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December  2010

2010-842 23Dec10  Empathy for boat people.
Political twist on the struggles of boat people.
2010-841 22Dec10  Nude footy fans.
Nude St. Kilda football players' photos scandal.
2010-836P 21Dec10  World's largest bong.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about big drug bust at an Australian Naval base.
2010-834 21Dec10  If Julian Assange was to go to trial.
Unlikely that Julian Assange would ever get a fair trial considering the controversy surrounding him.
2010-830 20Dec10  Phoenix rising from the test Ashes.
Australia's remarkable comeback in the 2010 Ashes series.
2010-829 17Dec10  Making progress in Afghanistan.
Questioning the claims that progress has been made towards ending the war in Afghanistan.
2010-828 17Dec10  England bowling to Australia.
Australia's poor bating performance this test series
2010-824 16Dec10  Ricky Ponting's Christmas wish.
Woeful performance of the Australian cricket team in the Ashes series.
2010-823 15Dec10  More shocking revelations from Wikileaks.
Lighter look at the Wikileaks saga.
2010-819P 14Dec10  The well Warne path.
Shane Warne's latest sexual exploit.
2010-818 14Dec10  Wikileaks - stickyleaks.
Comparing the reaction to Wikileaks with the comparatively mild reaction to civilian deaths in the war on terror.
2010-815 13Dec10  Spin like Shane Warne.
The poor performance of the Australian cricket team and Shane Warne's latest sexual indiscretion.
2010-795 6Dec10  The good and bad news for farmers.
Farmers in South Eastern Australia plagued by both floods and locusts this Summer.
2010-811 10Dec10  First bushfire this Summer.
Wikileaks burning Australian Federal politicians.
2010-807P 9Dec10  Believe free speech.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the Wikileaks website controversy.
2010-805 9Dec10  Man on the land today.
Extensive flooding in South Eastern Australia impacting on farmers.
2010-804  Australian cricket skid row.
Parlous state if Austrian first class cricket.
2010-801P 7Dec10  Viewing the weather report.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about predicted flooding.
2010-799  7Dec10  Water entitlements.
Flooding in some irrigation areas of NSW in stark contrast to longer term water shortage problems.
2010-798P 6Dec10  Locust and weather fronts map.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on locust swarms advancing into Victoria from NSW.
2010-796 6Dec10 But I can read plain English.
Wikileaks document showing that Kevin Rudd warned the US to be prepared to use force against China.
2010-784 2Dec10  Consumer demand flattening.
Latest interest rate rise by the Reserve Bank contributing to the flattening in consumer demand.
2010-792P 3Dec10  World cup bid winners podium.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on World Cup bid.
2010-789 3Dec10 Demand for nuclear power.
People may support the notion of nuclear power but few willing to have a nuclear power station in their backyard.
2010-783 2Dec10  World Cup bid soccer ball.
The vast amount of money required by FIFA for a country to host the World Cup.
2010-781 1Dec10  Big Brother is being watched by you.
The impact of Wikileaks on government control of information.
2010-780 30Nov10  Farming practices.
Much wetter conditions in South Eastern Australia.

