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2009   january to june

June  2009 
2009-366 29June09  Beware of the ute.
Malcolm Turnbull taking a pounding in the opinion polls over his handling of the Ozcar saga.
2009-363 26June09  Bubbles' friend has died!
Death of Michael Jackson with reference to his pet, Bubbles the chimpanzee.
2009-361P 25June09  Very high.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on wallabies in
Tasmania getting high from grazing in opium plants.
2009-359P 25June09  Tried to shut up John Elliott.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on John Elliott's claims that the Carlton
football club paid women to silence them about sexual assaults by Carlton footballers.
2009-357 25June09  Monitoring the Chaser show.
ABC management's crack down on the Chaser comedy
show in the wake of the Chaser's make a realistic wish skit.
2009-355 24June09  The easiest job in the world.
The Victorian Government's removal of the right of appeal
some major projects in order to fast track these projects.
2009-353P 23  June09 Where there's smoke there's fire.
Malcolm Turnbull's attack on Kevin Rudd backfires after the incriminating
email at the centre of the allegations turned out to be a fake.
2009-352 23June09  Ute bullbars.
Revelation that the OzCar email at the centre of the Rudd ute affair was a fake.
2009-348 22June09  Australian politics Animal Farm.
Orwellian view of the Kevin Rudd ute affair.
2009-347 22June09  Little old Prime Minister.
The Kevin Rudd ute affair.
2009-343 19June09  Green corridors  management office.
Drawn in response to the Victorian Governments decision to extend
urban development into areas originally set aside as green corridors.
2009-340 17June09  Carbon trading scheme difficulties.
Heated debate in parliament over  the carbon trading legislation.
2009-326 10June09  The three wise global warming monkeys.
Dig at global warming deniers.
2009-335 16June09  Gangster's headstone.
Musings on gangsters and death in light of the latest slaying of a crime boss identity in Melbourne.
2009-334 15June09  The Israeli wave.
Israel's provisional endorsement of the concept of a separate Palestinian state.
2009-330 12June09  Where do you intend to travel?
The spread of swine flu.
2009-327 11June09  Peter Garrett helping the environment.
Sudden scrapping of the solar power rebate scheme by the Federal Government.
2009-322 9June09  Indian student catching public transport.
Racist attacks on Indian students in Australia.
2009-325P 9June09  A  whole tree's worth!
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Bob Brown,
the leader of the Greens, in debt due to a large legal bill.
2009-321 9June09  Dad did that deliberately!
Wet weather in South Eastern Australia creating bogy conditions after years of drought.
2009-289 25April09  No staggering anytime.
Local council perspective on the problem of binge drinking.
2009-317P 5June09  Knives for personal use.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about British Prime Minister Gordon
Brown being attacked by some of his ministers who are at  the centre
of a scandal involving misuse of public funds for personal use.
2009-314 5June09  Swine flu shock and horror.
Swine flu not nearly as virulent as first thought.
2009-312P 4June09  Tiananmen anniversary.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre.
2009-311 4June09  Australia avoiding a recession.
Suggesting that Australia avoidance of a technical recession was more due to good luck.
2009-309 3June09  The Little Red Hen's last words.
Failure of the Federal and State governments to agree on a plan
to restore an adequate environmental flow to the Murray Darling.
2009-307P 2June09  General Motors crash test dummies.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about General Motors filing for bankruptcy.
2009-305 2June09  Still on the road.
General Motors going into bankruptcy in the USA but Holden in Australia is still operating.
2009-300 1June09  Effluenza pandemic.
Comparing environmental degradation to the swine flu pandemic.
2009-297 29May  Enrolling at an Australian university.
Rise in racist attacks on Indian students.

 May  2009 
2009-266 14May09  Welfare net today.
Aussie welfare net under sever strain due to the recession.
2009-293 27May09  The committee to prevent the spread of swine flu.
Swine flu defying all efforts to prevent it's spread.
2009-292 26May09  North Korean technology.
North Korea's missile program continues to develop
while it's agricultural sector remains very primitive.
2009-291P 25May09  Filling her up in New Zealand.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on two service station
proprietors who absconded with three million of the bank's money.
2009-290P 25May09  Common chain smoker.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on levels of smoking in the community.
2009-288 25May09  Student youth allowance.
Planned tighter eligibility requirements for the youth allowance.
2009-287 22May09  Common confession today.
Look at the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.
