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2019-488P  Birthing pains today.
Went with article on the high cost of raising a child today due to stangant wages and rising living expenses.

2019-462P  Mental health services today.
Went with article on mental health funding not matching the demand for mental health services.

2019-443  A child's eye view of hell.
A look at the severe NSW bushfires and conservative Christian commentary that the fires are god's judgment against homosexuals

2019-439  Forces for the older generation.
Indirect comment on the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

2019-394  Accidental wage theft.
On the high incidence of wage theft, many of the perpetrators when caught have claimed that it was “accidental".

2019-431P  School detention today.
Went with article on schools banning students ordering Uber Eats.

2019-411  The latest on political sensorship.
On newspapers across the country today (21st October) covering up their front pages with blacked-out stories to draw attention to laws eroding media freedom in Australia.

2019-399P  News we do not see.
Drawn in rewsponse to regional statistics showing that crime is falling while the fear of crime is on the rise.
2019-396P  Meant to be Leviticus.
Went with article on a big rise in the number of institutional child sex abuse victims suing the Catholic church.

2019-375  Children exploring nature.
A look at the technology bubble that nature is viewed through today.

2019-374P  Yes but RU OK?
Went with article about the RU OK mental health campaign.

2019-371P  Over the hill.

2019-367  NDIS entrance.

2019-353P  Of course I work hard for my wealth.

2019-345P  Sugar intake symbols.
Went with article about plans for sugar content food labelling system using teaspoons of sugar symbols to indicate how much sugar the product contains.

2019-345P  Sugar intake symbols.
Went with article about plans for sugar content food labelling system using teaspoons of sugar symbols to indicate how much sugar the product contains.

2019-344P  New estate football oval.
Went with article on the lack of parkland in new estates.

2019-332P Which battle did you fight in.
Went with article commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan.  The article also looked at PTSD amongst Vietnam vets.  Coral was another major Vietnam battle that Australians fought in.

2019-316  Newstart allowance expressed as flight.
Unemployed people unable to live on the Newstart allowance.

2019-313P  Gambling figures.
Went with article on the release of the latest gambling figures which showed a rise in the amount people are spending on the pokies.

2019-299  Men talking about suicide.
Men are often reluctant to seek help when they feel suicidal or even to talk about.

2019-294  The trickle down effect.
The impact of pollution falls mainly on those that can least afford it.

2019-295P  Rural red light district.
Went with article on red warning lights on top of wind turbines to warn low flying aircraft.

2019-290P  Universal language.
Went with article about the social and cultural benefits of young people playing sport.

2019-279P  Road safety conference.
Went with article on the rising number of road accidents attributed to driver distraction, mostly due to people using mobile phones while driving.

2019-278P Vitruvian man, modern Vitruvian child.
Went with article on a survey that showed that Australian children are eating a lot of snack food in between meals which is part of the reason why obesity amongst children is rising.

2019-277  Ascent of Facebook comments man.
Refers to the high level of verbal abuse on Facebook.

2019-275P  Fifty years since little Timmy walked on the television.
Went with article on the fiftieth anniversary of the first man to walk on the moon. Many students watched it on TV at school.  In an era when TV reception was notoriously poor the image of the moon walk was particularly fuzzy and distorted.  Many an aerial was juggled by hand in an effort to get better reception.

2019-270P  Single use plastic bottles not single.
Went with article about a call to ban single use plastic drink bottles.

2019-269P  Diet options in some suburbs.
Went with article about the concentration of fast food outlets in poorer suburbs and the lack of healthy food alternatives.

2019-255P  Graduation podium steps.
Went with article on too many people doing university courses, many of which offer limited employment prospects.

2019-250  Our expanding world.
The expansion of the size of TVs seemingly in tandem with the expansion of bodies.

2019-243  Shedding light on government activities in the future?
The ability of the media to report on government activities being eroded by increased Australian Federal Police powers to investigate and charge journalist who publish articles using information provided by whistleblowers.

2019-241P  Not on the computer all the time.
Went with article on teenagers spending too much time using electronic equipment.

2019-236  Selfie that's a big hit with his friends.
On the increasing number of people being killed in car accidents due to being distracted with their mobile phones.

2019-239P  Modern triage.
Went with article about training for hospital staff to detect signs of family violence.

2019-235P  The admitting the abuses of the past road to Damascus
Went with article on George Pell appealing his conviction on child sex abuse charges. 

2019-228  Growth expressed as trees.
The low wages growth and the high cost of living.

2019-226  The NDIS funding process in action.
The difficulties that some disabled people are experiencing with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

2019-218P  Asylum seekers in out trays.
Went with article on the trials of a Tamil family seeking refugee status.

2019-194P  Grass is greener on the other side.
Went with article on using goats to control blackberries but I think that it also acts as a metaphor for how humans are often trapped within a narrow desire mindset.

2019-184P  The texting grim reaper.
Went with article on the increasing number of road deaths due to drivers being distracted while using their mobile phones.

2019-178  The first buyers road to home ownership.
Negative gearing placing first home buyers at a distinct disadvantage.

2019-176P  The pensioners and unemployed rental market race.
Almost impossible for low income people to find and affordable rental property in the current property market.

2019-170  Profit driven aged care.
For profit aged care not in the best interest of the aged.
2019-169P  Current attempts to raise people above the poverty line.
Many laws and programs initiated by governments ensure that poor people remain below the poverty line.

2019-159P  Paleo restaurant vegan protest.
A lighter look at the vegan protests.

2019-135P  The cyclist who never wears a helmet.
Went with article about campaign against wear bicycle helmets.
2019-133P  High protein kitchen garden.
Went with article on kitchen gardens.

2019-125P  Medical training in the future.
Went with article on increasing number of attacks on hospital medical staff by patients and members of the public.

2019-124P  My psychiatrist is very cheap.
Went with article on the mental health benefits of gardening.

2019-115P  Communicating with Facebook.
Facebook undermining face to face human contact.

2019-104P  The redress scheme thus far.
Delays in implementing a proper redress scheme for victims of institutional child sexual abuse.

2019-103P  The other SunSmart action.
Went with an article on the SunSmart campaign for schools.

2019-100  The fall of bishop Pell.
The conviction of Cardinal George Pell a heavy blow to the Catholic Church.

019-096P  Manus Island Detention centre triage.
Questioning the effectiveness of the medical evacuations bill.

2019-090P  Did you lose weight?
Went with article on ineffective and costly fad diets.

2019-042P  Australia day smoking ceremony.
Protests over celebrating Australia Day on the day colonisation of Australia began.

2019-039  Australia day celebration snag.
Rising protests over celebrating Australia Day on the day colonisation of Australia began.

2019-029P  Pill testing today.
On calls to allow pill testing at concerts and festivals to reduce the risk of death from drug overdoses.

2019-007P  Secure Jobactive jobs.
Jobactive program not providing secure jobs for the unemployed.