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2010   january to june

June  2010

2010-381 29June10  I don't believe in god.
Julia Gillard saying she doesn't believe in god.
2010-378P 28June10 Jana Rawlinson's lane.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Australian athlete Jana Rawlinson considering competing with the English team at the London Olympics.
2010-375 28June10  Modern nursery rhyme.
The negative social effects of saturation alcohol advertising.
2010-371 25June10  Kevin 07 Julia 007.
The removal of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister by Julia Gillard.
2010-370P 24June10  Political glass ceiling.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Julia Gillard becoming the first Australian female PM.
2010-369P 24June10  ALP safety matches.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Julia Gillard replacing Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister.  Julia is red headed.
2010-367 24June10  The new ball in the Federal Election Cup.
The ousting of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister.
2010-366 23June10  Sweeping under the eased water restrictions carpet.
Easing of water restrictions in South Eastern Australia more to do with upcoming elections than an improvement in the water situation.
2010-364P 22June10 Acceptable to abuse a black person.
Pocket cartoon in response to spate of racist comments by sporting commentators about black people.  White maggot is a derogatory term used to describe an umpire.
2010-349 17June10  Modern version of Oliver Twist.
The mining industry's reaction to Kevin Rudd's supertax almost Dickensian.
2010-360P 21June10  Sporting precinct.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on manhunt in Melbourne's sporting precinct for a shotgun wielding robber.
2010-358 21June10  Tony Abbott still the underdog.
The Libs ahead in the polls and favoured to win the upcoming election.
2010-357 21June10  Sent off the field in the Penrith by-election.
The ALP's drumming in the Penrith by-election.
2010-354 18June10  BPee.
BP's oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico getting worse.
2010-350 17June10  Mal Brown's cannibals.
Former football player Mal Brown's controversial comment that aboriginal footballers were cannibals.
2010-348 16June10  Kryptonite not the only threat.
Esoteric look at the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.
2010-343 15June10  The latest Aussie road kill.
Australia's 4-0 defeat by Germany in the World Cup.
2010-341 11June10  Water or over stocking?
Current water shortages and population growth.
2010-338 10June10  Grease.
European Economic Union in crisis as a result of Greece's sovereign debt crisis.
2010-336 9June10  Hazardous occupations.
Rudd's hazardous battle with the mining industry over the introduction of a mining supertax.
2010-335P 8June10  South African wildlife safari.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Socceroos staying at a Safari lodge prior to the World Cup.
2010-331 8June10  Kevin Rudd's current electoral cycle.
Massive drop in Kevin Rudd's popularity.
2010-329 7JUne10  Choices for voters.
Both Labor and Liberal parties not aware of the serious threat global warming poses.
2010-324 4June10  Standing firm on the mining supertax.
Rudd's battle with the mining industry over the introduction of the mining supertax.
2010-321P 3June10  The latest security threat at the lodge.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Kevin Rudd keeping chickens at the lodge.
010-323 3June10  We'll be able to afford a candlelit dinner now!
The granting of a $26 a week wage rise in Australia to workers on a minimum wage.
2010-310 31May10  The American Midas touch.
BP's disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
2010-317P 1June10  I have an Australian passport.
Australians detained during aid flotilla assault and Israeli agents using fake Aussie passports in assassination of Hamas leader.
2010-314 1June10  Political party popularity bounce.
Reflecting on recent survey showing that both major Australian political parties are experiencing a popularity slump.
2010-313P 31May10  In the dogs' house.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Akermanis falling out of favour with his football club the Western Bulldogs.
2010-308 28May10  Look what the Government's mining supertax has done!
The mining industry's attack on the Government's mining supertax.