2009-286 22May09  I've been everywhere man.
The spread of swine flu expressed via the Song I've Been Everywhere.
2009-283 21May09  The sunshine states.
Queensland, commonly known as the sunshine state, in flood while Victoria is in drought.
2009-183 3April09  The grim reaper today.
High number of layoffs due to the recession.
2009-278P 19May09 Treadmill settings.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on injuries caused  by treadmills.
2009-277 19May09  We appear to be gaining altitude.
Some signs that the worldwide recession is levelling out.
2009-275 18May09  Rolling out the retirement age red carpet.
Extension of the retirement age may mean people will be too old to enjoy their retirement.
2009-271 15May09  The debt moral high ground.
Outrage over rising government debt after years of compliancy about massive personal debt levels.
2009-270 15May09  Why would you want this.
Critique of those who oppose wind farms because of aesthetic reasons.
2009-267 14May09  Rugby playtime ball.
Frequent sexual misconduct allegations involving rugby players.
2009-264 13May09  Have to work longer.
The increase in the Retirement age viewed through the eyes of the unemployed.
2009-262 12May09  Alcohol advertising.
widespread advertising of alcohol increasing the incidences of binge drinking.
2009-234 29April09  Binge drinker limit.
Negative social effects of binge drinking.
2009-253 8May09  The fallen.
High number of horse deaths at jumps races in Victoria.
2009-251P 7May09  Safer jumps racing.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the  suspension of
jumps horse races in Victoria due to a high number of horse deaths.
2009-249 6May09  Government announcements.
The different emphasis governments use when announcing good and bad news.
2009-245 5May09  Goldilocks and three global warming bears.
Esoteric view of global warming predictions.
2009-243 5May09  Emissions trading scheme starter's gun.
Kevin Rudd forced into delaying the introduction of an emissions trading scheme.
2009-242 4May09  Swine flu pandemic so far.
Swine flu pandemic appearing to be not as virulent as predicted.
2009-240 1May09   Dining out in Mexico.
More on the swine flu outbreak.
2009-239 1May09 Here's to the memory of Richard Pratt.
Richard Pratt was head of an Australian cardboard manufacturing company fined thirty five
million dollars for price fixing, which invariably put up the price of cardboard products.
2009-236 30April09  Barack Obama's juggling act.
The incredible difficulties confronting President Barack Obama.
2009-224 27April09  Good economic news.
Anti viral drug company stocks have skyrocketed as a result of the swinge flu pandemic.

 April  2009 
2009-229 28April09  The latest Osama bin Laden photofit.
Somewhat twisted look at the swine flu threat.
2009-227P 27April09  How did you know I'd lost my job.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on how the recession has inadvertently
lead to improvements in many people's diet, including weight loss.
2009-225P 27April09  Swine flu waiting room.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico.
2009-223 27April09 Pigs can't fly but they can flu.
Quirky look at the recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico.
2009-221 24April09  Map of India and Sri Lanka.
Fierce fighting in the Sri Lankan civil war.
2009-217 23April09  Caused by the world economic downturn.
Musing that not every business failure can be blamed on world recession.
2009-207 22April  Clean coal will be easy.
A look at plans to produce "clean coal".
2009-214 21April   Reaction to the recession word.
Reaction to the use of the recession word by the Prime minister
2009-211 20April09  SIEV 36 fire reaction.
Exploring Australia's reaction to the fire on the refugee boat SIEV 36.
2009-206 17April09 The tip of the iceberg.
Refugees a symptom of a much deeper malaise.
2009-202 16April09  Traditional welcome.
Fiji's military rule restricting human rights.
2009-201 15April09  I've been to Bali and Bangkok.
Bangkok riots seen through the eyes of kitsch holiday shirts often work by Australian tourists.
2009-198P 14April09  Bang Bangkok.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the riots in Bangkok.
2009-187 6April09  Country town memorial.
Shortage of doctors in Australian country towns.
2009-197 14April09  The flying tree kangaroo.
A look at the latest round of layoffs at Qantas.
2009-194 9April09  Historical anger management workshop.
Quirky look at modern day anger management problems.
2009-195 9April09  Growing youth unemployment.
Rapidly rising youth unemployment in the wake of the recession.
2009-193 8April09  Pass the interest rate cut parcel.
Banks not passing the latest interest rate cut to their customers.
2009-191P 7April09  One man broadband.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Kevin Rudd's announcement
that the Federal Government will build the new national broadband network.