November  2010

2010-775P 29Nov10  NAB - Not Available Bank.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the National Australia Bank's computer failure shutting down banking facilities.
2010-772 29Nov10  Brumby, black stallion.
Voter backlash against the Brumby State Labor government.
2010-771 28Nov10  One dam in Victoria that isn't full.
Labor's large losses in the Victorian State election.
2010-768 26Nov10  Recovery?
The bail out of the US finance sector helped the big players but not the little people.
2010-767 26Nov10  The lucky country iceberg.
Global warming threatening to destroy Australia's image of 'the lucky country'.
2010-761 24Nov10  Protesting today.
Wind farm protesters not looking at the bigger picture of the threat of global warming.
2010-760 24Nov10  North Korea playing with matches.
North Korea's provocative border skirmishes threatening regional a world stability.
2010-758 23Nov10  The race politicians run.
Political campaigns seem increasingly like a race to the bottom.
2010-753 22Nov10  Land of the long black cloud.
Negative reaction in New Zealand to the rescue effort to free 29 trapped miners and the poor safety precautions at the mine prior to the accident.
2010-742  17Nov10 Reading the news deemed relevant.
questioning the relevance of news on the Royals to country Australia.
2010-744 18Nov10 Demand for ever larger televisions.
Esoteric look at our insatiable demand for larger widescreen televisions.
2010-738 16Nov10  The elephant that's not afraid of mice.
Parliament's dilemma over whether to impose tighter controls on the major banks.
2010-733 15Nov10  Handing out how to vote cards
the practice of political parties handing out how to vote cards telling voters how they should place their preferences.
2010-722 10Nov10  Who will win the ashes?
The Ashes cricket series and the coming bushfire season.
2010-730 12Nov10  Strong economy.
A strong economy and it's relationship to the environment.
2010-724 11Nov10  Future AFL coverage?
Pay TV making inroads into free to air AFL match broadcasts.
2010-723 10Nov10 A380 airbust.
A380 airbus engine problems.
2010-718 9Nov10  Murray Darling water policy wringer.
Visual view of the process of coming up with a water policy for the Murray Darling region.
2010-712 8Nov10  Fire season Aussie barbecue.
light hearted warning against not preparing for the fire season.
2010-707 4Nov10  The bank reform legislation race.
Joe Hockey getting the jump on Julia Gillard by introducing bank reform legislation into parliament before she was ready to do so.
2010-710 5Nov10  Different views of the killing animals.
Sideways look at an incident involving the killing of a pet rabbit that sparked national outrage.
2010-705 3Nov10  Barack Obama's statue of liberty.
Barack Obama's loss of control of the Senate in the Mid term elections.
2010-704 3Nov10  Interest rates chess games
The unequal position between banks and their customers.
2010-702P 2Nov10  Except the drinks waiters.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the Melbourne Cup, allegedly the race that stops a nation.
2010-701P 2Nov10  So they thought.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about hot favourite So You Think failing to win the Melbourne Cup.
2010-700 2Nov10  The human survival race.
Uses a horse race as a metaphor for the social and environmental challenges facing the human race.
2010-697P 1Nov10  Advice to mug punters.
Pocket cartoon that went with article offering advice to mug punters.
2010-695 1Nov10  Preparing for the fire season.
Lighter look at preparing you property for the fire season.
2010-686 28Oct10  Different views of a glass of water.
Esoteric view of the demand by Murray Darling irrigators for a hirer quota of irrigation water.
2010-692P 29Oct10  This year's spring racing?
Pocket cartoon that went with article about wet weather predictions during the Spring racing carnical.

October  2010
2010-690 29Oct10  John Howard's latest terrorist threat.
Somewhat esoteric look at the Howard shoe throwing incident.
2010-687P 28Oct10  Bart Cummings fighting on.
Pocket Cartoon that went with article about horse trainer Bart Cummings being ill in hospital.
2010-685 28Oct10  The dog on the tuckerbox today.
Rising level of imported fruit and vegetables.
2010-684 27Oct10  A rise in water entitlements for irrigators.
Pressure by Murray Darling irrigators forces the Murray Darling Authority to revise it's planned cuts to irrigation entitlements.
2010-682P 26Pct10  Voter preferences survey.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on voting intentions.  Ties in with the Howard shoe throwing incident.
2010-679 26Oct10  Howard at the practice nets.
Refers to an incident when a disgruntled voter throw a shoe at John Howard.
2010-678 25Oct10  Spin bowler, spin batsman.
Further allegations of match fixing in international cricket.
2010-665 20Oct10  Water allocation animal farm.
Calls for cuts in water use for agricultural purposes at odds with increased use of water for urban use via the Superpipe.
2010-673 22Oct10 Distances in Australia - nearest water dispute.
The inconsistency between water demand and availability in Australia.
2010-667 21Oct10  James Packer stepping into his father's shoes.
James Packer's bid for control of Channel Ten not that unlike the exploits of his father Kerry.
2010-666 20Oct10  Political choice expressed as food.
Lack of real choice in politics.
2010-662P 19Oct10  Minister for water and scotch.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the Water Minister avoiding angry irrigation farmers.
2010-661 19Oct10  Exit strategy map of Afghanistan.
The difficulty of extracting troops from Afghanistan due to the ongoing nature of the insurgency.
2010-657 18Oct10  Our priest is a saint.
The canonisation of Mary Mackillop used to highlight the child abuse by Catholic priests.
2010-651 8Oct10  The most dangerous job in the country.
Fierce opposition to proposed planed cutbacks to irrigation water entitlements put forward in the Murray Darling plan.
2010-647 7Oct10  Different water supply capacity views.
A look at the availability of water in Australia and how much that varies from year to year.
2010-645 6Oct10  Ambulance response times race.
Poor ambulance response times in the State of Victoria.
2010-641 5Oct10  Passing on interest rate rises.
When the reserve bank announces an interest rate rise banks often pass on an even higher rise to customers.
2010-637P  4Oct10 Collingwood's premiership team line-up.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about alleged sexual assault by two Collingwood players.
2010-635 4Oct10  The soaring Aussie dollar.
The high value of the Australian dollar causing economic problems for Australia's export industy.
2010-625 30Sept10  The rules of engagement for politicians.
Sideways look at the debate about the rules of engagement for soldiers in Afghanistan.
2010-632P 1Oct10  Reactions to daylight savings.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the change to daylight savings.
2010-630 1Oct10  Aussie multiculturalism.
Lighter look at multiculturalism in Australia.
2010-624 29Sept10  Delhi games starter's gun.
The threat of terrorist attack making some athletes nervous.

