines extract from the community.
2011-185 16March11  No fly zone flies.
Heavy loss of life if the UN does not impose a no fly zone over Libya.
2011-181P 15March11  The rising and setting sun?
Went with article about the threat of a nuclear meltdown at a Japanese nuclear power station.
2011-179 15March11  Nuclear meltdown tsunami?
Threat of a nuclear power plant meltdown as a result of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.
2011-172 10March11  Oil sheikh shake.
Autocratic rulers across the Middle East worried about the upsurge of democratic movements in the region.
2011-177 11March11  Following in America's footsteps.
Julia Gillard's unqualified support of US policies and methods during her visit to America.
2011-171 10March11  Gender equality today.
Class has as big, if not bigger, an impact on life opportunities as gender.
2011-167P 8March11  New definition of the great outdoors.
Went with article on proposal to allow commercial buildings to be built within national parks.
2011-170 9March11  Newest sheriff in town.
Tony Abbott seemingly appointing himself sheriff to hunt down Julia Gillard for trying to introduce a carbon price.
2011-166P 8March11  International women's Day and Year.
Went with article on International Women's Day.
2011-164 8March11  International Women's Day and Men's Year.
Using International Women's Day as a segway to comment on the amount of male violence in the world.
2011-161P 7March11 They don't pay me a cent.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Senate enquiry into the supermarket cut price milk war.
2011-159 7March11  Now everyone can afford to buy milk.
The supermarket discount milk war having a negative effect on the livelihood of dairy farmers.
2011-155 4March11  Aussie no fly zone.
Dig at the lack of general knowledge regarding international affairs of some Australians.
2011-156 4March11  The scales of schools funding justice.
Significant inequality in the Australian schools system fuelled by funding disparities
2011-152 3March11  Action on global warning that won't cost anything.
Thinking that it is possible to tackle global warming without incurring some cost to society is delusional.
2011-149 2March11  Another rise in carbon emissions.
Fierce battle between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott over the planned introduction of a Carbon tax.
2011-096 2Feb11  Plans to lower carbon emissions.
No serious plans to lower carbon emissions.
2011-143 28Feb11  Different views of tax.
The different reactions of the major taxes to the Goods and Services Tax and the planned Carbon Tax.

February  2011
2011-138P 25Feb11  Gaddafi holding onto power.
Gaddafi only holding onto power with the barrel of the gun.
2011-137 26Feb11  Rubbish removal in Canberra.
History of breaking promises from both sides of politics.
2011-139P 25Feb1  Gillard selling the carbon tax.
Gillard faced a barrage of criticism when she announced the planned introduction of a carbon tax.
2011-136 25Feb11  Tackling global warming.
Gillard's carbon tax proposal in stark contrast to Tony Abbott's response to global warming.
2011-132 24feb11  Environmentally friendly high country grazing.
Esoteric look at the controversial decision to reintroduce cattle to the Victorian high country national park.
2011-131 23Feb11  The latest Middle East monument.
Democratic movements blossoming in the Middle East.
2011-127 22Feb11  The banner to match the team's performance.
Multiple sex scandals that have rocked the St. Kilda football club.
2011-124 21Feb11  Gaddafi stepping down.
Gaddafi's bloody response to protests in Libya in stark contrast to Mubarak's actions in Egypt.
2011-123 21Feb11  The Australian flag in Afghanistan.
Australian soldiers fighting and dying in Afghanistan.
2011-120 18Feb11  The fall of Mubarak.
The Fall of Mubarak having a destabilising impact on other autocratic rulers in the region.
2011-117 17Feb11  Asylum seeker child's playpen.
Inhuman treatment of asylum seeker children.
2011-116 17Feb11  Australia's highest mountain.
Record mining profits for Australian mining companies in the wake of the watering down of the mining supertax.
2011-114 16Feb11  Clinics for kids.
Reflection on Peter Costello's comment that AFL players are not qualified to teach life skills to children.
2011-110 15Feb11  Unravelling.
Julia Gillard's revised health plan means the end of Kevin Rudd's health plan.
2011-107 14Feb11  Monuments in stone and sand.
Musing on the fall of Egyptian President Mubarak.
2011-106 14Feb11  Declarations of undying love on Valentine's Day.
The publicity surrounding Shane Warne and Liz Hurley over their romance.
2011-103 11Feb11  The road that used to go to Gundagai.
Extensive damage of country roads due to the widespread flooding.  The Road to Gundagai is a traditional Australian folksong.
2011-104 Mubarak 11Feb11  Mubarak reading his resignation speech.
Mubarak refusing to resign as President of Egypt despite strong pressure to do so.
2011-102P 10Feb11Intimate candlelit dinner for 200.
Went with article on the media pack following Warne and Hurley's every move.
2011-099 10Feb11  Shit does indeed happen.
Another look at Tony Abbott's 'Shit happens' quote.
2011-097 9Feb11  Very big shit happens.
Different perspective on the term 'shit happens' which Tony Abbott used to describe the death of a soldier in Afghanistan.
2011-093 8Feb11  Wayne Swan's washing.
