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2013-687 10Dec13  The Ashes series this summer.
Australia's dominance of the ashes test series this summer.
2013-650 27 26Nov13 Padding up for the second test.
The Ashes test series sledging furore.
2013-645 25Nov13 Really aggressive sledging.
Using the current test cricket sledging furore to highlight the appalling standard of federal parliamentary debate.
2013-643 21Nov13 Dalek blowing out the candles.
A lighter look at the 50th anniversary of the Television show Doctor Who.
2013-639 19Nov13 Australian Olympic committee symbol.
Australian Olympic Committee's announcement that Australian Athletes will be banned from drinking alcohol in the Olympic Village.
2013-539 4Oct13  Barrack for the highest bidder.
The way players are traded from club to club is eroding individual club loyalty.
2013-537 2Oct13  Buddy Franklin's pole vaulting career.
Buddy Franklin's 10 Million dollar deal to move to the Sydney Swans.
2013-533P 1Oct13  Buddy's version of there Cazaly.
Went with article about Buddy Franklin's 10 million deal to move to the Sydney Swans.
2013-490P 16sept13  Future offside decisions?
Went with article on the Australian soccer match fixing scandal.
2013-489 16Sept13  Games controllers.
Refers to the Australian soccer match fixing scandal.
2013-448 28Aug13  The new AFL football.
The harsh punishment handed out to Essendon by Andrew Demetriou over Essendon's sports supplement scandal  demonstrates the power he wields as head of the AFL.
2013-415 1Aug13 The Bombers logo.
The Essendon football club mired in a performance enhancing drugs scandal.
2013-399 24July13 Cyclist who admits he has taken drugs.
Widespread use of drugs in professional cycling.
2013-384P 18June13  Heading for the touchline.
Went with article on a streaker at the state of Origin Rugby match.  Queensland won the match for the tenth consecutive time.
2013-380 17July13 Preparing for the off field cricket battle.
Infighting in the Australian test cricket team.
2013-368 12July13 Phoenix rising for the ashes.
Rookie test cricketer Ashton Agar's 98 run stand keeps Australia's hopes of winning the Ashes alive.
2013-287 6June13  Bananas in pyjamas to be cut.
Possible cutting of the ABC children's television program Bananas in Pyjamas.
2013-261 27May13  Sports coverage today.
Television sports coverage increasingly becoming just a vehicle to spruik online gambling.
2013-252 23May13  Geelong football club sponsor.
Looking at the closure of Ford's Geelong plant through the lens of Ford's sponsorship of the Geelong Football club.
2013-245 TV 20May13  Sports coverage today.
Tom Waterhouse's saturation gambling adds and the coverage of his and his family's alleged betting indiscretions.
2013-181P 22April13  Broadcasting realistic gambling odds.
Went with article on a new code banning bookmakers from promoting live odds during sporting events.
2013-117 13Mar13  AFL vice captains.
Drug and alcohol problems plaguing the Australian Football League.
2013-091 12Feb13  Drugs In sport in carrot and stick.
Lax policies to curb the use of  performance enhancing drugs by elite sports people and the big financial incentives to take these drugs.
2013-041P 18Jan13  Five minute parking batting.
Went with article on Australia's poor batting performance.