September  2010

2010-623 29Sept10  The cat that got the cream of the contracts.
Gary Ablett's lucrative contract to play for the Gold Coast Suns.
2010-621 28Sept10  The rules of engagement for soldiers in Afghanistan.
The difficulty of applying military rules of engagement when the situation is as complex as the one in Afghanistan.
2010-617 27Sept10  Abbott applying the Ten Commandments.
Tony Abbott's ruthless attacking style in parliament and his religious convictions.
2010-535 27Aug10  The scales of justice in wartime.
The difficulty of administering justice during a war.
2010-613P 24Sept10  Fanatical Collingwood Supporter.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Collingwood being in the Grand Final.
2010-612 24Sept10  Musical speaker's chairs.
Inability of the Federal parliament to decide who will be the speaker of the house.
2010-608P  23Sept10  The weight lifting event?
Pocket cartoon that went with article about collapse of the false ceiling in the Delhi Commonwealth games weight lifting venue.
2010-605 22Sept10  Delhi games terrorist suspects line up.
Series of construction accidents and administration bungles threatening the viability of the Delhi Commonwealth Games.
2010-604 22Sept10 Reserve bank bull market.
Speculation that the Reserve Bank will raise interest rates due to the upswing in the economy.
2010-598 21Sept10  The independent speaker's chair.
Rob Oakeshott dropping his bid to become the first independent speaker of the house after stiff opposition to him becoming speaker.
2010-597P 20Sept10   The largest team at the games.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on security issues at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.
2010-596P 20Sept10  Accompany Brendan Fevola.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the Brownlow Medal night.  Fevola was drunk and unruly at last year's Brownlow.
2010-595 20Sept10  Cable Abbott is happy to rollout.
Tony Abbott's opposition the the rollout of high speed cable and his determination to bring down the Gillard government.
2010-591 17Sept10  Moving forward on carbon emissions.
The call by BHP for a carbon tax and the Bob Brown's strident support for one leaves Julia Gillard looking like a reluctant follower.
2010-586 15Sept10  Oprah Winfrey down under.
Oprah Winfrey's planned visit to Australia.
2010-587P 16Sept10  The very large family farm.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about locust hatchings in Northern Victoria.
2010-585 16Sept10  The political lifeguard.
Tony Abbott's vow to bring down Julia Gillard's minority Government.
2010-583 15Sept10  The incredible shrinking man today.
Affordable housing becoming more and more out of reach for the average Australian.
2010-579 14Sept10  Lest we forget.
A reminder that while the drought has broken for now, drought conditions will eventually return and we must be ever vigilant.
2010-576 13Sept10  Marginal seat funding forecast.
Recent flooding in Victoria and likely pork barrelling in in marginal seats during the upcoming State election.
2010-573P 10Sept10  Not allowed to sing about the Saints.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the Catholic church's ban on popular songs at funerals, including football songs.
2010-571 10Sept10  Signs of economic recovery in the bush.
Negative impact of the floods in South Eastern Australia.
2010-566 9Sept10  Julia Gillard moving forward.
The difficulties of getting things done with a minority government.
2010-565 8Sept10   Spring flowers.
Very wet Spring in South Eastern Australia causing significant flooding.
2010-564 8Sept10  The final hurdle.
Tony Abbott's failure to secure the support of two key rural based independents cost him the election.
2010-560P 7Sept10  Pulling the rabbit out of the Akubra.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Gillard forming government with the help of rural independents.
2010-555 6Sept10  Australia - a land of contrasts.
Musing on Australia's bushfire and flood cycle.
2010-554 6Sept10  Reading the rain gauge  last weekend.
Extensive flooding in South Eastern Australia last weekend.
2010-549 3Sept10  Modern bodyline series.
Match fixing scandal involving Pakistani cricketers.  A play on the 1932-3 bodyline cricket series between England and Australia.
2010-545 2Sept10  Costings.
Sideways look at the fiscal costings by the government and the opposition.
2010-546P 2Sept10  Research for Reverend Nile.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Reverend Nile claiming  that his staff had visited porn sites only in the name of research.
2010-544 2Sept10  America climbing out of the ring.
America pulling the bulk of it's military forces out of Iraq and the adverse consequences that may ensue.
2010-543 1Sept10  Counting.
Possibility of a fresh election in Australia if a minority government cannot be formed.
2010-532 26Aug10  Minister for organisation.
Esoteric look at Ministerial incompetence.