Comments by Treasurer Wayne Swan that the floods and cyclone could cause the economy to shrink.
2011-088 7Feb11  Removing Mubarak from power.
Mubarak stubbornly resitting efforts to remove him from power.
2011-092P 7Feb11  Future lollipop lady?
Went with article of allowing schools to conduct weapons searches on students entering school grounds.
2011-089 7Feb11  Flood business opportunities.
A quirky look at the impact on businesses of the widespread flooding.
2011-084 4Feb11  'The Big' in Australia today.
More widespread flooding.
2011-083 4Feb11  Banana's in tattered pyjamas.
Devastation of almost the entire Queensland banana crop by cyclone Yasi.
2011-080 3Feb11  The cyclone that's about to hit.
Anticipating a political wrangle about how to fund the reconstruction after cyclone Yasi.
2011-079 2Feb11  Today's map of Australia.
Devastating impact of cyclone Yasi.
2011-078 2Feb11  Waving to a neighbour in Queensland.
The devastation of recent flooding and cyclone Yasi on Queenslanders.
2011-075  1Fab11  Floods in Australia and Egypt.
A look at the massive protests in Egypt from a flood perspective.
2011-073P 31Jan11  Modern Egyptian mummy.
Went with article on rioting in Egypt.
2011-069 31Jan11  Safe hormone free beef.
Lighter look at the use of hormones to promote growth in beef.

January  2011
2011-066P 28Jan11  Preselection ballot box.
Went with article about ALP members in Broadmeadows being prevented from participating  in the preselection process for their local member.
2011-061 27Jan11  The flood effecting independent dairy farmers.
Discounted supermarket brand milk having a negative impact on the livelihood of dairy farmers.
2011-062P 27Jan11  Gillard's levee bank.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Julia Gillard's proposal of a tax levy to pay for flood reconstruction.
2011-065 28Jan11  Suitable alternative national flag.
Rye look at the National flag debate and the current widespread flooding.
2011-060 27Jan11  Cooperating during the floods.
Political bickering while the general public gets on with battling the floods.
2011-058 26Jan11  Reactions to the high cost of vegetables.
Lighter look at the high costs of vegetables of a child's perspective.
2011-052 24Jan11  Water in the carburettor.
The negative impact of the floods on the Australian economy.
2011-051 24Jan11  Now showing - True Grit.  Coming soon - Flood Peak.
Preparations for predicted flooding along the Murray valley.
2011-031 14Jan11  The dam we will eventually have to build.
Calls for the building of more dams in the wake of devastating floods ignores the key to our water problems - overpopulation.
2011-031 14Jan11  The dam we will eventually have to build.
Calls for the building of more dams in the wake of devastating floods ignores the key to our water problems - overpopulation.
2011-048 21Jan11  Navigation in Australia.
Massive variability in Australia's weather.
2011-041 19Jan11 Surplus.
The budget surplus in the past and the current surplus of water due to the floods.
2011-036 17Jan11  The eternal optimist.
Optimism in the face of the devastating floods in Australia.
2011-035 17Jan11  Slightly higher high country.
Reintroduction of cattle into the Victorian alps, sometimes known as : the high country.
2011-032 14Jan11  The man versus mother nature title fight.
The incredible power of the elements.
2011-034P 14Jan11  Flood Mitigation Department
Pocket cartoon that went with article about slow progress in implementing flood mitigation works.
2011-027 13Jan11  Yet another Aussie disaster.
Lighter look at the devastating floods inundating much of Eastern Australia.
2011-026 13Jan11 Most popular names.
Highlighting the strong culture of gun ownership in America.
2011-028P 13Jan11  Map of Australia today.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about extensive flooding in Eastern Australia.
2011-030 13Jan11  Reading the warning sign.
Floods this Summer in sharp contrast to the usual threat of Summer fires.
2011-025 12Jan11  Lost in Queensland.
Widespread devastating floods inundating much of Queensland.
2011-024P 11Jan11  Signs that the flooding is very extensive.
Widespread severe flooding in Southern Queensland.
2011-022 11Jan11  Queenslanders putting on protection.
Devastating floods inundating much of Queensland.
2011-020P 10Jan11  First training session.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about teenage girl at centre of St Kilda players nude photo scandal turning up to the players' first training session for the season.
2011-018 10Jan11  The future political map of America?
The shooting of US Congress woman Gabrielle Giffords and a number of bystanders.
2011-008 6Jan11  You should pay tax for the good of the country.
Calls from retailers for the GST exemption on internet sales under $1,000 to be removed seems somewhat hypercritical.
2011-013 7Jan11  Royal wedding will be shown on prime time TV.
The televising of the Royal wedding bound to conflict with football broadcasts.
2011-009 6Jan11  Britannia rules the waves again.
England dominating the Ashes test series and the widespread flooding in Eastern Australia.
2011-007 5Jan11  Distances in Australia today.
Widespread flooding in Eastern Australia.
2011-001 4Jan11 The race to Easter.
Easter eggs and hot cross buns already on sale in the shops.