May  2010

2010-307 28May10   Tony Abbott stranded on a desert island.
Tony Abbott's plans for processing asylum seekers offshore.
2010-305P 27May10  Claiming scalps.
Pocket Cartoon that went with article about the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission.
2010-304P 27May10  The Twelve Apostles.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on oil exploration near the Bay of Islands park, which includes the Twelve Apostles.
2010-301 27May10  Power.
Announcement that power companies will now be able to disconnect households who can't pay their bills, abandoning the policy of guaranteeing basic amenities for the poor.
2010-300P 26May10 St Kilda supporters.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about two St Kilda players who had sex with a schoolgirl and got her pregnant.
2010-299 26May10 Explaining football tactics.
Two St Kilda football players accused of having sex with a schoolgirl they met during a school football clinic.
2010-294 24May10  Effort and reward.
Putting another perspective on the recent debate about good and bad teachers getting paid the same.
2010-291 21May10  Outback view of the burqa.
Lighter hearted Aussie view of the burqa.
2010-286 21May10  Hot Indian and Thai food.
Esoteric look at the political violence in Thailand.
2010-289P 20May10 Holding the Man.
Pocket cartoon about Jason Akermanis' comments that gay AFL footballers should not openly express their homosexuality.
2010-285 20May20 Saving Greece from drowning.
The economic crisis in Europe triggered by Greece's insolvency threatening to bring down the entire European Union.
2010-284 19May10 Politician who is a big liar.
A more general view of the recent furore over opposition leader Tony Abbott saying that he sometimes doesn't tell the truth.
2010-282P 18May10 Bangkok tourist advice.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on travel agent's risk assessment on tourists travelling to Bangkok.
2010-278 17May10 Mobile phones that will definitely kill you.
Research into cancer link with heavy mobile phone use.
2010-277 17May10  Achievement and the social strata.
A look at how the financial and social status of a person has a big impact on what they are capable of achieving.
2010-274 14May10  Tackling global warming progress clothes.
Both the Labor Federal Government and the Liberal opposition very backward when it comes to tackling climate change.
2010-273P 13May10  Libs' wind power policy.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Victorian Liberal party's wind power policy.
2010-268 13May10  Black America today.
Obtuse look at the devastation US oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
2010-267 12May10  Rudd's spending style.
Kevin Rudd's budget spending very chaste compared to last year.
2010-265P 11May10  NAPLAN test attendance roll.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Government's instance that schools conduct the unpopular NAPLAN tests.
2010-264P 11May10  The current Government surplus.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Govt. plans to bring the budget back to surplus.
2010-263 11May10  A shape that the different football codes can agree on.
The AFL coming to an agreement with the Football Federation on the use of AFL venues should the World Cup be held in Australia.
2010-261 10May10 The wakeup call.
Opinion poll showing Kevin Rudd rapidly losing popularity.
2010-258 7May10 Burqa postbox?
Pocket cartoon that went with article calling for  Australia to ban the Burqa.
2010-256 8May10  Belt tightening in Greece.
Riots in Greece over economic austerity measures being implemented by the Greek Government.
2010-252 6May10 Soapboxes.
Kevin Rudd standing on a box of dynamite with his new 40% mining tax.
2010-251 5May10  Rudd's environmental policy.
Kevin Rudd ditching his Emissions Trading Scheme.
2010-246 3May10  The latest mining boom.
strong reaction from the mining sector to Rudd's new mining tax.
2010-245 3May10  Cracking down on dangerous emissions.
Rudd cracking down on smoking while at the same time abandoning his attempts to reduce carbon emissions.
2010-244P 30April10  Smoking today.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Federal Government raising the price of cigarettes by 25%.
2010-243P  30April10  Carl's coffin covered in gold.
Pocket Cartoon that went with article on the funeral of Carl Williams, a notorious gangland murderer.
2010-240 30April10  The running of the bulls today.
Spain's economy in crisis.

April  2010

2010-238P 29April10  Cheaper to smoke twenty dollar notes.
Pocket cartoon about the federal government raising the price of cigarettes by 25%.
2010-236 29April10  Cigarette plain packaging.
cigarette companies opposing the planned introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes by the Australian Government.
2010-235 28April10  Going up in smoke.
Rudd's postponement of his emissions trading scheme until at least 2013.
2010-231 27April10  Melbourne Storm's salary cap.
Penalties Melbourne Storm have suffered because of it's salary cap breaches threaten to cripple the club financially.
2010-229P 23April10  This won't hurt a bit.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on immunising children under five being suspended due to some adverse reactions.
2010-226 23April10  Pointing out the culprit.
The National Rugby League coming down hard on Melbourne Storm over salary cap rorts.
2010-224P 22April10  Reg Dickinson's battle medals.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on an assault on an elderly RSL veteran.
2010-221P 22April10  Melbourne Storm, Melbourne hurricane.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Melbourne Storm being stripped of two of it's premierships.
2010-219 22April10  The big folly.
Failure of the Government's insulation rebate scheme.
2010-214P 20April10  Future health funding cutbacks.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about WA rejecting Rudd's health funding reform.
2010-215P 20April10 Today's scarecrow.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on locust plague in South Eastern Australia.
2010-200 13April10   My School, My  Political Party Funding.
The Government willing to exposes schools to closer public scrutiny but not themselves.
2010-212P 19April10  The waiting wombat.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Qantas cancelling flights to Europe because of the volcanic ash plume.
2010-211P 19April10 If he had thrown a keg of beer at Fevola.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on a fan throwing a cup of beer at Brendan Fevola.
2010-210 19April10 Experiencing the great outdoors
Urbanisation and technology alienating children from the natural world.
2010-207 16April10  The works anonymous.
Ongoing problem of drug and alcohol abuse, gambling and violent behaviour amongst AFL players.
2010-205 15April10  Bushfires in the witness box.
Esoteric look at the Black Saturday bushfires Royal Commission in the State of Victoria.
2010-204 14April10  Wooing the States.
Kevin Rudd suffering setbacks in trying to convince the States to adopt his health plan.
2010-201 13April10  Would you stand up for God Save the Queen.
Announcement by the RSL that God Save the Queen will no longer be played at the ANZAC Day Dawn service.
2010-197 12April10  A change in the wind.
Changes to asylum seekers policy looking more like Howard era asylum seekers policy.

