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December 2009

2009-737 23Dec09  Christmas spirits.
Heavy imbibing of alcohol over Christmas.
2009-732 22Dec09  The forests we have today.
Deforestation and the proliferation of mobile phone towers
2009-731P 21Dec09  Reactions to Copenhagen outcome.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on people's reaction to the outcome of the Copenhagen climate change conference.
2009-728 21Dec09  Christmas festivities body perspective.
Over eating at Christmas time.
2009-724 18Dec09  Not so glad tidings.
Grim carbon emission forecast presented at the Copenhagen climate change conference.
2009-723 17Dec09  The global warming flood ark.
Inability of rich and poor nations to come up with an agreement to tackle global warming.
2009-720 16Dec09  Neighbourhood safer place pending.
Delays in setting up Neighbourhood safer places in high bushfire risk areas.
2009-717 15Dec09  Carbon footprints.
The much larger carbon footprint of industrialised countries negatively impacting on developing countries.
2009-716 15Dec09  Pulling the low carbon emission target talks rabbit out of the hat.
Copenhagen climate talks unlikely to get an agreement on a significant carbon emission reduction target.
2009-713 14Dec09  The six O'clock swill in the past.
Contrasting the traditional Six O'clock swill with today's extended pub opening hours.
2009-706 11Dec09  Aussie ballgames.
AFL president Andrew Demetriou's implacable opposition to AFL grounds being used to host the soccer World Cup.
2009-705 9Dec09  The economic food chain.
Massive profits of banks.
2009-700 8Dec09  Shadow cabinet attack dogs.
Tony Abbott's new cabinet line up unlikely to aggressively tackle climate change.
2009-697 7Dec09  Yet another birdie for Tiger Woods.
Golfer Tiger Woods beset by sexual scandals.
2009-690 3Dec09  Where the wilder things are.
Using the opening of the fantasy movie Where the Wild Things are to highlight the current turmoil in the Australian Federal Parliament.
2009-692P 3Dec09  Modern Little Miss Riding Hood.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the threat posed to young people using the internet by older predatory users.
2009-689 3Dec09  Speeding tickets.
Drawn in response to assertions that speeding fines are simply a revenue raising exercise.
2009-688 2Dec09  Malcolm Turnbull out in the cold?
Malcolm Turnbull ousted as opposition leader largely as a result of his stand on global warming.
2009-685 1dec09  Liberal and Labor ETS policies.
The new Liberal opposition leader Tony Abbott determined to undermine Labor's Emissions Trading Scheme legislation.
2009-684 30Nov09  The current direction of the parliamentary Liberal Party.
Fights over climate change policy within the parliamentary Liberal Party leaving the direction of the party swinging wildly.

November 2009

2009-680 27Nov09  Malcolm Turnbull's stand on climate change.
Liberal Party room revolt against Malcolm Turnbull's stance on climate change.
2009-679P 26Nov09  Analog TV lead.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the imminent closure of analog TV broadcasts.
2009-678P 26Nov09  Trophy wife wedding vows.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten marrying a woman forty years his junior.
2009-674 25Nov09  Greenhouse gas reduction targets.
Challenge to opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull's power base due to a rift in the Liberal Party over emissions trading policy.
2009-671 24Nov09  New fire danger ratings.
Predicted higher number of catastrophic fire incidences in South Eastern Australia
2009-670 24Nov09 Liberal party room dress code.
Battle in the Liberal Party room over climate change policy.
2009-668 23Nov09  El Nino catches a cold.
Weekend of heavy rain in South Eastern Australia a pleasant interruption to the standard El Nino dry weather pattern.
2009-666 20Nov09  Busting for a blue.
Crackdown on street violence in Victoria by the police.
2009-664 19Nov09  Bushfire and global warming survival plans
Contrasting the preparations for bushfires with the plans to tackle global warming.
2009-662 18Nov09  Immigration public opinion shark
Rising hostility to the latest wave of asylum seekers coming to Australia by boat.
2009-656 17Nov09 Avoiding the climate change tsunami.
Half hearted moves towards tackling climate change at the Copenhagen conference.
2009-655 16Nov09 The taking asylum seekers poker game.
Kevin Rudd at a disadvantage in the negotiations as to who will take the asylum seekers on board the Oceanic Viking.
2009-652 13Nov09 To those who are going to fall.
General view of war and remembrance.
2009-650P 12Novo9 Rudd's surprise visit to Afghanistan.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Kevin Rudd's surprise visit to Australian troops stationed in Afghanistan.
2009-648 11Nov09 Sudden fall in koala numbers.
Survey shows that there has been a sudden and dramatic fall in koala numbers.
2009-647 11Nov09 Person in charge of controlled burn-offs.
Comment of the number of bushfires that start when controlled burn-offs jump containment lines.
2009-645 10Nov09 No global warming snowman.
Solid evidence that global warming is not happening melting away.