August  2010

2010-540P 30Aug10  Reading the menu.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about locust plague in South Eastern Australia.
2010-538P 30Aug10  Pakistan cricket match umpire.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the Pakistan match fixing scandal.
2010-537 30Aug10  Wet weather gear.
Very wet August in the State of Victoria.
2010-526 24Aug10  Hung parliament show.
The Independents and the Greens leading Abbott and Gillard by the nose.
2010-536 27Aug10  Being burnt.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about the Victorian State Government's response to the Bushfire Royal Commission's recommendations.
2010-534 27Aug10  Neck and neck finish.
very tight election race with the outcome being decided by the independents.
2010-531 26Aug10  The border of Afghanistan.
High violent death rate in Afghanistan.
2010-530 25Aug10  Ticker tape parade for the independents.
Gillard and Abbott likely to shower funding on the independents in a bit to woe them to form government.
2010-521 23Aug10  Egg on her face.
At least part of the Labor backlash in Queensland due to the dumping of Kevin Rudd as leader.
2010-520 23Aug10  Hung parliament in Burma.
Reflecting that the hung parliament in Australia as a result of the recent Federal election is not really so bad.
2010-517 20Aug10  Crop harvesting this season.
Wet weather causing minor flooding and heavy conditions on many farms in the state of Victoria.
2010-518 20Aug10  Global economic outlook.
Prospect of a global double dip recession.
2010-516 19Aug10  The latest flood in Pakistan.
As the flooding in Pakistan subsides a new threat of famine is emerging.
2010-512 18Aug10  Election campaign Twister
Gillard and Abbott targeting the marginal seats with personal visits.
2010-511P  17Aug10  Ben Cousins' highs and lows.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Ben Cousins announcing his retirement.
2010-509 17Aug10  Political map of Australia.
Highlighting that politicians always concentrate on the marginal seats and ignore the safe ones.
2010-504 16Aug10  Election campaign tug of war.
Tony Abbott vigorously opposing Julia Gillard's planned high speed fibre-optic cable rollout.
2010-476 5Aug10 Tobacco industry python.
Tobacco industry running a campaign opposing the Federal Government's plan to introduce plan packaging for cigarette packets.
2010-498 13Aug10  The two horse political race.
The Australian Federal election expressed as a horse race.
2010-492 12Aug10  Accurate weather map.
Wild wet weather across South Eastern Australia.
2010-490 11Aug10  Imported New Zealand apple.
New Zealand, which is infected with the apple Fire Blight disease, given the OK to import apples into Australia, which does not have the disease.
2010-487P 10Aug08  Free condoms for students.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about plan to give out free condoms to high school students.
2010-483 9Aug10  Julia Gillard moving forward - fast.
Mark Latham's antics an embarrassment to Julia Gillard.
2010-482 9Aug10  Fire sale.
The Victorian State Government's scheme to buy back properties that are located in high bushfire risk areas.
2010-479 6Aug10 The election race so far.
Gillard hampered by the Rudd dumping and the fact that he is still influencing the election campaign.
2010-480 6Aug10  No repayments until you get to the end of the chain.
The dangers of debt traps.
2010-475 5Aug10  Where Abbott and Gillard stand on global warming.
Both Abbott and Gillard failing to recognise the seriousness of the Global warming threat.
2010-473 4Aug10  Tony Abbott's answering machine.
Tony Abbott's refusal to television another debate with Julia Abbott.
2010-469 3Aug10  Tony Abbott's preferred worm.
Tony Abbott's rebuff of Julia Gillard's offer of another national television debate.
2010-466 2Aug10  Drought could be breaking.
Wetter conditions in South Eastern Australia causing some to speculate that the prolonged drought might finally be breaking.
2010-464 30July10  Shut the door.
Naive belief that all we have to do to stop refugees arriving by boat is to have tougher restrictions, which ignores the causes of why refugees come.

