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2017-670  Federal budget Santa.
Cuts to welfare, education and family payments at the same time cutting the corporate tax rate.

2017-666P  Shedding light on child sexual abuse.
Release of the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse's report.

2017-657P  Corporate tax loopholes balloon.
The number of major corporations who use tax loopholes to pay not tax.

2017-648P  Church Authorities Animal Farm.
Refers to the Royal commission into institutionalised sexual abuse.

2017-626P  Sweeping the Manus Island detention centre detainees under the carpet.
A look at the harsh treatment by the Australian Government of the Manus Island detention centre detainees.

2017-628P  These voters need their eyes tested.
On claims that the LNP’S Support for the Adani mine may have helped undo the LNP’s campaign to regain power in Queensland.

2017-630P  Walking down the gay marriage aisle.
Yet more delays in the passing of the gay marriage legislation.

2017-614P  Tenancy rules today.
Increasing problems with Australia's current tenancy rules.

2017-608  Only a few more steps to go.
Feature version of a pocket cartoon on the gay marriage yes vote.

2017-608P  Only a few more steps to go.
The yes vote on gay marriage still facing strong opposition from some quarters in parliament.

2017-605P  Gay marriage winners tape.
Conservative MPs and clergy seeking to amend proposed Gay marriage legislation.

2017-592P  We recognise we have an image problem.
On the National Australia Bank announcing 6,000 job loses.

2017-590  Steps for young people today.
Lake of decent employment opportunities for young people.

2017-589P We always use the elevator.
On the ban on climbing Uluru by the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park board.

2017-588P  Our complex citizenship laws.
Revisiting the 1967 referendum to to give Australian aborigines full citizenship rights.

2017-583P  Really shocking Halloween.
On calls for healthy treats to be given out to kids on Halloween night.

2017-575P  Wages growth, cost of living growth.
A look at stagnant wages growth despite rising cost of living.

2017-549P  We are just protecting religious freedom.
Peter Dutton's comment that he will work towards protecting religious freedom after conceding that the marriage equality yes vote is likely to get up.

2017-545P  Modern fishes and loaves parable.
On the Sydney Anglican diocese donating $1m to the no campaign for same-sex marriage.

2017-528P  Modern robocalls.
Spate of push polling robocalls during the marriage equality postal vote campaign.

2017-509P  Modern interpretation of the bible.
Attacks by church based groups on marriage equality postal survey yes voters.

2017-506P  Media diversity expressed as global warming.
Changes to media diversity laws in the face of growing dominance of online company giants like Facebook and Google.

2017-504P Creation sermon today.
For article about a church refusing to marry a heterosexual couple because the bride supported gay marriage.

2017-503P  The Government's definition of improving welfare services.
The Federal government's plan to introduce drug testing for welfare recipients.

2017-502  Delivering marriage equality postal survey material.
The rise in hate literature related to the marriage equality postal survey material.

2017-482  The new travel class.
Ordinary people in tough economic circumstances despite sound economic figures.

2017-483P  The high court hands down its decision.
On the decision by the high court that the same sex postal vote is constitutionally valid.

2017-481P  Immunisation and welfare noncompliance shots.
For article on comment by government mister that getting a welfare card was like getting an immunisation shop.

2017-463P  We want religious freedom as well.
Looks at the Australian marriage equality referendum in the light of the religious freedom argument.

2017-461P  Detrimental changes to colonial statues.
For article on calls to remove a colonial era statue of Captain Cook because of its failure to acknowledge the original aboriginal inhabitants.

2017-459P Church religious education pulpit.
Looks at the Government funding of religious schools.

2017-456P  Short sighted terra nullius.
Captain Cook statue plaque that fails to acknowledge the original aboriginal inhabitants reignites the "terra nullius" debate.

2017-455P  The marriage equality debate platform.
For article on the lead up to the marriage equality postal vote (Australia).

2017-454P  Burqa photography.
Drawn for article on burqa photography exhibition at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

2017-452P  Religious freedom explained.
On the argument that same sex marriage will impinge on "religious freedom".