2009-641 9Nov09  Counting asylum seekers sheep.
Kevin Rudd and the increased pressure on him due to the latest influx of asylum seekers.
2009-638  reliable automated ticketing machine.
Ongoing problems with the public transport automated ticketing machines.
2009-635 5Nov09  First home buyers desert.
Interest rates on the way back up after a brief period of low interest rates.
2009-633 4Nov09  Boat people fleeing oppressive regimes.
Latest wave of refugees heading to Australia and Australian High
Commissioner to Fiji being expelled by Fiji's military government.
2009-632P 3Nov09  Shocking.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Shocking winning the
Melbourne Cup, edging out three Bart Cummings trained horses.
2009-630 3Nov09  Oceanic Vikings.
Oceanic Viking asylum seekers fracas and the latest political opinion poll.
2009-628P 2Nov09  Asylum seekers policy smoke.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Timor oil rig fire.
2009-626 2Nov09  Asylum seekers map of Australia.
Asylum seekers stranded on the Australian customs ship the Oceanic Viking.
2009-625 boat people final solution.
Debate over the latest wave of asylum seekers travelling to Australia by boat.

October 2009
2009-622 29Oct09  Inflation racing field.
Rising inflation and interest rates.
2009-618 27Oct09  Australia's population coat of arms.
Australia's obese and aging population.
2009-612P 26Oct09  Asylum seekers medical.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Wilson Tuckey's opposition
to letting asylum seekers into Australia on medical grounds.
2009-611 26Oct09  Asylum seekers map of Australia.
Policy of returning asylum seekers to Indonesia.
2009-608 9Oct09  Stimulus spending anchor.
Rising interest rates impacting on the effects of the stimulus spending program.
2009-607 9Oct09  Thrones.
Malcolm Turnbull's precarious position as opposition leader.
2009-603 8Oct09  War in Afghanistan anniversary.
8th anniversary of the start of the war in Afghanistan.
2009-601 7Oct09  Economic speed hump.
The ability of interest rate rises to slow the economy.
2009-597 6Oct09  Using a lot less water.
City and country water use comparison.
2009-594 5Oct09  Economic weather forecast.
Predictions that interest rates will rise as Australia comes out of the recession.
2009-589 2Oct09  Liberal Party climate change.
Split in the Liberal shadow cabinet over the government's carbon trading scheme.
2009-587 1Oct09  Everything on the way up.
Apparent economic recovery and a series of
severe earthquakes in the Asia Pacific region.
2009-585 30Sept09  Cost innocent people their lives.
Calls for the reintroduction of the death penalty after a murderer
reprieved from the gallows in 1967 was convicted of another murder.

