social & general

2018-541P  VCE perception and reality.
The pressure placed on VCE students to get a good ATAR score.

2018-538P  Definition of an economic soft landing.
On speculation about whether the real estate downturn will be an economic “soft landing”

2018-535P  Investigative journalists job loses.
Loss of investigative journalists jobs.

2018-519P  Youth underemployment.
Went with article on underemployment amongst young people.

2018-511P  When I grow up.
The reason why students are striking over climate change.

2018-497P  Media diversity in the future.
On the steady loss of media diversity.

2018-493P  Aquatic version of the Newstart allowance.
On the inadequacy of the Newstart allowance.

2018-485P  Foodbank piggybank funding.
On the Coalition cutting funding for the Foodbank charity by $323,000 a year.

2018-481PV Affordable rental today.
Went with article on the lack of affordable rental properties.

2018-478P Centrelink playgroup.
On single parents being forced to attend activities such as playgroups or lose Centrelink payments.

2018-467P  Siphoned off indigenous advancement funding.
On indigenous advancement funding being redirected to cattlemen and fishing groups by Indigenous affairs minister Nigel Scullion.

2018-463P  Future new estate sports ground.
On the lack of sportsgrounds in new Australian housing estates.

2018-466P  Getting through to Centrelink today.
On new figures showing that 48 million calls to Centrelink went unanswered in the last financial year.

2018-452P  Right to the night.
On 'The Right To The Night' campaign to improve safety for women at night.

2018-417P  Definition of poor today.
Went with article on the bad state of poor people's teeth due to not being able to afford to go to the dentist.

2018-419P  Assessing economic and social performance.
On the latest economic performance assessment.

2018-412  suburban sports facilities.
Drawn for article article about new suburban developments not having enough sporting grounds.
2018-402P  The pressed Council.
On GetUp’s Carla McGrath being ousted from the Australian Press Council after pressure from Murdoch’s News Corp.

2018-376P  Modern version of walk to school.
Walk to school days doing little to counter the high number of school kids that are driven to school.

2018-361P  I am colourblind.
Racism much more prevalent in Australia than many educated Australians think.

2018-359P  Sky News balanced coverage.
On Sky News’ interview with the far-right extremist Blair Cottrell.

2018-343P   Nine gun salute at the funeral.
The takeover of Fairfax Media by the Nine network.

2018-342P  Accessing your personal My Health Record.
Any potential privacy breaches of My Health records pail into insignificance when compared to the systematic breaches of all aspects of personal privacy currently being undertaken by companies and organisations via platforms such as Google and Facebook.

2018-341  If you are black and do the crime you do the media airtime.
The media frenzy whenever black African youths are involved in criminal activities.

2018-335P  Working week lengths
A different view of the four day working week debate.

2018-322P  Common definition of religious freedom.
People often want religious freedom, but only for their religion.

2018-300  Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow today.
The quest for liveable cities being stymied by our dependency on cars.

2018-296P  The wheels of democracy today.
National Security legislation eroding civil liberties.

2018-287  Society's view of men.
Looking at the definition of violence in society.

2018-283  High density living today.
Rising numbers of homelessness in Australian cities.

2018-280P  Confusing food labelling.
On the debate on whether vegetarian products should be in the meat aisle.

2018-274  The cost and price of compensation.
Compensation for victims of institutional child sex abuse coming too late for many victims.

2018-262P  The fully funded NDIS.
Questioning the level of funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

2018-259P  Support for refugees.
The Federal government's seemingly less than supportive handling of refugees.

2018-258P  The infrastructure mining boom.
On squandering the tax revenue accrued during the mining boom on tax cuts for the wealthy.

2018-250P  World no tobacco day advertising.
On World No Tobacco Day.

2018-233P  Fully automated board of directors.
On social impact of automation in the workforce.

2018-224P  Wages growth expressed as a plant.
On wages growth being stuck at 2.1% despite forecast of higher growth rates.

2018-223P  The impact of NAPLAN testing on life outcomes.
On the relevance of NAPLAN testing.

2018-210P  The dietary guidelines Gordian knot.
On confusion over dietary guidelines.

2018-205P  What Newstart allowance recipients really live on.
On claims by MP Julia Banks that she could live on the $40 a day Newstart allowance.

2018-192P  The culture wars eternal flame.
Support of war memorial display honouring boat turnbacks feeding the latest round of the “culture wars”.

2018-163P  Melbourne is a liveable city.
On Melbourne's liveable city rating.

2018-162P  Naplan testing is important.
On the usefulness of Naplan testing.

2018-151P  Extra funding for schools.
Widening inequality in educational resources in Australia.

2018-132P  The fallout from data mining.
Personal data mining highlighted by the antics of Cambridge Analytica undermining us all.

2018-118P  It seems we are no longer down and out.
On homelessness in Australia rising 14% in five years.

2018-110P  Rise in the minimum wage.
Comparing minimum wage rises and tax cuts.

2018-100P  The wage rises winners podium.
On wage stagnation while executive salaries have soared.

2018-079P  Right To The Night pokies fear.
Using the Right To The Night campaign to point out the danger gambling poses.

2018-067P  Plenty of money for lawyers.
On the question whether churches have enough finances to cover payouts to church child sex abuse victims.

2018-052P  Wonderful view of export gas tankers.
feature version of an earlier pocket toon on rising domestic gas prices.

2018-065P  Proof that homeopathy works.
Concern over untested claims about the efficacy of some homeopathic products.

2018-061  Stock market crash airbag.
Ordinary people are the biggest losers when the stock market crashes

2018-037P  Charitable groups rights.
The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission pushing for new powers to regulate charities.

2018-032P  Drawing Australians together on Australia Day today.
Controversy over the date Australians celebrate Australia Day.

2018-030P  Wouldn't catch me using mind altering substances.
Criticism of drug use by alternative festival goers by the wider community.

2018-024P  Trial by media.
Increasing tendency of the media to act as judge and executioner when people have been accused of crimes.

2018-019P  Fast fat food.
On the fast food industry concentrating its outlets in low socio economic areas and the subsequent health issues for residents.

2018-003P  African or Australian gangs.
Furore over so called African gangs in Melbourne.

2018-001P  Stopping poor people falling through the cracks.
Announcement of yet more draconian rules for people on welfare.