2009-188 6April09  Credit card interest rate cuts.
Serious of official interest rate cuts by the Reserve Bank
while bank credit card interest rates have remained high.
2009-184 6April09  Modern David and Goliath.
High level of debt amongst many people and countries.
2009-180 2April09  Exposure to the global recession.
Australia in a better position to weather the global recession than most other parts of the world.
2009-181 2April09  Harder to hit the target.
The influence of the coal industry in swaying carbon emission
reduction policy making it harder to reach reduction targets.
2009-172 30Mar09  Greenhouse gas reduction manuals.
Questioning whether greenhouse gas reduction targets will ever be met.
2009-176 31Mar09  Bikie map of Australia.
High level of bikie violence in Australia.

 March  2009 
2009-175 30Mar09  The death of capitalism.
The G20 protest and claims by some at the protest that capitalism is dead.
2009-170 27Mar09  Uninvited guests.
Esoteric look at the global recession.
2009-167P 26Mar09  Shell fired indiscriminately.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Human Rights Watch claim the
Israeli army indiscriminately fired white phosphorus shells into Gaza.
2009-166P 26Mar09  Ringside seat.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the prevalence of domestic violence.
2009-165 26Mar09  Recession and depression explained by a footy fan.
Light hearted Jibe at obsessive Aussie rules footy fans.
2009-164 25Mar09  Visiting American presidents.
Perception that former Prime Minister John Howard was way too compliant with President
Bush's wishes, to the point that Howard seemed like a servant instead of a head of state.
2009-110V2 24Mar09  The recession bites.
Variation of an earlier cartoon about Pacific Brands job
losses, making it applicable to the broader economic situation.
2009-158 23Mar09  Club Bikie.
Running fight between rival bikie gangs at Sydney Airport.
2009-152 20Mar09  Aussie version of the ostrich with it's head in the sand.
Pipe taking water from northern to Southern  Victoria (dubbed the Superpipe)
does not take into account the dire shortage of water across the entire state.
2009-153 20Mar09  Workplace relations legislation expressed as people.
The senate's attempt to water down Labor's Fair Work bill.
2009-150P 19Mar09  Steve Fielding standing up for our rights.
Independent Steve Fielding's opposition to the Federal Government's Alco
pops tax, which is designed to reduce binge drinking amongst young people.
2009-149 19Mar09  CEO cutting the bonuses cake.
Massive bonuses given to company CEOs. while their staff
are forced to accept  lower wage rises and even pay cuts.
2009-148 18Mar09  Workers' protection shields.
The inadequacy of protection for workers when faced with a powerful recession.
2009-145 16Mar09  Good Friday each way bet.
Protests over Tabcorp's decision to open their betting shops on Good Friday.
2009-138 13Mar09  Big jump in unemployment.
Jump in the unemployment rate a worry for the Federal Government.
2009-139 13Mar09  Aussie beach tans.
Major oil spill on Queensland beaches.
2009-134 12Mar09  Stimulus payments Pacman.
Predicting that the latest stimulus payments will be mainly used to pay off personal debt.
2009-133 11Mar09  Federal politics race.
Friction between Peter Costello and Malcolm Turnbull
hampering the effectiveness of the Federal opposition.
2009-129 10Mar09  Carbon emissions track record.
A look at the carbon emission reduction track records
of the two most recent Australian Prime Ministers.
2009-104  26Feb09  Share portfolio balance.
Collapsing values of balanced funds.
2009-119 3Mar09  Modern Waltzing Matilda.
Contemporary twist to the traditional Australian ballad Waltzing Matilda.
2009-124 5March09  The Australia laundromat.
Esoteric view of the shrinking Australian economy and the dire
environmental situation exacerbated by the recent bushfires.
2009-123 4March09  Kids playing backyard cricket.
Terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team expressed
through children's naive penchant for playing war games.
2009-113 2March09  If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
CEO version of the "If you pay peanuts you get monkeys" saying.
2009-114 2March09  Steep economic descent.
Esoteric look at the economic downturn.
2009-115P 2March09   Sydney Harbour tourists.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the third
shark attack in Sydney harbour in as many weeks.
2009-110 27Feb09  The recession bites Pacific Brands.
Pacific Brands laying off thousands of workers while at the
same  time awarding massive pay rises to their executives.
2009-109 27Feb09  Sol Trujillo leaving Telstra.
