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2014-435 20Aug14 The Mexican and Zimbabwean waves.
Australian cricket tour of Zimbabwe despite that country's terrible human rights record.

2014-187 4April14  The AFLs new entrance turnstiles.
The AFL's new variable ticket pricing structure has dramatically pushed up the cost of seeing and Australian Rules football match for most fans.
2014-160 25Mar14  James Hird, Tanya heard, Andrew Demetriou herd.
Following damaging comments by James Herd's wife Tania AFL boss Andrew Demetriou has apparently stepped up his campaign to oust Hird as coach of Essendon.
2014-028 17Jan14  Putting up with brutal heat.
Comparing the remuneration  elite tennis players and volunteer fire fighters got for putting up with the extreme heat conditions during the Australian Open.
2014-019  13Jan14  Cloudy with meatballs, sunny with hot curry.
Using the animated movie Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs to highlight the currant heatwave conditions in Australia.
2014-005P 6Jan14  How much will I lose?
Went with article on people rashly signing gym contracts that leave them hundreds of dollars out of pocket.
2014-002 7Jan14  Test cricket pitches.
Australia's 5-0 win against England in the Ashes test series.