2017-445P  Different perspectives on Melbourne's liveability.
On report claiming Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world.

2017-417P  Very uncomfortable.
On Premier Gladys Berejiklian comment on being uncomfortable with homeless people living in the centre of Sydney
2017-413P  Policy uncertainty in the energy industry.
For article on policy uncertainty in the energy industry leading to higher energy prices.

2017-411P  We prefer the bluff it rule.
Attempts the halfhearted attempts by the major political parties to stem rising inequality.

2017-406  Euthanasia today.
On the ruinous fees many nursing and retirement homes are charging.

2017-399P  The Coalition's understanding of 'rich and poor'.
For article about comments that the gap between the rich and the poor had reduced.

2017-394P  Living within their means
For article on a pending rates rise and the stress it will place on home buyers.

2017-393P  If pavements were carpets
For article on the rising numbers of homeless people.

2017-386P  We wouldn't sell our weapons willy-nilly
For article about Christopher Pyne announcing plans to export military weapons to other countries.

2017-385P  I am here to teach you about god
For article on calls to stop the teaching of religious instruction in public schools.

2017-366P  This is a huge financial impost
On the multi-million dollar legal costs awarded against Philip Morris.

2017-349P  The Tax burden
For article on how wealthy people are avoiding tax.

2017-348P  Stimulating the economy today
For article on stagnant wages and the sluggish economy.

2017-339P  I plan to return to Australia to defend myself
For article on Cardinal George Pell's plans to return to Australia to defend himself against sexual abuse allegations.

2017-335P  Australia's religious fervour for football
For article on the census statistics on religious preferences.
2017-333P  Crashed computers census statistics
For article on the release of the Australian census statistics.

2017-311P  Taxpayers shouldn't have to subsidise this lot
For article on the government releasing a list of so called welfare “bludger hotspots”.

2017-307P  Today's definition of a classless society
For article on the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

2017-299P  We are recession free
For article on Australia not being in recession for 103 consecutive quarters.

2017-290P  We have a law and order problem
For article on rising crime rate in regional Australia.

2017-288P  Margaret Court defends herself
A wider look at what constitutes tolerance via the Margaret Court anti-gay comments furore.

2017-264P  When a brick house won't protect the three little pigs.
Went with article on the Rental affordability index being at an all time low.

2017-262P  And we've thrown in a free set of steak knife
For article on the Adani Carmichael coal mine deal.

2017-256P  It could be worse
For article on Sydney's rental affordability being at a record low.

2017-255P  The trouble with you Millennials
For article on claims that Millennials are bad at saving for a house.

2017-250P  The Federal government's carrot and stick approach to welfare
For article on the Federal Government's latest welfare measures.

2017-245P  Welfare recipients are likely to test positive for drugs
For article on the Federal Government's plans to drug test welfare recipients.

2017-241P  An Oliver Twist perspective.
For article on the 2017 Australian Federal budget.

2017-240P  The free education you get when you don't have free education.
For article on big fee increase in university fees.

2017-237P  What did you learn today
For article high stress levels amongst primary school students sitting the NAPLAN test.

2017-236P  Burying investigative journalism
For Article about the rapidly declining number of investigative journalists employed by newspapers.

2017-229P  Public service jobs move to the country.
For article on Government plans to move some government departments to regional centres in an attempt to boost regional emplyment.

2017-222P  The wealthy feeling the pinch of housing costs.
For article on mortgage stress hitting wealthy suburbs as well.

2017-220P  Hooking a student up to the university fees calculator.
For article on calculating how much HECS fees will go up due to the Federal government's latest funding cutback to tertiary education.

2017-218P  The government driving innovation.
For article on the Federal Government's planned funding cutbacks to tertiary education.

2017-210  The benefit of rising house prices for homeless people.
The impact rising house prices on the homeless.

2017-207P  A pessimist's view of war.
Remembrance of past war does little to prevent future wars.

2017-206P  I think therefore I am underfunded.
For article on protests by academics over university funding cuts.

