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2015-606 4Nov15  The usual barrier draw for female jockeys.
Drawn in response to female jockey Michelle Payne's comments about how difficult it is for a woman to be successful as a jockey due to male predudice.

2015-587 26Oct15  Applying Queensberry rules to cage fighting.
A look at the relatively lawless and brutal sport of cage fighting.

2015-538 17Sept15  Buddy Franklin seeking help.
The hounding of Buddy Franklin by the media after his mental breakdown.

2015-466 14Aug15  Nick Kyrgios making another foot fault.
Yet another petulant outburst on court by Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios.

2015-451 7Aug15  Football supporter fears cow.
Somewhat irreverent take on the Adam Goodes booing furore.

2015-438 3Aug15  Unprejudiced prejudice.
Somewhat quirky look at racism and prejudice in general.

2015-427P 30July15  Aboriginal sporting men's health.
Went with article on indigenous men's health.

2015-414P 23July15  Correct weight this winter.
Went with article on wet weather forcing cancellations of some country race meets.

2015-180P 31March15  Drugs and alcohol in sport.
Went with article on the Essendon football club's drugs saga, which has made a lot of money for the lawyers involved.

2015-107P 17Feb15  Dodgy greyhound trainer’s view.
Went with article on the live baiting scandal in the Australian greyhound racing industry.

2015-106  17Feb15  Live baiting that would be acceptable.
Lighter look at the live baiting scandal involving the Australian greyhound racing industry.

2015-032 15Jan15  Spurring racehorses on today.
Another Australian horse racing industry horse doping scandal.