Trujillo sacked large numbers of staff during his time as CEO of Telstra.

 February  2009 
2009-103 26Feb09  Death Valleys.
Comparing Death Valley in America with the state of dams in Southern Australia.
2009-101P 25Feb09  Not qualified to shoot.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on some Australian soldiers being forced to
repay allowances they were given because they were not qualified to receive them.
2009-102 25Feb09  Very safe super fund.
A look at uncertainty through the double lenses of the
superannuation funds crisis and the recent Victorian bushfires.
2009-100P 24Feb09  Everything seems black.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the offer of
counselling services for victims of the Victorian Bushfires.
2009-096 23Feb09  Very late train.
Delays in introducing an Australian carbon emissions trading scheme.
2009-091 20Feb09  Build the economy higher.
Fixation on incessant economic growth while ignoring environmental and social factors.
2009-092 20Feb09  Disunity spot fire.
Damaging in fighting in the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party.
2009-088 19Feb09 Future car manufacturing plants.
Closure of a number of car plants across the world.
2009-084 17Feb09  Because of the world economic downturn.
Not every economic setback can be attributed to the world economic downturn.
2009-080 17Feb09 La Nina and El Nino weather patterns.
Global warming making the El Nino and La Nina weather patterns more severe.
2009-079 16Feb09  Fifty weapons of mass destruction.
The level of destruction caused by deliberately lit fires.
2009-076P 13Feb09  Sydney Opera House shark.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on two shark attacks in Sydney harbour in as many days.
2009-062 9Feb09  Return to protectionism.
Rye look at America's slide towards protectionism and China's penchant CD and DVD piracy.
2009-065 10Feb09  The stay and defend fire option.
A look at the policy of allowing people to stay in their
homes when a bushfire threatens in order to defend them.
2009-069P 10Feb09  Aussie yin and yang.
Aussie fire and flood version of the yin and yang symbol.
2009-068P 10Feb09  Fire and flood.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the flood of
donations to the victims of the Victorian bushfires.
2009-066 10Feb09  Aussie tsunami.
Comparing the severity of the Victorian bushfires with that of a tsunami.
2009-063P 9Feb09  Victoria on the move.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Victorian bushfires.
 "On the Move" is the slogan on Victorian numberplates.
2009-061 9Feb09  The map of Victoria this Summer.
Massive fires in Victoria.
2009-057 5Feb09  Surplus run out.
Large tax cuts in the past has reduced the tax reserves available for infrastructure spending today.
2009-055 5Feb09  Google earth.
Esoteric reference to the world economic downturn.
2009-045 2Feb09  Cracks in the economic ground.
Budget going into deficit.
2009-051P 3Feb09  Fiscal juggling.
Kevin Rudd's fiscal difficulties in the current economic climate.
2009-050 3Feb09  I have nothing to offer
Historical comparison of leadership responses to a sever crisis.

 January  2009 
2009-041 30Jan09  Biggest job creation scheme.
Rising unemployment will ironically require an increase in Centrelink staff.
2009-037 29Jan09  Grim business.
Quirky lighter look at  the economic downturn.
2009-036 29Jan09  Signs that it has been hot.
Extreme heatwave in South Eastern Australia.
2009-031 27Jan09  No economic downturn.
Extreme hot weather in South Eastern Australia.
2009-030 27Jan09  Cutting the grass this Summer.
Very hot and dry Summer in South Eastern Australia.
2009-001 1stJan09  Aussie landmark.
Global warming and prolonged drought has meant that many Australian lakes have permanently dried up.
2009-026 23Jan09  Global warming sceptic's final word.
Global warming scepticism despite overwhelming evidence that global warming si occurring.
The stock market downturn wiping much off  superannuation investments.
2009-020 20Jan09  The latest white US president.
Barack Obama facing a doubting task to turn around the American economy.
2009-019 20Jan09 High TER score.
High cost of university.
2009-015 17Jan09  Counting calories.
Esoteric look at Govt. plans to require food sellers to display  a calorie count of each dish that they serve.
2009-014 15Jan09  Future water restrictions?
Water being offered for sale that will not have water use restrictions applied to it.
2009-009V2 14Jan09  Summer Rain.
Extreme heat and lack of rain in South Eastern Australia.
2009-006 13Jan09  No Jaws theme tune.
Spate of shark attacks in Australian waters.
2009-002 12Jano9  What recession?
Fighting in Middle East and economic outlook.