September 2009
2009-580 28Sept09  El Nino this Spring.
Good Spring rains in South Eastern Australia despite predictions of another El Nino dry period.
2009-578 28Sept09  The price of a meat pie.
Class differences and the exorbitant price of food and drink at AFL matches.
2009-576 25Sept09  The Brownlow medal count.
Brendan Fevola's drunken behaviour at the Brownlow.
2009-574 24Sept09  The laid back Aussie.
Strong culture of drinking and violence in contemporary Australian society.
2009-572 23Sept09  Difficult to reduce carbon emissions.
Quirky look at the difficulties involved in reducing carbon emissions.
2009-571 22Sept09  Getting into the Grand Final.
corporations outbidding the footy faithful for tickets to the Grand final.
2009-561 17Sept09  Crown Casino logos.
Crown Casino getting another 200 extra gaming machines.
2009-563P 18sept09  Spending up big.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the latest rise in the pension.
2009-562 18sept09  Truant kids.
Plans to withdraw dole payments to welfare families with truant kids.
2009-558 17Sept09  Incest victims safety net.
Drawn in response to story about a long term incense victim let down by authorities.
2009-548 15Sept09  Work Choices Phoenix rising from the ashes.
The Opposition's suggestion that individual work contracts be
reintroduced, the basis of the very unpopular Work Choices scheme.
2009-552 15Sept09   The Government's relationship with Telstra.
The Federal Government's stormy relationship with the telco giant Telstra.
2009-545 11Sept09  Highest polluters winners podium.
Australia rated as the highest per capita polluter in the world.
2009-544 11Sept09  Couch grass by a seed head.
Potential strike action by jockeys during the Spring racing Carnival.
2009-539 10Sept09  Women frontline troops.
Opposition by some to the plan to recruit women as frontline troops.
2009-538 9Sept09  Gold pass.
Critique of the free travel gold passes issued to ex politicians.
2009-534 8Sept09  The economic Wild West.
The threat of rising interest rates as a result of the economic stimulus package.
2009-530 7Sept09  The tree changers castle.
New laws allowing people living in the bush to clear more land as protection from bushfires.
2009-528 4Sept09  Julia Gillard's Genie in a bottle.
School's stimulus package budget blow out.
2009-523 3Sept09  Saying sorry in the future.
Saying sorry to stolen children, wards of the State and environmental degradation.
2009-522 02Sept09  First shoots of recovery.
Economic recovery in Australia much stronger than in the rest of the world.
2009-518 1Sept09  Boxing today.
Alcohol fuelled violence.
2009-517P 31Aug09  Right or right.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Samoa changing
which side of the road cars are driven on from right to left.
2009-512 28Aug09  Greenhouse gas reduction target.
Existing traditional energy sources making it very difficult to reach greenhouse gas reduction targets.

August 2009
2009-511 28Aug09  What do you think of shared parenting?
Debate over whether divorced couples should equally share the parenting of their children.
2009-507 27Aug09  The grassy knoll of time.
The death of Edward Kennedy.
2009-509P 27Aug09  Weight watchers minefield.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Weight Watchers competition.
2009-506 26Aug09  North South pipeline expressed as a fountain.
The North South pipeline drawing water from an area that is already desperately short of water.
2009-503 25Aug09  Not faster than someone with an umbrella.
Wild weather in South Eastern Australia.
2009-501P 24Aug09  Fire still burning.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on large rise in the fire insurance levy.
2009-500P 24Aug09  Weather wrap.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on recent bad weather.
2009-499 24Aug09  National Party dog on the tuckerbox.
Resentment by some National party members of Liberal Party policies.
2009-495 21Aug09  Superannuation funds performances.
Poor performing private super funds.
2009-493 20Aug09  Voting on carbon emission levels.
Highlighting the ferocious debate over carbon emissions level legislation.
2009-491 19Aug09  Bushfire shelter distances in Australia.
Lack of bushfire shelters in fire prone areas.
2009-486 18Aug09  Bushfire management department.
Report about the poor state of bushfire management.
2009-483 17Aug09  Which law is likely to win out.
Political fighting impeding the passage of sensible carbon trading legislation.
2009-480 14Aug09  Our modern society.
Society's preoccupation with interest rates almost like a primitive religion.
2009-475 13Aug09   On tap. 
High level of alcohol fuelled violence.
2009-469 11Aug09   Live radio ethics review.
A look at the Kyle and Jack O lie detector stunt in the light of past live radio abuses.
2009-459 7Aug09  Interest rate dogs.
Slightly improved economic conditions may herald rises in interest rates.
2009-464 10Aug09  El Nino in the past few weeks.
Recent rains in South Eastern Australia despite
the prediction of another El Nino (dry) period.
2009-458 7Aug09  voting in Australia.
Businesses and lobby groups being offered special access
to politicians via expensive political fundraising functions.
2009-456 6Aug09  Carbon emissions pizza parlor.
Using obesity as a metaphor for our failure to reduce carbon emissions.
2009-455 4Aug09  Returning a lemon.
The Godwin Grech OzCar ute affair.
2009-454P 4Aug09  Australia coat of arms today.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the arrest of a terrorist
cell allegedly planning to carry out an attack in Australia.
2009-446 3Aug09  Distances in the country.
Look at the prohibitively high cost for county students wishing to study at a city university.
2009-447 3Aug09 Economy on the way back up.
Manufacturing hit much harder in the recession than other sectors of the economy.
2009-445 31July09  Indian students' definition of quality education.
Looks at the poor quality of course provided by some private collages
catering for overseas students and the spate of attacks on Indian students.