March  2010

2010-196 26March10  Full up.
Yet more changes in asylum seekers policy after the Christmas Island detention centre is full.
2010-158 12March10  Water management war to end all wars.
Ineffective water management has done little to prepare us to tackle major water problems in the future.
2010-190 24Mar10  Healthcare funding reform pied piper.
The states very reluctant to follow Kevin Rudd's lead on healthcare funding reform.
2010-187 23Mar10  Finance sector Animal Farm.
Banks moving towards setting their interest rates independently of the Reserve Bank's cash rate.
2010-183 22Mar10  Recovery.
Australia has faired better in the road to economic recovery than most of the rest of the world.
2010-179 19Mar10  The passage of Obama's healthcare reform bill.
The very stormy passage of Obama's healthcare reform bill.
2010-173 18Mar10  Butterflies hatching earlier.
Research showing Australian butterflies are hatching out on average 10 days earlier in Spring, which has been seen as another definite sign of global warming.
2010-172 17Mar10  A woman's view if what's on offer from the Liberal Party.
Former Treasurer Peter Costello's claim that Tony Abbott's 6 month paid maternity leave proposal is counter to traditional Liberal Party values.
2010-167 16Mar10  Used to being overstretched.
Perceptions that police resources in the State of Victoria are being overstretched.
2010-164 15Mar10  News in Australia today.
The Australian Media's obsession with Lara Bingle's break up with cricketer Michael Clarke.
2010-159 12Mar10  Where the wild things are.
Kevin Rudd selling his hospital reform to the State Governments.
2010-151 10Mar10  Paid maternity leave policy launch.
Tony Abbott's surprise announcement of his paid maternity leave policy shocked many in his own party room.
2010-149 9Mar10  Election year rain.
The large number of funding carrots that are hurled at voters in an election year by both the Government and the opposition .
2010-144 5Mar10  Hospital funding surgery.
The states strongly opposing Kevin Rudd's planned healthcare funding reform.
2010-142 4Mar10  Flooding in outback Queensland.
Flooding in the dry semi desert country of South Western Queensland.
2010-141 3Mar10  The hospital cleaner.
Kevin Rudd's plan to take control of hospital funding by taking $50 billion in GST revenue from the States.
2010-136 2Mar10  The grass is greener on the other side.
Melbourne's super pipe taking water from North of the dividing range, an area that is already very parched.
2010-133 1Mar10  Cure all sorry elixir.
Prime Minister Rudd's habit of saying sorry at risk of becoming a standard cure all response for his government's mistakes.
2010-128 26Feb10  The Australian flag according to Mossad.
Mossad agents from Israel allegedly used fake Australian passports when they assassinated a Hamas leader In Dubai.

