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2016-690P  Going straight through the pool room.
For article on the possible destruction of the house used in an iconic Australian movie the Castle.

2016-582  17Oct16  The new children's education blocks.
TV gambling adds being seen by children.
2016-582  17Oct16  The new children's education blocks.
TV gambling adds being seen by children.

2016-573P 11Oct16  The good and the bad news.
Went with article the cancellation of the greyhound ban in NSW.

2016-572P 10Oct16  Blooding greyhounds today.
For article on possible back down by the NSW government over.

2016-571P 10Oct16  Rome, Paris, London, Victoria.
Went with article speculating on a possible influx of greyhounds from NSW to Victoria in order to avoid the NSW greyhound racing ban.

2016-561P 031016  The mistake you won't see printed in the age.
For article on the Age newspaper accidentally publishing a full page spread commiserating the Western Bulldogs for losing the Grand Final (they won).

2016-549P  Waiting for the second coming.
For article on the Western bulldogs fans hoping for a grand final win for the first time since 1954.

2016-505 18Aug16  Greyhound racing winners podium.
The practice by some greyhound racing owners of killing dogs that aren't fast enough.

2016-454P 25July16  This year's Spring racing carnival?
Went with article on very wet conditions threatening a regional jumps racing carnival.

2016-416  8July16  Blood sports in Australia.
My take on the 48,000 greyhounds that have been killed in NSW in the last 12 years for not being fast enough.

2016-366P  23June16  Caroline Wilson no longer at risk of being drowned.
For Article on Sam Newman's follow up attack on Caroline Wilson.

2016-359P  21June16  Aussie rules kicks.
For article on Eddie McGuire's indiscrete comment about Caroline Wilson.

2016-353P 20June16  Eddie McGuire defends his drowning comment gaff.
For article on McGuire's indiscrete comment about Fairfax journalist Caroline Wilson.

2016-347 17June16  Breaking the barrier.
The inaugural women's AFL competition which is due to start in 2017.

2016-261P 16May16 Zika virus proof condoms.
For article about Australian Olympians to be given Zika virus-proof condoms at Rio Games 

2016-255P 13May16  Geelong, Adelaide Collingwood grudge matches.
For article on the Geelong Adelaide football match which as been billed as a grudge match.

2016-043 27Jan16  The match fixing winners podium.
Max fixing in the form of throwing games for money a serious problem in a number of sports.

2016-020 18Jan16  Tennis racquet bags.
allegations of max fixing of elite tennis matches.

2016-007 12Jan16  Essendon players doping scandal verdict.
The World Anti-doping Authority's punitive punishment of football players caught up in the Essendon doping scandal.