July 2009
2009-440 30July09  Countdown to the bushfire season.
Dire warnings from the CFA about this year's fire season.
2009-439 29July09  Less successful space exploration mission.
Quirky look at the thirtieth anniversary of the moon landing.
2009-435 28July09  Greenhouse gas balloons meet market forces.
Using the greenhouse gas reduction black balloon campaign to highlight
the watering down by some industries of greenhouse gas reduction efforts.
2009-432 27July09  Health care State boundaries.
Plans by the Commonwealth Government to take over the running of health care from the States.
2009-428 24July09  Mixing alcoholic drinks today.
Rising level of alcohol fuelled violence.
2009-425 23July09  Under control.
Inflation under control but not unemployment.
2009-421 22July09  Recession soft landing.
The bailed out finance sector fairing better than those people who lost their jobs.
2009-420 21July09  Why are you so gloomy?
The general economic recession and personal debt.
2009-415 17July09  Someone who stands to gain.
Heavy petrol discounting by the major supermarkets at risk of
putting the small independent service stations out of business.
2009-414 17July09  A giant leap for mankind.
Using the fortieth anniversary of the moon walk as a springboard to look at rising carbon levels.
2009-412P 16July09  She's our net nanny!
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about Government restrictions that remove
the right of principals to criticise the new computer technologies being rolled out in schools.
2009-410 16July09  TAFE gateway.
Steep rises in TAFE fees deterring people from doing TAFE courses.
2009-408 15July09  Drive through service.
Two US States allowing people to carry firearms in bars.
2009-402 14July09 Negotiating with China.
China's tough negotiating stance on diplomatic and trade issues.
2009-398 13July09  Judging wind direction last weekend.
Severe weather over South Eastern Australia last weekend.
2009-397 10July09  Big Brother is publishing you.
Court settlement over some of Murdoch's journalists who hacked into the mobile
phones of celebrities and politicians in order to get information on them to publish.
2009-392 9July09  Someone who thinks the government acted too quickly.
The government pre-empting the bushfire Royal Commission's findings
by taking action before the Commission has handed down it's findings.
2009-390 8July09  The recession bottoms out.
Debate whether the recession has truly bottomed out.
2009-386 7July09  Political trucks.
The Liberal's resurrection the debt truck used to highlight the level of government debt.
2009-383P 7July09  Federer's victory speech.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Roger Federer's
Wimbledon win, the latest in a long string of grand slam wins.
2009-380 6July09  The price of cigarettes.
Looking at the social cost as well as the actual cost of cigarettes.
2009-377 3July09  Who has got the numbers?
Response to a report showing that Australian Federal
parliamentarians are doing a lot of overseas travel.
2009-362 26June09  Distances to water and urban developments.
Look at spreading urban developments and the lack of water to supply these developments.
2009-374 1July09  Numbers that rarely come up.
Lotto odds and low rainfall recordings due to prolonged drought.
2009-372P 30June09  Very fast food.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on wild weather in Southern Australia.
2009-371 30June09  Christian references by politicians.
Survey has found that Australian politicians are making more references to Christianity in their speeches.