2017-197P  Same sex selection gender.
For article on non-medical gender selection.

2017-191P  Homosexuality goes against all the laws of nature.
For article on criticism of the Australian Safe Schools Program on religious grounds.

2017-187P  Type 200 diabetes.
For article of the rising numbers of people developing type 2 diabetes due to the excessive consumption of sugary drinks.

2017-183P  The other typical Australian.
For article on the ABS profile of what is a typical Australian drawn from the recent census data.

2017-178P  The elephant in the street corner.
For article on the adverse consequences of negative gearing.

2017-162P  The housing policy that's set in stone.
For article on Australia's unaffordable house prices.

2017-157P  Our casualty rate is low.
Went with article on high suicide rate amongst Australian Ex-soldiers.

2017-159P  The future robotised world.
For article on the trend towards a robotised world.
2017-156P  Low paid workers are in often in high-income households.
For article on Liberal party senator Michaelia Cash's claim that low-paid workers often in high-income households.

2017-153P  Trickle down economics.
The failure of trickle down economics to provide benefits to low income workers.

2017-149  Helping young people to cross the unemployment desert.
The high youth unemployment rate and the poor support offered to them.
2017-143P  Quick way to resolve the marriage equality impasse.
The other reservation about a postal plebiscite on gay marriage…

2017-142P  How will you pay for the childcare changes?
Childcare changes funding bill tied to welfare cuts.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul?
2017-136P  Question - Why do we need 18C?
A look at the 18C racial discrimination act debate.

2017-130P  Worker’s rights today.
My view of the concept of a legal and illegal strike.

2017-116P  boardroom power for most women.
For article on International women's day.

2017-110P  cutting penalty rates will mean more job.
Went with article on the claim that cutting penalty rates will result in more jobs.

2017-104  Responding to homelessness today.
Drawn in response to the rising numbers of homeless people.

2017-101P   The rebounding Australian Economy.
For article on an upturn in the Australian economy which described it as a rebound.

2017-096P  We've only made a small cut.
For article on the long term ramifications of the cuts to Sunday penalty rates.
2017-095P  Future Sunday double time.
For article on the cuts to Sunday penalty rates.
2017-090P  The views of the Australian flag on Australia Day.
Drawn for article on a local council’s plans not to conduct citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day in support of opposition to 26th January being a day of national celebration due to its invasion connotations.

2017-071P  The Aged pension eligibility application form in the future.
For article on LNP'S policy to raise the pension age to 70.

2017-065P  We've hired a new public relations firm.
For article on the Catholic Church's response to sexual abuse by priests.

2017-059P  Common live music today.
Went with article on the decreasing number of live music venues.

2017-060P  Unsafe disposal of drugs.
Went with article on the safe disposal of unused prescription drugs.
2017-056P  The robo-debt system didn't let down Australians.
For article critical of the Federal government's robo-debt recovery system.

2017-052P  The benefits and drawbacks of signing a free trade deal.
For article about free trade deals.

2017-051  Rising employment rates.
Higher employment statistics offset by the rising number of underemployed.

2017-034P  Pensioner's walking stick.
For article on the
on the use of the robo-debt recovery system on aged pensioners.
2017-020P  12Jan17 Basic universal income verses privileged tax deductibility.
For article discussing the possibility of a basic universal income to tackle poverty and unemployment.

2017-015P  How long do I need to keep my payslips?
For article on Centrelink misinformation on how long people on welfare need to keep their payslips for casual work they have done.

2017-011P  Adjusting the automated debt recovery program.
For article on the strong reaction to the government's automated debt recovery program.

2017-010  Welfare debt clawback.
Drawn in response to the Australian Government's welfare debt clawback program.

2017-008P  Modern forceps delivery.
For article on the AMA claiming women are being discharged from hospital too soon after giving birth.

2017-006P  Centrelink debt - ball and chain.
Went with article on the debt many welfare recipients have been saddled with due to changes in Centrelink management policy.

2017-003P  Putting a positive spin on it.
For article on recent cuts to pensions.