July  2010
2010-460 29July10  Children's building blocks.
Many pokies venues have family friendly children's creches which arguably have the potential to indoctrinate children into the gambling habit.
2010-459 29July10  Assess the cabinet leaks.
Prime Minister Gillard being damaged by a series of Cabinet leaks.
2010-458 28July10  Pork barrelling today.
Campaign funding promises often not what people really need.
2010-454P 27July10  Kangaroo jump?
Pocket Cartoon that went with an article speculating whether North Melbourne would relocate to Tasmania.
2010-453P 27July10  Are you going to tie the knot?
Pocket cartoon that went with article on speculation about whether Julia Gillard will marry.
2010-452 27July10  oil and Wikileaks.
Speculative cartoon about the damaging Gulf of Mexico oil leak and the Wikileaks website that is causing the US government so much angst.
2010-447 26July10  The assent of political campaigning man.
Quirky look at the ruthlessness of modern political campaigning.
2010-443 23July10Modern Humpty Dumpty.
Oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.
2010-442 23July10  DOG POLITICS - improvement.
Politicians often give voters what they don't really need.
2010-439P 22July10  Acker's final handstand.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the sacking of Jason Akermanis.
2010-438 22July10  DOG POLITICS - choice.
Viewing the federal election campaign campaign as a dog metaphor.
2010-436 21July10  Processing asylum seekers offshore.
Australia's policy of processing asylum seekers on offshore islands and the looming threat of rising sea levels caused by global warming.
2010-433 20July10  Election Choices so far.
Debt and cuts to services the main choices offered to voters so far in the Federal election campaign.
2010-430 19July10  WorkChoices monkey.
Tony Abbott having trouble shaking off the WorkChoices Monkey.
2010-425 16July2010  Julia Gillard's light on the hill.
Julia Gillard's tougher stance on asylum seekers and Labor's traditional image of itself as the light on the hill.
2010-426 16July10  Kevin Rudd's ministerial seat.
Debate about whether Kevin Rudd will be offered a Ministerial seat.
2010-424P 15July10  Salary cap breach Melbourne Storm.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about further Melbourne Storm salary cap breaches.
2010-420 15July10  Mining super tax back flip.
Julia Gillard's backflip on the mining super profits tax costing the government billions of dollars in potential revenue.
2010-411 12July10 Political policies.
Tony Abbott's tacit denial of the threat of global warming.
2010-414 13July10  Predict the election outcome.
Predicting that the World Cup octopus would not go for either of the major Australian political parties.
2010-412P 12July2010  Bookie's nightmare.
Pocket cartoon that went with article an octopus accurately predicting 10 out of 10 World cup matches.
2010-410 12July10  The student part time workforce.
Fair Work Australia's three hour minimum work requirements adversely impacting on students with part time jobs.
2010-386 1July10  Tackling mental health problems.
Pointing out the shortfalls in tackling mental health problems without dealing with underlying social problems.
2010-406 9July10  Abbott's asylum seekers policy.
Ongoing errors in Julia Gillard's asylum seekers policy working to Tony Abbott's advantage.
2010-404P 8Nov10  I am the safest bet.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Julia Gillard claiming she is a safer bet than Tony Abbott when it comes to tackling climate change.
2010-403 8July10  Asylum seekers offshore solution.
The dangers that offshore processing of asylum seekers  poses to both asylum seekers themselves and the Government.
2010-402 7July10  Acceptable uppers and downers.
Widespread use of stimulants and sedatives by AFL footballers.
2010-399P 6July10  AFL sedative use rise.
Pocket Cartoon that went with article on Ben Cousin's overdosing on sedatives.
2010-398 6July10  This is not another Pacific solution.
Julia Gillard's plans for an off shore refugee processing centre in East Timor.
2010-396P 5July10  Cousins flying high?
Pocket cartoon for article about Ben Cousins been hospitalised after taking a drug.
2010-395 5July10  Incubating you superannuation nest egg.
High superannuation administration fees eroding people's superannuation nest egg.
2010-391 2July10  Political influence vehicles.
The mining industry's ability to influence politics.
2010-390  2July10  Lower mining super tax.
Julia Gillard's lower mining super tax deal.
2010-389P 1July10  I know a lot about cricket.
Pocket cartoon about John Howard's ICC nomination being rejected.
2010-385 1July10  Bowled out by Mugabe.
John Howard stymied in his bid to become head of the ICC due to his outspoke criticism of the Mugabe regime in the past.
2010-384 30June10  Reaction to the wetter conditions.
Wetter conditions in South Eastern Australia.