February  2010

2010-124 25Feb10  Insulation rebate scheme crash test dummy.
Ongoing saga of the botched insulation rebate scheme.
2010-122 24Feb10  New student identification numbers.
Plans to issue every school student with an identification number.
2010-117 23Feb10  Labor's number one terrorist threat.
Launch of the Government's white paper on counter terrorism and the home insulation rebate scheme debacle.
2010-114 22Feb10  Peter Garrett risk assessment.
Revelation that Peter Garrett did not read the home insulation program risk assessment report until months after the start of that program.
2010-111 19Feb10  Battsman out for a duck.
Peter Garrett suspends the insulation rebate scheme do to ongoing problems with it.
2010-108 18Feb10  Government and private school differences today.
Assessment of the increasing number of students carrying knives in the wake of the fatal stabbing of a schoolboy at a private school.
2010-106 17feb10  Andrew Lovett leaving St. Kilda.
AFL footballer Andrew Lovett was sacked by St. Kilda after he was charged with rape.
2010-102 16Feb10  Tony Abbott's policy balloons.
While Abbott's environment and health policies have generally been favourably received his IR policy is seen as a millstone.
2010-100P 15Feb10  Credit card shadow.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about excessive credit card debt.
2010-098 15Feb10  Pauline Hanson emigrating the the UK.
Pauline Hanson, former politician known for her racist attitude, has announced she will be emigrating  to the UK.
2010-077 5Feb10  Australia's views on population.
Perception that Australia is an empty land, now and in the past.
2010-091 10Feb10 Peter Garrett installs insulation batts.
Peter Garrett in trouble over the botched insulation rebate scheme.
2010-090  we would never impose a tax like that.
Hypocritical of  Tony Abbott to attack the proposed ETS as a tax impost when the GST, the tax introduced by the Liberals, was in fact higher than the EST.
2010-089P 9Feb10  Insulating your roof.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on scams and shoddy work being done by some insulation installers cashing in on the Government insulation rebates.
2010-086 9Feb10  A racism problem?
Fear of violence amongst the general population as well as darker skinned people.
2010-082 8Feb10  Minister for Water in the phone.
Crippling water shortages for Victorian vegetable farmers in sharp contrast to the plentiful supply of water for private domestic use.
2010-083 8Feb10  Inaccurate climate change report.
Inaccuracies in the latest IPCC report lauded by climate change denialists.
2010-080P 5Feb10  Black Saturday memorial.
First anniversary of the disastrous Black Saturday bushfires.
2010-078 5Feb10  Abbott's latest climate reduction scheme.
Barnaby Joyce's outspoken comments embarrassing Tony Abbott.
2010-076P 4Feb10  Cat losing all nine lives.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Mathew Stokes up on drugs charges.
2010-066 1Feb10  Speed and speeding signs.
High number of young people speeding and the increasing number of makeshift roadside memorials marking where people have died in car accidents.
2010-071P 2Feb10  Interest rates on hold.
The Australian Reserve bank not raising interest rates provides little comfort for those struggling to pay off their mortgages.
2010-070 2Feb10  The battle to save the environment goes on..
Posturing by both the major Australian political parties doing little to seriously tackle stop the impact of global warming.
2010-065 1Feb10  Wayne Swan's carrot and stick.
Refers to the The Federal Treasurer's incentive scheme to keep older people working for longer.
2010-061 29Jan10  My school website car race.
The new schools ranking website highlights the disparity between rich private schools and under funded government schools.

January  2010
2010-057P 28Jan10  How did our school rank?
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about the Government's new schools' ranking website.
2010-056 28Jan10  Economic anatomy lesson.
Esoteric look at the impact of rising interest rates have on people with mortgages.
2010-055 27Jan10  Passing the education baton to the next generation.
TAFE and HECS fees placing a heavy burden on young people that was not there for earlier generations.
2010-054 26Jan10  The different ways we celebrate national pride.
Some Australians using nationalism to justify racist violence.
2010-049 25Jan10  Australia Day and night.
Australia Day celebrations in light of recent racist violence.
2010-047P 22Jan10  Current method of crushing hoon cars.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about calls for the cars of hoons to be crushed after three driving offences.
2010-046 22Jan10  Mega fauna that is thriving.
Using research about the demise of Australia's mega fauna as a springboard to highlight Australia's obesity problem.
2010-041 20Jan10  Community reaction to racist violence.
Went with article about racist violence and how to deal with it.
2010-042 21Jan10  Choosing the Public Transport Minister.
On the appointment of Martin Pakula as the new Victorian Public Transport Minister.  This Ministry has had major difficulties in recent years and is considered a tough job.
2010-040 20Jan10  Why school rankings aren't accurate.
Plans to rank schools based on student results in each of the schools.
2010-039 19Jan10  Calling out at the Australian Open.
Ethnic based unruly behaviour at the Australian Open tennis.
2010-035P 18Jan10  P plate driver speeding.
P plate drivers who speed while under the influence of alcohol and with
other people in the car are at high risk of being killed in a car accident.
2010-031 15Jan10  What's green and what's not green.
The environmental policies of both major parties are inadequate when compared with the environmental state of the country.
2010-014 8Jan10  Society's view of young people.
Tendency for society to assume that antisocial behaviour by some young people is typical of the behaviour of all young people.
2010-027 13Jan10  Looking under the bonnet.
Plans to stop making the Ford falcon another blow to the Australian cart design industry.
2010-023 12Jan10  Protecting our rivers.
Using the Wild Rivers legislation to highlight the parlous state of Australian rivers due to over irrigation.
2010-019 11Jan010  Nitin Garg's funeral pyre.
Negative reaction in India to the murder of Indian student Nitin Garg in Australia.
2010-015 9Jan10 Indian subcontinent views of Australia.
Comment on reaction on the Indian subcontinent to the murder of an Indian student in Australia.
2010-013 8Jan10  Global warming eye of the beholder.
Habit of some people to sight local weather events as evidence to support their pro or anti global warming theories.
2010-011 7Jan10  Using swine flu vaccination stocks.
Only one quarter of the millions of swine flu vaccination doses ordered have been used.
2009-694 4Dec09  Economic wrestling match.
Strong Aussie dollar making life difficult for the Australian export manufacturing sector.
2010-005 5Jan10  Market forces.
Aggressive marketing of alcohol contributing to the upsurge in alcohol related violence.
2010-002 4Jan10  Optimistic farmer.
Serious flooding in the Western New South Wales town of Coonamble.